Advanced Paranoia

This holds my random flashes of thought.  Usually worth nothing, just like all other analysis.  I will add to it from the top, as with the ‘Random and Aimless’.

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My motto : “You can’t be too cynical, but you damn well should try hard”. Just decided I can’t decide if there is a difference between cynical and paranoid-less-than-psychosis.

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

—Isaac Asimov, Foundation


Every now and then I have a flash of possible pattern.  I was thinking about the highly-probable killings of people involved in various investigations. Remember the founder of Pilots for 9-11 Truth? Phillip Marshall.

One of the interesting things about that event was how handy it was to own the Sheriff that handled the murder coverup, because it was that. One single fact proves that, the Sheriff arranged for the crime scene to be cleaned, no law enforcement person in America has been that dumb since the 1950s, at least.

Whenever something that can reveal a Sheriff’s strict adherence to law, we generally find them wanting, i.e. corrupt in a careful definition of that term. Our law enforcement people do not follow the law in obvious ways in these carefully scrutinized cases.

There are very few Sheriffs that have opposed the Federal government in any way, and even fewer that succeeded and who we therefore can be confident were sincere. More often, they cooperate with the Feds, e.g. the assassination of Levoy Finicum. As the examples are more-or-less random events, statistically all Sheriffs are corrupt. Bad pattern.

This seems factual regarding Keith Lamont Scott.

This is what an organization less devoted to the truth can make of that case. Certainly,the facts both use do not fit MSM’s story, or the wife’s claims. In any case, it is another killing for a guy smoking dope, which started the initial incident, and being stupid. Then of a mob over-reacting, guided by forces we cannot see, but certainly having national political effects.

Guy had a gun near a school. That is a big charge, the rest of it is who you believe. Sad case for everyone, dumb way to run a society, producing strife like this everywhere.


Patrick Buchanan in a recent blog does not want to acknowledge that the US set up and largely controlled the entire US-Japanese relationship, and largely honchoed all of the world organizations, back in the days of the Cold War, when we wanted to corral the USSR. No kidding, some of our dependents, sorry, allies, were given many incentives in return for bases and political support in the UN we also set up and controlled via the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and foreign aid. (Read “Economic Hitman” for that story.)

No different than the behavior of every other empire, Rome’s history is illustrative, and the exact reason they all go broke. Like the US, Rome wanted wealth from their empire, in Rome’s case, slaves and plunder, energy and minerals for the US, so peace with lesser nations was always after a big military campaign that had conquered them and herded large numbers of their peoples into slavery throughout the empire, but made the generals rich beyond measure, the route to political power and more wealth. Then provisional, so long as they traded with Rome and kept the peace.  Any restiveness, more slave raids.

The exact opposite of a trusting relationship, and so provisional on both sides. Any entity large enough to cause Rome significant difficulties had to be bought off. In the beginning, there were none. After Rome had expanded to the German frontiers on the Rhine, enabled by a good climate and good economy, the climate changed again, and the tribes N of the Rhine, populations pushed by expanding populations of tribes to the north and east of them started South, and ultimately took much of Spain and some of N. Africa. Vikings became Franks who also conquered or bought kingdoms in the Mediterranean countries and whose dynasties became a significant players in Europe in the Middle Ages.

If you have to buy political support instead of earning trust, you run a monetary deficit because countries like Japan played the hand that was dealt them brilliantly, and have been moving their manufacturing high-tech for a long time. Tech after tech, disk drives, semi-conductors, ceramics, home electronics, went from the US to Japan and then the obsolete tech mfging was moved to China as Japan went to higher tech. Finally, Japan can ask for manufacturing high-tech parts as the price of buying Boeing aircraft.

Empire : What did you expect to happen, as you set up the trade treaties? Everything to stay the same forever? Japanese not to play their hand?

As for the European aircraft subsidies, if you consider the $billions spread over the national airlines and the numbers of airplanes they would have bought from the Americans at higher prices than they actually paid, this effort probably saved $. Or at least that was always the claim.

Buchanan doesn’t like to face up to that half of all this : all Empires go broke from military and security spending.  Trade deficits are part of the US security spending, an aspect of having a reserve currency, which is part of minimizing the cost of the Empire.

When we end the empire, we can resume normal, commercial, trusting, relationships with the world.


Russia is now 30+ years ahead of the US in rebuilding its society and economy, even assuming the US completes or collapse and rebirth within the next 10 years.

A friend of ours recently moved to Moscow to work at a large bank. She grew up in the US, spoke Russian, knew American technological management.  Her role in the bank is to lead them in understanding that style of thinking and managing.

Our banks are all failing in every dimension of being, especially economic and ethical. Russia’s are innovating, adapting to the new world. Sone of the fastest-growing populations in the world are adjacent to China’s Silk Road project.  If Putin can get the US to stop the wars, they will be one of the fastest growing economies, also.

We hear about more and more Indians and Pakistanis moving back home after they get citizenship in the US. Their explanations are ‘better opportunities, easier to do business, the internet is everywhere’.

American is losing its special advantages.


It is strange that the Pentagon-vs-White House articles talking about the bombing of the Syrian base and ISIS taking the town as a result, like the following, don’t discuss the fact that the Russians claim to have killed 30 officers from the US, Turkey and Israel who were in Aleppo coordinating ISIS et al’s defense of their territory.

This was the obvious Russian ‘provocation’, which nobody in the West is talking about now, neither denials nor outrage, just silence. Our MSM is useless in these matters.

Given the German reporter’s interview with the leader of the Al Nusra ‘rebels’, which acknowledges that they are all the same organization, just different names, and are all supported by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, it is clear that US air strikes are supporting ISIS, were meant to.

This is all escalation, on the way to a big war. Our leaders need a big war, because otherwise they can’t stop the revolutions that are upon them.

Then I go looking for General Dunford’s comment that to enforce a ‘no fly’ zone is the same as going to war with Russia, and find this Senate hearing, which is entirely disconnected from the reality that the US trains and funds and supplies all of those ‘rebel groups’.  Ditto for the ‘blame it on Russia’ wrt the humanitarian convoy.

Frank threats of escalation from the US.

Our government is incapable of dealing with reality.  If you don’t deal with reality, all of your work and planning is futile. You need know nothing more about the reasons for our government having not won a war, internal or external, since WWII. Korea hardly counts, a peasant army without arms doing mass charges against modern arms lead by WWII’s most innovative general. Even so, we took a beating, and had to agree to a division of the country.


I thought this, also.  Trump is making $ running for President, and if he becomes President, given the CIA and special forces, he will own half the world before his first term ends.  I am still going to vote for him, he is less dangerous to our country than Clinton.


The ‘cashless society‘ idea is major propaganda for government control of everything. No way it can work, any more than the drug laws have worked. Yes, the government has long been insolvent, and many governments at all levels around the world are insolvent, because their taxes from their economies will never return enough to pay the debts. Because the oligarchs own that debt, along with pension funds and such, there is a large fight happening between taxpayers and oligarchs + minions, with government a very-interested observer, and the Deep State intertwined with oligarchs and government. Donald Trump is a defeat for the government + Deep State, but will nevertheless likely be biddable : both Obama and Clinton assumed their offices promising to accomplish the opposite of what they did, e.g. this video I ran across yesterday, where Seymour Hersch in April 2009 was talking about what a great thing it was that Obama had stated that he and Putin had developed a level of trust and that Hillary Clinton would be a ‘sleeper’ inside the foreign policy establishment, a force for good and peace, a change from Israeli-Neocon domination of foreign policy.

Something changed that, fooled the voters, too.



15 years it has taken to get into the open, not quite there, but closer. Any third-party that adopted 9/11 Truth would win in a walk. Libertarians are idiots, fools, morons, cowards. No opposition party has ever been given such pure gold to build with, and an audience so hopeful to hear the words.


This long NYTimes article on 16 months of reporting through the ME indicates that only foreign policy being achieved in the ME are Russia and Iran protecting Syria and Israel’s Ynon Plan to balkanize all of the other areas and fracture their governments. That bit of statecraft has certainly done well. It will be interesting to see who survives it, I think very few of the states currently in existence will have either their current borders or style of government. Previous episodes of this kind of world-wide ethnic, religious and class dis-unity were also due to changes in information sources and economic pressures. Not much is the same from 150 years ago, we would all have a hard time relating to our direct ancestors from those times, the language and ideas and basic understandings of their lives were so different. Mark Twain’s humor is an example of what survived, and not all of that, his social criticism has not.  Who can now relate to his “To A Person Sitting In Darkness“? Very few of us have any knowledge of missionaries and cannot imagine any of that behavior or thinking by anyone but perhaps the Chinese who were rebelling. But hard to sympathize with Boxers, who massacred freely, also.

From the point of view of that time, our modern versions of Empire are benign. Still bad enough to get us all killed in the next World War.  We have not gotten any smarter or wiser than 150 years ago, clearly.


This article of the military spending plans and their disconnect from either mission needs or economics is a picture of another segment of our elites totally out of touch with reality. World-Wide Greater Depression at the same time as national debt balloons because the Fed is buying all of the US’s sovereign debt and calling it collateral, is inconsistent with increasing military budgets. Unless military rule is contemplated, of course.

Pretty clear why the US needs enemies, right quick.  Russia is so convenient, after the ME, we do far less trade with Russia than with China.

So WWIII is on the way if we don’t get this turned around. Trump is not the answer, but surely is the first sign of any turnaround. No doubt, Trump will be a problem, in turn, but we don’t need to cross that bridge just yet.

We citizens need to fix this, quick, or the fixing will include a lot of blood. I think we should avoid that, it never does any good to make the world worse.


This is my ‘links’ email for the day, unusually dismal for some reason. Not hopeful days for America of late.

We live in a very broken system. See the Sheu article below, NYC Corruption, Prosecutor, judicial through police, hospital and probably coroner, tho he didn’t have to lie, they lied to him. This simply cannot be allowed, you can’t have good government if all this is allowed, and it isn’t any longer good government. They are all lining up, one side or the other, Truth no longer has any relevance to anything on the government side of the line, the Status Quo side of the line. They fire full professors at will for writing about Sandy Hook, they have books removed from Amazon that were on their way to being best sellers, just gone. Except for the Internet, none of the very many serious and long-running injustices would be known.

We do not live under the government described in the Constitution, this government is very different and run by very different people than it was designed for. We citizens let that happen, and if we don’t get real serious, real quick, we will no longer have any choices about anything.

“Shut it Down!”: Reuters Orders Cameraman to Kill Positive Trump Footage

We have been in a Greater Depression here in the US since 2008:

Broken markets == no price discovery or hedging. If no way to hedge risk, production of risky produces will stop :

But the CBs of the world, and recall that our Fed is  private institution, now own stocks and bonds worth 40% of the world’s GDP. Of course, except for the stocks, eg. Japan owns a lot of Apple, the sovereign bonds and other bonds they took as collateral early on are dreck, so I am not too excited about this, per se. As a measure and symptom of how they have screwed up price discovery, and therefore the entire world’s economy, it is excellent, however.

The very definition of blowback, and also something to be very suspicious of, he could be the CIA’s guy in ISIS :

Excellent article :

Fed Vice-Chairman Admits Fed Sponsors Wealth Inequality

San Bernardino, Newtown, Boston Marathon all put in as part of the frame. Can’t be sure about San Bernardino, but Newton and Boston were hoaxes :

More assault on ordinary people ruling themselves. The problem is correctly stated, but rule by superiors in any dimension requires judging who is who. That power will subvert whatever system it is allowed in, largely the problem we now have :

Yes, the answer is to limit the power of the government.

This is the NYTimes going completely Israeli-Neocon pro-Clinton crazy :

Global Temperature Report: August 2016

If environmentalists would concentrate on real problems, of which there are very many, they could get support and make progress.  Instead, the AGW idiots and fraudsters have spend 20+ years focusing attention on entirely bogus problems :

Malthus Chokes on Bumper Wheat Crop

Corbyn is a socialist of the ‘bottom up’ or ‘libertarian’ model. That model has lost in all of the socialist countries, which is how we have multi-millionaire socialists running countries such as France. Top down is what the elites want, whether socialism or neoliberalism or …

This is a war tax levied by the US and Israel upon Europe, and the above the same :

This is very illuminating, another spotlight on very deep corruption, just like 9/11 and Sandy Hoaxen.

Judicial corruption, never remedied over 10 years of effort, ultimately lead to murder. Look at the scale of the corruption, murder and coverup, The whole judiciary and prosecutors through the emergency room people and the police.  People wonder why disaster comes at us. This is a city that puts Senators in Congress, many representatives, and all are this corrupt or they wouldn’t get there. Clearly, positions in government are now being bought.

A Pleasant Lull


For some time, I have beey saying that the dynamics of empire guarantee peak enemies at the time the empire dies of spending. This is the military situation for the US air superiority. Given the recent advances in various Russian weapons systems, probably including all forms of online and electronic weapons and their new hypersonic missiles and new tanks and anti-tank missiles, it has also  put the Army and Navy into more defensive thinking.

One of the common problems of Empires in their last days is recruiting for their militaries. People are hesitant to join losing forces, so at the same time as there are ever-more barbarians assaulting the frontiers, the empire is forced to use ever-more mercenaries. Not a long-term win strategically, not ever.

Is this the reason for the seemingly willingness to use nuclear weapons? MAD + “I am crazier than you are” as a tactical ploy would be an explanation for Breedlove’s posturing in NE Europe, sending such pitiful groups as a display of power.

One thing about Clinton, she would be convincing in the ‘crazier’ role.

The Israeli-Neocons have walked the US into a very bad strategic situation : the wars drained the US economically, drove a large number of refugees into Europe and alienated every leader and many citizens throughout Europe and the ME while diplomatic necessity moved jobs to Asia. We lose military superiority AND legitimacy as world leaders AND popularity as a people all at the same time. We have long been cultural leaders, now that is declining as the rest of the world has reached enough wealth and so produces the artists and the Internet gives them access to the rest of the world.

That same internet is now winning the information wars here at home, and our entire corrupt Status Quo and Deep State have been exposed, the standard political propaganda technology is not working, which we can see by MSM completely destroying any reputation it might have had in order to put Clinton, Deep State representative, into the White House, and the False Flag ops don’t have their former effects, there are too many skeptics now, as you can see any time any online discussion with many commenters is allowed on the subject.

Seems like to me, a very large war will be needed, or very large show trials.


Note to a friend :


You have not evaluated the evidence wrt 9/11 False Flag.

You have not evaluate4 the evidence wrt Sandy Hoaxen.

Those two things each individually entirely change your understanding of the Deep State and its growing control of this country. They are reality, they are not conspiracy theory, not fantasy, both researched by serious scholars and, in the case of 9/11, scientists. Each has many mutually  supporting facts that individually completely invalidate the government’s stories.

Nobody can look at the evidence and doubt this.

Nobody who has done so has any doubt : our Deep State is increasingly powerful and the existential threat to Constitutional government, rule of law. And nobody can doubt, Hillary Clinton is the Deep State representative, completely corrupt, a war-monger, unhinged.

This just as we are entering an economic disaster a Far Greater World Wide Depression. Those always produce war, and Clinton is a War Monger. So much we don’t know, and unlikely any of it is in favor of ordinary citizens or what we would approve of.

This is the kind of idiocy empires die of.


I can’t be cynical or paranoid enough, no matter how hard I try. This evidence of large-scale government suppression of the news, and especially news about government generating the news, I can easily believe, it is certainly true, because there is very much supporting evidence. That, however, links to evidence that the CIA controls Alex Jones, and that Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks, who didn’t die of cancer, and that Bill Hicks had very many CIA associates. Very nice analysis, lots of points of comparison in bodies and associates.

I don’t watch much video, so never paid attention to Jones, haven’t been that impressed with him. Note the list of genuine alt-media opposition to our Deep State/Status Quo who have died, one way or another.

But, the silence on 9/11 False Flag and Sandy Hoaxen is everywhere in any significant alt-media. is one of the few, and it puts up Gatestone Institute propaganda, so maybe my comments there put me on a list somewhere.

Contemplate what country you are living within. A vote for Clinton is certainly a vote to continue it.

The Deep State continues to take over our country. Our CIA has had more practice at modifying governments and political opinions to their own ends than any other organization on earth and clearly have been applying those skills here at home for many years. All of our Presidents since Bush Senior have been associated with the CIA, Trump could be the first exception. And Israel is more and more at least a partner in our government and foreign policy, their influence and number of citizens in high levels of our government grows every year.

In fact, it seems to me, upon contemplation, that we can sort people in alt-media by their position on those two issues, 9/11 FF and Sandy Hoax. If they are clear about those, they are definitely OK, definitely patriots.  If not, you can’t be sure.

The average morning’s headlines in America are, imho, dismal reading.

Here were some this am : PCR on Hillary’s speech, Google sensored search suggestions about Hillary’s health, where the hatred of ‘alt right’ and Putin are coming from,

Political power centralizing is also political power being pushed out of the big tent. This gets it :

The trouble is the hate thinkers really don’t care and they seem to relish this sort of attention. The gag you often see is “When I was a conservative they called me a racist. When I was a libertarian they called me a racist. When I was a Tea Partier they called me a racist. Now that I’m alt-right I don’t care what they call me.” Often, the response to the charge of racism is mockery. It’s really hard to shout people down when they are laughing at your efforts. That and the old guys have been called these things so often they don’t pay any attention to it now.

And meanwhile, they treat the public as tho we were an enemy, to be kept down.  Which, of course, we increasingly are and will ever-be, so long as anyone is trying to put us down.

Watch the video at the end of this. “Assange is a high-tech terrorist” is the meme. We have MANY public officials, high in government, high in the political system, calling for assassination of Assange. That is extremism, not Assange nor the alt-right. Historical analogies are too-easy to make and too hard to do well, but it is very tempting to map these events onto the rise of Hitler or any other extremist leader. One of those, perhaps, talks about the way the anti-Trump crowds treat Trump supporters, we know that Soros supported the attacks in San Jose. Attempts to make Trump supporters look extremist, cops look the other way.

The hate is coming from the mainstream everything, the coalesced D and R parties and interests of the oligarchs and Deep State that own them. Nobody finds it particularly strange, yet another major meme these days is how polarized the country is. This is the level of rhetoric that leads to a major war. Insanity!

Unless you are an oligarch or Deep State or high-level minion to those, to whom an an Assange or Manning must be a mortal enemy, they exposed secrets vital to the continuation of their power. Their control of MSM is out in the open now, the anti-Trump campaign is the smallest part of it.

Part of all this must be a need for an acceleration of their consolidation of power.: MSM is losing its grip on political opinion, e.g. Trump and also 9/11, Sandy Hoaxen, etc. Confidence in anything has fallen to historically low levels. The acceptability of standard political candidates didn’t get past either Bernie or Donald’s opposition this year, they cheated Bernie out of the nomination just as they did Ron Paul last time around.

Voting is very unlikely to fix this, and we have to expect show trials if Hillary wins. Certainly the Sandy Hoaxen will be bigger, more varied. If the Dallas cop shootings were as bogus as initially appeared

End games of political systems tend to be messy. Hope you are prepared.


This ties with this and this and this. Short version of those, the CIA control, guides, directs, filters a very large proportion of the world’s political information.
It drives nearly all major international organizations and major
national political parties around the world. Total US budget for these operations is very large. Just NED has funded over 6,000 organizations around the world for some period of time.

That is what always made me think Soros is connected to the CIA, he
funds the same kind of organizations. The only departure in their aims I have seen is Soros funds anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian organizations.

I read that 30% of the CIA’s budget is ‘information operations’. Every
week we get another editor saying the CIA owned them through their 30
year career, or find out that another major publication was subsidized,
or …

Clearly, all of MSM is in bed with our government and it’s deep state. And this is another indication of Soros being part of that.


This one thing is all you need to know about the Libertarian Party in 2016 : Jill Stein will pardon Manning and release Assange from bondage and brags about it in press releases and OpEds. Johnson mentions Assange when asked and says “He hasn’t been charged.”

Among many others, those two people have been treated very unconstitutionally by our government, are as much the inevitable price of our empire as the people being killed by our drones guided by our pilots and our bombs delivered by our industry.

So the Libertarian Party isn’t awful, I am told, just a bit too Republican. Yes, exactly why they have no chance of winning. This is a year when being just a bit too Republican disqualifies you from consideration. Gary Johnson promises not to smoke cannabis if he becomes President, the total extent of any radical impulses in either of the Johnson/Weld ticket.

At the same time voters dislike the two major party candidates more and more, the Libs are going nowhere in the polls. It seems to me that most people will be forced into either a useless protest vote or choosing the least evil. Only in states that are heavily for Clinton or Trump can a protest vote weigh in your interest more than the least evil.

I hate that conclusion, have always held the view that the two candidates were two halves of the same coin, they didn’t differ enough to matter, and that voting was a dynamic system, you had to have votes where you want politicians to move. Maybe that was the case, they were all insiders, and the Deep State has not been much changed since Bush Senior.

Trump is the first possible non-Deep State candidate, and I can’t be really sure about him except the entire Status Quo thinks he is terrible. I can, otoh, be very sure about Clinton. A forced choice, I think.


This is quite amazing BS. It lays out a framework by which the US of A’s administration has established rigorous standards for deciding who is an enemy who should be killed and how it is OK to kill them. This is not a power allocated to the Federal government by the Constitution, the people being killed have not been designated as subjects of a declared war by the Congress. Especially not the US citizens who have been killed, who have also had not been convicted of any crime.

And, 4 studies in a row have shown that it doesn’t work in halting insurgencies, in fact, spreads them, although policy has not changed. Except to get more rigorous in the bureaucracy’s considerations, of course. Stupid, unconstitutional, but rigorous. Modern priorities of government. Of course, responsibility is diffused and nobody can be assigned blame after the killings, that is a constant of bureaucracy. And nobody in the chain of orders is responsible, they are just following orders.

What targets can there be in Afghanistan for a B52? Large concentrations of men or supplies, obviously. If those exist, we are losing again. Added the next day, yes we are. Added the next day : More evidence.

As with nearly every day, the articles that I find show a world going in directions that are clearly contrary to any social wisdom or evidence : The Saudis are bombing a 4th world economy back to the stone age, and thinking they are gaining something. The US of A happily sells them the arms, the arms manufacturers of the world are doing well in our age of modern warfare.

Hard on brown people in 3rd world economies. Hard on the reputations of everyone allowing it to happen here in the 1st world. There is NO justification for such idiocy, but it is a standard part of the insane world we live in. And it will come back to haunt us for at least 100 years, these episodes of Imperialism have done that to every nation that has ruined itself with that mechanism of centralization.

I could write the same lines  as that last paragraph for so many of the day’s headlines. We need to clean up this system. Citizens of the US are the ones that have to do that. Voting isn’t going to fix the system that is so very broken. We haven’t yet faced up to that fact.

Be gentle when you do, please? And understand, because you can be gentle, the hurdle for action is much lower.  We can end this government whenever about 1M citizens are willing to go and close some critical facilities such as airports and keep them closed long enough for oligarch’s profits to begin being hurt. We can do that without a shot being fired, nor a single person being put in danger, except for the idiocy of our government’s forces, of course.


It would be very easy to conclude that I am a barely-hinged conspiracy theorist, deeply paranoid, and therefore all opinions on this blog should be resolutely ignored.

In my own defense, nobody argues with me. I do not claim anything I cannot back up with very good references, people whose evidence and analysis seem to me have held up to scrutiny. I work at having facts and logic underneath my opinions. It is a point of pride, which indeed goeth before falls, I am sometimes wrong. I always tell you, even when I correct it, I leave a note saying I was wrong in the original version. Point of pride, honest.

But I have not found any flaws in my understandings of some events and issues, despite those continuing to be completely opposite the accepted version of history and best thinking. I am not wrong, not on Vince Foster, not on 9/11 FF, not on Sandy Hoaxen. Those all have explicit findings of many individual facts which crosscheck with each other, but which individually completely invalidate the government’s story, and which, if wrongly claimed to be a fact, would have been easily refuted by the government. The government’s stories in all of these cases have been refuted by the critiques, not the critiques by any government counters or new evidence. Mostly, there are no government counters or releases of new evidence, just more stories pounding the frame of the government’s story, or limited hangout coverups like the continuing revelations by Richard Clarke.

This is coverup. The EMT who first saw the body said there was a small caliber bullet hole under the jaw, and no exit wound. That was signed off by an MD. There was one grain of .22 powder on his eye glasses, found down-slope. The autopsy took the jaw off : never happens, and cause of death was said to be a .38 through the mouth. That reliably blows brains everywhere, there will be an exit wound and large amounts of blood. No exit wound, no blood at the ‘site of death’ where the body was found. EMT was told to keep his mouth shut : He said that to the reporter he last talked to, and then he disappeared from the record, and nobody ever talked about the “small caliber bullet wound under his jaw” again. The family was pressed by the FBI to ID the .38 found in Foster’s hand, but they didn’t, it was not the family .38 that was still back in AK.

Foster was murdered, in the White House, and nobody at the time thought otherwise.

Several murder detectives who commented  said versions of “Suicide verdict requires evidence of self-murder. The evidence does not indicate self-murder, it was not suicide.”

This is a more objective account of the flaws in the investigation. It was hard work to cover up a murder in the White House. Just the fact that there are no cameras recording Foster leaving the White House that day is very suspicious.


Lest you incorrectly think that I am a nice person, I recently sent this reply to a person who I sent one of my political ‘links’ to. Nice guy, musician, programmer, serious guy, fine father and husband to one of my wife’s good friends. But, like several of my intelligent engineering friends, not solidly grounded in politics. So conventional thinking would be what my wife keeps telling me “Don’t talk politics!”. But, how do people intelligently pursue their own interests if they do not base their understandings on reality? IMHO, I do people a favor sharing my best thinking with them, and rules of a positive-sum game are that they should do the same for me. I think it is a very major failure of our country’s education system that a person could make such weak arguments as even our most famous of political commentators make : they should be laughed out of the country, except one-eyed men being kings, etc. His argument was “confirmation bias” was a lot of the reason I thought Clinton was a criminal, that I argued sites that did not confirm that were themselves biased, and couldn’t have it both ways.

This is not a weak argument, tho it is not kind :

I am not biased against Hillary Clinton for any reasons other than her personal dishonesty and criminal behavior.

Her politics stink, but so do most people’s, imho. Jill Stein’s are as bad in different ways, I don’t call Stein dishonest and criminal, in fact, so far as I know, she is a good person, trustworthy.

I don’t call it a confirmation bias when a thing confirms a fact already known. I do call it a bias when a site or source presents reasoning that disconfirms a fact already known to be so very true, from so very many sources over so very many years. There can be no bias involved when plain fact is involved.

So not on gun control, not on 9/11 False Flag nor Sandy Hoaxen. And certainly not Hillary Clinton, criminal.

On those, one either comes to conclusions consistent with the evidence, or one is wrong, and I don’t much care about any bias that might have lead a person there. That is up to them to sort out after I point out where they are wrong, where their facts do not fit reality and their reasoning fails in logic and good sense.

I try not to get bogged down in arguments about the arguments. I don’t depend on their arguments, I depend on their facts and their logic. I depend on the evidence.

Hillary Clinton has long been a criminal. She and Bill were extremely corrupt in governing Arkansas, and it wasn’t much hidden, however incompetent and/or corrupt all the prosecutors have been. The Barry Seal story, the cocaine through Mena Airport, the trunks of cars transporting cash, the literal blood money bribes through the bureaucracy for harvesting prisoner’s blood, those stories were published in major newspapers by very reputable reporters.

The Clinton Foundation is a money laundry for bribes, of course. There is no way to justify that conflict of interest, and I don’t care who it is. If it was Ron Paul, I would equally say ‘criminal’. And I do say it about George Bush’s speeches that do the same thing.

And NO detective with experience in murder investigations thought that Vince Foster killed himself. There were so many inconsistencies in the various investigations, the way the autopsy was handled, and reports of previous and more investigations, it was super clear they were coverups, 5 levels deep by the time it was done. And, in that investigation, things came out like teams of men who repeatedly walked past witnesses before their testimony to the grand juries and stared threateningly, intentional intimidation, and worked for many people who were scheduled to testify against Clinton interests. First time I had heard about such things in my country, quite a revelation.

That was while Bill Clinton was President. Criminal, fact. Lesser political powers would have been in jail long since, fact. Careful judgement of evidence over their political careers, not bias.

And also, I conclude, ‘representative of the Deep State’. The person most likely to keep their budgets flowing, the wars going, the overthrows proceeding. Including the one that is so clearly happening right here in the US of A. This country is not one of representative, republican constitutional government under rule of law and the trends are certainly not in that direction, just the reverse. Trump is very very unsuited to be President, but only dangerous for that reason. She is dangerous because she enables our Deep State, the people who did 9/11 False Flag to justify the ME wars and are doing Sandy Hoaxen to force through gun control. That is dangerous to the continuing existence of my country, already headed for economic collapse, hyper-inflation or default on our national debt, failure of public pensions everywhere.

Facts. And nobody argues with the evidence, because they can’t.

They just ignore it, and talk about the arguments, about their hypothetical confirmation bias in my mind, as tho that erases all of the hard evidence. It does not erase the hard evidence.

Reality is all the stuff that doesn’t go away just because you don’t want to attend to them, don’t want to believe in them, are very good at ignoring them. We all can believe whatever we want, but we all inhabit the same reality and all live and will continue to live in it together. We are not doing a good job of dealing with our joint reality, largely because everyone is so good at ignoring big and important signposts of what is happening in that reality.


This is no longer fringe thinking. The forces behind Bernie and Trump are the last hurrah of reform, I think. If serious reform is not permitted, and it can’t be, the Status Quo depends on its current form and structure for its current cash flows, and any disruption==reform upsets too many apple carts, breaks too many rice bowls, then revolution is inevitable.

Our Status Quo system is locked, there are so many constraints that the equations of optimizations no longer have solutions. Deep State is a forcing function in that ecosystem, the CIA’s Mighty Wurlitzer controls the talking points and view points with which MSM frames every story. That is not a conspiracy theory, that is what we know and the best explanation for the facts that we see.

9/11 False Flag is a fact in the world, in reality, in real honest-to-God history. Real deaths, real destruction, completely fake story as to who and why, political theatre to support their intentional wars in the ME. Everyone with a brain that has allowed itself to look at the evidence grasps that, and obviously must. From which we know every person in any serious police or intelligence agency has known it since soon afterwards, and the political people immediately above them soon after that.

Likewise, Sandy Hook was a hoax, an event presented as real, but all a drill with actors and police and news vans constructing video to support the story, then presenting it as real. Anyone with a brain that has allowed them to look at the evidence grasps that, and obviously must. From which we know every person in any serious police or intelligence agency has known it since soon afterwards, and the political people immediately above them soon after that.

Now, rethink your world. How corrupt do you think a Status Quo must be to have suppressed all political effect from those events? Can the PTB of that world allow reform?


Advanced Paranoia #0