Why Patriots Can Win

We patriots can win because :

  • Government is largely fixed installations. Patton: “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.”  If our government forces war upon us, it will learn that fixed installations are very vulnerable in any insurgency.  Buildings will burn down, electric grids will fail, government will look impotent from the first stage of insurgency.
  • Government is on the wrong side of the bet with human ingenuity. Even if all your employees were allowed to be ingenious by changing rules and regulations, wanted to be ingenious and were incented to be ingenious, there are a lot more of us than you and very many more of us are seriously annoyed. Ingenuity + moptivation –> rapid experiments and adaptation.  Those win high-dimensioned games.
  • We are acting with local knowledge.  That is a more-defensive posture.  Defense is much stronger than attack, and our recent wars say your supposed superiority in intelligence gathering and analysis doesn’t change the home-court advantage.  In fact, we can easily use that supposed superiority against you.
  • We control the infrastructure. We designed the systems within which we all live, we built the buildings and installed the equipment, we operate it and repair it. Those systems won’t work if we don’t think they should. We can make all of them fail in ways that your people won’t be able to quickly isolate and individuals can do it at low risk to themselves.  Again, the Status Quo will look impotent, and more impotent with every ‘natural’ failure that inevitably gets attributed to our sabotage.
  • We are in touch with far more of the non-government society than you are, so we have more resources and more options. We are the larger part of our society. We are the socially-cohesive communities, the extended families, the alumni associations, hunting clubs, volunteer fire departments, and on and on. We have more credibility than you do, and, as this crisis continues, we will increasingly speak with one voice on the political goal.
  • The loyalties of you in government will be far more mixed than ours.  Your security groups will have a higher proportion of patriots than vice versa, by a lot. Losers and the short-sighted will end up on your side, not ours. You will have a lot of failed operations because of information leakage, lost intelligence, false intelligence, bad plans, mis-understood orders, …
  • There is no shortage of weapons in any high-technology country. We will be able to support our political clout with arms if you force us to it. Please don’t, as we will all become so very poor together, and you will become hated. You do not want to be on the wrong side of a purge of the aristocracy and its minions.
  • Ultimately, this is a contest to convince un-committed people that the Status Quo is working vs a need for radical change.  You in government and the oligarchy are proven liars and incompetents.  We have a working model of society under Constitutional government that did very well for most of the first 100 years.  You can only continue to dominate via your ever-more obvious propaganda.  We only need to point out the obvious failures.  Reality is a great argument.

We can win without firing a shot by demonstrating how much we oppose you and how great the damage of a shooting insurgency. Tax revolt and outright sabotage of selected companies will show you how serious we are and how many of us will work to take down our system if you do not step aside and allow us to clean up the mess you have created.

There is no way to oppose this return to a working system of government and society without social and economic devastation.

We insist that our government return to Constitutional limits. Our government cannot resist effectively except by proving that they have escaped those limits and pushing people into our camp.

Added later : The CIA has a manual for how to do sabotage.  Much more effective than guns in costing the Oligarchs $.

13 thoughts on “Why Patriots Can Win

  1. This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.

    Abraham Lincoln


    1. ROFLMAO….a Lincoln quote on Liberty!
      Without Lincoln there would have probably never been an Obamy, and I’m not uttering a syllable on skin color either.
      The Republic died in 1865.


  2. The only way patriots, insurgency, or plain old guerrilla warfare will win is if they have the support and the hearts and minds of the people.

    To do this you must control the media.
    Control the media and you can open the collective minds of the sheeple.

    Without control over the media the government can spin it anyway they like and you will be made to look like domestic terrorists.


    1. If things get bad enough, the electric grid becomes susceptible. Without reliable electricity, media influence wanes the more brownouts and blackouts occur. People can’t absorb TV “news” without electrons flowing. What media organs are left and still able to churn out propaganda will become targets as well.

      They can spin what they want, and they certainly will but if the intended audience is drastically reduced, the overall effect of their narrative will be minimal.

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    2. First, they have lost control of the media. That is why you are here.

      Second, the whole eastern block failure says they have to perform in addition to controlling the image. They can slow things down, but not stop them.

      I think cannabis is the big counter-example.

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  3. The government wins because they are organized. They take BILLIONS of dollars from their victims and use that money to hire, equip and train them to impose the will of the few in power on the many who are not. They ALWAYS bring overwhelming force to whatever venue they arrive at to make sure their intended victim is certain they will lose if they do anything but kneel in abject obeisance to the state and it’s hired muscle. The ONLY times that the people win such encounters are when a ‘Bundy ranch’ scenario occurs and the people arrive in sufficient numbers and ARMED adequately to counter the force the government arrived with. Such events are rare because government chooses where, when and how they initiate encounters with their targeted victims. It is very difficult for the citizens to learn of, gather and coordinate and implement a response in a timely enough fashion to counter get the government. That is the advantage of those in power, they are organized, their victims are not. The side who chooses the terms of the engagement almost always wins…..which is why ambush killings of state actors are effective….the terms of the encounter are selected to favor the assailant, not the state’s agent.

    Till ‘we the people’ have our own ‘SWAT’ teams, jets and secure comms with teams standing by to respond to official acts of aggression the state will win these encounters 99.9% of the time. Tactics matter but logistics wins wars…..and the US gov. has all the logistical advantage….and make their victims supply the money to pay for that advantage.


  4. A lot of people do realize, but a lot don’t that the militia forced the feds to change their rules of engagement not long after the feds murdered dozens, including about two-dozen children in Waco. It was one of the most under-reported, major news events of the decade. It ALL blew the feds away, literally, almost figuratively. The entire standoff had been staged by the Govt. for yet another dramatic slaughter, for obvious reasons, replete with fed-militia posers (Olson, Southwell and Trochmann, etc.), alphabet-agency – reporter and “local” – infiltrators, not to mention spy satellites, night-stalking gunships, tapped phone lines and bugged and scoped vehicles and shelters.

    Don Vos and the Columbiana County, Ohio Militia with the help of thousands of others all across the Country – at least according to the phone-tree screen flashing inside NSA headquarters – shut down the Blood Games in Montana in 1996; and even sent a pro bono lawyer to represent one of the Freeman at their Federal criminal trial in 1998. Ultimately though, no one beats the emperor, especially in the naked emperor’s court. And, there’s even a book about the standoff Vos can provide, but he would most likely rather tell you the whole story. I highly recommend it, fascinating.

    The militia weren’t setting up camp, they had arrived on April Fool’s day, many weeks before the stunned feds thought to try to bring the Freeman to the negotiating table. The militia was the reason they did. Militia in Montana, and many groups of militia in thirteen States promised a violent rebellion if any Freeman died. The authorities had been notified and Vos and crew had gone on air, both radio and TV.


    Additionally, a “Declaration of Intent To Defend” – signed by militia leaders from over a dozen States, and copies of which that were simultaneously hand-delivered to the Feds in each and every represented State – left the feds no doubt as to the shit-storm to ensue. The only death was of a fed who rolled his truck on a wash-board road.

    Y’all would have liked the Freeman as they had perfected judgment liens against non-bonded State and Federal officials who had ignored the Freeman’s Justus township court. Once the judgments were recorded creating liens against the corporations, the Freeman created and began widely circulating certified money orders (drafts) that even the IRS honored for a time; at least until the Federal Reserve got wind that these Montana ranchers had made it to the game-table of the money-printing racket.

    Their ultimate desire, as related by Sovereign, Freeman of Character, Lyle Chamberlain was to restore the Republic and to send U.S. Special Forces to reclaim our Nation’s gold from The City of London. Truly a lofty idea, and seemingly doable. They understood to a very high legal degree, the nature of fiat, “The Bankers Handbook,” the banking history of the corporate USA; and, Rodney Skurdal among other so-called Freeman were lucid and proliferate paper “tear-r-rysts.” They are great patriots who truly care for what this Country is supposed to be.

    Like rust that never sleeps though, it was just a hop to the staged Ft. Davis standoff where second in command, White Eagle was identified as a fed, who along with thousands of foreign military in south Texas and along the Mexican border prepared to call out and destroy this militia, but ended up only offering up Professor Applegate and his crew to the gods of blood when the Militia called this bluff, stating “it” could start anywhere and there was no longer a need to travel. The puppet master had even tweaked the program to include queing their own attorney – smooth. The zionistas knew the puppets were outnumbered by thousands to one, and they knew they needed something more. So, it was just a skip until they pulled the towers. You are here; make US proud. You are not alone.


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