Coup via False Flag

In order to make sense of the reasoning in this post, you must understand that 9/11 was a false flag operation of the American government in control of and collusion with Israeli-Neocons. If you have any doubts, study the evidence, they will be removed.  Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is a good place to start.

Make up your own mind, please.  Do it based on the evidence, we are very confident that you will come to the same conclusion we have come to, and all of the other politically- and militarily-aware people of the world have done.

We know they must have, because we did.  The external world guides people like us, and provides an advantage even better than a mere theory of mind, we KNOW what we all think.  Newton was right, Einstein was righter, and 9/11 was a false flag operation of the US government and Israeli-Neocons.

Now rethink the evidence, what kind of world you live in, and what kind of rulers you have and what kinds of things they think thinkable.

It is easy to become a one-dimensional explainer, a ‘this is the most important thing that history has ever experienced, it explains absolutely everything, and I can’t stop talking about it’ kind of person. I know about those.

I don’t want to do that, and present the total list of blog topics as an argument that I am quite diverse in interests, who is to say they are not well balanced?.  This is not a one-d argument, this is a systems argument, fully aware of combinatorics.**

But you know, $1.3T in military spending represents a lot of power, and our Israeli-Neocons appear to be at least firmly allied with America’s Deep State. Also many other interlocking financial and economic institutions, government and maybe-not government, but who can tell?

Without doubt*, 9/11 was a false flag event coordinated by Israeli-Neocons, including many in the US government.  Some of the people who helped are still in our government, and many are still associated with various institutions and enterprises in the US, easily accessible should the law ever attend to 9/11 Justice.

What capabilities have been displayed, and must have been required?

Massive psyops campaign coordinated from the main institutions that executed the operation.

A long-term plan with a realistic story of a win. ‘Realistic win’ means ‘big fast cash, we may need to run and pay for protection’, which then means ‘rape and pillage, the law be damned’. Sound familiar?

Truly, from the point of view of cash in the bank, 9/11 has been an outstanding success.  Paul Bremer, for example, was part of the plot, and he somehow never got the measurement instruments working to measure the amounts of oil loaded on tankers that he contracted with as military governor handling Iraq’s. But of course the Iraqis could depend in the receiver to do that accurately.

*It is a fact, no arguments are possible. Very solid science and engineering analysis, fully supported by the facts of the case and the screwy Federal behaviors throughout.  Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has good videos, and there are many other good ones on youtube.  Be careful, there are also a lot of crazy stuff, and videos that seem designed to mislead.  Our deep state continues the propaganda supporting the gov’s dumb, impossible, fairy tale story of what happened.

**And that is such a good example of how intelligence estimates go wrong. I am still pleased with ‘high-dimensioned games’, but it didn’t understand they don’t care, chaos is a fine outcome, far better than peace. It asked the wrong question, as usual.

As an honestly honest member of the Honest Party, I swear I didn’t do the footnote to make the link.

And I hate this topic.  My poor country.


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