Starve The Beast : Scaling Small-Town Tax Avoidance

Some years ago, I went to a friend’s opening of her restaurant in a small town in Vermont.

Because I was a friend, I was put at the friends table with several local people.  They were all different backgrounds and relationships to the proprietor, but the man next to me was owner of the women’s apparel store.  We had a good conversation and were the last at the table.  As he got ready to go, he signed the check.  Left it on the table.

I said “You must come here often, to run a tab.”

His reply changed the way I view economists and economies and societies.*  He said “Not exactly a tab.  She collects those, brings them down when she wants a dress.  We trade, she gets a good discount.  Then I adjust my inventory to show those clothes were stolen.  Or maybe they never existed, because my supplier is happy to deliver nice clothes, cash in his hand, no paperwork at all.  I think those are honest, the manufacturers doing longer runs than they report to the tax man, but I can’t be sure.  Car dealer gives big discounts to the rest of us … Fair prices, low prices compared to invoice, and no taxes.  We all live better. What’s not to like?  Probably 30% of the economy of a small town is off the books, cash, favors, loans, signed checks all part of the transactions.”

Business taxes, especially sales taxes, are a significant source of income for our statist masters.  So a major effort in the patriot movement should be toward starving the beast.  Let us think how to make tax avoidance a national past-time and a way of extending our social influence, personal chains of trust, and shared-trust financial systems.  We need tax attorneys and accountants doing in their world what the III% militias are doing in theirs, the gun-rights campaigners in theirs, and what I hope will be III% engineers doing in ours.

The advantages of low taxes could revitalize mainstreet economies.  It is the advantage we need to overcome our oligarch’s trading treaties, and Walmart’s advantages of scale.

I am not a finance guy, so I leave that to others.  But it seems to me that secrecy will help that.  So the various efforts to build networks into which governments cannot go is an important goal for us to win quickly and cleanly.

Don’t you think?  There must be many among you readers who are competent to at least work on the specifications for the projects?  That is step 1.

If we get some specifications ‘done’, or at least widely talked about, we can recruit a project leader who recruits a team and runs the Kickstarter.

*Thinking back, I must be transparent for him to trust me so fast.  Don’t you make that mistake, or I might reveal your state also.

Also, this event and conversation really happened, I am making none of it up.  It was a few sentences on the way to the parking lot.  Honestly, as an honestly-honest member of the Honest Party.

7 thoughts on “Starve The Beast : Scaling Small-Town Tax Avoidance

  1. You should read Eric frank Russell’s masterpiece, “And Then There Where None”

    It is a classic tale of consent, (the most powerful weapon ever devised), and how which you wonderfully write about here is possible.

    Read it as a teenager, 47 years later it only improved with age.

    If you like ATTWN, you will definitely like Victoria:
    Another great story of refusing to comply. It is about how NewEngland secedes from the slavery of the state, and abolition of government in the classic meaning.


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