Patriots Should Support Muslims In Using Sharia Law

We patriots are never going to win at the ballot box in this country.  Our chances of having our own country any time soon can not be known, but are arguably low.  Thus, we should work toward our goals beginning with there here and now in the US of A, 2015, using whatever tools are available.  Progressives are excellent tools, when handled correctly, imho.

Specifically, we are not going to change many laws nor affect enough elections to change the way that MSM treats us and our views.  So we need to take every opportunity to set up better futures for our groups, to allow us to co-exist in peace with people who really would like to force us to be just like them under their laws.  We need shelter from those laws, and Sharia Law is a path to that shelter.

Sharia Law is a traditional legal code.  In some countries it is the public law, in others a private law under which both sides must voluntarily agree to be judged, judgement done by a Mullah.  Other such legal codes are Beth Din in Jewish tradition, Catholic Canon law applied to members of the church*, and private law of all kinds, many used for many years in every country of the world.

We patriots are much interested in separating our culture, people with our values, from mainstream society.  We should support others in their efforts, especially ‘others’ who will automatically have Progressive support and which establish precedents that we will need to reach our goals.

There is no downside to this.  No individual need be governed by any private law if they do not wish it.  No civilization I am aware of has collapsed due to having multiple cultures or using multiple legal codes.**  In fact, historically it has been an infallible way of producing higher wealth.

Reasons for patriots to support the use of Sharia Law :

  • Freedom

Freedom means being able to choose a wide variety of paths.  Indeed, some of those lead to hell, but free people get to choose and the rest of us get to watch.

It is no skin off my nose if people choose to live under other laws.  It only affects me if I have a dispute with someone who wants to live under a different set of laws than I do.  We can negotiate to choose a court.  If we fail to agree, default is the ‘local’ law.

  • Examples

I personally think that Sharia Law is a leftover from old times.  Not entirely wrong, it certainly embodies good points and can’t be too awful, otherwise the Muslim civilizations would not have risen so high.  I think it is an attempt to use an old culture to regain the greatness of those days.  Possibly that has worked somewhere, no cases come to mind, but maybe.

Meanwhile, cases and people’s experience are instructive.  Can’t have too many examples in figuring what things we might want to use or avoid.

  • Precedent for our Patriot Private law

Replacing current law is the first reform to be done, and having our own Patriot Law would give us a head start for when we have a territory for our own.  I am convinced that a rework of the basis of law would provide a large advantage to our patriot society.

But that is guess, handwaving, hopefulness.  There is one very solid reason driving this entire discussion.

Consider advantages to having cases between patriots judged by our judges in our courts under our standard of secrecy.  Among other benefits, no information would leak to a tax authority.  Lower taxes are key to making our culture competitive, to bring jobs home to our people.  Being able to settle disputes between patriots without leaking information to default law authorities is an important element in making that work.  Private law allows it, public law doesn’t.

QED, but you may think of other advantages.

So we should form legal teams and cooperate with the Mullahs who want formal recognition of Sharia Law as an alternative to many provisions of standard law.  We can support the efforts of their judges by, for example, having provisions in our current system that allows people to accept that law entirely.  The Mullah says you deserve to lose your head, OK so long as you agree in the current system to accept that punishment, we should have no concern.

Honor Killings are sure to come up here, horrifying to our sensibilities.***  Same thing, bring your daughter to our courts and show that she agrees she deserves the punishment.  Otherwise, it is a murder, automatically in the standard legal system, as there is no one to consent to being tried under private law.

We need private law.  We should help Muslims retain theirs****.  Progressives will help.  We win.

*The reason for the child molesting cases costing the Catholic Church so much $, they really should have put those back into the standard legal system.  Otoh, Janet Reno’s and other prosecutor’s handling of early of child molestation cases wasn’t an encouraging example of justice at work.

**Peoples have killed their own civilization by their responses to other cultures, not at all the same process, that can’t be blamed on the newcomer.

***But how easily we accept the German Generals’ decisions to adhere to their oaths of allegiance to Der Furher, which killed more of their families than any patriarch in Arab society has managed.  Explain to me the moral difference, please.

****Especially if you think Muslims are enemies and their laws horribly flawed.  Help them fail.


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