Right out in the open

Over the last few years, the Deep State + oligarchy organized the future of the world right out in the open.

They were able to do so because our news media has a very fundamental flaw.  In the current mental model of a modern major commentator, it is news and newsworthy because someone important said it.  The facts claimed implicitly or explicitly in the things said assume a reality by their reporting, and are rarely subjected to different points of view, different interpretations of meaning and intent.  Really, news people believe it and that comes across in the reporting.  The NYTimes reports ‘he said’ with anonymous sources without significant critique.

Thus, right out in the open, the leader of a significant chunk of the world, Vladimir Putin, became a villian and his country the new major enemy.  Right out in the open, the Deep State organized a coup in a democratic country — Ukraine was horribly flawed, but we call worse good allies.  Right out in the open, elements in our government have done very deep damage to the tattered reputation of the formerly great United States of America.

And all that happened because people who our MSM decided were significant said things that were reported to the world, and everyone believed.  The carefully chosen things that were said in the carefully phrased ways established the filter through which reality was to be viewed, and nobody thought it interesting to report all of the behind-the-scenes activity making reality the way it was supposed to appear.

We Americans are despised in a significant part of the world by even sophisticated people, sophisticated in culture and politics.

As have our police, our nation’s leaders have decided to be feared rather than respected.  Our most primitive political beasts are loose and in charge of foreign policy.

A political cabal has sold the proposition that further applications of force, ever so judiciously, can improve a situation which their previous applications of force, so judiciously, produced.  Recursively into the distant past, history is the tale of the unfortunate side-effects of prior applications of force, back to the days of clan raids.  Those are not playable games.

A dominant culture in the first world has avoided understanding any of the lessons of history.  We are again organizing for great division, and threatening war.  Can you imagine, threatening war in the year 2016!?!

Our leaders display the thoughts of primitive beasts.  Civilization cannot permit them to lead any longer.  They are not in the interest of any individual or any group, very very few people wish harm for other people, but our leaders clearly do harm to other people, they intend to do harm, and they do it in our name.  In our name.

And our socio-econo-political system does not have an effective control for this self-destroying aspect of our national control system.  Everyone at the top must see that as clearly as we here in the 99% do.

Sounds like the end of an era to me.  Doesn’t seem like the Constitution that is the suicide pact.


Found this a bit later in the day :


Way past time to get serious about all of this.  War is in no one’s interest, why is my country always using war?  That is against all of our wills.  None of us will those deaths caused by our interminable wars, also we can’t stop them happening.  If we can’t stop it over there, how are we going to stop it here? We citizens no longer have control of our government in basic things like whether we go to war or not, or who with. Way past time to get excited.

2 thoughts on “Right out in the open

  1. The facts are that there isn’t a MSM outlet in this country who can report any major news story without prior approval of the Whitehouse and they are in fact, the unofficial propaganda arm of the Federal Government.

    Investigative journalism is long dead in this country and if you bother to read what passes for news at places like NBC, ABC or any other supposed respected news organization it is Infotainment that rules the day. Even worse is the intentional omission of reporting major news stories.
    A quick look at CNN’s website is enough to prove this to yourselves in case there is any doubt that what I say is the absolute truth.
    Alternative news sources are the only place to get relevant information about what is going on in the world and news about what is really happening in this country is best found at news outlets from other countries.


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