Ethics Questions For UnSchoolers

  • Explain the ‘open kimono, bend over backwards’ standard of honesty.
  • Explain how standards of honesty relate to level of civilization achieved.
  • Explain the mental characteristics necessary for an individual to strive for that standard.
  • Explain the characteristics of the society necessary to allow an individual to achieve that standard.
  • What philosophies and religions are compatible with that standard?
  • How do you deal with error?  Failure? Malevolence?
  • Discuss the Pros and Cons of a Vengeance Culture.  Compare the justice possible with central-government systems’ justice.
  • Are those different for a local community vs city, city-state, international?
  • How to compare the short-term advantages of specific forms, e.g. Jim Bell’s “Assassination Politics”, with possible longer-term problems?
  • If gold or silver to the hand are the sincerest form of appreciation, is bit-coin to a KickEnder account the sincerest form of criticism?
  • Do formal ‘open trials’ of malefactors change the ethics?  Do they change the system-level effects?
  • What forms and procedures of open trials do you consider adequate for justice?
  • What evidence can and should be considered?
  • What rules of evidence would you use?
  • What penalties can be considered?  Should that use a separate trial?
  • Should a KickEnder account be opened for every public official?
  • Do you think it ethical to assist in a citizen-justice action if you had been hurt by the accused’s actions?  If you had not been personally hurt?
  • Do you think you are required to make your role known publicly, at least after the fact?
  • Do you think it ethical to sell the rights to ‘pull the trigger’ remotely?  Sell the rights multiple times?
  • How careful do you need to be about ‘collateral damage’?  How to deal with someone who is always carrying a baby?
  • If someone is committed to personal vengeance, e.g. knaps the flint blade, hafts the blade and stabs the malefactor in the chest, do you think it ethical for his security to shoot the person?  Does an open trial’s verdict of ‘guilty’ change your opinion?
  • Do you have a duty to lie to government, pollsters and other collectors of data?
  • Would you accept a leadership role in the society you propose?  Under what conditions?

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