A Modern Approach To Security

Policing is very outmoded, even for outmoded laws.

Suppose I had the contract to take over security for a ghetto.  Pick the worst bad-ass place you can think of, it doesn’t make a difference, this is engineering, not social work.

First thing I would do is distribute really cheap high quality cannabis, lots of it, everywhere.  In the schools, on the streets, in the churches.  A nice sativa, something to make people contemplate eternal verities.  I believe leaders in those areas would see that it was good for their people, especially if I gave them a cut of the proceeds.*

The second thing I would do is start arming everyone, training them to take care of themselves around firearms and with firearms.**  A lot of training, with games and role-play and plays that teach the attitude of tolerance you need to carry a firearm, how to handle different kind of situations when armed, big emphasis on cleverly diffusing and defusing.  How to be nice folks and get along with armed people without anyone pulling out a gun every day or so.  How polite and restrained and tolerant armed societies need to be to work well.

Retraining the social workers to do this will be fun.

The story has to be good to get cooperation of everyone, so tell them it is a big experiment, and they get to be lab rats, again.  But this time, we give them guns, so if they don’t like the results of the experiment, they will be in control of further experimentation.  We trust that, as full citizens of our great country, they will manage their piece of our joint civilization well.

Now we have security, and can get rid of the cops.  Cops in the inner city are part of the problem, have not been part of any possible solution for many years.  Actually, not so much the cops as the stupid laws.  If we get rid of the cops, we can ignore the laws, and we can depend upon people to start getting things straightened out.  That is a much easier path and more certain than waiting on laws to be repealed.  Ignore them.

This is the point where my security management starts making tons of money, I just got rid of the cops and will nevertheless soon have a very minor crime rate.  Mostly because there aren’t so many laws being enforced, of course, but also because the bad guys with guns now don’t have as much relative power.  Everyone responds to incentives, and as soon as there are ordinary citizens walking the street with concealed weapons and grandmothers with sniper rifles on balconies and fathers and big brothers on stoops with shotguns, the crimes against average citizens will begin to decline.  Drug dealers will continue their trade, but be safer.  If they don’t cause anyone trouble, we don’t cause them trouble.

About the cheap cannabis: Anyone anywhere has access to drugs at some prices, so what users use is some combination of what they like and can afford.  If I flood the market with cheap cannabis, some small percentage will indeed just get higher, but the great majority will decide cannabis is good enough or even better than the rotgut they could afford previously, and will spend their money on more important things.  My inner city now has many fewer drunks and cranks and coksters staggering along its streets and lots more mellow, contemplative people sitting on their stoops admiring the scenery and talking, eating cookies.  They can do that now because it is safe, everyone is armed.

As for the guns, the problem of inner city security is that they all are gun-free safety zones, so nobody is safe.  The issues with gun-free safety zones are finally in the news because bunches of people are getting killed all at once, but people have been getting killed there in our inner cities for a long time, many people, but 1s and 2s don’t make the news.  I guess our Republican NRA members didn’t think it important to include inner-city minorities in their defense of gun rights.  That came along late, isn’t real for most cities yet, and it wasn’t led by the NRA.  Yes, Democrats are worse.

The majority of people in the inner city are just poorer versions of you and me. Many good people live there and can be trusted.  Currently, the others have all the guns.  I would fix that, and their society would soon be very much safer, trending to as safe as ours.

At that point, having gotten rid of cops***, I would have a cash flow to use as I wish.  So I would fund a militia.  Collect some smart young folk who are selected by their community leaders, find trainers with good values and put them through whatever training is needed.  With uniforms.  Now we have a group with an identify that we can pay enough to use in community service work and responding to community emergencies.

At some point in here, the world sees that civilization has returned to the inner city, and it can be re-integrated with the economy and society.  Note that, once my contract has ended, this inner city has much lower overhead than previously, because they don’t have cops under a union contract.  Thus, their businesses have an advantage over competition in adjacent jurisdictions.

Re-integration into a normal world can’t happen before people feel safe enough, are trustworthy enough.  It would help to have fewer drunks and such on the streets.

I predict this program would do it elegantly and cheaply.  Cheap good drugs and effective weapons available to all are fundamental to a working society.

Conservative since the dawn of civilization.

Also, SECESSION and FREEDOM, in case you missed it.

*No cynicism here.  Cannabis is superior from any medical or social point of view to other drugs, including alcohol.  People can get cannabis everywhere, as an illegal drug there is currently no way for any people in the legal world to profit and control.  So this puts the illegal suppliers at a disadvantage, and gives the legitimate community a way to profit and control.  Indeed, some will abuse that : Let me know when a nature that doesn’t require tradeoffs arrives.  Raising cannabis as community business would soon follow, and the surrounding metropolitan area would buy it.

**Simple version, there would be structure and suggestions that more training in particular areas are needed.  The goal is a weapon used safely by everybody who wants one, but some might have to be convinced they shouldn’t want one.  A later thought : can’t stop anyone from buying a gun on their own, but we would give them out for free to anyone who passes the course, a rite of passage to full functioning member of the community.  A free gun beats certificates in stating that.

***Overlap for a while of course, careful selection of the people turfed out.  Let the people vote, they know who is who.


Added later : I found a review article on the psychiatric studies of cannabis. In addition to the problem that psychology and psychiatry have the lowest replication rates in science, the review’s estimate of its own limitations are serious. Many young people among my son’s friends use cannabis. The worst thing any of them have ever experienced, or heard of anyone experiencing, is throwing up from too high a dose of cannabis, usually mixed with alcohol. That happens rarely, and only with new users, few go on mixing them. Cannabis has been treated as  a powerful drug in anti-drug propaganda for nearly 100 years in the US. That has to affect self-reported symptoms, a point not discussed in this study :


  • The available literature shows a preponderance of case reports and uncontrolled studies.

  • Epidemiological findings from one setting cannot be assumed to generalise to other cultural groups.

  • It is not easy to determine causal explanations from the studies cited.

Added yet later. I just noticed how similar to, yet so benign, is the progression of illegal trade into legitimate government that I proposed above. Hadn’t realized how conventional my thinking really is, however hard I try.

Genuine subversion of one’s society is work!

21 thoughts on “A Modern Approach To Security

  1. Outf*ckinstanding!

    That is a plan that would work.
    It’s an idea that would actually work-and solve the problem of lots and lots of innocent,unarmed people getting shot and killed by worthless pieces of sh*t.
    Might get some static from the gangbangers and drug cartel folks though.


  2. I really was with you until the last sentence: “Let the people vote, they know who is who.”

    Oh, yeah? That got us the current asshat in the WH.

    Otherwise, Bravo.


    1. he’s an asshat, but arguably the least fucked up asshate we had…unless you seriously think any one of the republicans was a better choice…in which case, I hope you have not reproduced.


      1. Sarge,

        Good comment, made me think. Obama, at least, has not yet run a false-flag the size of 9-11.

        How can anyone believe Shrub was a good person? He knew about that, Cheney spent an hour with him night before, alone and no recordings.

        Cheney coordinated everything via the gov continuity communication system — read that somewhere.

        Horrendously corrupt, the entire system.



  3. Sounds like the beginning stage(s) of Robert Heinlein’s “Beyond This Horizon” (one of the few RAH books I DON’T have).
    Sounds good to me. Get the inner city minorities off the Libtard DemonRat plantation.


  4. I am sure that a great many people, whacked out on pot, will be responsible gun owners and carriers. There’s one small hole in this theory, and that’s the hole of irresponsibility that chronic pot heads live in. I know, I know, it’s not addictive, but people who smoke it keep on going back and smoking it again and again, and if you actually know people like that, who smoke pot frequently, you notice that they are not the person to carry a loaded gun around. I’ve heard this crap a million times, and it doesn’t get any better. Marijuana is a mind altering drug, and anyone that smokes it should not operate heavy machinery, work with classified material, or operate a firearm, while under it’s influence. Plain and simple. It’s a great idea you have there, yes, but no.


    1. I have known many smokers, vapers and eaters of cannabis. Your description is a stereotype, not anyone I know. There are certainly flakes in the world, many smoke cannabis.

      Cannabis is indeed mind altering, but cannabis is many different things, e.g. sativa vs indica, ‘mind altering’ is a term with a lot of different specific meanings and people differ in their responses. Look at the results of driving tests under influence of cannabis : people are pretty careful and cautious, unlike with alcohol.

      Also, note that everyone doesn’t use drugs.

      But it isn’t as if we have a choice : adults get to do as they wish. My version of an inner city will be safer than the existing one. There may be a better than that, but a step at a time.


    2. I smoked like a fiend in the Marine Corps. Then when I got out I went to school and got a degree in Physics. Spent my whole working life as an engineer. The smoking tapered off when I was in school because I had better things to do with my time. Your stereotype is right out of “Reefer Madness”.

      This article is excellent, by the way. The reason it doesn’t happen, is that it is not in the interest of people in government. They do not work for our benefit, but for their own.


  5. Oboy, the marijuana routine again. Great post, by the way, all except for that.

    I feel it necessary to respond to all the “experts” here who managed to smoke marijuana while simultaneously attending seminary and attaining degrees in nuclear physics:

    Lemme tell you something: I smoked weed for 40 years, and several things became grotesquely apparent, sufficiently that I finally quit cold when I was 62. First of all, marijuana does indeed alter your mind, primarily in convincing you that it’s OK to keep smoking marijuana. Bad decisions will eventuate if you encounter enough stressful situations and give it a few decades to marinate. If you don’t know anybody who’s fucked up his life while high, you’re not looking hard enough. Or you need to get out more.

    Secondly, I’ve heard (as have we all) every possible story about “Why I knew a guy who was a brain surgeon and he smoked hash every night. And it’s better than getting bombed on martinis after work.”

    Allow me to address the points raised: Yes, I’ve known plenty of brilliant and high (you should pardon the expression) functioning adults who smoked dope and maintained their lives just fine. I have ALSO known a long ton of dull normal barely-functioning amoral borderline criminals with long-entrenched dope habits, and no real inspiration to do anything better. If you think there are a lot of Mensa candidates who smoke weed, you should consider that 100% of the prison population shares that predilection.

    And you know what? Drinking is not the only alternative to smoking dope. What a concept.


    1. Rob :

      Thanks for the compliment, nice to hear.

      But no, not ‘all except for that’. This country has a strong streak of Puritanism that was reinforced by the anti-drug propaganda beginning with Anslinger, who was responding to the opportunities created by the Temperance movement in the 1800s that also resulted in Prohibition.

      Fact : cannabis is stronger than alcohol, but has the same general effects on consciousness at substantially lower cost in general physiological effect. Propose to stop and have a beer or glass of wine with someone after work, not an eyeblink anywhere. Propose to stop and share a toke, entirely different level of reaction, and for zero good reason.

      Fuck moralizing. This is engineering. Fact is, our species’ tendency to like being high is built in to the physiology of all animals. We don’t understand it yet, but it appears to be one of the fundamental values, food, sex, drugs, rock n roll, play, good conversation, interesting problems to deal with. I am a conservative, thus not ashamed of my love for any of those, don’t believe any of us should be. I am proud of our species’ record in satisfying those fundamental values at ever-declining cost. (Read ‘Bonobo Nation’ and tell me if you laugh. I thought it was funny, nobody has laughed yet.)

      It seems to me we have some way to go in the area of sex, e.g. read Sex At Dawn, but am withholding judgment until there is more genetic and anthropology info on the topic.

      Everything I see says that a society using cannabis is perfectly consistent with high level civilization. Better be, because we are, and that won’t stop whether we advocate yeah or nay.


      Added on re-reading : We are not the first civilization to use cannabis. Also, read the recent article on whether Shakespeare was using it. They also called it ‘weed’, hippies are so traditional.


      1. Lew, I’ve read this whole thread. Good back ‘n forth. You display better “reserve” than I would have…
        Some of your perspectives reminds me of the “Fourth Drive” theory of Ronald K Siegel. His book “Intoxication”, was one of the first I read which described an “anti-Puritanical” stance based in biology, not morality. Are you familiar with his work?
        Also, I am unable to track down “Bonobo Nation”, in any form except as a non-profit group working towards education and conservation goals. Would you give a more complete title, or description of the work you have referred to, here? I’ve always liked bonobos….

        Came to your blog, btw, from a comment on a ZeroHedge article :”Entire Baltimore Neighborhood Under Lockdown: “Police Declared Martial Law”, dated 11-20-17.
        HA! –I just checked the poster. You might know him? (lol!)


      2. Indeed, I make enough intelligent comments my fellow commenters forgive a bit of self-promotion. Without that, nobody would ever read anything on this site and I wouldn’t have comments to respond to.


        That is one of my better lines of thought, I think.

        No, I don’t know Siegel, but the only one of his on amazon is Intoxication, I will order that to add to the 5 foot stack of books I want to read soon. My eyes are far larger than my brain.

        Thanks for the comment. I don’t get many.

        If you like this kind of stuff, try https://thinkpatriot.wordpress.com/generalissimo-and-scheherazade/

        It isn’t much of a novel, but there are some fine ideas in all those words, and I hope to begin extending it in the next few months.


        Liked by 1 person

  6. The only laws the cops enforce are the meaningless laws against the State- lemonade stands, selling loosies, walking down the street etc.
    Not the real crime with actual human victims.
    The number of murders “solved” is less than 50% and robbery, mugging, burglary etc are reported to the cops only for insurance purposes.

    The cops are the retail level distributors of the main product of the State: violence


  7. Lew,

    I bet you can’t come up with a rationalization for marijuana use that I didn’t hear in the ’60s. The fact remains, whether you’re still annoyed at your parents or not, marijuana use is insidious and dangerous. It doesn’t in the least matter that “they” disapprove of it. Straw men about earlier civilizations etc are at the very least disingenuous – which is a nickel word signifying “You do too know what I mean.” Plenty of us who’ve been there and done that have come back to tell you horror stories. How easy is it to dismiss that?

    The bottom line, for me, is that I smoked pot for 40 years, in every kind of economic circumstance, and you didn’t. I trust the evidence of my own senses, and what I’ve seen is that giving already-questionable people a further excuse for ignoring their own judgement is not a good idea.

    And hey – write this down. I already know that it doesn’t matter what I think, or what you think either. Ten years ago I was writing publicly that the debate about the “legalization” of marijuana amounted to little more than mental masturbation. The war on drugs is over, said I. Drugs won. And I’ll tell you, folks oughta give a lot more consideration to the possible synchronicity between casual acceptance of drug use over the last few decades, and the random chaos that has overtaken our society. Merely a coincidence? You decide.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Rob :

      ‘Insidious and dangerous’ : you need to support that for your argument to have weight. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms even after very heavy use for long periods, cannabis cannot cause overdose itself and does not interact much at a physiological or neuro-pharmacological level with the drugs that can cause overdose deaths. I do not know of repeatable / repeated studies (Ioannidis says 50% of peer-reviewed literature in the most prestigious journals are wrong) that show long-term mental or physical problems as a result of using cannabis. The studies on the Rastafarians over the years have not found anything significant, I believe. Not even lung damage from the smoking.

      We had much higher drug use in the era 1880 – 1920 before prohibition. Every drug store sold narcotics and elixirs with lots of alcohol and cannabis. Didn’t have chaos then, so drugs are not the only cause of chaos.

      My experience is not similar to yours. In the technical community, many EEs and software people smoke cannabis. Some are stoned a lot, write code. People are lousy intuitive statisticians, but it isn’t apparent to me that careers of those who did and those who didn’t were different.

      Our home includes 2 young men, both manage 5+ people. I see their group’s drug use, very much cannabis on Friday, Sat evenings. They don’t drink beer much at all, nothing harder. And they get up at 7AM every morning and work long hours, 12 hour days are common for them. Serious technical work, dealing with servers, electronics, diagnosing problems, customers, … Our kids and their friends are all fine people living good lives and being productive citizens. They get high and listen to music, play games (game performance doesn’t drop much, they tell me) and laugh and have fun. Nobody gets sick or belligerant, their parties are much nicer than the ones I attended at their age with alcohol as the main drug. Worst that happens is someone falls asleep for a while.

      We have independent information about their performance in their work, hear nothing but praise. They both get promotions and raises and management is very anxious to keep them.

      As a parent, I can try prohibition and admonition or accept that people experiment with drugs and understand cannabis is the least dangerous drug to experiment with. Guess what works? I told them, always, “If you don’t need to get high, don’t. If you do, use cannabis.” And the risks I was concerned with were legal/social, not effects of the drug. Those physiological risks are not zero, but certainly are low.

      Other parents don’t accept it, although they know their kids smoke cannabis. Their kids are in our home, I am protecting their kids from the dangers of being in public stoned, which is the alternative their parents left them with.

      So it isn’t a rationalization. It is reality, people use drugs, people have always used drugs and people are adopting the minimum risk, maximum fun drug, finally, now that they are being left alone. My estimate of the damage to society (there will be some from any action anyone takes, that is the nature of nature) is pretty low, certainly very much lower than other drugs. Would I rather nobody did any recreational drug? No, that isn’t human, more Puritanism — same as saying people shouldn’t do sex, it is the same kind of physiological mechanisms in our brains driving both. Anyone who doesn’t remember their fun drug experiences, especially sex and drugs, has a bad memory or has lead a too-restricted life. I always thought that LSD was a 2 week vacation in a weekend, a real trip and a real relief when I was working 70 hour weeks.

      The chaos in our society, it seems to me, is the direct result of our insane laws, the progressive attempt to design the future of our society. You can evolve large complex systems, you cannot design them. The perfect storm combo of a welfare state and drug laws produced our modern inner city, not the use of drugs.

      Thank you again for the compliments and discussion. I learn from all this, even continual restatement is useful, prompts new thinking.

      Added later : even worse, I see you have not yet laughed at Bonobo Nation. You could have been first.


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