Hubris to the Power of Dunning-Kruger



Hubris to the Power of Dunning-Kruger

You have to be kidding me.  A Constitutional Convention?

Playing High-Dimensioned Games

Civilization’s Great Counter-Examples

Culture Traps Happen

History Is People Behaving

The Meaning of 9-11

In The Age of Propaganda

Discordian Justice Dispensed by High Priest Murphy in His Fractal Robe

Muslims Are The New Jews

Complex Systems And The Hubris Is Easy

Elitists Are Fundamentally Wrong

We Are All Equally Ignorant

Why Patriots Can Win

Constitutional Design Challenge

Think Like An Engineer

Bridges Burned In Front Of Us

Another Example of A 2300-year-old Intellectual Box

Germany’s Jewish Problem

Can’t Protect It? Don’t Collect It!

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