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Another in the many links between Soros and Clinton and the many NGOs and activist groups, including Antifa. Clinton is connect to the Deep State criminal network world-wide, including with ?pedophile? and thus linked directly to the CIA and Mossad. There are many other, even more direct, links between all of those entities. Yes, a standard CIA soft and rolling coup operation :


People are annoyed with our rulers and governance :


ISIS is nearly gone, Syria and Assad continue, order is being restored in the ME, Donald Trump deserves some credit for that :


Russia has mass surveillance of all telecom, same as every other country. Wikileaks comes through again :


George Webb’s crowd of minds continue their investigation into the Imran Awan criminal case. I think it will be difficult to avoid a serious investigation into the criminality surrounding the Imran Awan Spy Ring. Half of Congress and top levels of every spy or investigations agency in the Federal Government, conspiracy to defraud charges with every VP of every MIC company in the world.

Big stakes people. Figure out how to challenge the Party’s candidate in all primaries. We have to take back our government, bottom up :






Jason Goodman and Crowd Source The Truth’s group mind continue the investigation of the Deep State crimes. The first of these is discussing the WaPo article and its owner, connections to CIA and Deep State, etc.

The second of these is another whistleblower from the crowd, again surprisingly eloquent and describing another fight against city hall. From Jason and George’s crowd who show up on video, one could believe that ordinary people have good judgement. Really.

The third is Hudson laying out John McCain’s corruption, the bastard prevented keeping the problem of Hanoi’s prisoner’s of war who had been left behind, about 600 men.

The stack of crimes grows ever higher, and the Internet is excellent at pushing :




Secrecy continues to gain ground :



This is a video showing the results of a good investment. So this guy must have brought the property with this farm development in mind. Looks like the property had some problems, and this permaculture design is his value-added, the water harvesting layout and pasture he can get off of irrigated grass will provide the cash to pay the mortgage. Probably also other jobs, tho I couldn’t see how large the different components were. Anyway, technology intelligently applied to natural resources ==> wealth, and the resources to do it again on a larger scale :

This is a fine video explaining how reversal of ecosystem devastation can be profitable for both governments and investors. No kidding, if you could buy 1M acres in a country with a legal system you could depend upon, and invest in N x 10,000 families, where N is dependent upon the amount of rainfall, you could give people ownership of the land after 30 years, during which they pay you 10% of their produce.

Versions of the tenure-with-payment have worked for generations in every cultural group in the world, it could be made to work again. Depending on the climate and the amount of land, the amount of needed investment, the settlers in the first 10 years fund the settlers in the 2nd, and so you have doubling of # of settlers. Scalable, the collectors of revenue for subsequent groups coming from previous groups, integrated with the local community from the first.

That is the way an intelligent investment group would work, and they could do 10X what a chariable foundation could even think about with the same investment dollars. Too bad there are no governments reliable enough.

Once said, there is far more investment capital in the world and far more opportunities that would make sense, then there are governments with rule of law. Now including the US, of course :


Daily Reading #1B7

This undoubtedly means that somewhere there is an investigation of voter fraud that can be tracked back to the Clinton Crime Cabal, so they are getting out in front with the counter-accusations :


George Webb and his crowd mind. The Deep State is seeing its operational methods exposed, in detail, by dissection of the careers of one individual agent, Imran Awan.

All this raises so many questions and suppositions, which I moved to another post.

Fun to watch history in action these days, usually it is slomo :









Jason Goodman and his crowd mind, today the UI includes Charles Ortel and Stuart Dean. The 2nd is a discussion with Mr. Hudson wrt the WaPo’s attempt to whitewash the Awan Brother’s Spy Ring In Congress. WaPo is a CIA front company, obviously.

There are also more hints that Trump’s people are pursuing the Deep State, e.g. the withholding of foreign aid until Hina Alby is returned to the US :



Reading rewires your brain. All information flows do the same, reading and videos can have very high information rates, but reading generally engages connections from words to everything else. Living life engages from that outside reality to thought, some of which includes words :


This video hypothesizes that Japanese monoculture and top-down control of the economy will get Japan through their demographic decline and the world’s economic problems, whereas the West’s many immigrants less central bank purchase of securities will will produce social and economic chaos. Entirely a hypothesis, there is no historical or social science evidence relevant at this scale and technology of everything.

My systems understanding still is that the systems, extremely complex and extremely large scale, are not designed to be fail-safe, and thus will fail, as that is the nature of such systems. It is extremely difficult to design such systems so that they do not fail. Institutional and individual coping mechanisms for dealing with such large-scale, extremely complex failures are entirely untested, and thus will fail.

When the Japanese have run their system through 10 generations, not just 3, I will think they have enough experience to predict their short-term future :


California courts are no different than Ferguson’s in using fines to generate revenue :


A laudable experiment in biology, showing that Mexico City’s house finches add more cigarette butt fibers to a nest when more blood sucking ticks are added to the nest. This implies that the finches understand that ticks are repelled by the nicotine in cigarette butts, and babies are thus protected. Now for the question of what ‘understand’ means to a finch in this case, and how such behaviors could have evolved.  I believe I have read this about other birds, haven’t researched that, in which case it builds off of some prior use of plants to do the same repelling bugs :


As political power of the Deep State declines, so does the power of the CIA-funded Silicon Valley companies. Antitrust is coming back into vogue, a different center gaining power :


This has the feel of some gov-sponsored project’s bragging, but there does seem to be progress, and all of it is not just gov programs :

Nevertheless, 10,000 hectars per year is not an incredible rate, given the 11 million hectares in the Sahel that need to be improved and protected. 10,000 kilogram of seeds collected by one of the centers pushing the effort. Impressive how they involve the local community, but this is something that could be entirely done by the community.

The project is funded by the EU, an intelligent response to the problem for the world, funding seems to have dried up, Nigeria dropped out of the group, Senegal is down to 5000 hectares / year, but Senegal seems to be furthest along. Other comments about the UN putting $2B into the project, World Bank funding, I think that is tied in with the global warming Kyoto protocols and carbon credits. Small amounts of good that justify the fraud of AGW, with the kleptocracy skimming everything, I believe.

Nevertheless, knowledge of how to regreen arid areas is spreading, and it is short-term profitable in many of them, and can be justified as an investment by government in those with lesser amounts of rainfall. As these investments pay off, they will fund restricting the desert in other ways.  China’s example shows that roads and rails can be built through the Gobi with green belts along side to prevent the sand dunes from encroaching.  Those take more investment and don’t become self-sustaining as quickly, but the worst sand dunes can be turned into grasslands with some trees.

In 40 years, every bit of desert could be made green and all farm lands 4X more productive, sustainably, a measure that would stop any trend to global warming.  That bit of news should be shouted from the rooftops. It isn’t. Why do you suppose that is? :

I think the first of those mentioned that the area had become drier in recent years. That is a result of the loss of the normal rain into the soil, transpired back into the air by plants, producing down-weather rain.



Daily Reading #1B6

Saker has it right again, there are few countries with the US’s record of foreign intrusions for private gains. The 2nd has a quote from Curtis LeMay to the effect that “had we lost, I would have been prosecuted as a war criminal” :



George Webb and his crowd mind pursue their investigations.

The first of these is George’s rejoinder to the recent WaPo article. George is driving legacy media, they are only a few weeks behind him now :






‘Sustainable’ means using wastes to produce goods. This is another technology that has been pushed in the organic/homestead movements for 30+ years :


Celebrities have always been paid for their fame, these are the internet versions :



The patterns of death rates indicate that humans as animals are no longer well-suited to their environments. Extinction is the normal result of species not fitting environments. It is easier to change environments than our genetics, so we need to focus on communities and nature as part of everyday reality.

There is more and more science behind that diagnosis, I have linked to many articles showing direct effects of walking through a forest on physiology, immune systems, … :



Policies can change, causing lurches in politics, economy and society. Had there been no polices, no barriers to trade at all, this would all have happened much more slowly, and everyone could have and would have adjusted. Same as everything else, policy is a net loss for a society. Few invariant rules are the goal for optimal rates of evolution :


These two articles may be connected :



Among species on earth are 12 known different methods of building neurons — different genomes constructing them, different neurotransmitters and receptors. Those qualitatively different kinds of neurons nevertheless form into the same circuits for sensory analysis. Both are the power of the environment in shaping an organism and the power of evolution in finding efficient mechanisms to deal with that environment. Gregory West’s scaling studies are another aspect of that :



I have been watching videos on greening deserts and ecofarming. Deserts do get rain, the problem is how often and whether the water is retained in the soil or quickly runs off. Every place with 30mm or more of rain can support some vegetation, but not unless the water is retained in the soil. That requires organic matter.

So the process is to plant the most drought-resistant trees and grasses first, watering them to keep them alive long enough ot put down deep roots. Those put carbon into the soil, retaining enough water for the next most drought-resistant trees and grasses. In a few years, even the most arid desert can have a grass and tree cover. If grazing is controlled, those ecosystems can maintain themselves and spread.

That means more of the rain is transpired by plants into the air, producing humidity that becomes rain down-weather, allowing that area to improve its mix of species and biological productivity.

It also means that natural hydrological cycles begin, with rain percolating through soil and rocks producing ground water, springs and streams. Those allow many more species to share the ecosystems.

So it is a virtuous circle, greening producing both more rain and rain-retention in the soil, rain more greening. As desert heat and cool faster day and night, greening will change weather patterns and climate.

It is entirely feasible that in 40 years all of the deserts and arid lands on earth could be trees and grasslands, supporting controlled herds.

Also, that more intensive farming is done in the Sahel and other very dry areas.

All of this is improving the lives of people around the world, as an area can go from badlands to forested with running streams in less than 10 years.

Daily Reading #1B5

Animal natures don’t seem fixed by nature, rather by circumstance and looks. Humans also. Eagles are fearsome birds, hard to know when they want to be friendly. When you look, there are multi-cultural societies forming everywhere :

Sexual and labor exploitation of children as a social order is not new :


The Myanmar story did not make sense until this.  It is just another Mossad-CIA-Saudi-MI6 infiltration of a mineral-rich country, using existing ethnic and religious problems to create chaos. This is the kind of outside-the-box opinions I love, but can’t remember without re-reading a dozen times, as there are so few connections to other things I know :


Pablo Escobar is insightful, the US’s rulers are declining very quickly on the world stage. It is a dangerous time for us all :




George Webb’s crowd mind is pushing the investigation of the Awan Brother’s spy ring in Congress. It is interesting to watch the threads of the plot unravel, link to link, despite many attempts to hide identities. No kidding, the theorem will be proved in signal processing and information theory “Illegal acts can be hidden only if infrequent and few search for evidence”. Similarities of names, people tweeting codes, … are signal to be extracted from the noise by a crowd mind :




Major corporations are in a position to censor the internet, and do :


There are not many things I like as much as evil outing itself, no help needed. Our Deep State is showing the control strings very clearly. Makes it easy to cut them :


Chuck Robb makes a good point, tho the OODA loop doesn’t add a lot of explanatory power.  However, the idea of an open source insurgency behind Trump is a good one :



Daily Reading #1B4

Harvard does not uphold the standards of humanity I expect of educational institutions, favoring CIA torturers over people exposing such war crimes. Actually, the NSA’s research budget spent at Harvard is what is being protected. So few years from the outrage at mass surveillance and torture (I understand the NYTimes finally uses that word, ‘torture’) to all major institutions sanctioning them, never a hint of reproach from those who claim to be moral and intellectual leaders against either the institutions or the people who lead the policies.

Politics is really different. Almost like there are hidden controls and powers behind events. But of course, that would be a conspiracy theory, so not allowed to respectable minds :


I always wanted an Iggy, really thought a couple of my biology papers deserved one. Standard Nobels can only be won by people with educations from the top institutions and researchers, largely because past winners strongly influence new winners.

27 years is old enough to investigate the social backgrounds. I haven’t seen that paper yet.  So many obvious things that need study :


The frame of this next article is the standard “CO2 causes terrible global warming”, although the data isn’t wrong. Biology is another area where it is easy to collect data, but damn hard to know what it means.

Organic gardeners have long known this, their vegetables grow better and taste better and contain more minerals because they focus on growing the soil’s micro-organisms, the soil grows the vegetables. Standard industrial farming uses fortified soils (adds fertilizers).

My tomatoes are so far beyond anything I can buy even at the farmer’s market that there is no comparison. My tongue knows what is good for people, that is why I like the tastes, good-tasting vegetables and fruits are better for you because evolution selects taste buds to detect them and approve .

The article never achieves that understanding, or discovers the research that backs that up, otherwise is interesting. This is another sincere academic at the bottom of 2 silos, and can’t see much more reality from the combination than the Ph.D.s in just one. Ever-more specialization == ever-smaller pinhole through which they can look at the world, but generalists don’t get grants and so are at even more of a disadvantage in the race for academic achievement than this inter-disciplinary investigator. But without a bigger horizon, he can’t see the important problems :


James Comey didn’t follow his lawyer’s advice, and testified in public. Thus, he has been caught in inconsistencies that have legal implications. Comey is part of the government that is willing to break laws to favor allies. Everything humans do leaves evidence, and the modern world produces ever-more detailed evidence of every act. The information age makes crime less of an advantage than it has been in history, and coverups of crimes much more likely to be detected.

I think crowd minds will obsolete bureaucracies and criminal rackets, you can’t hid enough traces :


George Webb and his group mind continue their investigations :





The first thing an engineering manager in a well-run company learns is the importance of reviews for projects and every phase of projects. If you do not have many minds looking at every detail in full context, you are hiding problems from yourself. This is why Open Source projects out-perform proprietary software so often, they have more more-engaged minds looking at elements in more-context.

The first thing an engineering manager in a well-run company learns about QA is that if you randomly find a problem, it means there are many more problems waiting to be found. You can have a test program that finds them, or allow customers to do it, but bugs are easier to fix and orders of magnitude cheaper to fix if you do it as part of development.

The UK example of the Grenville Towers burning says that the UK government has poor project management. Despite all of the many rules and any residual common sense of the project managers, 1/2 of the apartment buildings they have built can burn down? What other problems did they not notice? :


I believe George Webb describes this evolution in CIA-directed crime rings here in the US :


Policies, theories and hypotheses implemented by software won’t work any better than any other kind. Unschooling works well in producing children ready to go to college. This is robots running the factory school, not likely to be an improvement. The flaw is the lesson plans, the “5 habits for success” style of thinking and measuring progress :


This is part of a nice series on what farmers in Africa have to teach development specialists :



Daily Reading #1B3

If I had to pick one metric for the decline of intelligence applied effectively, it would be the number of institutions and policies done to death by their own actions taken to raise their standing in some ‘objective’ ranking system.  :


Trump gets square with science :



There is no peace movement in the United States :


George Webb and his group mind continue their investigation :






Jason Goodman and his crowd mind continue their investigation :


Jackie Spiers pushed the Awan Brother’s security clearances through. Dave Action chimes in :


A thought. Trump can’t end the Fed by himself, the correct thing to do, but he can announce a policy of “Freeze the Fed”.  That would be to promise the all the commissioners he selects would pledge to never extend any liquidity under any condition to any other institution, and to never buy any government’s bonds. It would prevent the Fed from doing anything to make the situation worse.

That may even be legal.

It would certainly not have simple effects, it is a complex system.  However, the alternative suggests TINA, as we know how the hyperinflation scenario plays out. There may be winners, in a hyperinflation but anyone with foresight got out a long time ago. Anyone who still has skin in the US game is here by lack of choice, including prior decisions that are not so brilliant, in retrospect.

The base problem is that we don’t know costs because policies hide them. No policy is far better than any policy. Yes, we don’t know how to run a world without policies, but TINA, we know this one does not and can not work, words do not bind external reality, no mind can see the workings of complex systems.

We have to stop pretending, this entire approach to civilization has been wrong, civilization does not scale easily. We are raising generations of people more and more out of synchrony with each other and their environments, an environment we are allowing to decline alarmingly, we see it in species loss, mental disability rates, drug overdose rates, divorce rates, job satisfaction rates, ratings of positive attributes of people, organizations and governments, and real earnings of men. Not to say there are not improvements in some lives even over the last decade, many people around the world have improved their lot, but nothing is sustainable about this modern world.

Either this course of events stops by itself, or we humans stop it. The government of the United States is a danger to the world, nobody can trust any single thing about it. The Awan brothers merely show what we have long known, nothing in government can be trusted

I like our species, think we should last a long time, and should take care that we do so. So TINA, “Freeze The Fed”.  In fact, that generalizes. No policy is always better than an possible policy.

I want a do-nothing government, one that puts all responsibility back on the local community, on its citizens.

‘But we can’t run large institutions without policies!” you will protest. OK, then we need to learn how to live without large institutions :




Daily Reading #1B2











I have been re-watching some of the Greening The Desert, Reversing Desertification, Food Forest, Ecosystem thinking in agriculture, videos. Youtube is a continuing education in anything I want to be interested in.

It takes a while to sort out threads of understanding, see enough examples, and see enough obvious PR efforts that were not genuinely sustainable (i.e. they didn’t make a profit) to see the reasonable big picture.

That big picture, contrary to the doomsday scenarios of global warming dooming us all, says that we should hope for global warming to continue, we can handle that far more easily than the more probable ice age. Far more probable if only for the reason that we are 10,000 years into a nice climate for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest such period and more than twice as long as average, the nicest period in the last 250,000 years. Cold times are more probable than warm, in fact.

Turning any area with enough rainfall to sustain any life into a green and growing area, generating rain down-wind as it does so, is just a matter of applying knowledge and energy. With sustained effort, we know enough to roll back deserts all through the Middle East, as one example. Growing forests is planting the right species in the right patterns and keeping the goats away. There are examples all over the Middle East, video after video forests being planted in Egypt, in mid-desert. Varieties of water harvesting + planting, presto, you have a forest.  Self-sustaining, i.e. keep the goats and sheep away, and small forested areas persist and sustain associated people. Careful harvesting feeds many more sheep and goats from those areas than if the animals had been permitted to graze there, which results in lost water and biomass.

Can a country afford NOT to do that? When it is known how to do it? And the follow-on effects of more rainfall, etc. The entire ME could be a considerably different place in another 2 generations just from applying what we know now, intelligent management of rain water, soil and vegetation. It only takes energy, much of that as an investment as it pays for its own maintenance and a profit after 3 to 10 years of work on the local environment. This kind of investment takes people from marginal farming to locally abundant food and enough wealth to improve their lives markedly. If countries manage to avoid obstructing the needed investment, I predict that citizens around the world will invest in individual farmers in automated contracts via cryptocurrency for projects all around the world.

The information is becoming available, there are local people making use of much of the information, but now local over a much wider area. Ever-easier communication is speeding up the evolution of local ecosystems around the world, e.g. integrating a community with its hydrology for the general good. It is good sense, only needed when people have destroyed the native hydrology via sheep and goats and too-little rain.

The kind of thing people tend to invent about 100 generations after first needed.  Reordering a heavily-eroded landscape, e.g. the Loess Plateau of China, takes a lot of terraces and swales and water courses feeding terraces, and many, many trees, but those are now feasible projects. Investment-grade projects, I think, wherever human labor is cheap and land valuable.

Extrapolate 40 years, 2 generations growth in peace and prosperity, learning how to better adjust humans and biosphere for the betterment of both. This is not pollyanna wishful thinking,it is all proven technology. Everywhere more natural ecosystems are restored, total productivity of crops and animals important to humans increases. Always it turns out that higher productivity of the crops important to humans is very consistently helped by inter-planting species that are good for the soil, microbes, insects, birds, bees. A farmer’s crops are part of an ecosystem, whether the farmer thinks in ecosystems or not. Working with the ecosystem is very profitable, a higher-level of management, requiring more information flow.

This is already started, controlling grazing and other ways of bring back the forest are working all over Africa and the Middle East.

In 40 years, all of the habitable parts of the world can have been started on the path to maximal bio-diversity producing wealth from the local environment : food and fiber and forests, everywhere forests.

Considering the many new ideas about how to farm in less-hospitable environments, the catalogues of species of edible plants from around the world, growing habitats, many breeds of animals, possible breeds, etc. That is a lot of combinations that could be tried in pairs, triplets, … We are only a few decades into the ideas of eco-farming, not even a 2nd generation of textbooks yet.

Governments are the biggest issues obstructing a great deal of progress via military spending. Stopping that alone would fund all of the infrastructure development need to turn the entire Earth into an Eden. Really, not idealism at all. Fixing the ecosystem is much easier and cheaper than almost any other improvement humans could make, and will provide profitable investments far into the future. Screw carbon credits, there are real profits to be won supplying farmed products world-wide, and to the people who live close to parts of that.

The higher the bandwidth, the better and cheaper your communications links are, the less reason there is to leave your farm or village. Community is communications, a person can earn a good living in the local community and also be part of global networks of interests, directly contributing to the total human civilization. Synergy, a virtuous circle. That transition is happening now, and is the fastest social and economic evolution ever in history. So far as I can see, such an evolutionary path to higher civilization is sustainable on a finite earth. Humans have orders of magnitude improvements to make in Lifeship Earth’s civilizations.

If our governments don’t value peace and freedom above all else, they are the biggest threat to humanity. Don’t confuse the two, that would be a category error.

Siebel Edmonds and her group mind continue their research :


George Webb and his group mind continue their research. George is a hell of a User Interface, I like his group mind, they seem to me insightful, sometimes foresightful :




Crowd Source The Truth and its crowd continues its research. Queen Tut is the current lead investigator, with Thomas Paine the professional investigator providing perspective :


More information about the Pentagon’s association with criminal syndicates producing and shipping arms to ‘rebels’ throughout the world :


The usual frame of 9-11 having been done by evil Muslim Terrorists, confirming that this is a serious article well within the Overton Window, the article asks why Christians are not concerned about Christians in communities throughout the ME, who have been seriously affected by the Israeli-Neocon-MIC-CIA wars of choice. The article is effectively an advertisement for the lobbying group in DC that now claims to represent their interests :


Another serious article, but it does not use the same frame. The Overton Window for 9-11 has shifted, and I predict will finally become part of the political debate next Presidential election :


The rise of Donald Trump has nothing to do with racism at all. The US is one of the least racist, sexist, … populations ever. I deal with many foreigners and minorities, I see their prejudices. In comparison, US citizens are models of clear thinking. This from NakedCapitalism :

“The rise of Trump isn’t all about racism” [The Week]. “But ‘white people’ didn’t elect Donald Trump. A coalition of 62 percent of white men, 52 percent of white women, 13 percent of black men, 4 percent of black women, 32 percent of Latino men, 25 percent of Latino women, and 27 percent of Asians elected Donald Trump. ‘White supremacy’ surely played an important role for some of those white voters. But it should be obvious that it can’t be a sufficient explanation of the outcome overall — unless we begin to talk in terms of racial false consciousness.”

People are finally concerned about Google, Facebook and Amazon’s power in determining people’s choices. Way past time, and a subset of NSA and CIA :


Every time anyone digs into any area of software, they find bugs and exploits. What proportion of total flaws are in Windows, the buggiest OS ever? Is anyone keeping track of known exploits yet unpatched? Is anyone winning this Red Queen’s race? :


Rocky and Bullwinkle and Mad Magazine lead to Science Fiction for many people :


College graduates have lower IQ scores in every decade that passes :


The probability of a civilization-ending catastrophe is quite high, given how many we know of, despite the low probability of each individual event class :


I had not gathered that the message of 1984 was to trust authority, Hillary disagrees.  This woman is the current face of the Deep State, one step in front of General Patraeus and a substantial part of the MIC-OIL-Israeli-Neocon crime cabal in the best understanding of the ordering of this universe that I have yet achieved. Yet, this is the best propaganda they can do?

If you read much history, you read of huge, momentous, future-changing dramatically decisions that the best minds of the age got very wrong. So far as I know, we have invented no technology that guarantees that humans immediately understand the problems the universe presents to us.

But I always expected basic competence. So far, Trump is winning largely because the hypothesized Deep State forces are obviously very stupid. The Israeli-Neocons have never been correct about anything, the wars could have produced nothing but chaos


Other models of male-female and inter-species division of life’s labors, so many philosophies and religions yet un-expressed  :