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Daily Reading #2CA

Pretty clear to me that the ‘Intelligence’ ‘Community’ (they are neither, their names for things are part of the lies) should not engage in meme wars with a population connected peer-to-peer via a communication systems that ‘intelligence’ ‘community’ cannot control completely. Their propaganda mechanisms, however perfect they are for a pre-Internet world, are failing even in societies far more top-down controlled than the US and the EU, e.g. China, NKorea. I believe I have linked to stories about how disk drives of internet information are smuggled across the border from China into NK, so even without actual electronic communication links, the world-wide-web has an effect on even the poorest, most repressive nations. That kind of repression can slow-down the decay of an NK’s political system, speeding up the data links enormously speeds up the decay.

This is the end-game for this version of our lying bastards controlling so much of the political system, extracting $1T/year from the tax payers of the US and more from the EU via NATO and individual nation’s in the 5-eyes, … umpteen-eyes intelligence-sharing ‘communities’, really shared political control systems :


The thing that I find amazing is that NONE of the legacy media ‘reporters’ have metioned either Putin’s offer, based on the treaty that exists between the US and Russia for exactly this reason, to cooperate with Mueller wrt the 12 GRU officers that Mueller has charged, nor his request of the US DOJ that they cooperate with Russia to investigate the $400M stolen from Russia that ended up in Hillary’s campaign accounts. That includes, so far in the bits of Fox’s Carlson and Hannity I have watched, Fox’s people.

In my humble opinion, Putin’s offer to assist Trump in cleaning up the US’s corruption is by far the most significant thing to come out of the meeting, and one we citizens of the US should be embracing with whole-hearted fervor. It greatly decreases the probability we will need to use hole-hearted fervor in doing so!

Here are a couple of the alt-media accounts :

Trump Derangement Syndrome exists among some varieties of Conservative, also :

Tucker Carlson is one of the reality-based journalists, along with Glen Greenwald, David Stockman and too-few others :

Hannity implements Murdoch’s pro-Israel/Zionist and Israeli-Neocon biases. Hannity is usually willing to toe the line on anti-Russian lines of propaganda :

A different view of Trump’s approach to life, one all of ‘resistor’ commentators presented above :

The ‘intelligence’ ‘community’ (it is neither) is such a farce with the “Russians did it all” BS. Intelligent people are starting to laugh at them. The end is coming for our Deep Black Swamp, including their spy ‘masters’. ‘Masters’ who can’t manage simple psyops any longer, they leave such a trail of evidence.

It isn’t clear who this poor woman is working for, likely the CIA going for compromise information on everyone in the NRA. Whatever the reality, the comments are hilarious, or maybe I was just in a good mood :

More on the Trump Derangement Syndrome infecting our elites :

These are from Western Rifle, which I had not looked at  for a week or so. This line of thought has significant truths, no question, and WRSA repeats versions very frequently, mono-culturalism is the key to a sane society, in CA’s view. 2 examples follow.

Nobody who has had experience with cultures other than their own can believe that ‘all cultures are equal. That is certainly not to deny that all cultures have strengths and weaknesses relative to all of the others. If I want enduring family relationships, a mate who will help build those, current first-world cultures are not where I would begin looking. The foreign mothers who look down on us as potential marriage material are not wrong there. Carrying on ethnic/religious traditions, go Jewish, they are the current masters of that. Etc.

The problem I have is the constant ‘genetic differences that make Europeans superior’ nonsense. I have looked at the supposed scientific bases for differences in population genetics causing social differences, ‘lousy science’ is being generous. Further, none of these authors seems to have much grasp of their own cultures and the accidental advantages conveyed by our history, relative to other histories, nor accidents of geography, distribution of diseases, etc. (Jared Diamond does that analysis very well in ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’.)

Pre-Christian pagan Europe was clan- and tribe-based. The entire world was, of course, we inherited that from our primate ancestors, the psychological and group traits fostering it were selected-for by the necessity of banding together for self-defense in ever-larger groups as the capabilities of attacks and invasions by ever-larger armed groups grew in the course of progress in producing food and weapons.

Europe had the happy advantage, once Christianized by the Catholic Church, of having had its clan and tribal structure eliminated by the Church’s prohibition of cousin-marriages. That was a conscious decision by the Church’s leaders to increase its power and to reduce strife in the societies they governed in concert with tribal leaders, which gradually morphed into national leaders.

Nothing genetic about it at all, it worked on everyone from the Celts through the Slavs and the Moslems and Hindus in protectorates such as Goa. I know Indians from Goa, for example, names like ‘Michael’, ‘Abraham’, etc. Their behavior in corporations is what you would expect from a fellow European, and the offspring of all the various peoples, when raised and educated in thoroughly mixed groups with any other peoples, assimilate perfectly. Really, the only people in the US who have not assimilated completely in a few generations are the Amish, Mennonites, Hutterites and a few such small religions. So far as I know, we haven’t had any strife as a result of that.

Nevertheless, standard European-derived behavior is not something you can expect, a point I strongly agree with in these article’s lines of thought, from citizens that grew up in most countries from the ME (not even Israelis, I think, tho my experience with them is much less, so I can’t be sure). I have seen myself, and my friends have seen more, examples of companies being destroyed by ethnic fractions in engineering. Both mainland Chinese and dot-Indians are prone, given management positions, to running things by tribal politics, not engineering realities. A Chinese mafia is a real danger, and major technology corporations have been destroyed by Indians in management.

That is in no way genetics, and I have worked with many engineers from many different cultures. As fellow engineers, fine people, the normal range of talents, tho we got many of the best. As managers, I do not work for them if I can avoid it. But, to make my approach to these things clear, I don’t work for anyone if I can help it, managers of all ethnicities are generally lousy engineers and it is a fight to keep them from fubaring even easy and straight-forward projects. Interesting projects have twists and setbacks, and are easily mangled.

The issue in all of this is power over people.  Prevent that, we can all get along. Allow that, and you will have proportionate problems.

That is the balance. I live in a multi-cultural society. I can throw a stone and hit the front door of homes of half a dozen different cultures. I can go to shops and restaurants and be served by women in hijabs, Sikhs in turbans (tho not so many, since 9/11 and the anti-Arab insanity the preceded the anti-Russian insanity now), Israelis, Russians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans …, all within walking distance, and short drives to stores run by Armenains, Georgians, … I go to restaurants for lunch where I am the only European in a hundred Indians.

We get along fine, and the difference is these are all voluntary relationships, none of us have power over the others.

When we go out to restaurants, much more rarely now that we are in maximal saving mode because we have such a fear of the coming economic storm, it is normal to have a range of ethnic groups in the Thai, .. restaurant, so we all appreciate the benefits of this multi-cultural society. Friends go to concerts of all kinds, those are still less mixed, but the younger generations have gone to the same schools and colleges, are mixing, more and more, and it shows up in the couples we see around us. Indians have told us that, yes, while their children are not yet inter-marrying  with the wider culture, they are crossing lines within the Indian, Pakistani, etc. cultures that were previously socially unbreachable. They  expect the mixing to expand, despite the great prejudice that many Indian mothers have against Americans ‘lousy marriage material’, something I have heard professional Indian women say so myself. But, lots of ex-USSR mothers say the same, it isn’t an uncommon view among people of independent views.

I strongly support stopping government-supported immigration. That is not at all the same as opposing immigrants or mixed societies.

Also, there are many multi-cultural societies that have persisted for long periods, peacefully, or at least not less peacefully than the mono-cultures around them. Just go look. When I have time to study more history, I will have to do that :

But, otoh, a multi-cultural society can also be extremely anti-fragile, iff it has rational control systems and is careful about allowing power to be accumulated/exercised by one group over another. This discusses the general case, the outline of a nice presentation, also from WRSA, which very often has such bleeding-edge thinking :

I am a critic, can be equally critical of Zerohedge or NakedCapitalism, so this is not a general put-down of WRSA. I like many of the views on WRSA, and normally visit every few days, read and post links from them often.


Daily Reading #2C9

I was driving again today, listened to NPR again wrt the Putin-Trump meeting in Helsinki. I am very sorry to say my previous characterization of NPR as “a shitstain on the once noble profession of journalism” was much too kind. They were fair, in some ways, did a good job of explaining exactly what Treason in the Constitution is and why so few people have ever been charged with that, and then spent their time explaining that Trump has done treasonous things, even tho they do not rise to the level of prosecutable acts.

It is the same in the other legacy media I sampled. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real thing, and is having very real consequences on people’s behavior, an example I heard about earlier in the year, recounted in the 2nd link.

Propaganda is very bad for a nation. Nations that use propaganda, and individuals that accept it as their reality, do not have good futures. You cannot live your life by lies and expect to thrive. How did our educational system fail to inculcate this very important lesson in life? Kill it, it is a great detriment to the future of my once-great nation :

Pepe Escobar is a fine journalist and strategic analyst, here on the facts of US-Russia and US-China international relations, as well as the Trump Derangement Syndrome aspects to the recent meeting :

One of the large advantages of so many immigrants from formerly-socialist USSR and Eastern Europe is they understand socialism, and don’t want it :

Comments ——-

The ‘intelligence’ part of current ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is a category error. It is not intelligence, it is a recognition engine, same technology as face recognition.

And has the same flaws, e.g you can screw up such recognitions trivially by adding very small features, e.g. an artificial mole, or artificial tattoo , etc. Such things can cause very large errors in recognition, e.g. a face becomes an elephant, or similar outlandish miscategorizations.

It is very hard to identify the unexpected, even for humans. I remember reading about how puzzled a group of radiology specialists was by a chest X-ray of a woman that showed very vague, symmetrical abnormal densities running top-to-bottom bilaterally. When they gave up and talked to her, turned out she had long braids that the tech had not moved out of the image.

These are the same as any rule-based system. At some point, an actual human will need to apply their sophisticated common sense. Thus, the optimal guidance system is simple rules that you treat as provisional, make them easily over-ridden by that judgement.

Of course, that is failure-prone also. There are no perfect analysis or control tools for fallible humans in a complicated world.

I never believed the USSR was much of a threat beyond our mutual MAD doctrines and the threat of accidental war, which nearly happened several times. Nobody with any big context and thinking capacity could.

I read the books of a Russian defector, Suvorov, when they came out, formed my opinions from them and similar sources.…

and another of his I cannot now find, but both revealed the Russian military and economy to be largely facade, a Potemkin village. That was echoed by many people who visited Moscow, I think Larry Niven and wife, and statements by various high-level people in the Pentagon and intelligence agencies that, for example, the rail network into Moscow was not sufficient to support the claimed population.

Then all of the stories in the ’60s and ’70s about 3rd world neonatal death rates (amply supported by stories from women who had children in the old USSR and are now neighbors and family), the fact that they USSR stopped publishing vital statistics, as their average age of death for men in St. Petersburg and Moscow (large cities were heavily favored in all services) were falling rapidly, …

We didn’t need to win the cold war, all we had to do was watch the USSR collapse. Which nevertheless completely surprised our CIA.

Suvorov is good, I thought his recent book on Stalin’s plans for invading Germany and taking over Europe quite convincing :…

I lost track of which ZH article this one was on, and too soon for a search engine to tell me. Sorry :

Likewise, we know the names of some of the Mossad agents who assisted in setting the explosive charges in the towers for 9/11. They were the ‘dancing Israelis’ who were arrested after setting up their cameras before the first airplane hit a tower, whose van tested positive for explosives, who were released by Chertoff (dual citizen of US and Israel) after 76 days, at that time head of DHS, and were later interviewed on Israeli TV, in which interview they stated they were Mossad agents ‘sent to record the event’.

We know quite a few of the other names by less direct means, but those will do for a start.

Get the prosecutions going, President Trump!

Daily Reading #2C8

Executive decision here today, and one I have made before and not done a good job of executing. As exciting as the world is just now, today’s news is so amazing, I have to get back to programming and being amaneunsis for The Generalissimo and Scheherazade. Those are far more important than my continued digging into the news to develop deep understanding. I am becoming a specialist, captive of my sources and so subject to confirmation bias, losing the wide context of events, all fatal to judgement.

So, I was re-reading my comments on various fora last night, looking for a link I couldn’t duckduckgo. I do good comments, they are a big part of developing my understandings. Henceforth, I will copy more of them directly here, along with the link. That will reduce the range of links, a necessary tradeoff if I am to get the programs written and my fellow minds’ stories from the future transcribed.  Also, completing the 50 or so essays I have started and dropped for lack of time.

This decision won’t have much effect on the world, my Daily Reading posts have very few readers. Wasn’t intended to, it is my personal diary of the development of my thinking and a way of being sure I was getting a wide enough view, considered enough sources to have the necessary context.  Whereas my programs might and The Generalissimo’s and Scheherazade’s stories may well have a big effect in guiding us into a new social, political and economic order, one much more conducive to developing the next higher level of civilization, perhaps even stably keeping it improving for another 1000 years or so.

Thanks to my few readers and commentators, hope you like the new approach and more essays. I like it already, major progress today on a test program for the new tools I am developing.


Now we know why our Deep Black Swamp was so anxious to prevent a Trump-Putin meeting. This story goes further beyond !!Wow!! every week. Mind boggling. Trump is winning so biggly, we may well avoid the shooting revolution I thought would be necessary. In any case, within the last few weeks, the revelations have entirely removed the possibility that Trump can be impeached.

Wow, Wow, WOW. This changes everything, interesting to hear NPR this evening, must go listen  :

I just listened to NPR. So slanted, so many lies (Russian seizure of Crimea, beyond belief the propaganda). They did NOT mention the $400M going to Clinton’s campaign, of course. NPR is a shitstain on the once noble profession of journalism. Anyone who can listen to All Things Considered without being struck by the propaganda they dispense has lost all contact with reality, all objectivity.

But NPR is far from alone.  This AM, a full 24 hours after the Trump-Putin press conference, has one link to the search query “Putin $400M to Hillary’s campaign”, that the Daily Dot. Nothing from the legacy media.

If you want evidence of the Deep Black Swamp’s control of the media, confirmation of every CIA director’s brags before Congress that they own everyone of significance, it would be difficult to find better.

Pretty clear to me that if Brennan, Clapper, et al. are on your side, you are on the wrong side.

Again, I say, while my biases are strongly against Clinton and her criminal Cabal and allies in the Deep Black Swamp, which could be interpreted as partisanship although I see it as objective analysis of the evidence in as full a context as my mind can manage, and saw Trump as the only possible alternative in the 2016 Presidential election, those does not make me  a Trump partisan. He is not a perfect man, not a perfect President.

But if Trump can vanquish the DBS and put this government back inside the Constitution and re-establish rule of law for all, he is greater than George Washington in my estimate. And it looks very much like he is doing that, so he has my strong support so long as that process continues. Certainly he has the right enemies, the people and groups I identify as enemies of those goals also.

A comment from today  on :

And further, there is now no possibility of impeaching Trump.

But the Deep Black Swamp cannot stop the coup, they will hang.

Thus, the Deep Black Swamp’s choices are :

  • assassinating Trump, producing instant civil war
  • a sudden very major war, unlikely while Trump is alive to stop it
  • a very major false flag to distract everyone, but those are losing their effect as the public grows skeptical
  • a serious bombing campaign by the next Weather Underground to distract the public. Tie it to Antifa, with a major media hate Antifa campaign, maybe, but skeptical public and alt-media, so I wouldn’t be hopeful.
  • Going full-kinetic, using their 28 fusion centers’ arms caches and the ISIS-recruited shock troops they have imported to run their ratlines. Not enough, compared to armed citizens, even with the armour and drones. Not enough logistics support to make that last very long, and how to you occupy the USA heartland? Not nearly enough troops.
  • A very, very major false flag, e.g. nuclear weapon in DC that takes out the President, VP, cabinet Supreme Court and Congressional leaders. Hard to get all of those into DC at once, so maybe next State of the Union address. That would trigger the provisions of the Continuity of Government law, instant military dictatorship. So the event would need to take out enough of Trump’s people in Joint Chiefs of Staff, their own people, David Patraeus, etc. out of town.

The last is the best bet, seems to me. I wouldn’t hang around DC until after the next State of the Union. Is there some ceremony swearing in the new Congress that would bring all the required victims into DC?

I still think the DBS, even with all their allies inside the country and internationally, with the support of the Free Shit Army (probably more impediment than help, though there are many veterans among them, no doubt some not on drugs), would ultimate lose, way too many people inside the military and various police forces would side with the Patriots. Hard to win with your ranks infiltrated so completely, but it would be a very ugly war. Major cities looking like Aleppo, for example.

The DBS cannot stop, they hang if their control of the political system is lost, and it is being lost. Any roll of the dice is better than hanging for them. It has to get ugly before this ends.

Previous comments, I cannot link those to an article, a URL for he article. No doubt there is a way short of a duckduckgo, but I haven’t grasped the concept yet. Only Google’s search engine knows for these recent posts.

Google doesn’t know where this comment came from.

This was a reply to someone who blamed Brennan’s serious dishonesty, treasonous in many people’s opinions, on his being a Muslim :

Nothing to do Brennan with being a Muslim, everything to do with having assisted in the 9/11 False Flag operation.

That was the big roll of the dice. Either they win, or they hang. The CIA is the most experienced organization in the world at taking over governments. Do you think they did not anticipate the day when it had to go hard, kinetic?

They are not done by a long way. They have had 16 years after 9/11 to continue infiltrating the government, compromising everyone of importance. The DNC is wholly-owned subsidiary of the Deep Black Swamp, and most Republicans in Congress obviously either part of it or compromised to the point it doesn’t matter.

They own many, many of the nation’s police agencies and sheriffs. 28 fusion centers with arms depots and lots of ex-ISIS etc mercenaries imported to run the ratlines and serve as shock troops when needed.

Now the bombings start, blamed on Antifa become Weather Underground, Red Army Faction, … they will invent something, but it will be FBI-CIA control, training and support.

Somewhere in the sequence will be enough violence, or killings of high-level government, people, to justify a military or other takeover. Triggering Continuity of Government would make it sort-of legit.

Has to happen, or perhaps a very major war, or else they hang. It isn’t just a few guys in the CIA, the people who worked to allow 9/11 are spread through the government and the rest of the society. Combine with the Israeli-Neocons, the NWO components and the many profiting from the huge illegal trades in arms, drugs, children, women, organs, uranium, …, and the Free Shit Army here in the US, the coup will have wide-spread support.

Has to happen. Get ready.

A reply to someone wondering about Session’s role in all this, why the passivity? :

He (Sessions) was on the Senate committees that approved Uranium One. He is likely, therefore, a recipient of the flows of cash produced by all of the illegal operations, drugs for weapons, drugs and $ for uranium centrifuged for nuclear reactors $32M/pound, of the sex trafficking necessary for the CIA’s compromise operations, the organ harvesting of prisoners of war, of the many frauds on the government, the $Ts that have been siphoned out of the Pentagon, HUD, …

Why do you think people pay $Ms for high office? And the leadership positions go to the people who can deliver the most $ to campaign treasuries of their fellows in the same party?

The winners in the D vs R contests determine the 60/40 splits, that is the rivalry. Ideology is the method for free votes, the kabuki, the kayfabe.

Bigger picture, I always wondered about what would drive Sessions to be the only major political figure in Congress to join Trump’s campaign, at a time when it seemed completely hopeless. Sessions has not been an advocate of anything that would have moved him to Trump’s side, nor against any of the other candidates to the point animus would have done so. Born in Selma, Alabama, Sessions has been a social conservative, US Attorney, and strong supporter of more state power, e.g. against the legalization of cannabis, for civil seizures to fund law enforcement, from Alabama, so far as I know.  Certainly not anything that could be associated with populism, and he has not acted that way when in office.

Trump was running on a platform that was the opposite of much of that.

After Trump’s win, Sessions was given the choice of Cabinet positions. He chose Justice. OK, maybe he had no interest in international affairs, although he quickly recused himself based on contacts with the Russian Ambassador, Kislyak. Kisylak is one of the participants in the illegal trades, according to George Webb’s investigations.

The DBS covering all its bets is a good bet, seems to me. Remember, the DBS backs both sides whenever it can, as a strategy. An optimal strategy for those who have no goals beyond gaining more power. If you play negative-sum games, it is a strategy that avoids the possibility of loss. It just requires the resources to back both sides.

Session’s behavior after being in office strongly supports the idea that he is at least very compromised, the DOJ is as obstructionist as it was in Obama’s administration wrt Congressional oversight.

Daily Reading #2C7

A comment I made today :

I work hard at understanding reality. I am not in any cult, even tho I think there is a good chance that Trump will go down in history as the greatest President since Washington, by far. All he has to do to earn that is defeat the Deep Black Swamp, clean out this society and restore the Constitution and rule of law. A much bigger job than Washington had defeating the Red Coats on home territory, losing almost all his set-piece battles as he did so.

Trump is not perfect. I don’t like many things about him. But it is clear he is a much deeper strategist and much more knowledgable with much better advice than anyone wants to give him credit for, and that the disdain from everywhere is a combination of fear he will remove DBS, MIC, protected industries, subsidized parts of the society, etc. sources of wealth and a class issue.

Trump has been made the underdog, the winning underdog. I like underdogs. I like bomb throwers, exactly what this sclerotic aging kleptocracy needed.

 I am not part of a cult, and your characterization of us as such is far too simple, your thinking broken.

It seems to me that Luongo’s interpretation of Trumps understanding of the Russian gas pipeline issue is wrong. He used the issue to point out the total hypocrisy of all the NATO countries and its leadership. His goal is to destroy NATO, a huge waste of American tax dollars whose only function is to control Europe. He doesn’t want to control Europe any longer, a vestige of the US Empire, geopolitical thinking. NATO, otoh, is important to careers and geopolitical interests, another source of the deep opposition to Trump and his policies.

To the extent that Russian gas is an issue, Trump would rather sell US gas, LNG. He has stated that Russia is a competitor, not an enemy,

I also disagree with his characterization of Trump as an authoritarian. An authoritarian would love the power the US’s control of NATO gives him. Trump is trying to end that.  Ditto the many rules and regulations and previous Presidential orders Trump and his administration are actively eliminating, producing more of the opposition to Trump and his policies. Ditto the NWO and US control of the entities that drive those policies and the fact that major US groups benefit so much from them.

As for Trump’s support of US arms sales, I see that as choosing the optimal order of his targets. Israel and the US MIC is too tough to tackle until his administration is much firmer, more experienced, so he gives Israel Jerusalem, gives he Saudis their war machines for killing Yemenese, while he goes after easier targets, immigration, taxes, regulations. IFF he wins on those, keeps his approval levels up, if the economy continues to improve, he goes after harder targets, here NATO, previously NKorea, etc.

No, Trump is far less authoritarian than any of the CIA-controlled presidents, all from LBJ onward :

Wayne Madsen is a solid reporter, has evidence that the Zetas are supported by US and Israel. Yes, has long been the rumour, and has always seemed so to me, these guys don’t get caught on either side of the border very often, not many failed operations. Thus, they have had professional arms and training, training in solid security from signals intelligence and infiltration, and not much assistance from the US on either side of the border. Further, very few defectors, which doesn’t seem normal as the worst gangs usually have a few, explicable if they expect the fate of US whistleblowers rather than protection from Zetas. There have been defectors from cartels in competition with the Zetas. (I have not tried to back up those impressions with links, so don’t take my word for this if it might make a difference in some decision. People in the cartels could likely tell us with much greater precision and detail.)

The oil smuggling is new to me. Revelations continue wrt the astonishing levels of corruption in our federal operations. This is from 2011!

Fellow Cassandras, everywhere I look these days. I fear it will take an armed takeover of DC to end all this, many of our leaders dangling from ropes :

Lies, lies, lies frou our Israeli-Neocon Deep Black Swamp wrt Syria and the origins of the ‘revolt’ :

Lies, lies, lies from our Israeli-Neocon Deep Black Swamp wrt NKorea’s nuclear program and intent :

And more lies, lies, lies about the threat of Russia to justify NATO and $1T/year to the Military Intelligence-Industrial complex of the world :

And the dangers of a breakout of peace between American and competitors, China and Russia. Very excellent comments to this article, including the 2 links following :

Yes, the US Intelligence Community thinks its major job is to lie to you to protect its black budget and illegal deals in drugs, arms and uranium. Again, links from the comments :

Donald Trump is obviously a strategic thinker of aggressive nature. The meeting with Putin will be interesting. Trump will be judged our greatest President if he vanquishes the Deep Black Swamp and restores our Constitutional government and normal rule of law :

Paul Craig Roberts is right, they did not collude with Trump. But they were working for the Deep Black Swamp, and doing it on American soil. Rosenstein’s charges are a plagarism of George Webb’s law suit, links yesterday :

CHSmith is solid as usual, here on another aspect of our very corrupt system :

I think that international trade is far too complex a system to be handled with Trump’s approach. The issue is not our low tariffs on Chinese goods coming into the US, the issue is high Chinese tariffs on American goods going into China.

We don’t have a level playing field, hurting American manufacturing and, long-term, the worth of the US dollar.

There is an easy, straight-forward solution. We should charge the highest tariff on all Chinese goods coming here that China charges on any of our goods going there. That would fix the problem from inside China, we would have instant allies throughout the Chinese economy in cutting all tariffs to a low value, instead of a few concentrated industries profiting from their political control.

Obvious to the casual observer, and never, ever discussed, because we also have those concentrated industries, e.g. GE, big pharma, … profiting from their political control here in the US. Ditto every other country on the planet :

More ways the country’s militarism destroys our economy and society. Excellent comments expanding on the article. We have to go back to the militia. A modern militia would be a very different thing than in 1770 :

True, e.g Obama’s science advisor was of this persuasion. True, we are not nearly kind enough to the environment, but that has little to do with over-population and everything to do with political priorities :

I don’t understand the psychology here, but it is standard among people of extreme ideology. Smash the opposition, they are evil. It is a bit unusual to have them inhabiting colleges, but tolerating so many ultra-left professors is the problem to be fixed. I agree somewhat with a commenter who thinks it is not a long-term problem, our current leftists are not serious. But, they are cover for another round of the CIA’s Operation Gladio, brought home to the US. The Weather Underground bombings all over again, with CIA support and training :

Illargi — The hypocrisy exhibited by the Baby Blimp is blinding and deafening :

Goldman thinks we have 4% growth in the economy and a genuine labor shortage, despite wages not rising and most jobs being bartenders and waitresses. Very sophisticated metrics showing that the risk of recession is not serious until 2020. I say BullShit!! Anyone who is in this stock market is insane. Accept a false premise, you can prove anything :

I hope Putin sends some of those GRU spies back to the US, if they really exist, to challenge Mueller as this guy has done. Go for discovery, Mueller will have to fold. Before this is done, Mueller will lose his ass, his law license, be removed from office, prosecuted, then be sued as a private citizen. Ditto all of his allies in the media :

The closing of the acadeimc mind continues :

The control of citizens by state continues to tighten :

Daily Reading #2C6

I spent the day programming, great progress on the test code, when I should have been reading ZeroHedge. Revelation after revelation. Dozens of articles I want to read there, and probably dozens more on NakedCapitalism if I ever get around to that. Hard to get work done in the midst of so much history being made, astonishment and excitement wherever I look.

Note that attention has been off the content of the Hillary, Podesta, Wiener emails for 2 years. The base coverup is working in its basic purpose, however badly it is going as a coverup.

We have all had doubts are IG Horowitz. Mine started some time ago with people attempting to make Horowitz the ultimate insider White Hat. Too good to be true, I thought, and then many delays, each getting us nearer to going past the midterm elections. The delays and soft peddling the crimes may not have been his fault, I suppose.

So the information that Hillary’s private email server was sending information abroad was know to Strzok, Page, McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Horowitz, and the senior people in the US Senate, and the whistleblower got no attention except negative. The Senate pushed back, saying it was too political, stop doing that, and the rest ignored him, wouldn’t take the calls.

Just about as !!Wow, beyond unbelievable!! as it gets. Everyone involved in the the obfuscations and delays is all going to hang for this alone, and obviously most did it to cover up their own graft, protect their share of the many sources of illegal $ the ratlines and sales of national assets produced. No wonder Pelosi, Feinstein et al. can’t leave Congress.

Donald Trump has been patient playing his 4 aces, seems to me.

Who let Strzok testify? Real bad idea. The alternative for everyone involved must have been worse.  Wonder what that was?

So, solid evidence that Hillary was sending all of the information to foreign entities and that everyone knew. Nobody has said who that was yet, wonder why?

I cannot look at Strzok without seeing an evil human. So have quit watching anything with him so as not to be any more biased than I am.

In the spirit of fairness, Hillary’s email server was not home-brew, tho one might quibble about the difference between that and a Microsoft server product, much less one installed and administered as poorly as that one was :

This long, slow, dribbling release of revelations was probably the best way, however impatient we careful followers of them were, however we wanted it to hurry. Mueller’s investigation has exposed more and more of the players, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, et al. defending themselves likewise. Ditto WaPo, NYTimes, MSNBC, ABC, NPR and other wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Deep Black Swamp.

Among my liberal friends, the former aggressive push of the saintliness of Hillary and the Democrats is gone, they are silent on political topics :

I believe that had Trump fired Rosenstein, as he fully deserved, the Deep Black Swamp and allies would have produced a firestorm of criticism. Having Congress do it, long and slow, was indeed optimal. Trump is getting good advice from somewhere, or understands politics and DC far better than anyone gives him credit for. Everyone ignores, or doesn’t know, that he learned from Richard Nixon, a personal friend after Nixon left the presidency.

People continue to underestimate Trump, badly and are losing this political contest as a result, the first time in 2 generations :

Obviously, morale, ethics and/or the general quality of people in the intelligence community has decline. Who trusted another Hanson? Although my very next sentence showed it to be a common name, so … :

Victor D. Hanson is always excellent. The 2nd has a bit at 25:00 very relevant to the IQ discussion of yesterday. The third has very good insight into many aspects of WWII, a major failure of deterrence of Germany by France and England and the US and of Japan by the US :

Hanson is someone I can listen to while programming :

George Webb’s analysis and explanation of Rosenstein’s charges against the 12 Russian hackers. Webb is a phenomenal, emergent phenomena of the internet, the researchers and commentators working independently and publishing on the internet are changing everything :

I thought George was engaging in metaphor when he said that Rosenstein plagarized his civil suite. Apparently it was a literal plagarism. Good to hear from TaskForce again. Interesting how Omar Awan has a high-level job paying $160K per year and a big office, but nobody knows him, nobody has seen him at least for some years. I have seen several hints in other writings since George first revealed Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s never-show employees. Obviously, a common form of graft in our federal government.

Serious investigators, they need our support :

Trump’s progress through Europe :

The bogosity of the Skripal’s case continues to fascinate any inquiring mind. These people are doing grade-school plays, good enough for legacy media, they care about nothing else. Ditto the Las Vegas massacre, Parkland school shooting, etc., tho those were more professionally produced than most.

Compare any of the legacy media organizations in all this mess to the behavior of Wikileaks in the Illargi link next. The contrast could not be greater :

Illargi on Wikileaks and (probably) Seth Rich, vs the real collusion of Comey, Mueller, McCabe, et al. Russia had nothing to do with these leaks, Rosenstein’s plagarized charges to the contrary.

And, I note again, there is no discussion nor investigation anywhere of the reality of the criminality revealed in the Clinton, Podesta, Wiener emails. Their coverups, false flags and faux events have failed badly all this time, but the primary goal has been achieved :

Daily Reading #2C5

All right! Trump is making his moves, declassifying more FBI documents. The Deep Black Swamp will be left with more egg on their face. Trump runs excellent scripts. There will be prosecutions by election day, I predict  :

The NYTimes article mentioned by Dershowitz is a spin-job, at least if you think George Webb’s version is more true, which I definitely do. Halper is a spy-master, not a mere informant, and Page is an FBI  informant, likely a CIA asset. Reality is a lot more complex and interesting than the NYTimes allows it to be :

I am spending more time driving, listening to NPR and a local Pacifica station.  Pacifica is hard left, ultra-Progressive, the local NPR isn’t that much better.  But  Pacifica doesn’t pretend, NPR does. NPR’s national news is a disgrace to journalism, it is so very obviously biased against Trump. They can’t state anything neutrally, it all has a slant to it.

In addition to simple stupidities, e.g. the short news item wrt some state wanting to use Fentanyl  as an execution drug, and the law suite challenging that as ‘untested’ and possibly inhumane. You have to laugh. 20K+ accidental deaths from fentanyl and analogs last year, so obviously people like the stuff enough enough to risk death.

And if that isn’t good enough, use the elephant anesthetic, carfentanil, which is now in the human supply of illegal opioids. It is 100X more potent than fentanyl, should be so quick they don’t feel anything past the needle in the arm.

But, I oppose the death penalty because the judicial system is very bad at producing Justice in reality. As a recent example, our Supreme Court doesn’t believe that witnesses recanting the testimony that convicted Troy Davis is enough to stop an execution, ethically and morally inexcusable in my humble opinion, worthy of prosecution of judges and prosecutors if Justice is ever restored. Process is more important than Justice in our current system, a very major flaw at its base :

Just now listening to ABC in the runup to Rosenstein’s press conference. Unbelieveably biased, e.g. “this is different because ordinary citizens on a grand jury have evaluated the information and judged it guilty” so 12 Russian intelligence agents, etc.  Had it been Hillary, they would have noted that Grand Juries will indict ham sandwiches, and the last charges in Mueller’s investigation did.

All this just before Trump’s summit with Putin. Rosenstein is Deep Black Swamp, very obviously. I predict he is one of the people who will hang, should we ever restore rule of law.

But, to give Rosenstein a bit of credit, he did say that there were no Americans colluding with the GRU hackers, so Trump is off the hook there. Not often mentioned in legacy media coverage, I note.

But even that is a lie. Those hackers were employed by the CIA precisely to break into government systems to aid the many money-making schemes in selling information, seizing resources, and evading detection of all that. George Webb has covered them extensively.

How they can go on blaming the email issues on Russian hackers when the DNC emails were clearly, by the technical evidence, an inside download to a thumb drive, after which the probable downloader, Seth Rich, was apparently killed. ‘Apparently’ because no death certificate, no autopsy report, both unheard of, can’t happen, never happens, except in faux events like Sandy Hook, Vegas, etc, major violations of law. But if he was an involuntary organ donor, and they have means of cremating his body outside of normal channels, … Which doesn’t fit with the demeanor of his parents and brother in their only recorded interview, so it is all very strange in reality.

But the propaganda continues, the truths in the emails continues to be ignored, Weiner’s laptop emails are kept hidden, Russian hackers are at fault, and legacy media via which most people understand the world continues to avoid reality. My poor country.

The many Cassandras among us are very frustrated people, we have been saying these days were inevitable without major changes in political parties and laws since just about forever. The 9/11 false flag coverup and the faux events that were Sandy Hook and the combinations of false flags, setups and faux events that continue through Las Vegas and Parkland are never discussed as such despite a majority of voters doubting it, no political impact, unless you consider Trump to be such :

And we have been saying, we Libertarian Cassandras, that we could end the drug wars by legalizing everything. Portugal did so, and saw immediate improvement in every statistic related to drug abuse, which continues. Where as in America, we can’t even get cannabis, the most benign drug possible, legalized for carefully controlled medical use because of the opposition from the opioid manufacturers, the medical lobbies, the many drug manufacturers, the alcohol manufacturers and distributors, and the DEA-CIA all of whom value  the cash flow over citizen’s lives :

George Webb continues laying out the mechanisms and people who are parts of the various Deep Black Swamp’s pipelines and ratlines. George has a seriously good memory to handle so much information, and an excellent set of researchers developing all of the connections. Such an important thing, this kind of open source investigations and reporting, the legacy media fades because they can’t work at this level, their corporate connections prohibit it.

Anna Chapman’s eyes are too close together, not particularly beautiful to my eyes :

Very excellent! Oath Keepers and other groups are forming community groups to replace the failing governments and are the opposition to federal overreach. BLM is an epithet in Western states, I can personally testify from my time flying hang gliders in the mountains. I have sat around a table in the local cafe and heard people hope they lived for the time when they could start shooting federal personnel. Volatile, I would call the situation :

“Extremist streams” of thought according to Southern Poverty Law Center, propagandists who exist to shut down such movements. Our founders would have thought them distinctly conservative, not at all radical. What did our progressives pushing this nanny welfare kleptocracy think was going to happen? :

It’s not entirely clear why all of these folks, many of them urban, have taken up a rural Western cause. It might be because ranchers and loggers better fit the populist image they’re trying to project, or because they actually have some legitimate gripes regarding land-use regulations. It’s not so easy to fight against gun control when the laws are laxer than ever, or revolt against the tax man when taxes on the rich are far lower than they were in the 1950s. Perhaps it’s partly a matter of expedience: The dire economic straits in which many rural, extractive industry-reliant counties have found themselves have made them ripe for insurgencies of the Bundy sort.

Who writes this dreck? “Gun control laws are laxer than ever” is a lie. “Maybe have legitimate gripes” is such an understatement. “Taxes lower than ever”, correct for the rich, but try working your way up. Taxes hit real hard just as you start getting ahead. Yes, dire economic straits always propel such rebellions.

Pretty much the SPLC’s pov all the way through. Nevertheless, an interesting series of articles. The Bundies, btw, are Constitutionally correct. Not only is the BLM stealing land for resale, e.g. Uranium mining and foreign interests, but there were 2 Constitutional decisions saying the Federal government cannot own such land. It is clearly stated in the Constitution, and they violated the Constitution when NM and AZ were admitted to the Union — too few citizens. The Federal gov did so because it needed the gold.

And the rancher whose land was being stolen, Lavoy Finicum, who died during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff, was outright assassinated by the FBI, one of whom is going on trial soon. Funny how all the articles miss these points.

‘Favorite catchphrase’. My God, the brain-deads who write this dreck :

‘citing his duty to defend his county “against enemies, foreign and domestic,” part of an oath undertaken by members of the U.S. armed services and now a favorite catchphrase of constitutional sheriffs.’

I had never heard E. Edward Griffen speak, don’t recall reading any of his writings, tho I had heard his name a lot. I didn’t listen to much of this, first 15 min, but it is clear that the CIA uses the communist approach, and that the communists in academia have been very successful in changing “the social consciousness” of several generations in a row. If we can’t get this turned around, revolution is inevitable :

I went back to Unz Review to read comments on that IQ-race article of a couple of days ago, found this :

The epiphany web browser has a long way to go. You can specify ‘no ads’, etc in preferences, but web sites such as Zerohedge are nevertheless unusable without ad blockers, and epiphany doesn’t allow add-in modules. So, at least Firefox + Epiphany, tho that is taking some time to learn to use well.

Daily Reading #2C4

I spent the day setting up the last applications, ssh with no password so rsync can easily move files for the backup, and nfs so I can work from my wife’s machine in the other room. Also, driving around for an hour accomplishing stuff. (Hopelessly over-optimistic, that statement. Lots of new complexities because of different versions of the same OS distribution, Linux Mint. Linux gets more complex year by year, it is work to keep up.)

Tomorrow the new oven arrives, I get to install that. I took the cover off the last one, 3 wires from the wall cable, red, black, white that connect to red, black, white in the oven, 110V circuit, I figured out which breaker switch controlled it (stove has 2 40A breakers devoted to it was a revelation) so I don’t have another disaster. The current connection is simple twisted wire with the cap screwed on, lousy connection that is burned black on the hot wire, so I would get a connector block. Trivial, but wife and son said they won’t help, I am prohibited from doing that bit of work. Installation company charges $150 for 20 minutes of work, max, so got an electrician friend come and do it. If I have to pay someone, pay a friend, plus he is much more competent than any installer.)

City people don’t know they can do these things. Farmers have entirely different attitudes.

Another example is my garden is producing string beans, sweet peas, tomatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, mint. I picked a very nice salad today, added avocado, cheese, a couple of hamburgers, 2 very filling salads were the result. They, on the other hand, don’t like most of that, so I eat it or give it away. Farmer’s attitude is you eat what is available and free and like it. Way better for your health, also.

Not mercury, aluminum, or at least not only mercury, is the reason vaccines cause autism, contrary to the corrupt CDC, a regulatory agency entirely owned by the vaccine industry. The vaccine industry is certainly aware of this, have decided to make $ at the expense of many, many autistic children. Their rationale will be “less harm than no vaccines at all”, but given that their control groups are not ‘no treatment’, rather ‘the last vaccine’, they can’t know that. Medical treatment progresses, diseases change and health and environment change, thus are the vaccine trial biased to new vaccines. $ over health is the decision every vaccine.

The number of autistic children is now up to 1 in 50, S. Korean children 1 in 38, ‘but the US will catch up’. Hell of a tradeoff, vaccine industry!

Defunding the CDC and FDA and voiding all of their regulations would be the best thing Trump could do to control drug prices, reduce the vaccine carnage, and accelerate the pace of medicine.  When the vaccine industry is no longer protected from law suits by those laws and regulations, they will start producing safe vaccines.

A friend told me a most remarkable example of a positive drug interaction recently, something I can’t recall hearing about previously, and an example the medical world should, but is unlikely to, learn from. I will try to get a coherent account of that together in the next few days. Our top-down medical system is producing worse and worse, more and more expensive, medical care as time goes on :

This is, imho, a very sophisticated analysis of the current Wall Street market structure, the positive feedback loops and the fact that the market is ‘on paper-thin ice,  ready to transition’ :

Lots of smart and wise people are warning about the dangers of the market :

My son is going through all the Isaac Arthur videos. Issac Arthur is a very prolific mind, very excellent videos, all self-produced. Doesn’t appear to have a team, he writes and produces the animations, etc. A serious education and the future of education. Not a professor so far as he says, just a really smart, very well-spoken (tho with a lisp) individual with an avocation making his living by being informative and interesting on Youtube. Kid watches at 1.25X speed, same as I do, I was amused to see while watching over his shoulder just now.

There are a bunch of people like that these days, and the ones I watch are far better than any of the legacy media news reporters and commentators, better than any but the best professors. Legacy media is declining in importance, and the universities likewise. Both have priced themselves out of the market and allowed their work to be too-influenced by corporate interests and allied powerful institutions :

Kid is watching the “Outward Bound” series :

So easy to end the cartels, but the CIA depends on the cash flow and ending their ratlines would produce significant unemployment.  Poor Mexico, the US is a terrible neighbor :