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Daily Reading #98

The US government is so guilty of so much in the ME wars, this hardly stands out.  Just another few million people threatened with starvation, another 100K dead, and the inevitable 10X injured, 2X that driven from their homes. Our so-truthful legacy media ignores it all :

Now the left is arming and demonstrating as armed groups. Training in small group tactics is a major edge of existing militias over any newer groups, so intelligence suggests confrontations are a bad idea :

FakeNews, using #Pizzagate as the example, are the latest propaganda campaigns, taking over from “Russia hacked the elections” Fake News stories. The legacy media is losing because they are the major purveyors of Fake News. 60 Minutes did a big hit job on alt-media recently, which produced this response :

There must be very heavy pressure coming from somewhere to have both Breitbart putting out ‘Pizzagate is fake news’ videos via Stranahan and Infowars’ Alex Jones apologizing for connecting Comet Pizza to #Pizzagate, both very contrary to all facts in the open source investigation. Go look at the evidence yourself, it is easy to tell whether there is any reality when you look at the evidence in this case.

Very true, the evidence does not yet connect particular victims to particular people in the network of padophiles, e.g. the Podesta brothers. Nevertheless, the world’s pedophilia epidemic is real, and there is child trafficking to support the pedophile networks, without question, and the professional, friendship and other connections between people like Podesta and pedophiles are strong and real.

Without question, leading people to pedophilia and using their pedophilia as blackmail is a method the CIA uses to control the world. Without question, our government has been corrupted by blackmail and largely does what the CIA wants, e.g. the State Department covering up the bad habits of diplomats, security people and Clinton’s cover for Laura Silsby and her crew of child traffickers, with whom she has had a long association.

Not mainstream news as a topic in itself, but those facts certainly explain a lot of what is mainstream news. You only need look at the evidence to begin seeing those hidden connections at work.

I linked to the following yesterday, finished reading it today.  It is interesting how few people in most of the ME support jihad and ISIS, except for a few countries strongly allied with the US :

Turns out, Russian companies and the gov have done a lot of normal things, and benefiting Clintons and friends is normal :

Yes, audit the Fed! Including an inventory of their physical gold and its ownership :

I read comments because they are often, in aggregate, as illuminating as the article. Or funny :

BenBoy : Coming up with this infographic he must have been 4 sheets to the Venn.

I have known a number of women who succeeded in arenas dominated by men, e.g. one in scrap plastics brokering. Another couple ran tech recruiting agencies, one moved into a CEO’s slot in a significant tech company. I have worked for several excellent female bosses in the tech world, and thought them mostly superior to the male managers I have endured. I don’t recall them worrying about sexism. No doubt, many of these same incidents happened to them, but they didn’t interpret them as sexism, nor take them so personally, as this woman did. Men and women are different. Women can take advantage of that, fight it, or ignore it. Men also :

When law enforcement uses informants to snare criminals, it is difficult to discern which of them are the biggest liars and criminals :

Excellent analysis of some first-order effects of self-driving cars, which they think could be standard by 2030!. Even 5 years, much less 15, is an eternity in the world of technology. Business plans for 5 years in the future in most businesses are a waste of time, because everything changes within and around most businesses in that time. Look at the list of Fortune 500 companies, year to year, if you don’t believe me.

For self-driving vehicles, the problem is proving the programs bug-free enough that insurance companies will indemnify manufacturers and owners. That and the resulting legal cases will take a long time to resolve, and that can’t begin happening until the cars actually work, still some distance in the future :

I need to find a study of the importance of first-order effects like that vs 2nd-order in the history of particular technologies.  I bet there are many more and more serious 2nd order, e.g. the myriad of social changes that happened after the car became a standard part of families. Young adultss will have more freedom with self-driving cars, as an example.

Legacy media vs alt-media is one aspect of Deep State vs Citizens.  It is a hell of a fight, and the legacy media is less rational.  This is an interesting view of the process of Legacy reporting on Alt in the context of “fake news” :

This is an excellent article, I ordered the book. The neurology and psychology seem solid to me, and I have thought that BrainPickings was interesting every time I happen upon it :

More Big Data invasion of your home.  This information is merged with Google’s and everyone else’s view of your and your family by both them and the government. They all have a dossier on everyone. Your remaining privacy depends entirely on their inability to pay more analysts to look at you, but every salesman in the world will be able to access it. In fact, selected elements will be on their screen as the robodialer makes the call to you :

As a long-time member of the Discordian Church, at least if you ignore the frequent schisms and consider our Dissident Contrarian sect part of it, I very much approve of this. Progress in every area does depend on the outsider, the contrarian, the person who refuses to conform :

Properties of substances depend on their physical state. Extrapolate to capabilities and properties of individuals, teams, groups, institutions, … dependent upon the ‘state of civilization’, emergent properties of a social organization.

Major evolutionary transition is always forming a super-organism of smaller components. The next stage in The Generalissimo’s guided evolutionary transformation is such a transition. People into families, a tighter cooperation of genetic and social-economic evolution, extracting more hybrid vigor at both levels and also a new fundamental unit in civilization, a major improvement on clans and tribes.


I should begin by saying I liked working in companies with a lot of women because I thought they were more pleasant, even more rational, places to work. I liked having a woman as boss, they were easier for me to deal with, for some reason, iconoclast contrarian that I am.

Nevertheless, I have the same response to this as to all the other ‘feminist’ takes on what they consider ‘workplace discrimination and harassment’, it is one interpretation of what seems to be a normal range of human behavior in a wide variety of cultures. ‘The group of men fell silent as I approached’. What is more normal? What man can’t say the same about any group, men or women, that they walk up to, at least some of the time? “He made a pass, got handsy?” Not good, but not a physical assault.

This entire essay is interpretation in a ‘sexism is rife’ frame and the problem of what constitutes discrimination is not so obvious, everyone fails at most things if they are careful to record their attempts, even winners.

Men and women are generally different in their psychology, however much some might wish otherwise. All of this assumes we are the same, and ignores the normal range of human behaviors in everything.

We don’t need more studies showing that some men interrupt women more often in a business setting or can’t take them seriously in meetings, that is well established, and corporate training programs don’t entirely fix the problem.  The problem to be investigated is ‘why?’.  Clearly, some men handle women in business well, some don’t. Some women handle men in business well, some don’t. Some men don’t deal with men well, and some women don’t deal with women well. Do those men/women have different women/men in their lives? Different fathers/mothers?. Different nationalities? Different national histories?

Without knowing why, we can’t do much to improve the function of our organizations, the point that should be made.

Because some women deal with the ‘slights and discrimination’ well, and succeed in what is considered “a man’s world”, we could consider this sensitivity a failure mode induced by feminism, or failures by individual women who can’t manage to do so. But that would be an interpretation also, one of many that could be considered.

There are not many women in the tech world.  There are very few blacks and Hispanics. It isn’t discrimination wrt blacks and Hispanics, they don’t take engineering courses. Women are a minority in engineering courses also. Is that a factor in how many rise to the top?

The strongest argument against sexism and racism being big factors in business is cost. Any CEO would give their left arm for a 5% cost advantage over competitors, because that is a long-term win. Women are paid less than men?  OK, select the very best and pay them at men’s rates, wipe out your competition. Women’s banks, women’s companies in general, don’t wipe out their competition.

In any case, people need to be generally more tolerant of everything, and ignore what they can’t easily change, deal privately with what they can change. That manages a lot of problems.

I interpret this article another example of the legacy media functioning as COINTEL-PRO, splintering the society to allow our elites to divide and rule us peons :

Daily Reading #97

The latest CIA-NSA whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, went public a week ago. Just now, lists 20 articles that refer to the case, all in alt-media. The legacy media has not deigned to notice the 600 million pages showing that the NSA-CIA spied on everyone, including all members of the administration, the Supremes and other federal courts, Congress, other agencies, … I linked to this when it first came out, wanted to remind everyone of its importance :

This French case makes you wonder how many of our agents who have worked with Mossad on many operations, e.g. 9-11, are now double agents working for Mossad :

There is no way we can do good in the ME, the US and Israel caused the wars and fostered ISIS in a multitude of ways. We should stop helping, and do our best to stop all of our allies from ‘helping’.  If we didn’t provide ISIS, et. al with arms, and the Saudis and Omanis stopped paying them, the wars would end much sooner, and we wouldn’t be needed at all, the Iranians, Iraqis, Kurds and Syrians can handle the situation with some Russian help.

That is the problem, of course, Israel, Saudi Arabia hate Iran, and our Deep State needs Russia as an enemy, so we can’t allow them to appear to be the good guys.

This is Greenwald on the death rate among civilians.  It is easy to say ‘collateral damage’, very true in the frame of ‘war is the way to peace’. It isn’t a winnable kind of a war, I think, and certainly has not produced peace. The assumption that Israel or the US want peace is empirically wrong, of course :

CHSmith goes after the most obviously-failing cartel, medicine.

My latest interaction with MDs was this AM, accompanying a relative having surgery today through the process. In the specific instance, the surgery is a treatment for an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are diseases of cleanliness, the immune system doesn’t have natural pathogens to occupy itself, an extremely unnatural situation, so looks for work, and finds things not to like in your own body. Autoimmune diseases are the fastest growing type of disease in the US, even faster than obesity.

This particular problem has never should have been treated as an autoimmune disease, e.g. high tech with drugs suppressing inflammation or the immune system, or low-tech with eggs of a relatively-benign intestinal parasite. That was shown to be effective for MS 15 years ago in a NEJM article and in numerous small-scale clinical trials for MS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and some others.

A roundworm infection fixes the ones so far tested, and produces long-term remissions in MS and Crohn’s, seemingly as good as any other medical treatment, tho it takes large-scale trials to know that for sure. Cannabis for MS is also producing good results, tho I haven’t seen any clinical trials yet. Cannabis is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent generally opposing the side-effects of the perverse autoimmune response.

But roundworm eggs are cheap, even cheaper than cannabis. Surgery with gas ((which stops neurogenesis for 3 months even in younger patients) + IV anesthesia + overnight in the hospital produces much higher billing for the hospital. Nobody in the medical system has any incentive to evaluate or use cheap treatments, however scientifically advanced. No inexpensive treatment can find support for the large-scale clinical trial needed to become part of standard medicine, because large-scale clinical trails cost $100M.

Clinical trials, mandated by the FDA, are the primary means that Big Pharma uses to control competition. Big Pharma is extremely profitable, and the biggest part of America’s excess spending relative to other 1st-world countries.

I suppose it could be justified if Americans were healthier than people in other countries.

Charles’ 2 articles focus on costs, don’t mention how poorly the US medical system performs relative to other countries :

The concept of dry toilets has been in discussion and practice in the organic farming and homesteading publications as long as I have been reading them, for exactly these reasons :

I read stuff like this because in many unlikely articles, in many streams of stupid comments, I find a gem.  This one has the bit about neurogenesis being the key to breaking depression, which reinforces a lot of evidence I have read ever since neurogenesis was proved to happen in adults, and later found to be important in much mental functioning. This guy is a good writer :

Free-lance psyops, false flag variety, to compliment the recent spate of ISIS free-lance terrorism-for-absolution-from-your-sinful-life operations. This guy had a bitcoin account, making people suspect there is an intelligence agency behind his ‘free-lance’ operation.  Various of the ‘free-lance’ Muslim terrorists weren’t particularly Muslim and had recently sent large amounts of cash ($100K for one of the French cases) to relatives, tho not much was ever made of those facts :

The gem of fact in this related article is “In Mosul there were no less than 600 attacks by men driving vehicles packed with explosives in the first six weeks of the Iraqi government offensive that began on 17 October last year.” As ISIS crumbles, the CIA will need a new enemy to justify their power and budgets. Russia is resisting the CIA’s effort to make them the US’s chief enemy very effectively, so far.

All of the Caliphates attacks in taking the area it controlled were lead by sarin gas attacks, which were enabled by the CIA and State Department shipping Khadaffi’s supplies from Libya to Syria, tho this doesn’t discuss that aspect of the situation :

The Generalissimo has a lot to say about psyops.

Eric Zeusse, no supporter of Trump, on ‘How Media Lie’, and why.  The particular example is Syria and ISIS, the US opposing Russia and supporting ISIS. This must be the two hundredth article I have read, beginning years before Ambassador (CIA agent) Stevens was killed in Libya, about the US supporting ISIS, and our legacy media still present ISIS as our bitter enemy as the frame for every article :

And the version of lies about Iran are the same thing. Israel and the Saudis need Iran as the enemy, the country can be no threat to the US, yet ‘implacable enemy of religious extremists’ is the standard frame for legacy media stories :

This is another aspect of internationalization, how can the Stasis Quo be so against it? I tell my kid all the time he should go overseas for his engineering degree. Speaking 4 languages, he has a considerable choice of countries.  The article’s warnings about effects on the foreign graduate’s job prospects are not inconsequential, but once you have a first job and recommendations, that fades into the background :

Except for credentialism, e.g. firms who need the image and assurance of your membership in their social circles, and crony capitalist cartels like medicine, most of business cares about your actual value in a position, where you got your degree is less of a concern :

Opposing kleptocrats has dangers :

Church of the Subgenius is a fun meme. This from a Youtube search that shows there are many such videos, one sort-of-explaining the concept of ‘slack’, the main theological concept of the Church. As a member of the Dissenting Contrarian sect of Discordianism, which worships the god of Chaos and is thus the only empirically validated religion, I have some sympathy for fun religions :

I am happy that we were NOT included in a list of weird religions. Scientology isn’t weird, more on the evil side, imho :

More on the CIA’s tools for hacking Macs. These were surely duplicates of the tools the NSA and other agencies, e.g. the FBI, had also built :

Daily Reading #96

Not just likely true, true according to a multitude of inside information that has been coming out for many years, including the recent 600M pages of database info the media is carefully ignoring, coming, as it did, through Sheriff Arpaio’s group :

Newsbud is becoming an important news site and Whitehead is excellent, as always. Kleptocracy has it right, and look at how the cases are increasing police powers to take money from you and me, daily :

This is one small piece of the long-term cooperation of corporations with the government and Deep State.  The specific example is French and the construction of fortifications by ISIS et al. in Syria. 100s of engineers and firms must have been involved to use 6M tons of cement in that effort :

All enabled by writers in mainstream publications, legacy media such as the NYTimes, some of whom are clearly insane :

The kinds of protests that lead to change :

The cycles of rise and fall of economic equality are the same as those of social cooperation. More equality, more cooperation throughout the society, more inequality, less :

We have to own our own data, otherwise privacy is gone :

The usefulness of genetic information in the prediction of disease is very low. Only a few special cases, cancer and single-gene mutations, have genes at the center of treatment.  This discusses the many reasons it will take many years for genetics to be more generally useful :

ISIS is good at social control, standard totalitarian methods.  Our CIA and MIC have a lot to answer for. American deaths are a few percent of the total deaths the ME wars, and our society’s suffering a tiny fraction of even that small fraction. We allow this to be done in our names, we do not insist on abolishing our Intelligence ‘services’ for our own protection, also a benefit to the world :

To be in the stock and bond markets now, in any way, is to take very large risks for likely very little gain.  This is a fundamentalist analysis that says the same, demographics will drive those markets both directly and indirectly. Their analysis covers ‘directly’, indirectly comes as a result of the falling retail sales, as retired people do not consume at the same rate as younger people :

Cannabis is a low-harm substitute for many other drugs, including alcohol :

There is interesting technology in farming everywhee :

Controlling corruption, theory and practice :

Contrary to most researcher’s assumptions, rates of DNA’s evolution vary, even for the same species in different intervals. Many papers are being rethought as a result :

Anti-aging research is showing many individual mechanisms which cumulatively and interactively produce aging :

Harvard scientists pinpoint critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging

Trump as President is NOT the man he promised to be.  The major factor holding his approval ratings up, higher than Clinton’s now, is the animus from the legacy media :

Another aspect of #Pizzagate.  The police and media are trying hard to minimize the importance of the numbers of missing girls, of course, so this article does not discuss the reality that motivated so many people to show up to a town hall meeting :

The trends to totally-fake news has a long history in the US, with the CIA at the base. Sandy Hoaxen were merely a late development, but controlling news organizations in detail has been the goal since the 1970s, and the CIA does so around the world :

Slavery continues with new cosmetologists handling the optics, lipsticking the pig. The psychological aspects for slaver and slave are very similar to pimp and their prostitutes. Nevertheless, the rational mind in me says ‘slavery’ in these contexts means ‘working for room and board’ by people who had few choices in life. That doesn’t apply to the sex traffickers, sometimes including ordinary pimps, who routinely use violence to crush resistance from their prostitutes :

Daily Reading #95

I very much like this piece and love the concept. This beats the “We got Talent” shows in every way, especially we don’t have to endure their intense and obvious manipulation of the audience. No centrally-directed group could have developed these pieces, e.g. the “Stand Up” piece with so many different instruments. They can pick singers, instruments, … for every different phrase of the songs, much more freedom for the ‘director’, now editor.  Properly organic, and world-wide scope. What is not to like?

Indeed, one world, one civilization, one specie, one music, many versions of them all.  Except the world, we only have one of those and should take more care of it.  :

Extremely obviously, mercury in vaccines is very likely one cause of autism, and CDC scientists lied about their evidence of safety :

Many insiders have said that NSA spies on everyone.  This whistle blower specifically said “Supreme Court, Congress, …” :

If Trump doesn’t get the Deep State under control, we will have a revolution in the US. I see no sign of Trump controlling the corruption our Deep State has fostered, and much that could be interpreted as aiding and abetting the mafias :

‘Incidental collection’ is not the answer for the bugging of Trump. They collect everything about everybody, every phone call and every email is run through huge systems of servers and analysis devices to select ones for further processing, e.g. voice-to-text for the phone calls and automated analysis of those texts and all email for items that analysts need to look at further, or which should be available to them.  Some are selected for humans to check the transcriptions, that is the extent of ‘incidental’ in the intelligence world of 2017 :

More proof the surveillance is of everyone, otherwise why bug all iPhones? :

I think there is nothing wrong with genuinely free trade, the capitalist side has that right. OTOH, the rapid integration of the world’s economies that financialization, dependent on the FED’s cheap money, has allowed has been maximally disruptive. The current offshoring has been a result of central planning, not organic growth, and the  social-political-economic system has not had normal adaptive responses as a result.  Clearly, the Democrats are representatives of the Deep State that want to hide all that, fighting a rear-guard action against the forces wanting to expose it :

ISIS, creature of the West. The wars and interference in Iraqi and Syrian politics by outsiders created the conditions, and ISIS doesn’t go away until the conditions are remedied or countries are partitioned :

Yes, the significant thing about the recent ‘ISIS attacks’ is that they are individual initiative, completely impossible for law enforcement to prevent. Individuals carrying weapons is the only social defense.  On the positive side, when it comes time for a revolution, they can’t stop us either, and if we do it intelligently, they have no defenses at all :

I am reasonably sure that Orlando was a Faux Event, nobody died.  There are reasons to think that was true in Istanbul, and funny elements about Nice that make me question that reality, so Robb isn’t an objective observer, imho.

I think that American Jews of this next generation are not so supportive of Israeli policies, and that support is even dropping among their parents. This article makes me more certain of that :

This is interesting, a parallel to the problem of consciousness that Searle believes can’t be a result of mere computation. A living thing is fundamentally different from non-living things, but is also ‘computation’, processing and accumulating information. This view of applying information theory to evolution is getting traction, e.g. a book I have been slowly reading “Probably Approximately Correct” by Leslie Valient, which considers evolution a subset of the problem of learning about the environment.

The article is also a good comment on the problems of people working across the boundaries of academic disciplines, multi-disciplinary synthesis is necessarily incompatible with deep specialist knowledge, so it is easy to look a fool. OTOH, all of the big jumps in understandings need those syntheses :

Brilliant skeptics with case studies of how easily thinking goes awry :

50+ years later, we finally get the story of the war in Laos.  I believe the situation in Cambodia was similar, which ultimately lead to the rise of Pol Pot and the genocide :

The improved view of Shrub is necessary because he was also a Deep State President, as was Obama and as Clinton was intended to be, and there were essentially no foreign or military-intelligence policy differences between Shrub and Obama, in fact Obama pushed the secrecy and anti-whistle blower campaigns far past Bush :

This link was in a thread, is difficult to evaluate. OTOH, easy to believe, given the CIA’s control of the media and the fact that Andrew McCabe runs the terrorist investigations, is the CIA’s man inside the FBI. 9-11 required serious corruption/blackmail power to accomplish and keep quiet, paedophilia has been the CIA’s most powerful blackmail tool for at least the last 25 years :

The NYPD has said they have copies of all of the Wiener laptop emails, and will release them if the FBI does not conduct a competent investigation of ALL OF THE EVIDENCE. This seems like a real leak from people inside the case, judging from the amount of new detail. If real, and I think it is, it is another warning to Comey and Sessions that they better get active and start arresting people, because the information WILL come out.  I think it should be published, all of it, immediately.  There are children being trafficked because of these people, entire corrupt organizations are ruling us and trying damn hard to rule the world. They need war and chaos lest they lose power and subsequently hang.

This can’t work, our political system is a 3-ring circus in shambles, and trying to split us, voters, into being enemies rather than fellow citizens with the responsibility of honesty and integrity, necessary for making life better for all of us. It is easier to break societies apart than to knit them together, as so much of the rest of the world reminds us :

This is effective social control of drug use, my only objection is that it should not be organized by any government, it is a role for churches and clubs :

This is a probably-straight and rational attempt to deal with the explanatory power of ‘Deep State’.  It fails, imho, by not recognizing that 9-11 was a False Flag Operation by the US government, lead by the CIA and assisted by the Mossad. Nobody who looks at the evidence can have any doubt of that, yet all stories in legacy media are framed as 9-11 being due to evil Muslim terrorists. That level of reality is necessary to grasp where the media, academia, alt-news, … actually are wrt any ‘conspiracy’. The same situation exists wrt other aspects of reality, e.g. nobody died at Sandy Hook, gun control, the war on drugs, … Meanwhile, CHSmith and others have pointed to a fracturing of the intelligence services around the issue of subordination to the civilian authorities, as well as a crushing of the whistle blowers who attempted to uphold that view within their agencies :

This is the reality of the Deep State, right out in the open. Don’t tell me this vast and pervasive mechanism of control of news and literature is controlled by the civilian executive, we clearly see otherwise every day in the anti-Trump messages that are in every broadcast and many news stories :

What Americans benefit from Yemeni deaths? The wars in the ME and North Africa continue and expand, and how threaten millions with starvation. Our Deep State-MIC is behind this, and Americans will be judged guilty for allowing all this to happen in our name :

Automation of everything, then add face recognition to the mix, a gun could wait a long time and very patiently for the right elephant to come along :

This guy attributes India’s loss of civilization to tribalism and loss of the rational Western view that established Western institutions. But, those institutions are being lost from rational behavior in Western countries, European and the US, not just Asia, Africa and South America, Mexico. Without the functioning institutions, tribal behavior is as good as individuals can do. Once corruption gets started, reversing the process is very difficult.

IMHO, corruption is the issue. It prevents the institutions from functioning rationality. So Rule of Law, with few enough laws and a system mandating Justice, not process, is the basis for functioning institutions, and the necessarily first element of a society to become institutionally corrupt. That seems to me what has happened here in the US, a plethora of laws and processes which hide the injustices :

Eric Zeusse is a smart guy when he discusses politics, society, world affairs.  When it comes to science, I can’t tell that he knows anything at all. Climate changes. Humans do not have a long enough historical record to say much more than that, everything is hypothesis waiting for more evidence.  Nobody yet can disprove the claims that Zeusse makes, e.g. industrial gases and ecosystem changes will doom the planet to lifelessness, because we don’t understand enough. However, nobody likewise can prove them, we don’t understand enough. Whatever the real concensus, nobody believes we understand everything about climate science. Without everything, models cannot mimic reality, and certainly cannot predict reality. Additionally, Zeusse does not cover all of the recent discoveries, e.g. Lord Monckton’s results showing a mistake in the basic math of the models, or the views of Ivar Glaever, a Nobel Laureate. Or Professor of Physics William Happer. Or a panel of marine biologists .

Yes, it is another position with which nobody can disagree in polite society, a semi-religious Truth :

Daily Reading #94

Anyone who thinks they are getting straight information from legacy media is oblivious to reality. “The Russians Did It” has been Big Lie propaganda from the very first, coordinated by Clinton and Obama before Obama left the White House. They were both part of the Deep State, or at least a very bad segment of that mafia :

Yes, obviously part of a plot to sabotage the Trump administration, the Deep State – MIC protecting the world-view that supports their budgets :

McCain is one of the public faces of that world view, Clinton another, and probably Mattis and others in Trump’s administration are aligned with the Deep State – MIC :

A symptom of that fight is the Russophobia that we see everywhere among our elites :

Legacy media’s view of Russia and Putin is very wrong :

Legacy media is excellent at repeating Big Lie propaganda, not so good at digging out facts and logicing their way to understanding, excellent at de-legitimating the entire Stasis Quo of which they are paid up members. The CIA, our propaganda and government takeover specialists, are behind all of this. Makes you wonder about their actual goals :

80% increase in reported cases of enslavement as soon as UK local councils started paying attention, but still the tip of the iceberg :

This is fun and effective tactics, what individuals can do to push back on the insanity from everywhere :

Yes, there is no living with an intelligence organization that has a searchable database of blackmail information on every person in the world :

Or with secret agencies of government free to kill anyone anywhere :

“Two-thirds of cancers are unavoidable” is the standard medical story, also very untrue :

5 days of normal eating, whatever you want, followed by 2 days of 600 calories each cuts weight and improves blood levels of everything important. That kind of caloric restriction cuts the rate of cancers, also, and has shown to reduce all diseases and extend health life in research since the 1930s. There is no $ in telling patients not to eat so much, so the medical system is oblivious :

You cannot doubt who the CIA thinks is their opposition, these are tools used against everyone, including American citizens :

For a very liberal critique of the entire ‘Russians did it’ propaganda effort and its Deep State mafia ties, read, e.g. :

NakedCapitalism has no use for our corrupt elites, either :

Despite years of outright lies and innuendo, Snowden is still a hero :


Daily Reading #93

Outstanding evidence that the CIA, FBI, … all spied on everyone, including Trump and associates. Congress, the media, everyone else ignores the evidence and the whistleblower who produced 600M pages of evidence that he took from CIA and NSA files :

Because it needs the budget for MIC :

And because so many of them will hang for 9/11 and other crimes if normal rule of law is re-established.  Voltaire is a fine publication, and Thierry Meyssan is an outstanding thinker :

The CIA has cost American countries $Billions in sales because everyone knew or assumed this was the case :

CHSmith is a great example of expertise building itself. The guy is more insightful with every post, one every day of the week and a mailing to a list on Saturday :

This is the reality in Russia that I hear from relatives. The economy didn’t get ‘normal’ until recently, and some visitors still consider Moscow distinctly lesser in civilization than Europe or the US :

The Media is front for the CIA :

Our perpetual war culture, nobody thinks it is important to end our wars :

Addiction in American life and politics :

I finally watched this. Searle’s argument fails when he admits that the brain is a computation mechanism, and that the ebb and flow of neurotransmitters is as different in mechanism as transistors in a computer from whatever consciousness is. I think his problem is that consciousness is just one of the many mental mechanisms that the brain provides, none ‘causal’ in a way different than a computer is. Some of Serle’s distinctions are useful, others seem to me to obfuscate the issue :

This discusses consciousness from another pov, anesthesia.  Even when performing surgery under propofal or one of the other short-acting IV anesthetics, gas is used at the end for its amnestic effect, so no one remembers being awake during the surgery :

English and US courts are designed to be toothless, making them the safest arm of government. The US politicized judges by making them an arm of the state :

The CIA and NSA have destroyed security of computer, network and telephone systems. This is the iPhone case : shows the real-time view of attacks. ‘Origin’ is merely the originating IP address

Any hacker can imitate any nationality by using their tools. Code is not language, Chinese programmers use the same Python that I do, even if they don’t speak, read or write a word of English :

If the roads had been private, all this would have been done routinely.  The big gains in fiber deployment came as the railroads put in conduit wholesale.  They had the right-of-way and ran a special train down every major track that plowed a conduit into the trackside in one operation :

Theory of Mind continues to develop. Kids have sophisticated understanding of other’s expected mental states very early, and we know that we share those with chimps, monkeys and even dogs :

MDs still have no clue about how people should eat :

But the many variations of a real hunter-gatherer, where eating is irregular, do more for health than MDs.5 days of normal eating, whatever you want, followed by 2 days of 600 calories each cuts weight and improves blood levels of everything important :

We are dumber than other nations because we won’t face up to lead and how to take care of it cheaply and effectively. The ridiculous laws about cleanups needing so much protection for the workers and the environment means the cleanup is too expensive, and so it is always put off, kids go on being poisoned :

Pizzagate is expanding, now includes dealing in body parts. George Webb’s series on Youtube did that :

Child protective services in every state are the same story as the FDA, converting every failure to a bigger budget and more power. With the added bit of paedophiles gravitating to positions in all such agencies. The combination produces very many dead children, no penalties for anyone :

Children in our nation’s capital city are not safe, they are disappearing at a high rate :

Daily Reading #92

They found the Russian connection :

Smith is very good again, as usual :

I think this could be correct, the hard left and Deep State view people like me, serious opponents, as best taken out of social life, one way or another.  I have long said there were gulags in America’s future, that is the social-political dynamic of political systems at this stage, a cabal seizing power :

Abolish public funding of science, it produces no public, social return. Private funding produces economic growth :

The Israelis and the US are the source of the ME wars, huge disasters for the people of the ME :

A political reason behind India’s disastrous demonitization :

The major reason California will not break away, and other states have equivalent reasons, is that it would immediately become an extension of Mexico. Even Mexicans don’t want a Mexican government. Indians don’t want an Indian government, Chinese, Russians, … ditto. OTOH, we aren’t doing so well with our white liberals and progressives, either :