Daily Reading #372

Youtube links to the Wikipedia article for any video that presents evidence contrary to received wisdom. Wikipedia’s reputation is going the way of the NYTimes :

“Yudkowsky’s Law of Mad Science: “Every eighteen months, the minimum IQ necessary to destroy the world drops by one point.” Very interesting discussion wrt the slowing of scientific progress. I think much of the problem is centralization of control of funding and the very focused research programs that result prevent discovering new phenomena. Science hates new phenomena because they threaten existing funding, e.g. Cold Fusion.

New phenomena are discovered by more-random investigations, meaning many more researchers doing new, off-beat experiments, best produced by distributing small amounts of research money to many more researchers for ideas well outside of the mainstream orthodoxy. All of our science originally was developed by people working on practical problems and noticing a regularity in their data.

The comments on this paper are great, tho I don’t see anyone suggesting my reform in the first 1/3rd of the 450+ comments :


An excellent discussion of the declining output of theoretical physicists, now including a very long failure to produce new theory despite many 10s of 1000s of incorrect attempts. He thinks that is due to the fact that  theoretical physicists control their own funding and approve each other’s papers. This only has 301 comments at the moment, the first few are also very good.

Perhaps intellectual productivity is reduced because we all now write much more, and thus have far more to read?

I liked the hypothesis that the West’s intellectual and technical progress was due to the 1315 famine and following Black Death plagues resulting in weakening of authority: So after this collapse of the Stasis Quo, perhaps we can find and recognize (remember Cold Fusion? I checked earlier this week, it is just as real as ever, but again not much progress in products. Cold Fusion still is not accepted as real in most physics departments in the world, and working on it will kill your career.) new science again :


There is NO CONCENSUS wrt global warming, contrary to our legacy media :

Jordan Peterson is widely knowledgeable and very sharp in discussion.  Excellent background analysis of the intellectual process that lead from post-modernism to  Feminism, SJWs, … These 3 academics did their own version of Ioannidis’s exposing the replication crisis in science. “Dog rape paper” from a feminist view, supposedly examined 10,000 dog’s genitals and asked their owners their sexual orientation. Absolutely amazing subjects they got published.

Academic orthodoxy is another reason science is slowing down. The academic world punishes thinking outside of the zeitgeist :







George Webb’s investigation continues. The research team includes people from around the world, the international detail is amazing :

This corrupt woman is a leading presidential candidate for 2020 :


Logistics guaranteed that the Germans would lose, and the German high command knew that. Maybe they could have convinced themselves wrt England + its colonies, but they knew that the rail network into Russia would not support their invasion. The German officer class valued their oaths more than their humanity, their responsibility to subordinates and their own families. Are ours any different? :


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