Amnesty Program For Israeli-Neocons

It is time to consider an Amnesty Program for Israeli-Neocons.

Also, how to handle the problem of them not accepting our kind offer.

Around the world, Israeli-Neocons are depending on power to keep their heads, as do their many criminal associates in finance and other industries, especially military suppliers. As they have very considerable power within the governments of the world, and control of enormous cash flows, it will take some time to remove them from power.

While they are in power, we can expect them to continue with the stream of False Flag operations they have produced here at home and around the world, either very hands-on, in control of every minor step, as was 9/11, or remotely as perhaps in Paris, tho not likely more than one step to any of the others.  Guilty of all, just perhaps not so directly-guilty of some.

And we can expect them to continue their wars of aggression, the so very many innocents killed by those wars.  The killings continue.

This is our proposal to resolve the problem without making things worse.

You Israeli-Neocons have families and associates in many organizations, government and private.  You, of course, must take care of them out of loyalty or fear that they will track you down and kill you if you don’t.  This offer extends to who all who wish to accept it.

To all of you who will be found guilty of the great crimes of the last 15 years, understanding the great misery that will befall the world if we do anything extending your wars or using military means to evict you from power, we* propose these terms of your surrender:

First, you must decide between merely fleeing with your fortune and this deal. If you flee with your fortune, we will pursue you with all of the forces available to us on the internet.  ‘Outlaw’ would be a good summary of your status with respect to our forces.  Your life will not be peaceful, and you will be forever confined to a single state, Israel. When the citizens of Israel comprehend what you have done to them and the name ‘Jew’, you may wish you had accepted this alternative.  Just a hint, in case you haven’t thought the problem through, the Good German defense probably won’t work.

Alternatively, you can choose this Amnesty Program, all provisions contained herein, no negotiating. Also, if we discover any dishonesty on your part at any time in the future, this agreement, is void, putting you into the ‘pursued’ category. For our part, we will treat you with full human rights for as long as we hold you, with full access to friends and family. You need not fear for your safety, and will be delivered safely to anywhere you wish at the end of our interrogation.

First, you, and your family if associated with your crimes in any way, agree to confess all. This includes an accurate accounting of your wealth, properties, belongings, accounts, … in every detail.  It includes answering all of the questions put to you by the many people on the internet who take an interest in the proceedings.  You will provide full assistance in interpreting any documents we may have. The questioning will be proportional to the crimes, we have no reason to waste our time.  As we will use interactive video in much of the questioning, with the copy freely available to all, you have full access to the world to plead your case. Hiding or destroying documents will likely prolong your period of interrogation.

Details will include your associations, your meetings with members of government and others.  This will be a very extensive investigation, as comprehensive as we can make it, with all of the leads fully tracked.** We will uncover every smudge in America’s workings.

At the completion of this process in your case, we will work with you to release you. ‘We’ on this side of the contract are an amorphous mass of ordinary folks who happen to be interested in particular cases, for whatever reason.  Of course some of those reasons could be vengeance. We will be alert for that, and do our best to counteract it.  Our goal is to make this process the basis of a new understanding of governance of ourselves. We don’t want that corrupted by any bias or hidden threads.

But ‘work with you’ is all we can promise, that we treat this as a mutual exploration of handling situations like this, in the full light of day.  No doubt both of us will see improvements as we go.  Sorry we can’t promise more, but this is our first time running an open Amnesty investigation. Probably your first time charged as a war criminal, also.

Our goal in this contract is to extract information and wealth from you, giving us an end to the killings and chaos and to the information we need to clean up our society, leaving you 10% of your family’s wealth and free passage from our country to wherever you might wish to go.  We will hold your children below the age of 16 harmless, they will be treated as any other citizen of our shores, tho your family’s wealth will be treated as part of yours.

Anyone threatened by the process is eligible to join the amnesty program, but if we identify you before you join, you get to keep 5%, not 10%.

We can only shield you, however, from public-money pursuit. Private suits are not within our power to affect.

A hint which we believe to be to your benefit : Council helping you decide on amnesty should bring up the concept of “prisoner’s dilemma with large numbers of conspirators” early in the discussion.  If they do not, they are not being honest with you, get someone who is.

Those 2 classes handle the easy cases, escape and pursuit or surrender to a benign power far greater than themselves and a path to a measure of forgiveness and minimum worry about the many forms of Bunny Banging our future undoubtedly holds.

The hard case is the people in power who love the power and think they can maintain their power in a world of an aroused internet.  They must be shown the power of the internet to channel an enraged and engaged people in the great game of ‘humble thy master’.  You who choose to resist us will be playing against the combined ingenuity of all of the gamers of the world.

If you in this group doubt we will win very decisively, we suggest you have not understood the problem of sabotage in a society of high-technology infrastructure.  You will become very poor, quicker than you can believe. This is a time to deal, not to fight.

Status Quo participants in crime, if we citizens have to do this, anyone who has not accepted this Amnesty will be treated as an enemy combatant.  Not your Rules Of Engagement, ours, so be assured of your ultimate loss. We believe you will not be able to depend on your normal sources of support under these circumstances.

Minions and normal sources of support : If this comes to a fight, you all need to choose sides, as Shrub said “you’re for us or you’re agin us”.  Actively help or just walk away, but you are deciding the kind of people you wish to live among. You can’t hide your past in this electronic world.  Your neighbors will know, your life will be more pleasant if you join us.

Be assured, this is no idle threat***, this ‘threat’ section is merely a description of what has been happening as we citizens have become very concerned about our lying, criminal rulers and their violations of our Constitution. We are coordinating online and have decided we must be able to oppose our government militarily and in all other ways. You may have noticed arms and ammunition sales in the US.

We are still deciding how to best do this and when, but many plans have already been made, and militias train every weekend through much of the year. Patriots are popular, have you noticed? Our popularity is the inverse of the various Presidential candidate’s popularity this year.

The CIA says that sabotage campaigns are very hard to deal with. We agree, they will be, and many of us have devoted considerable thought to making the disruption even larger.

Gameplayers of all kinds : The best massively-multiplayer game ever is about to start, and the roles you create with the innovations you use to ding our masters will give you bragging rights forever, the first fully-documented*** exploits of this nature in history.

You in the Status Quo and miniondom don’t want to be on the wrong side of that game****. The most intelligent and knowledgeable and creative will be playing against you.  The people who build the systems you inhabit, and know every chink and seam.  Thus, your systems will break and your investments will be much hurt.  We have been prepping, we are resilient, you will hurt first.

If you or your council have questions, you can let us know via your editorial pages, should this medium not suit you. There are many details to be decided, of course, such as the organization or facility that will hold you. These may not be jails after initial investigation : after all, you have not run, cooperation may be assumed.

As anyone can see from our discussions, we have not entirely decided, here on the internet, to implement this plan, so you have time to consider it.  Don’t wait too long, the situation is very unstable, natural events could be interpreted as false flags.  Who knows how a FF would be interpreted? People are getting very skeptical.

You do understand, we hope, that we are trying to avert a rage response and consequent purge of you rulers and minions.  We so hope you help enough, fast enough.

Please.  This can be a no-fault transition with no loss of life, and all of us much wealthier than the alternative.  It is the best offer you will get.


*We are citizens of the every country, all of whom have been injured to some degree by your criminality.  There could be no truly neutral jury, this is the best you will get.

**Fully tracked. When all the bored housewifes and grandmothers on Facebook get involved, watch what happens.  The world is about to learn about itself.

***Youtube should add server capacity, we should have bought GoPro stock.

****One small example of how bad things could get if we must escalate, and merely one engineer’s musings. Add 3D printers and a bunch of 1st world tools and know how, combine with the adventurousness available in any population and the competitive spirit … Don’t let this go too long.

Everyone needs to keep in mind that, while ‘first they laugh’, etc.  Mostly they go on laughing and something completely unexpected ends them because they didn’t take any of the range of ideas seriously and weren’t paying attention. Just doing my part in the psyops games.  They shouldn’t sleep at night, and they probably have a better imagination about their dangers than we do.


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