Patriot Games

How Patriots Can Win, Intelligence Offensive

American Gestapo Agency Head Receiving Chief Investigator’s Report

Memo, AGA Strategic Intelligence Officer To Chief

Civics and Ethics Questions for UnSchoolers

Ethics Questions For Patriots

Bunny Bangers (Contains the very best line I have ever written.)

AGA Head Receiving CIO Report

Patriot KickStarter Projects For Secrecy

Starve The Beast : Scaling Small Town Tax Avoidance

Enabling local commerce and banking.

Owning Yourself Includes Your Data

The Weight Of A GoPro

Uber Toys

The Thing About Negative Sum Games Is, You Can Lose

A Modern Approach To Security

Patriots Should Support Muslims In Using Sharia Law

Our System’s Failure Is Our Dishonesty

Information Resistance

Amnesty Program For Israeli-Neocons

Gandhi’s Terrorists

#PissOnThem — Modern Penology for Higher Civilization



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