*Warnings about warnings about warnings, recursively infesting your brain with my ideas.

Written entirely by a patriot who thinks we need to think carefully about how to best regain Freedom, as merely starting to shoot people has gone so wrong so often in history, however satisfying it must have been, judging from how satisfying it would be to me.

There is no doubt our rulers, the oligarchy + government + Status Quo minions, are far out of control and appear to be planning to use repression against us in the 99% of citizens.  Think Germany, 1935 or Russia, 1910.  Everybody in those countries at those times had a very uncertain future, they just didn’t know it.  Almost all of them missed the importance of WWII in their individual lives, and many starved or died because they didn’t get excited about the craziness happening around them, let themselves think it normal history in the making.   No, no.  Each of those was the end of an era.

This is the end of an era, world-wide, I believe.

There is no doubt that this is a propaganda war and that MSM is winning it.  I believe that the internet can win this if we all pool our best thinking, most careful and wise analysis.

My contribution is presented as blogs on a wide variety of topics, but many comments on the propaganda surrounding us and all the things not discussed.  Also, a series of future histories, speeches by people who don’t exist, strange things I notice. The standard blogs are a result of my poking around on the net, writing to understand, the others follow from that.

Comments will be read and appreciated.  I promise to use any of your good thoughts and meld them with mine.  I hope you do the same with mine.  No attributions necessary, I was so proud when I noticed someone in another blog had used a phrase of mine I thought especially clever.

As an honestly honest member of the Honest Party, I remind you that bits of humanity like that are writers ways of getting inside your defenses.  Assume I am the worst person in the world, who wants to take over your brain with my seductive words.  I do.

You should not believe anything of what you hear or read, we are all trying to mislead you.  And will, if you don’t filter everything through your own judgment.  That distributed judgment is the 99%’s edge in this game, if you choose to use it.

The Who, What and Why of This Blog (Every blogger gets a big head and does such a post.  I haven’t actually done much of what I promised, am working on several talking about engineering tools.  I have 50 tabs open, all notes and scraps of thought.  I write too long, so they don’t get finished quickly.)

Be warned : This is why I don’t claim to be an expert and try to check them, always. Thinking ‘is this sensible based on what I know about my area of expertise’ is often illuminating.  Digging deeply is best.  There are few perfect answers and are often hard to recognize.

More warnings : I just a few moments ago realized something yet more explicitly, it had been dawning for some time.  That was, as I left yet another very good article open to read again, and copied the link to use in a blog post I was sort-of working on, and had been for some time.

When I gave up and did some house keeping, thinning out some fine thoughts that could so easily become a post by themselves, I left 20 topics, the ones with the most complete thoughts, some links, waiting for the spark that would give them life.  Not quite an exaggeration, it is amazing the threads of thought a mind can see before as it explores things that strike it as interesting.  So I read a lot on the net and books, and widely, and the ease of finding links to support my latest wild-dumb-foolish- etc interesting idea is laughable, probability is high any random article will connect to one of the many threads of thought I work on in bits and pieces and random thoughts.

An attentive mind finds positive evidence for or thoughts to be defeated by their wildest opinions with no problem at all.  I follow links that interest me, and who could have guessed?  I find links that are interesting to me, that really connect to my ideas and help evolve my thinking. And I find that because everyone is running a Google page rank in their head, what ideas and facts connect to these to prove my point?

That really should tell you about the untrustworthiness of your own opinions, they can’t be any better than your sources, and probably not even that, as we easily forget all of the caveats in the original and all of the self-referential definitions and groupthink that went into your sources’ opinions.

Mine of course, are different, as my opinions are generally against having opinions : logic-destroying advice as solution. Mostly we get the questions wrong, my current thread of control, for which I am finding evidence everywhere, really wise men supporting my opinion perfectly.  Be warned, real prophets are important because they are wrong in interesting ways.  Gurus mostly aren’t wrong, they are fortune-tellers pretending to be advisors of one kind or another.

Faux expertise is easy.  We super-generalists are the last to know, but entertainingly.

Light-weight threads, I skip around a lot because I don’t entirely control my life.  Am back up to over 50 open topics, each lightning rods attracting links that will support my position.

*This web site propagandizes about anti-propaganda, warns about warnings, and otherwise intentionally, systematically and effectively reduces your ability to think simplistically.  For some sizes and efficiencies of minds, that may be equivalent to inability to think, I encourage you to view that as an improvement, better no thoughts than simple thoughts, no thoughts don’t get you into trouble so actively.

The rest of the reason this particular warning is here is that I, the only writer on this site so far, was accused of being a government agent, informant/provacateur in a comment on zerohedge a couple of days ago.  Tentatively accused, I hold no animus, it was legitimate speculation, I finally realized after obsessing about it all night.

Not true, tho I can only convince of that with actions. I was startled, and just understood that the way to deal with it is to warn about it.  And warn and warn and warn, you will stop paying attention to the warnings and my quest for world domination can proceed.

No offers of assistance in that quest yet, but will let you know if I get offers.  As an honestly honest member of the Honesty Party, I really think such full disclosures are necessary.  No kidding, secrecy and shame in your society inevitably leads to the end of Freedom.  My chief regret is not having more to be ashamed of, and then not being ashamed.  If we had all had those attitudes, we would have more Freedom now, and not be facing the necessity of revolution.

I keep telling my wife we should practice that more, breaking such tempting social taboos, she is a hard woman to convince of things.  Oh well, people don’t die from unfulfilled desires per se, tho the extremes they seem willing to go often kill them.  So my wife has a certain wisdom in her pov, I very very reluctantly admit, while looking for an argument that might convince.

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll is good theory, seems to me.  But it may be just another failed analysis.  The only way to know for sure is to test your ideas, get out there and evolve society.

This is one of the first of the year’s worth of admissions of personal flaw, one thread in the series that will lead to recognizing what an awesome human being I am, and thus qualified and capable and trustworthy to run the world.  Be warned.

See?, it is working already.  You didn’t take that seriously, have already forgotten about the main thing you should be concerned about.  Unless my quest for world domination is the thing being disguised.  Confused you already, and you are more willing to drop the entire problem.  World domination is so easy.  And watch this :

This web site has a new policy : if you can tell when I am being serious, I am doing something wrong AND the psychiatrists got my meds right again. It is part of a pro-active security policy the Generalissimo insists upon.  You can’t be too careful.  Scherrhy explains it to me as political hygiene.


As an honestly honest writer, I should give you some indication of the amount that I self-edit.  This was part of that above, a rant when I couldn’t sleep, too much coffee.  you can decide what is true, you can’t expect a man to be honest about this kind of thing, only not blackmailable.  I evolved that standard just now, as I write this, so it is a rough-draft real-time product, warnings of Trumpism, definitions tending to favor people who meet them, mostly.

I am enough without sin in the world of lax definitions of sins that I can’t be blackmailed.  Pretty much the best you should expect, and if that was a high-enough standard and proof of any claims above that required a lot more disclosure, sort of a social version of extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary proofs, it would be reality data, not another layer of facade.  But please do not believe me, think the worst.  Then I don’t have to be careful about anything but the health of all of our minds, a considerably higher standard of morality than the PC version we have now. (See what I did there?)  This is my first thught on the subject.

The accusation of working for some government to entrap patriots was a considerable shock to me. I still can’t get what made him see some hidden side to me. True I cackle heiniously at odd intervals, always sided with Snidley Whiplash when I was a kid, but it seems to me my background makes it unlikely. But good to be cautious, I accept that one should suspect even a character as obvious as I think mine to be.

Nevertheless, it must be plain to all that my mother generally expects the worst of me, and I always tell my wife about every single evil thought I have, often in considerable detail, and have bragged incessantly to her about all of my sexual exploits before meeting her, she can recite the entire 14 minute 37s brag, coaches me on the little bits of the litany I miss out once in a while, and except for those 14.37s of excitement and joy, the life of an engineer is pretty dull, except for all the interesting people I get to talk to because I strike up conversations with the most unlikely people, and my wife talks all day, and we exchange a lot of gossip every night, so I would be hard to blackmail.

I can’t be sure about bribes, however. If they offered me an Iggy?!?
I will try to be strong.

Go ahead, vote for the prig moralists. You deserve what you got, but Freedom is what got screwed.

The Honest Party is the party of minimum morals, we aren’t blackmailable because we mind our own business and don’t hurt people, we don’t make enemies and people like our laid back style.  We get to talk to a lot of interesting people I bet you might not have found interesting.  When you all hold yourselves to the same high standard of being able to talk to the world’s interesting people because your attitudes invite it, our nation can be rescued.

Vote for lower legal standards of morals, that is a vote for Freedom.


Yes, this is getting to the level of insidious sedition of the world’s common understandings I had hoped for when I began this blog.  Practice leads to improvement.

Have you noticed that you all keep reading the warnings about propaganda and how warnings don’t work, and how every minor bit of human-making detail in a blog like this make the writer seem more credible, and so you accept stuff like that into your mind?

One more time, this very great wisdom, so plausible to me, is words intended to affect minds.  My mind thinks those things on the fly, my mental meaning processing mechanisms as I understand the world, a very non-linear world being modeled by a very non-linear mind, and I write plausible stuff, on the fly.  ‘Plausible’ meaning my model of what other minds like, at least a subset (here I would put a vague and flattering description of the people I think ‘get’ my message, and produce converts when people map themselves onto the vague and flattering etc, were I less than an absolute master propagandist, who has convinced your that I am working on behalf of your interests, by refraining and by pointing out that refraining, recursively reassuring.

I like it, it seems very reasonable and logical.  I think I could live and love in a world like that, that it would be better than the world we live in.

And again I remind you of all of history, in which people like me lead the rest of us into insanity and every kind of ruin and loss.  People of persuasive power are to be avoided for mental equilibrum, you need the strongest filters against us.

And again I remind you, the best of our human world is achieved by free minds and free bodies working in conditions of social and physical wealth in cooperation with other free minds and free bodies.  And that no small group of people can define good for that great mass of humanity, there are as many goods and paths to the good, and that we are all entitled to our own opinion to the exact extent that we ignore other’s opinions.  That is massively repeated wisdom of the ages, somehow lost in our most modern era.

I intend that to be the world I was describing, one free to evolve, plenty of feedback.  The problem with shame is the feedback of individual experience is pushed to the back of public consciousness, both by our automatic don’t-notice-that psychology that also hides 9/11 FF and Sandy Hoaxen and psychological distance that their category of catering to sin creates between us and the caterers means we don’t need to empathize with that segment of humanity.  Same as with field laborers, foreigners in general. And up and down the social ladders, our rulers care about themselves, we humans tend to do that.  George Soros is just Jefferson City management and their law firms at different social and economic scale, both equally exploitive of positions of wealth and power.

And, so shocked to realize, the ethics and the laws in each of these areas keep the cost of sin up and maximizes the cut of the middle-men, e.g. pimps and brothal operators and heads of retail drug distribution, by lowering the social status of the people doing the work.  And funds the deep state and associated crony-capitalist businesses that is taking us into slavery.

We live in an open, evolving, complex system, you can’t do just one thing and you can’t have much idea about the long-term effects of anything you do, as individuals or a society. Every law and attitude and behavior has a lot of different effects and effects at multiple levels of the total system.  But clearly the net vector of our social attitudes and set of laws has FUBARed our society, allowed a criminal cabal to take over our government, and the only way back is repealing a lot of laws and tracing and exposing the money and social connections that the criminals used to do this to our country.

Completely solid gold propaganda, if I do say so myself.  Signed, Lucifer. (Another warning that you will ignore, also. When I begin my quest for world domination, you guys are easy meat.)

And no to the question which appeared in my mind as I read the above, what sex worker has captured me. No such thing in my life, my wife won’t allow me to, and I am too cheap. But after the planned domination event, I anticipate a harem.

Even more lustre to the gold.  Mental toast.

And, you know, the exact opposite result is almost guaranteed to happen. We will instead have a wave of moralism and stricter laws of all kinds, with the rampant immorality that is the most-visible part of the deep corruption the excuse, because they are needed to cow enough of the population, support the police and the courts in the continuing repression. Have I not read about the Israeli-Neocons having good relations with American church groups, in fact, subsidizing some of those groups?

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  1. If you EVER want to take ads, ping me at once. I’m the founder of EMP Survival Systems. Damn do you write what I want to read. We just might have some things that you want. Hit me some time, or not. Just keep writing, please. Love those ideas! [EMPSurvivalSystems.com]


  2. Are you coming back? I love your articles and thought experiments. Please come back, we need you now. I check in here once a week to see when you’re back.

    Please come back. Soon.



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