Daily Reading #377

We classical liberals are leading the political realignment in the world. This is a great conversation. A wise woman, she wants to destroy academic apartments as a major reform, me too. My version was teaching the world by decade, relating everything science, culture, economy, wars, … Context, context, context. The meaning is in the context.

Paglia makes clear the our current SJWs are ignorant, a change fostered by universities when they eliminated history, etc. broad requirements. We are graduating the most ignorant students in the history of the world More of them, more degrees, higher degrees, but more ignorant of life, science, culture and history because so little of what they have learned is related to anything else, no context.

I also think Paglia is flat wrong wrt development of homosexuality. Those sons had blurred relationships with their mother as a result of their biology, the biology determined their sexuality, not their relationship with their mother.

She is very right, fucking with the language is an attack on us all, of our means of understanding the universe and our position within it.

Peterson’s point that we only have dumb terrorists, or none, is correct.  Any smart terrorist would have found a major point of failure already. Also, his point that the best predictor of genocide is the killing culture feeling they are victims, and the sense of victimhood our identity culture inculcates, point to a bad future.  I have predicted for many years that the Israelis will finish genocide they have begun.

Consider the changes in the power to be heard this reveals. 1.7M views. Peterson and Paglia routinely get 10s of 1000s of views, often half a million. How many students have these 2 professors, both of whose courses are crowded, lectured personally to in their jobs? Not many professors lecture to 1.7M students in their lives, these people have done so in a conversation that is far more interesting than even their best lectures.

We could abolish most colleges tomorrow and never the miss them, then fire 90% of the administrators in the last few and turn the control of colleges back to the  few remaining classical liberal professors. That would be reform of education.  Nothing less will change much.

Ideologies as fragmentary versions of archetypal mythology is an interesting idea :

I don’t agree about why civilization arose. Hunter-gathererer bands and culture are civilized wrt treating their own members. Civilization is necessary for people to deal with tribes, other cultures and their own social institutions :

No kidding, “The reality is that the US has been sliding into authoritarianism, plutocracy and oligarchy, or dare we say fascism, for decades” :


SPLC is a very rich operation, big donors, and  a major element in the Deep Black Swamp’s propaganda operations.  They deserve to lose everything and spend a long time in jail for that fraud, but this is a good first step :


Yes, war whores lie and collude with the enemies they created, trained, funded and supplied :


Bruce Ohr is a Deep Black Swamp operative and designated patsy who did his best to CYA :


NSA is part of the swamp, obviously :


Saudi Arabia buys laws for cash. Israel does the same, but AIPAC handles the $ :


British politicians are just as dirty as US politicians, murder in order to take over companies, strip banks, … The claim here is that the Panamanian papers were really from London :

Zeihan is impressive, but wrong about fundamentals. Could be this changes with further technology, or very high prices for oil. Very high prices is a much different future than Zeihan projects :


The sun is not so stable, with major consequences for earth. I cannot evaluate the physics, but there are certainly a lot of things in geology and anthropology that are currently unexplained, these people are working at some of that  :

The understandings of philosophers and neuroscientists wrt consciousness are lousy. This discusses excellent research but explains very little, lots of hand-waving :


Helmer didn’t read the article I remember, the head of the ER where the Skripals were taken saying ‘nobody was treated for nerve gas poisoning symptoms today’. Yes, the British government is lying, but this is not the truth either :


Before Stieg Larson :


Every now and then I try to watch TV. I liked the first season of ‘House of Cards’, 2nd not so much and quit. ‘The Wire’ was completely outstanding, hated to see it end. Since then, I have watched the as many as the 1st 2 episodes of another dozen series of cop shows, all too Hollywood and/or simple.  I watched the 2nd Longmire today, no mystery to be solved except who Longmire’s daughter is dating, too obvious.

Good scripts, as Hollywood goes. But they all go in a herd, for the last 10 or so years following the Nordic Noir’s line of brilliant detectives with personal problems.  Fuck their personal problems, we all have them, not so interesting the particulars. From my engineering pov, of course.

Watched the 2nd episode of Wallender, a bit of Stoic philosophy, ‘we live in the here and now’ and real concern for people, takes his job seriously, nearly obsessively.  ‘Eva’ was obvious from the first mention of her IT/Africa husband.

Might watch the 3rd, tho the writers have no contact with reality, every few minutes I find another annoying hole in their understandings of things.

Same reason I don’t watch Hollywood films, the first 5 minutes have too many idiocies they expect me to believe for the plot to make sense. ‘The Wire’ was written by a guy who had spent a year in the murder squad in Baltimore, I read his book. There was one before that by a guy who spent a year with one of the NYC murder squads, I read that too. ‘The Wire’ was real.

Hollywood writers are so ignorant they have no idea how ignorant they are. Education is context, relationships, meaning in the facts. Great wisdom is having at least a vague idea of how ignorant you are.

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