The Weight of A GoPro

The weight of a 3D Hero GoPro is 8.4 ounces, others as low as 3.5 ounces.

Quadcopters that can carry a GoPro, and other drones, will have ceilings above 5000 feet because they have to be useful in Denver.

3.5 ounces, 100 grams falling 300 meters generates 250 J of energy, 184 foot-pounds.  Not devastating, but definitely denting.  The kind of energy that could spoil aerodynamic performance, if concentrated in a small area.  Larger weights and higher flights scale non-linearly.

Did you know that those systems have GPS, and the path and camera actions can be programmed?  And that local GPS signals combined with differential GPS has accuracy in centimeters?

One problem with the technology is, it could be mis-used to extents only limited by the imaginations of the smartest, most knowledgeable and most imaginative people.

For instance, the ‘point the camera’ mechanism could be subverted to other ends.  The camera could be entirely replaced with a projectile.  Projectiles can be and contain many substances. Quadcopters can cooperate to lift larger weights, or for other reasons.

Who really owns that fancy car?  Anyone who could be mistaken for the target of anyone with a drone would have to take security precautions, e.g. painting their name on the tops of their cars.

I can’t see any other issues worth mentioning. None of my friends see any, either.

Another technology that might be misused.

This was published 12 July 2015. Now it is end of October 2016, and this is the state of play in flying IEDs. ‘Larger weights and heigher flights scale non-linearly’ is still true.

It is now end of July 2017, and I have seen many uses of drones to drop grenades. This one was very successful.

6 thoughts on “The Weight of A GoPro

  1. The same technology that runs the quad copter and the go pro can be adapted to run an F-250. An F-250 can go well in excess of 100 mph. With a load on. Not going to need much math to figure the rest out.


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