Random and Aimless

Researchers Miss The Important Implications of their Data

Eddie Eagle Generalized

Snowdon Speaks So Well

 Greeks Missed Their Chance

Are Decisions Easy?

A Recent Email Exchange (I thought it was funny)

Your Mind Is Not You

Get Out Of The Status Quo

Zeno’s Paradox : An Example Of Lousy Thinking

Personal Secession

Who, What, Why of This Blog (Sorry, every blogger gets big-headed and does such.)

If You Aren’t Talking To The Plumber’s Wife, Dial Again

Take Your Kids Out Of School

Sloppy Thinking About Ferguson And Baltimore

Fooled By Deep Non-Random

Disconnect From The Status Quo As You Build Its Replacement

‘Conservative’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think

Modern Laws And Institutions Do Not Fit People

Context, Context, Context

Bonobo Nation (I was contemplating eternal human values when I wrote this, still laugh, still think that idea deserves a Nobel.)

How Cheap Is The Danegeld

Another Obvious, But Not Predictable, Thing

Signal To Noise In Real Life  Why NSA can’t possibly succeed in identifying enough of any class of individual to matter.

Tell Me Your Sources, I Know Your Beliefs

The Thing About Negative Sum Games Is, You Can Lose

Rulers Love Your Assumptions and Beliefs

US Government Power Is At Its Peak

US Federal Government is Fatally Compromised

Bayesian Sampling Theory*

Lebowski Enlightenment #1

Lebowski Enlightenment #2

Lebowski Enlightenment #3

Right out in the open

The Danes Is Us

Just to Summarize To This Point

The Tactics of the Defenseless

Who graded that paper?

Nature’s Limits, Laws of Humor

State Of Play, Finding Leaders

A Wonderful Life in a World-Wide Multi-Culture

Joys Mono-Culturalists Miss Out On

How To Destroy Islam In Europe In 2 Generations

Previous Episodes Of Zealotry

Modern Demosthenes

As A Blogger, I Do Not Have Much Influence

Cats and Dogs #1

Ever-more Meta

An Evening At Dinner

Assume You Are Being Played

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