Information Resistance

Peak Information, this, this and  are all things you need to know to protect yourself from ideas that do not benefit you, that bias your thinking away from your own individual interests.

The world collects EVERYTHING about you.  Your credit card company sells them your purchasing information.  Every store with a ‘rewards card’ knows who made every purchase.  When rationing comes and toilet paper is a scarce item, as happens in all command economies, they will know how much toilet paper you use per bowel movement.  Literally.

Your political opinions and behavior are known in detail by your reading, facebook, comments you make online.  NSA knows everyone you talk to or communicate with online, and everything you say or write, if it wishes.  Every arm of government has 1000s of analysts whose job it is to track links between people and their thinking, and thousands more to guide online conversations.

The solution is fuzzing their information.  Ad blockers don’t do that, they make browsing much more pleasant, but don’t prevent collecting data that enables the ads and other social controls such as Eric Schmit’s political technology provides.  What the world needs, application writers, is a screen saver that uses a browser to select links and ads at random and display them on a dark screen.  That will cost everyone a bit of bandwidth on your home network by un-used systems, but will quickly move you out of any categories you may be in in the world’s databases.

The thought extends to smart phones, at least for anyone with unlimited texting plans. Random texts of cryptic or crypto messages fuzz your links.  Including some jihadis in that will at least annoy the the jihadis as it fuzzes your meta-data and presents problems for NSA’s analysis.  (Don’t worry about national security effects, NSA never did anything to improve that.)

Add in the advice in Peak Information, they won’t know much about anybody.  Every person who fuzzes their data helps protect us all, as it reduces the effectiveness of their algorithms.

Those screensaver applications can destroy the current ad-based economy of the network and insulate your thinking about your own interests from manipulation by the Eric Schmidts and politicians of the world.  Make them poor too.  Vengeance.

Later.  As usual, it is impossible to have genuinely original ideas, and anything you think about will connect to things you read in the next few days.  The guy who made $ with ‘silent music’ streamed by his fans, an open conspiracy, was funny.

9 thoughts on “Information Resistance

    1. Very good. I checked this out a bit, found no negative info and what I see looks legit, consistent.

      I installed it.

      As with everything, other people may see things I didn’t, so don’t be trusting.


    2. I am having problems with firefox after installing adnausem, so can’t recommend it until I figure that out.

      No idea what caused the problem, but it seems to be gone, I have used firefox at least 8 hours since that. 40+ tabs open.

      So provisionally, adnauseum is OK.


    1. Not sufficient, I think, unless you make sure there is no fingerprint from your browser. Tails in a VM is good for that, everyone has the same fingerprint.

      But that just removes you from their DB, it doesn’t fubar their algorithms and thus reduce their income or use for political control. You are in the DBs from everything you do, it all has to be fuzzed.

      Everyone whose data is fuzzed reduces their algorithm’s effectiveness for benefit of everyone.

      Thanks for the comment, I had not included that point, fixed it above.


      1. This is a reply to Culper on wrsa, which I didn’t see until just now.

        NSA is processing it all, they use Google’s tech for email and web traffic to/through their sites. That is the first level of ‘searchable database’, a google search. From that, algorithms manage all the standard analyses in connections with targets, and also data mining looking for new groups forming. Not particularly novel, any of it, that is a sophisticated version of what all data mining projects do, and analysts have little-to-no wait time when they want to see an analysis.

        I actually know about NSA, some direct from work on a product they were interested in, but not much. However, I do know the commercial versions of such analysis, and know that Google is tight with NSA because NSA was one of the first users of the product, was one of the funders of Google. Extrapolation at that level is pretty safe, I think.

        Extracting meaning is indeed a problem, but the patterns of calls in classes such as ‘husband-wife-girl-friend’ are easy and keywords in emails and network addresses –> a searchable database of blackmail information. That is the exact sense in which they are indeed targeting each of us. S/N problems, etc. in everything, but any analyst can sort those out if you become a person of interest.

        That db is what makes your distinction between persistent and active less relevant. If they decide to influence the School Board election in your town, and you are a problem, a database search is all that is needed to define the conversation someone needs to have with you.

        The commercial side of that is what makes Schmidt’s operations important in extending the life of the kleptocracy. Connections of databases and extraction of indications of political opinions, same as NSA uses/needs for its people. Any of that that NSA wants, be sure they get. And again, the distinction between active and persistent isn’t so solid and meaningful, commercially you get ads, maybe web sites you frequent have a particular pov comments on articles you normally read? CIA spends 30% of budget on info ops, military has very many people wno guide on-line opinion.

        Intelligence analysts are careful to evaluate capabilities, not intent. Intent can change quickly.

        I forgot the comment about having predicted that NSA’s take would go to zero, and it has not.

        I said traffic could be made secure when in transit and when in storage via crypto. True, and happening, if you can believe the large ISPs, including Google (I don’t believe Google, don’t have opinions on others.

        I said that overlay networks are coming, still true, and they are available for download, I run a couple of nodes. Tor gets better ever version and with more exit nodes.

        I said paranoids are running secure email, chat, etc. Seems true to me, there are dozens of new secure email services, including Google, which noone should trust. There is a lot of focus on security, secure systems, etc. Those have an effect, NSA is not omniscient.

        I said they will stop collecting data, cover it up for a few years, then they are toast. I could be wrong about the ‘cover it up for a few years’, but NSA is a complete failure even when it collects everything. More problems can’t help them.

        Added the next day :

        I don’t have a pando subscription, it is possible to get around paywalls, I didn’t take the time to bother.
        But the first few sentences give the tenor, the tech world is serious pissed at the feds, just like I said was happening.

        There, the last cherry picker wins. Especially on his own web site.


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