Daily Reading #373

I did not know Howard Dean. Howard Dean is beyond ignorant, he has no idea how ignorant he actually is, and has opinions he cannot support with facts and reasoning :

Jimmy Dore is usually pretty solid, but certainly does not use critical thinking here. When I hear about all of the Congressmen, including 1 Republican, whose districts are on the border with Mexico thinking we don’t need a wall, I assume they all are benefiting from some associated illegal cash flow which the border wall will disrupt :

George Webb :

CIA controls a lot of high tech companies, always has :


Let me define ‘fake news’ and I can prove anything I want. BuzzFeed did the definition, guess what they prove? :


What marketing person neglected the requirement that a laser be too dim to hurt other sensors? Human eyes are no longer the most sensitive sensors :


Youtube is suggesting interesting links. It all started with me watching Netflicks “Orange is the new black”, then a Ginger Lynn ‘problems with dishonest federal prosecutors” video, I assume based on the federal prison connection, now another porn start based on the fact that Ginger Lynn was also a porn star. It works, I clicked the links, they got their ads ignored, and I have been enlightened on several topics. Only the first link can I object to, Google has no business tracking my TV viewing :


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