Matters Of Fact In Reality

“Above all it is essential to refer to things by their correct names. If things are not referred to by their correct names, then our language will not reflect reality. If our language does not reflect reality, then our actions will not reflect reality, and will be exercises in futility.”
— Confucius, The Analects, Chapter 13, Verse 3

Surely the most fundamental requirement of a society is that it be able to recognize and properly name events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, airplane crashes. And to be able to grasp consequences of laws. And to correctly interpret physical evidence with scientific rigor. We all believe that getting rid of the false beliefs that allowed us to blame natural disasters on witches and warlocks was a good thing. Also that we understood why throwing insane people into prison was bad for everyone. And then why slavery was a bad idea for the slave owner as well as the slave, etc.

All of those involved matters of fact in reality, simple grasp of the scale of energies in the natural phenomena vs any effect of magic anyone had been able to measure, in the case of the natural phenomena, and statistics of death rates and recovery rates for insanity. Nobody with knowledge of them disputes the meaning of any of those determinations of fact. Anyone who does is dismissed as ‘go study it, kid. We know you have not, as nobody who has studied the evidence can have reached your conclusion’.

All of science, medicine, engineering and fact-based academic study is based on increasingly sophisticated questions and increasingly sophisticated analyses, but they must come down to questions of fact to be considered science. This exact measurement, made in this way under these conditions will show this!

We do not have ideologies of any area of science, engineering or medicine because ideas do not have primary reality in science, fact in the external world is the only primary reality that counts. Quantum reality did not match logic and mathematics as they were when it was discovered.  Logic and mathematics were expanded to deal with quantuum reality, not quantum reality cut to fit them.

In exactly the same way, the statistics relative to gun ownership and murder rates leave no room for doubt.  If a person does not understand that ‘gun violence’ includes 30K suicides and 11.5K murders, and that 95% of those murders are black and brown young men in drug dealing zip codes killing each other over drug turf, the people least likely to be affected in any way by gun control laws, they have not understood the issue.

As a measure of the power of propaganda, the slow grasping of those facts in reality by voters, their changing public opinion, is a standout. As a measure of ideological gridlock, it cannot be surpassed : social conservatives can’t allow drugs or sin, police don’t want to give up power over drugs, sin and guns, progressives can’t allow guns and are the source of the outright propaganda that tries to hide those facts above, liberals of the old, small government inside the Constitution, type no longer even have enough voice to oppose the interest groups, all very well funded indeed, funded by oligarchs.

Understand, that is a factual problem, the mismatch of intended consequences of a law and actual effect, not the problem of judging wisdom of the laws, their direct effects on Justice (note the capital letter) and fairness, much less indirect effects on hard-to-measure dimensions such as ‘national spirit’, or ‘social optimism’. This is only about facts, and our status quo political and social systems’ ability assign them their relative importance and to deal with them.

Facts like 9/11 and Sandy Hook. The first was a false flag operation by the US CIA and Israel’s Mossad, the second a hoax created and staged by the US Justice Department, FEMA and the State of Connecticut, along with volunteer crisis actor parents, each couple of which got rich from sympathy for their child who never lived.

As with gun control, nobody who looks at the evidence has any doubt, the issues of fact and inference are clear for individual elements and large sets of elements are mutually consistent and supporting. The World Trade Center Towers look in the videos exactly like they were destroyed by a controlled demolition, with explosions rippling down their faces, many explosions were reported by survivors, many were heard on videos, TV and radio recordings,  the trajectories of the multi-ton pieces of the wall and the existence of nanothermite in both un-expended form and chemical residues are consistent and mutually supporting. The evidence has had 15 years of ever-more minds focusing on that event and the context of terrorism around the world.

Sandy Hook was more recent, but has also had serious study. There is no question, again. The School had been closed for years, the FEMA manual for the event was found with consecutive days for the practice and some filming, the next for the staging of the event itself, and documents ‘documenting’ the event are confused on when it happened, including the grieving families, some of whom had their webpage donor sites up the day before the terrible massacre where nobody died ‘happened’. Further, nothing cross-checks, e.g. the claimed timeline with the police vehicle’s videocams of the scene, bullet hole angles, coroner report, death certificates, it was a lousy attempt to generate reality for a faux event, and no serious reporter can be taken in by it.

Sandy Hook was a hoax, the MSM-government story has been thoroughly debunked,nobody doubts it was a hoax. Since then, many new researchers started digging into the ‘mass shootings’ that were happening around the US and terrorist events around the world. Many, probably most, are also hoaxes.

9/11’s official explanation has been thoroughly debunked and is no longer supported even by its own principals. 9/11’s explanation as a controlled demolition is solid analysis and science. 9/11 was in fact a false flag event, but is still considered ‘real terrorism’ by every ‘serious’ person in the US or Europe. If you don’t, you aren’t serious.* That ‘event’ and the ‘reasoning’ that was based on it drove American foreign policy ever since 9/11/2001. Several million people have been killed as a direct and indirect result of the public’s interpretation of 9/11 and reasoning from that. Several $T dollars have been spent. The opportunity costs are unimaginable. Our progeny are likely going to wonder how we could have been such amazing fools?

Sandy Hoax is setting up for repealing the 2nd Amendment. What other goal could there be for the outright propaganda against individual ownership of guns, which claims are clearly contrary to fact. Sandy Hoax was tied very tightly to the US Justice Department and some Gun Control groups. The left can’t, for some reason, give up on taking citizen’s guns away. The Israeli-Neocons, imho, are going along with that because they need strife to stay in power, or at least protected from Treason charges for their roles in 9/11 False Flag. Strife is not the word for what will happen if the Sandy Hoaxen series continue. It doesn’t take many people to cause a lot of problems for a country. Any seizures of guns will create many more than that very willing. Costs will be >$Ts.

The opportunity costs of the conclusions Sandy Hoaxen are trying to have the voters reach will be unimaginable, and our progeny will again wonder how we could have been such amazing fools?

This country cannot call things by their correct name.  This country punishes people who do.

If a society cannot depend upon itself to correctly identify physical events, categorize physical phenomena, for what can it depend upon itself?

*And, I suspect, based on little evidence, that you lose your advertising via Google, etc. and your web site’s visibility to search engines falls if your opinions come to human attention. I don’t advertise (this wordpress is free for me to use, any advertising is their’s), and you can hardly find it via Google, but maybe never have been able to, I hadn’t looked before.

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