Daily Reading #379

Ntt well, leaving town for some good air, so no posts for a few days.

Our government is scum. They collect secrets they can’t keep secret, given the limitations of technology in general and their extensive use of Microsoft’s Windows OSs. So their solution is to destroy whistleblowers :



The Navy no longer has competent and honest officers. They are consumed by paperwork, the same problem that has reduced the integrity of Army officers :


The Deep Black Swamp’s interest were furthered by the killing of our troops in Manbij :



Pound the frame, big lie propaganda :



Tropical rainforrests are not quiet :


I got this from Naked Capitalism, who says it is very idealized, and cites the behaviors of upper classes. OK, we know that doesn’t work, the upper classes are the most dysfunctional parts of the society, and the rest of us have become so as we have adopted their approach to families.

I grew up on a farm.  Our father was a major part of our lives, and provided a great deal of training about how to do everything. We learned by working with him, Blind spots like this and the lack of understanding of the basic cultural traits of hunter-gathererer societies are what allow idiocies like ‘toxic masculinity’.

Excellent article :



Daily Reading #378

Honesty in all upright people is a requirement of civilization :



I knew Rubio was a shit, this is proof. He ran for President? And thinks this might help in the future? Rubio clearly does not have good judgment :


More 5th generation warfare thinking by Robert Gore. Cause a run on the banks, unravel the entire system real quick :

The Yellow Vests Get it Right, by Robert Gore


George Webb reveals some new perps, including Dick Cheney :

The manifesto of a world-wide Deplorables Party :



Of course they were. Ditto ISIS. Ditto the US and Saudi Arabia, drugs for weapons, … :

This is the system that George Webb’s investigations show to be made in the Ukraine and sold around the world in the drugs for weapons deals. The CIA handles the drugs-to-money operations :



Watson is correct in his statement that there is no reason to believe intelligence has evolved identically in different populations. But all the rest of this is based on IQ tests, which are inherently culturally biased. Must be true, after all, you can study for an IQ test.  The only way to avoid that is a physiological measure. There is no such measure :

3D printing with intersecting light beams is 100X faster than filament printing :


Daily Reading #377

We classical liberals are leading the political realignment in the world. This is a great conversation. A wise woman, she wants to destroy academic apartments as a major reform, me too. My version was teaching the world by decade, relating everything science, culture, economy, wars, … Context, context, context. The meaning is in the context.

Paglia makes clear the our current SJWs are ignorant, a change fostered by universities when they eliminated history, etc. broad requirements. We are graduating the most ignorant students in the history of the world More of them, more degrees, higher degrees, but more ignorant of life, science, culture and history because so little of what they have learned is related to anything else, no context.

I also think Paglia is flat wrong wrt development of homosexuality. Those sons had blurred relationships with their mother as a result of their biology, the biology determined their sexuality, not their relationship with their mother.

She is very right, fucking with the language is an attack on us all, of our means of understanding the universe and our position within it.

Peterson’s point that we only have dumb terrorists, or none, is correct.  Any smart terrorist would have found a major point of failure already. Also, his point that the best predictor of genocide is the killing culture feeling they are victims, and the sense of victimhood our identity culture inculcates, point to a bad future.  I have predicted for many years that the Israelis will finish genocide they have begun.

Consider the changes in the power to be heard this reveals. 1.7M views. Peterson and Paglia routinely get 10s of 1000s of views, often half a million. How many students have these 2 professors, both of whose courses are crowded, lectured personally to in their jobs? Not many professors lecture to 1.7M students in their lives, these people have done so in a conversation that is far more interesting than even their best lectures.

We could abolish most colleges tomorrow and never the miss them, then fire 90% of the administrators in the last few and turn the control of colleges back to the  few remaining classical liberal professors. That would be reform of education.  Nothing less will change much.

Ideologies as fragmentary versions of archetypal mythology is an interesting idea :

I don’t agree about why civilization arose. Hunter-gathererer bands and culture are civilized wrt treating their own members. Civilization is necessary for people to deal with tribes, other cultures and their own social institutions :

No kidding, “The reality is that the US has been sliding into authoritarianism, plutocracy and oligarchy, or dare we say fascism, for decades” :


SPLC is a very rich operation, big donors, and  a major element in the Deep Black Swamp’s propaganda operations.  They deserve to lose everything and spend a long time in jail for that fraud, but this is a good first step :


Yes, war whores lie and collude with the enemies they created, trained, funded and supplied :


Bruce Ohr is a Deep Black Swamp operative and designated patsy who did his best to CYA :


NSA is part of the swamp, obviously :


Saudi Arabia buys laws for cash. Israel does the same, but AIPAC handles the $ :


British politicians are just as dirty as US politicians, murder in order to take over companies, strip banks, … The claim here is that the Panamanian papers were really from London :

Zeihan is impressive, but wrong about fundamentals. Could be this changes with further technology, or very high prices for oil. Very high prices is a much different future than Zeihan projects :


The sun is not so stable, with major consequences for earth. I cannot evaluate the physics, but there are certainly a lot of things in geology and anthropology that are currently unexplained, these people are working at some of that  :

The understandings of philosophers and neuroscientists wrt consciousness are lousy. This discusses excellent research but explains very little, lots of hand-waving :


Helmer didn’t read the article I remember, the head of the ER where the Skripals were taken saying ‘nobody was treated for nerve gas poisoning symptoms today’. Yes, the British government is lying, but this is not the truth either :


Before Stieg Larson :


Every now and then I try to watch TV. I liked the first season of ‘House of Cards’, 2nd not so much and quit. ‘The Wire’ was completely outstanding, hated to see it end. Since then, I have watched the as many as the 1st 2 episodes of another dozen series of cop shows, all too Hollywood and/or simple.  I watched the 2nd Longmire today, no mystery to be solved except who Longmire’s daughter is dating, too obvious.

Good scripts, as Hollywood goes. But they all go in a herd, for the last 10 or so years following the Nordic Noir’s line of brilliant detectives with personal problems.  Fuck their personal problems, we all have them, not so interesting the particulars. From my engineering pov, of course.

Watched the 2nd episode of Wallender, a bit of Stoic philosophy, ‘we live in the here and now’ and real concern for people, takes his job seriously, nearly obsessively.  ‘Eva’ was obvious from the first mention of her IT/Africa husband.

Might watch the 3rd, tho the writers have no contact with reality, every few minutes I find another annoying hole in their understandings of things.

Same reason I don’t watch Hollywood films, the first 5 minutes have too many idiocies they expect me to believe for the plot to make sense. ‘The Wire’ was written by a guy who had spent a year in the murder squad in Baltimore, I read his book. There was one before that by a guy who spent a year with one of the NYC murder squads, I read that too. ‘The Wire’ was real.

Hollywood writers are so ignorant they have no idea how ignorant they are. Education is context, relationships, meaning in the facts. Great wisdom is having at least a vague idea of how ignorant you are.

Daily Reading #376

Talking to my son’s gf this AM about the outrageous Gillette ad that presumes to tell us how to raise our children, it occurred to me that bullying is entirely an emergent property of large groups of single-age children. Yes, no such thing exists in small societies.  Ditto rape and other crime, because those very much reduce reproductive fitness.
We can be mean to people outside the group, but not inside our group.
So the major symptoms of ‘toxic masculinity’ are entirely due to our modern systems of raising children, the very ones controlled by the SJWs who use the resulting aberrant development of our children to further increase their political power and control.

Progressives and feminists have a lot to answer for :



This woman conceptualizes the extremely adversarial attitudes of the press wrt Trump, which she admits in the White House include openly hostility, as a result of Trump’s lack of truth and the amateurs in the administration. I watched a few more minutes, skipped ahead, b :

Obama was not just a Stasis Quo president, he was the CIA’s man in the White House. Foreign policy was Shrub++, the wars continued and expanded, the spies in Congress and throughout their government increased the flow of national secrets, and the compromise operations continued.

Obama was not at all the facade they constructed, he is gay, those are not his children, … All lies, all were easily exposed, legacy media never discussed the issues. Hackers and leakers now dominate the news because major segments of the Stasis Quo are incapable of discerning and stating objective reality :



George Webb, more on the corruption and the border issues are real :

This is amazing, the sun’s magnetic field affects the earth’s rotation, very directly. Big effects. Yet another probable catastrophe we need to hedge against, perhaps even larger than the danger from comets :

So completely predictable, ISIS kills US soldiers before the pullout can begin :


As  I said yesterday, there plenty of crimes, yet we only hear about investigations of leaks? :

Our government is largely controlled by evil fucks. No amount of information supporting that has any effect. We elected a complete outsider and the 3rd peace candidate, at least relative to their opponent, and nothing changes, the Israeli-Neocons still run foreign policy, nobody is prosecuted for anything, and legacy media is entirely under the control of the Deep Black Swamp :




Yes, Barr is a member in good standing of the Deep Black Swamp.  Trump gets a lot of bad advice :

The future is not simple, and mega-organizations have no way of dealing with rapid change, they always fail. Europe’s optimal course is the same as the US’s, break the countries into counties, nation states. Then wait 20 years for everything to settle and only then it might be intelligent to begin recombining into countries :


Judge Lamberth is an honest man. One honest man can begin the unraveling :


More results from the latest archaeology.  I had not known how many footprints were being discovered :

This triggered an older thought. If ‘Vikings’ TV series was true, older Viking men who saw themselves nearing the end of their lives and wanting to die with a sword in their hand could be pretty fearsome because they were willing to take much larger risks, unorthodox tactics. An early suicide fighter? Every nation uses them, whether they are explicit in naming them or not.

This is no kind of evidence, but interesting :

While looking for info, archaeologists find a grave with sex-ambiguous evidence :


At 33:30, as Stephen Pinker talks about writing, he talks about an experiment that reveals a new version of Dunning-Kruger.  Here the very knowledgeable assume everyone knows what they know. Confusion and otherness grow :

So many variety of westerns :

Random :

Daily Reading #375

It is very difficult to interpret what is happening, the stage of the fight of the honest people in the administration vs the Deep Black Swamp.  The shutdown is a big advantage, from the link after this. If we believe Tracy Beanz’s evidence that prosecutions are proceeding, then the incredible BS outright open above-board coordination of propaganda across all the media, obviously coming from Brennan, etc is real fear. I don’t believe that, this is the standard coverup. The investigations are apparently all looking for leakers, but that is the smallest element of their crimes. Is that how a serious prosectuion of those crimes would begin? Doesn’t seem like it to me. And if anyone was serious, all the Clinton Foundation people would already be in jail, long sentences.

So I don’t know why so little progress, but it doesn’t look at all good to me.  And every claim by a Q believer makes me less believing :

Very positive effects of the shutdown are that the 85% drones are not working in the federal government because the highest level managers can designate who is essential, therefore will get paid for continuing work. Good for Trump, he should hold out forever :


The CIA learned about controlling the press from MI6, only a few people at Fox seem to have escaped control in legacy media. Without discipline from the press, intelligence services continue to expand their influence and now largely control civilian government.

Generalizing, you can’t trust intelligence services, nor police services that have any motives besides solving crimes. Hard to tell about motives, so none of them can be trusted.  Now we wonder why nothing works :


The Israeli-Neocons running US foreign policy really need to read Discordian doctrine to understand how their sanctions are organizing the forces that will defeat them. Maroons, all, guided by ideology rather than external reality.  When has that ever worked? :




George Webb’s investigation links Whelen to the entire lineup of CIA criminals and back in time to the 1993 WTC bombing, OKC, … CIA criminal operations all the way :


DOJ does not believe in the Constitution, Rosenstein is Deep Black Swamp :



Ditto the IRS. Here taxpayers pay for the illegal acts of Lois Lerner, who stayed in office long after the offenses :


No kidding, the world-wide greater depression is upon us, as I have been saying for the last 6 months and predicting for several years before that. Bubbles cannot be sustained, the CBs of the world have blown the biggest bubbles ever in every country, now they pop :



There are so many varieties of fake news, and ‘white privilege’ is such a stupid meme. What a time in history, mind-blowing rejections of obvious reality everywhere :


Another side of political control of legacy media is that oppression is much easier :


The cultural far left has over-reached, big time. Not a chance this goes their way :


What I said, cheap, easy and safe to do a denial of service attack against airports, because TSA must over-react. This is from Bruce Schneier’s blog :

Drone Denial-of-Service Attack against Gatwick Airport

[2018.12.21] Someone is flying a drone over Gatwick Airport in order to disrupt service:

Chris Woodroofe, Gatwick’s chief operating officer, said on Thursday afternoon there had been another drone sighting which meant it was impossible to say when the airport would reopen.
He told BBC News: “There are 110,000 passengers due to fly today, and the vast majority of those will see cancellations and disruption. We have had within the last hour another drone sighting so at this stage we are not open and I cannot tell you what time we will open.
“It was on the airport, seen by the police and corroborated. So having seen that drone that close to the runway it was unsafe to reopen.”

The economics of this kind of thing isn’t in our favor. A drone is cheap. Closing an airport for a day is very expensive.

I don’t think we’re going to solve this by jammers, or GPS-enabled drones that won’t fly over restricted areas. I’ve seen some technologies that will safely disable drones in flight, but I’m not optimistic about those in the near term. The best defense is probably punitive penalties for anyone doing something like this — enough to discourage others.

There are a lot of similar security situations, in which the cost to attack is vastly cheaper than 1) the damage caused by the attack, and 2) the cost to defend. I have long believed that this sort of thing represents an existential threat to our society.

EDITED TO ADD (12/23): The airport has deployed some anti-drone technology and reopened.

EDITED TO ADD (1/2): Maybe there was never a drone.

It seems pretty clear to me that there are no terrorists, proof of which none of the obvious attacks happen. My friends and I can invent new ones any time we talk about the issue, hard to believe that terrorists are less creative. No attacks, so no terrorists.  OTOH, when we patriots decide it is time to replace the government, a decision long overdue imho, trivial to stop air traffic. Modern economies cannot operate without air traffic, so it is a powerful weapon we can use against our oligarchs and the Deep Black Swamp  :


Sheriff Israel is being replaced by an ally of Pam Bondi. Bondi is pure partisan, so it isn’t clear this is an improvement. More likely, it is a conflict of two different mafias in the Deep Black Swamp :


Brilliant analysis, if you ignore the fact that the pirates were privateers who had literal licenses to steal :


Tracy Beanz diggs into documents and often has good interpretations of her data. This is far off base, it seems to me. Mueller was implicated in all that Whitey Bolger corruption, which was a CIA operation to take over the ports to make it easier to smuggle drugs. Mueller went on to head the FBI just in time to cover up 9/11. This John Durham Federal Prosecutor has indeed headed a lot of important cases, and all of them were major coverups. Well, maybe it is just that I can’t remember anything important that came out of any of them. The CIA goes on torturing, is now headed by the woman who destroyed those tapes that Mr. Durham investigated.

Mr Durham is a coverup artist until I see very strong proof otherwise. Too bad. If Trump does not defeat the Deep Black Swamp, we will have a shooting uprising. Bad, bad, bad :

Already, 60% of Americans can be identified by DNA databases. That is, your 3rd cousin’s 23AndMe data will allow identifying you as a possible suspect in a crime. Very cold cases are being solved :


Meteorites happen, we are 20,000 years overdue for a history-changing event :


Schneier is optimistic, technically hubristic. The idea that AIs based on machine learning will be finding software bugs and vulnerabilities is probably correct, but the idea that it will find them all so that security issues fade to non-existence is ridiculous. OpenBSD is the case to learn from, the team there has scanned their BSD kernel and text-based applications repeatedly, finding new classes of bugs with every scan. There are very subtle bugs in software yet to be discovered, and AIs won’t find those new classes :


Insect gladiator contests :

Daily Reading #374

I am very pleased with my fellow citizens in normal daily life. Last weekend we had dinner with people we hadn’t seen in a while, and heard  story that makes me think that is true only as individuals inside normal civil society of neighbors. Slight deviations from that condition reveal major flaws in people’s values and understandings.

The story is that their 2 quite large very nice dogs got out because someone left the gate open. Frantic searching eventually found the dogs attacking chickens a couple of blocks away. 2 chickens wounded/dead. After that, the neighborhood went insane, were seriously trying to get the dogs destroyed, a real vendetta. “The danger to our children” and “The chickens were part of the family” BS. The dogs don’t even bark at people they are so laid back, and are far more likely to lick a child than bite. Our friends had to hire an animal rights attorney to defend against the city’s efforts to implement the insanity.

If we use the “doesn’t chase chickens” test for allowing dogs near people, we won’t have any dog larger than a chihuahua. Also, animals are not people, and do not have the same value. A dog biting a person is serious. A dog chasing and biting a chicken is completely natural. Who would want a dog that didn’t? Its entire natural character would be changed, it would be a different animal.

Extrapolating slightly, who wants a man who doesn’t chase women, at least mentally? His entire natural character would be changed, he would be a different animal.

Thinking about politics, making comments on ZH. Seems to me that politicians above levels directly and frequently dependent upon the people they represent must largely represent special interests. Bejan’s Constructal Law describes the evolution of flows so as to minimize ‘friction’ and maximize the rate of flow. Power in social systems is a flow that evolves through time. After 200 years, power in first-world systems encounters little resistance

The CIA runs US foreign policy for their own benefit. CIA execs retire very wealthy based on their insider investments, also on the illegal trades in drugs and weapons :


I agree with Tucker, we need our existing Hispanics to teach us about families again, the values of living frugally and working hard. Progressives, lead by white academics, Hollywood and politicians, have lost the mandate of heaven, blacks and whites are no longer reproducing themselves. Evolution’s fitness function is reproduction :

George Webb is one of half a dozen researchers into the world-wide Deep Black Swamp mafias who have more effect on our future than all of legacy media combined :

Ron Paul is still America’s only trusted statesman :


Evidence accumulates that grand solar minimums are bad for empires :

Mind-blowing physics calculating pi. Physics is looking for a grand unified theory of physical phenomena, but we can’t even think about an explanation for things like this.

I mean, I can see the superficial levels of explanation, the first is that the physical system’s assumptions map exactly to a mathematical operation with constants that calculate pi. OK, but the physical system’s assumptions are the beginning of all of physics and engineering. Those are normally explained by appealing to the unreasonable usefulness of mathematics, awed description but not explanation.

All this is the basic conflict with mathematics as a mental construct of humans. I mean, so often pi falls out of our best understandings of the physical systems we so strongly believe we live within, that fit our simple models of reality so well, there has to be levels below those simple models to make that happen. I don’t think you have to be mystical to think that there are levels human minds do not yet reach, that something so unreasonably useful is very unlikely to be discovered by human mind without organizing forces in the reality being modelled by our math, fundamental laws, far beyond comprehension.

Just from first principles, a galactically-paltry number of galactictally-barely-sentient minds have been working on the problem for so few years the first electromagnetic indication of our existence could not have reached more than a few of those minds. Another argument for people getting really peaceful and ultra-civilized asap, we can’t be sure of the policies wrt minor vermin who might later annoy someone.

Of course, that is pretty optimistic, given how often civilizations have been devastated by our own planet’s problems. Add in comets and supernova, we should get very civilized and peaceful so as to adequately hedge such problems.

Then, given great foresight of our leaders, one day we might get to ask someone who knows whether math or the universe came first. :

Soon after writing that, Youtube gives me this choice :


MS-13 is the enforcement arm of the CIA’s local ratlines for drugs and prostitution, recruitment of children for the CIA’s compromise operations. NYTimes is the propaganda arm of the CIA-Deep Black Swamp controlling the narrative to foster the CIA’s goals :

Seems to me that Trumps tactics have been very good.  He kept his enemies very close, and the Israeli-Neocons, CIA-MIC-Deep State are getting the blame for the ME losses :


Lots of detailed data, all the talks are interesting, but one includes the standard nonsense wrt green house gasses. The last talk shows that division of labor , men hunting and women gathering, was crucial in human evolution. We started hunting after we controlled fire and knew about cooking :

I like my country’s evolving culture :


Daily Reading #373

I did not know Howard Dean. Howard Dean is beyond ignorant, he has no idea how ignorant he actually is, and has opinions he cannot support with facts and reasoning :

Jimmy Dore is usually pretty solid, but certainly does not use critical thinking here. When I hear about all of the Congressmen, including 1 Republican, whose districts are on the border with Mexico thinking we don’t need a wall, I assume they all are benefiting from some associated illegal cash flow which the border wall will disrupt :

George Webb :

CIA controls a lot of high tech companies, always has :


Let me define ‘fake news’ and I can prove anything I want. BuzzFeed did the definition, guess what they prove? :


What marketing person neglected the requirement that a laser be too dim to hurt other sensors? Human eyes are no longer the most sensitive sensors :


Youtube is suggesting interesting links. It all started with me watching Netflicks “Orange is the new black”, then a Ginger Lynn ‘problems with dishonest federal prosecutors” video, I assume based on the federal prison connection, now another porn start based on the fact that Ginger Lynn was also a porn star. It works, I clicked the links, they got their ads ignored, and I have been enlightened on several topics. Only the first link can I object to, Google has no business tracking my TV viewing :