Daily Reading #370

Great speech by Tucker Carlson. Considering many of his points, I think that the Left is on the edge of an enormous backlash, that the entire leftish political agenda is about to be rejected.

My reasoning, evidence is A) the growing realization that our Deep Black Swamp has enormous power in its enormous corruption. Tucker Carlson is part of the establishment, he doesn’t much discuss the corruption and the government’s escape from the Constitution.  B) My son has been very against discussing anything related to politics. That changed when he started college. His gf comes from a very liberal family. Both of them are irritated by the political atmosphere in the community college. Both are resonating with Tucker Carlson.

Kid got interested in real estate investment, which made him interested in government, taxes, …

I doubt they are unique :

Guess what? Russia didn’t steal the election for Hillary :


Israel is a shit ‘ally’, US citizens have no national interest in the ME, whatever their personal religious, family or origin interests :




Trump was right about the Finns ‘raking their forests’ :


George Webb digs into the Mike White, political hostage, story :

So Bolton didn’t grasp what was going to happen to him when he publicly contradicted Trump, even after Pompeo’s example? Bolton is not a bright man, and/or is entirely under Bibi’s thumb :


Cory Doctorow has a really good idea, a meta-level app that implements your priorities for apps like Uber, Lyft, local ride share coops, local bookstores vs google, etc :







Saklers have to be strongly associated with the CIA, otherwise they are the CIA’s competition. The CIA doesn’t like competition :


I raised a couple of baby opossums as pets when I was working in a lab. Nice animals, not playful. Powerful bite :



Interesting math connections in machine learning algorithms, but impossible for me to guess what they might mean :



Orlov’s 2005 article on economic collapse, comparison of America’s situation with the USSR’s experience. Lots of false assumptions about causes and conditions, but some good insights :



Guantanamo base commander screws subordinate’s wife, has a fight with said subordinate, impedes investigation into the drowning death of said subordinate. High class folks we have in our nation’s officer ranks :




This is inadvertently a comparison of the efficiencies of old-style wooden boat design, materials, construction and that using modern versions. The two boats were not the same design nor size, but nevertheless it is clear that the design principles are completely different, and a modern ‘wooden boat’ is only wooden on the inside, the outside is kevlar and resin, kevlar being stronger than fiber glass. I didn’t see the strong keel I assume must have been put in  :

Kid walked in last evening just after I started listening to this, said “Malmsteen”. He doesn’t know much about Yingwie other than Arpeggios from Hell, was surprised at BBKing playing the piece. From that you know that Malmsteen has a distinct style. Further, he is the Pagannini of guitar, the highest virtuosity.

Then I look at the links, there are a few ‘If Yingwie played’ videos. Malmsteen’s music and style are too challenging to become the way guitarists impress.

Cultural evolution continues at the fastest pace ever in the history of our species :

This would be fun to take to the range :

I hadn’t seen the Michael Moore video predicting Trump’s election for a while.  WSJ is slowly catching on to where the power in the US is shifting. Yes, Trump supporters are the most cohesive group in America, and the most diverse. We were created by the people who now hate Trump so very much, the owners of everything and their minions in government. Their organization of this system disadvantaged us. The Internet came along at just the right time for us to understand and share our understandings.

Yes, Trump is our man until someone better comes along. And if they kick him out or kill him, shooting starts in short order.  Such a bad idea :


I linked to this before, quite brilliant work, exposing inherent white racism :

I don’t watch Janice Fiamenogo enough, intelligent and rational and good context. “Indigenous science” as a field of study with equal status to European science in a Canadian University :

Sequencing proteins from 68M yo dinosaur bones (!!!technical tour de force) shows T-Rex is a close relative of chickens :






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