9/11 Implications

On the 15th anniversary of 9/11 I finally put this up to highlight my thinking about 9/11.

A Note To A Liberal Friend

A Service to Prominent Bloggers and Other Minions of the Status Quo

9/11 Was A False Flag Operation

Explaining 9/11

Was The Coup Planned?

A Service To Prominent Bloggers and Other Minions of the Status Quo

Dog Wagging : Shooting Massacre Hoaxes and False Flags

9/11 Is The Weak Spot

9/11 Is Our Only Problem

Richard Clarke Is A Tame Critic, A Layer Of 9/11 Coverup

Coup via False Flag

The Next False Flag

Matters Of Fact In Reality

Lebowski Enlightenment #B

Another Note To Third Parties

Are You Sure You Want A Vengeance Culture?

Delusions of Control

An Open Letter To Third Parties

NSA’s Capabilities Have NEVER Been Reduced

Libertarian Party Is Controlled Opposition

My Goals : Peace and Freedom

Managed News Controls Political Opinion

Pound The Frame

I can’t be sure what is True wrt the Pentagon, as Honneger’s reasoning is wrong, but I haven’t had time/attention to check on a crucial piece of evidence, “bombs going off in the Pentagon’s computers”.
The Pentagon’s $2,300,000,000,000

Amnesty Program For Israeli-Neocons

On The Utility Of Sabotage

Avoiding Group-Think

The Next Nuremberg Trials

About the Massive Psyops

Engineer’s Theory Of Mind

Oil Is The Excuse

Lebowski Enlightenment #A

Lebowski Enlightenment #7