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A major increase in the efficiency of capital and management and reduction of general overhead expenses would be produced by the elimination of corporate income taxes. Yes, it would be hard on accounting firms and tax attorneys, but the simplification of business decision means fewer bad business decisions. Now do it again for OSHA (redundant with a robust tort and personal injury legal system, attorneys can and do form consortia for  individual cases to handle expenses in return for a cut of the penalties). Repeal all the stupid gun laws, banking laws and drug prohibitions and subsidies. The market is smart, we have the internet. One form of community is the huge public good of very low-cost, fast and easy access information about everything.  Yes, you need a guide, finding who to trust is another aspect of community in our modern worlds.

Both eliminating rules for handling bids by government and opening the entire process to public scrutiny and comment would produce another large increment in effectiveness and reduction in cost of government.  Eliminating public education would immediately produce diversity of educations and lower costs, as the uniform educational product at high cost is a standard result in socialist systems.

Compound the effects of these easily-implemented cost reductions, currently imposed on every level of our primary production through sale of the finished good to an individual user, the country’s productivity could easily produce both jobs and cheap goods so fewer people need be on welfare.

Welfare states are low-job growth states, with very high costs due to very great taxation and regulation, that is an invariant in economics over 2+ generations. All of the widely cited but short-lived exceptions have fallen back to the expected outcome. Sweden and Denmark are not exceptional now, Norway’s prosperity is based on oil, and that doesn’t work long-term. Now-successful states like Alaska will become much less successful because they subsidized something with oil revenue, and produced an unbalanced economy for the post-oil levels of production, tho they have been sensible and gave the money to individuals rather than building infinite infrastructure.

No economy has ever been at this location in N-dimensional coordinate space. Nobody can predict the evolution of the total social-political-economic-financial system, but systems not designed to be fail-safe and well-tested over the real-world ranges of inputs WILL CRASH, always.

There are many positive-feedbacks built into the socio-politico-economic-financial system. Positive feedbacks destroy systems.

Charles Hugh Smith is a solid thinker, gets better every year, writes a consistent stream of insightful articles :


The 2008 recession produced problems in the financial system that required $14T from the Fed, who knows how much from other central bankers around the world? Banking is now very profitable, and has constructed new edifices of debt, higher, wider, more connected, more leveraged, than ever before. Nassim Taleb’s writings emphasize how banks lose their capital every 100 years or so. Financial manias occur much more frequently in which large numbers of prominent people lose their fortunes, along with the masses of investors. Do we think those historical norms can not now be in our new reality? Every time anyone says “Not this time” they are claiming to have a proof that the historical norms no longer apply :



American military suppliers have one fat customer with very deep pockets, with hegemony other customers have had no choice. Russian military suppliers have to compete with that, beginning with their military’s minimal budgets. It must be obvious what the outcome will be. We should understand that, the Germans had more and better weapons than the US through WWII, but a logistics nightmare because control of arms development and production was under the control of the military, therefore continual improvements and many variants. The US and Russia won via large numbers of inferior weapons of simpler design. 10X quantity is a change in quality in arms, enable different strategies.

The US military controls R&D and manufacturing via single-source contracts, very long development times, bleeding edge technology, managed by complex regulations and ajudication processes. Of course we are losing, and F-35s are the inevitable result of bad control systems :


Thierry Meyssan’s take on the current situation in SA and Macron’s actions in the gulf. MBS really is a reformer, will try to take the society secular and replace the Wahabbi radicalism in their version of Moslem theology. And Trump is participating in this move toward a more-rational foreign policy by everyone.  Except Israel, of course :


A very libertarian take on Sex, Power and Consent, excellent comments.

All this is exceptionally simple, really. Proceeding in order of seriousness, we have speech, all the forms of verbal forms of unwanted sexual suggestions. Those are a social problem, local community, businesses and institution can control them. If power is also involved, e.g. a boss making suggestions to a subordinate, the organization can be liable as well as the boss for losses, pain and suffering, same as any other tort action. Jury trials will handle any necessary judgments as to veracity of the parties, same as any other tort action.

At the next level is physical coercion, from grabbing through obvious attempted rape.  Those are assaults, and well-handled in current law The sexual aspect may be considered in sentencing, as with the use of weapons or threats of death, according to local law.

Finally, rape, a special category of assault already well-handled in law and many police agencies’ procedures.

The issue in all of these is our society’s Puritanism.  When sexual activity of many more kinds is seen as ‘normal’ we will have more people being more open. Blame should be assigned to all of the institutions who don’t make all this very clear to people within them, and especially to the ones who do their best to obfuscate the issues, e.g Hillary Clinton wrt Bill Clinton’s rapes and attempted rapes, and every public figure who makes any form of voluntary sexual behavior in any way shameful.

When a few universities get sued because senior professors are masters of innuendo and students who choose to be oblivious or to riposte leave their classes or do poorly, anonymous email will be taken seriously by deans and senior professors will be more careful not to annoy their students. Also to record all lectures and interactions, as university judicial processes do not appear, from my outside view, to be either fact-based or rational. A rational student would be recording them, given a professor’s consistent innuendo (or worse). For everyone, cell phones have the ability to record audio, large disks are cheap, and the result will be more transparency throughout the society .

Maybe then the far more important issues of forced sex work, a version slavery, could be addressed. That goes far beyond the pedophilia US and European society is belatedly acknowledging. Restrictive laws on movement of people to jobs across international boundaries and lack of protection for people being coerced by debts to people smugglers are responsible for the problem, along with police agencies not taking the issue seriously because citizens don’t  :



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I normally don’t see any TV, magazine or newspaper ‘news’ except what I can access from the net, and I carefully filter out the obvious propaganda sites. However, traveling with only FM and Sirius radio and visiting homes where the TV is never turned off, I am struck by the gulf between what I think I know from so much reading from so many different sources and what people think, are told is the reality by ‘mainstream media’, legacy media.  FOX’s Hannity is among the most honest, he breaks stories in the many Clinton crimes.

But even his is a small slice of the reality on things I know in some detail, e.g. the Las Vegas Mandalay Massacre or the Clinton Foundation mega-frauds or George Webb’s investigation of the Uranium 1 scandal. So I assume the same about all the things I don’t know about, of course. And indeed, where is the story on the Bulgarian arms factory ‘Armory’ and how it supplied ISIS via Silkways Arilines using ‘diplomatic flights’? No discussion of who pays for all that, of course.

An NPR-like “POTUS’ channel on Sirius tried to convince me that the new JFK papers confirm the original story that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, the original story was the true story, everything doubting was ‘conspiracy theory’.

NPR is very good with innuendo and loaded words, a focus on the irrelevant. Russiagate is very real for them, and they pound one the standard establishment stasis quo frames in every story.

Sirius has a radio Hannity, different guy from FOX’s Hannity, who was reasonably rational and reality-based, tho he talks long, low info density. Long discussions wrt the many allegations of aggressive male sexual behavior. My country takes social problems and converts them to divisive political issues, not a sustainable strategy unless you want social strife so as to maintain and extend your control. Who benefits from all this? The Deep State, of course.

Which has become a standard understanding among even liberals, in the discussions I had.

Judging by their behavior on the highways, people don’t think good, and it really shows in what they accept from the media :


The media is official propaganda, although I think few in their ranks believe that, almost all would be insulted if told. But there are far too many cases like this, and the Russians Did It story has not had any evidence at all, and the longer it goes on the more insane the claims become. Some of them know that fact, e.g. the Project Veritas video with the ?NBC? producer, but somehow don’t consider that as having any importance more than their usual editorial judgment in choosing which stories to run :




One of many results of that is the increasingly strident rhetoric on all sides.  I had a Sirius radio for the last 1000 miles of the recent trip and just glanced through Western Rifle Association’s links for the last 10 days.

Apparently, people, but most especially the ‘left’, have learned nothing from Lebanon and Iran. Lebanese and Iranians are tired of killing each other to the great benefit of outsiders. Nothing was solved by all the killings, it just increased the costs of restoring the society.

‘The Left’ these days is ideology, not reality. Combo of virtue signalling, Puritan urge to force being good on people for their own good, and patsies for the Deep State :



No, it isn’t an attempt by Clinton to excuse her loss in the Presidential Election, it is an attempt to distract from the fact of the continuing Deep State coup and all of its illegal operations that fund that effort. The continuing effort to delegitimate Donald Trump and his presidency is both coup and distraction :




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More on the ‘Fat Leonard’ investigation of the Navy’s officers, 40 admirals out of 440 officers :


IMHO, eliminating more of our ‘most seasoned diplomats’ is an excellent first step to cleaning up the government and making foreign policy genuinely neutral, no friends or foes among other states.  It doesn’t take many diplomats nor senior diplomats to represent a neutral country  :


This shows Hillary-CIA’s seizure of Khadaffi’s $250B in HSBC to be a brilliant move:


NSA’s focus on offense rather than defense was only short-term smart, because they can’t protect their own secrets.  Secrets are a liability if you can’t protect them. Nothing on a computer can be protected. As I have long said :




There are some interesting comments about how there has been zero growth in the core ‘create wealth’ economy for Yes, social media has changed everything. Yesterday I heard the story of a 6 yo boy in the family who put up his first Youtube video and didn’t tell anyone for a few months, it came up in casual conversation. He had showed off his toys and play area, then later their Christmas tree that he had helped decorate, using the camera from his iPad. Normal behavior now, part of the skills of any kid with access to a computer or smart phone.

This has a good comment about the lack of economic growth in the ‘goods creation’ component of the economy, the rate has been below population growth since the 1980s. 50+% of ‘GDP’ is advertising and banking, not part of the core wealth genration of the economy, rather allocation of wealth.

We are still on the leading edge of the computer revolution, 30 years into it. 100 years into the auto revolution, roads and parking lots and auto access have transformed the landscape and buildings. At 30 years, autos were having major economic effects, but it took 50 before trucks had started the decline of the railroads.

Nevertheless, the proposals assume a powerful government with policies, always a bad idea. We can end Facebook and Google’s control by using ad blockers and not using Google’s search.  Videos are a public good, so put your videos up on one of the other video sites, and later on distributed networks, with no owners :


How is tax evasion a capitalist crisis or a crime against humanity?Taxation is theft because I did not have any effective input in the decisions. Governments should be voluntary associations of equals organized bottom-up to accomplish specific tasks and paid for by user fees, that was the frontier model all over the west before statehood. Instead, all modern states are coercive centralized institutions that have been taken over by elites and managed for their own ends :


This is the explanation I couldn’t find before. MBSalman’s rise is indeed reformation of Saudi Society and a rejection of the CIA-Deep State’s control, the best possible reformer of a thoroughly bad lot of princes and mullahs :


One definition of a ‘unified nation’ is ‘sharing an Overton Window‘. The US has benefited from


More context for mass extinction events and climate change :


Native people knew more than we know :


Daily Reading #1DF


Another take on the ME. The US and Saudis are losing every engagement pursuing the Israeli-Neocon policies of hegemony imposed by military and economic forces :


‘Effective regulation’ is fantasy, where does that exist? Schneier is a smart guy, but that is a solution requiring more government power, obviously stupid as we got here by increasing gov power by reform after reform, policy after policy. Instead, each individual must own all of the data about ourselves, requiring individual contracts with any company that accumulates or uses that data. Few people seem to have understood such a fundamental point :



Yes, honesty and rule of law are fundamental to the idea of ‘conservative’, and Republicans do not represent those standards, requirements for advancing civilization :


I didn’t have time to read the full article, but the summary was excellent. My take-away is that we need MORE and MORE RANDOM connections between people to make our social, business and political networks more effective. At the same time, on my first airplane flight in years (lousy experience, even worse than I remembered, exactly why I always drive), I noticed that nobody talks to their neighbors. Talking to neibours  used to be normal


Not just the Amazon product, all TVs now can listen also, and your cell phone also. Ubiquitous surveillance is a fact :


Here is how to deal with overpopulation. Yes, immense amounts of land will be opened up as the deserts are re-greened, and ecosystem farming technology takes more workers, but is much more productive. It takes a lot of people to run a high-tech civilization, the majority of our geniuses still come from ‘lower classes’ every generation, so cutting population is a bad idea.  Population is entirely separate from the load on the ecosystem, but it takes intelligence and investment to prevent degradation of the environment. The worst desertification has been in the poorest areas of the world, the worst slums and pollution ditto :


This is the reality of ‘gun control’ proposals == instant revolution and overthrow of the government :


Archaeology must use indirect measures to infer features of the past.  This is an elegant thought :


The full range of ‘sex’ in biology is considerably greater than mammals, much less primates, much less humans :


These are fun, names of obvious categories of human sexuality. ‘Man’ vs ‘Woman’ as the only permissible labels is ideology, we all know the reality of our friends and acquaintances is not so simple. There are a few missing, e.g. what about men who like pre-op male->female transexuals? :



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I can’t swear that AMD’s processors are more secure, but I don’t trust Intel, it is a large company that was allied with Microsoft for too long and likely has big gov contracts for server chips, chipsets, special microcode for maximum performance in some computations. We have known more and more about this via independent security researchers, Intel doesn’t tell us. The entire Secure Computing has been a means of locking MS’s control of systems, which means NSA has access. Systems are NOT SECURE BY DESIGN, this is not accident.

There are more manufacturers of ARM chips and Linux runs on them, I think my next motherboard might be an ARM design :



As deep into instability as Saudi Arabia’s political scene is, it isn’t worse than the US, imho. We don’t have tribes nor much religious strife, but the US government’s spending is a cornucopia same as Arabian oil, and we consequently have the same kind of kleptocracy.  Worse in some ways, Saudis don’t have to pretend to be a democracy, are not the actors ours are. Both countries have contending mafias using all other social, economic and political dimensions in their increasingly-violent conflicts :


Thierry Meyssan’s analysis is better. This is another hint of collusion between Putin and Trump in straightening out the ME over Israeli objections. OTOH, Trump’s dislike of Iran may be real, in which case, ??wtf??. If Harari was removed because he was a supporter of the wrong clan, the import is not Saudi Arabia vs Iran, as most commentary claims. If the US approved all this, and that “Q Clearance Anon” was breadcrumbing, the public story doesn’t fit with all the facts.

So MBS is not liked by the CIA, the ‘coup’ could not have happened without US support, and reducing the Wahabi influence in SA and the amount of corruption is long-term good for ME stability and reduction of SA and US pernicious anti-Iran bias. MBS likes wars? so the usual partial improvements:


Stratfor isn’t a site I read very often, so I don’t know their biases. This is reasonably rational, it seems to me, but I don’t have contextual depth enough to judge :


Money buys power. Harvey Weinstein had money, and ordinary people have suffered from that because Harvey Weinstein is a serious criminal and could get away with rape and almost-rape and bought immunity for a long time. Journalists are at fault here, they gave money and power the benefit of the doubt again and again :


The rest of the story of ever-expanding FED-fueled credit and equivalent polices all over the world leading to that easy money looking for safe havens. Economic change can’t be prevented, people have to adjust, there is no way to protect anyone from those changes. But the policies that have accelerated all those changes are wrong, they have concentrated the problems in time, and thus made them insoluble for individuals and the society as a whole :


This is interesting, there are more and more ways of foiling artificial vision, facial recognition, artificial intelligence systems. People have just begun to work on foiling them. AIs are a large attack surface and nobody really understands their strengths and weaknesses yet :



Daily Reading #1DD

Now the Saudis, Israel and the US aim to cripple Lebanon and separate it from Iran’s influence. The morons running our foreign policies can’t stop losing :


It is interesting to speculate whether the government of Israel, the US or Saudi Arabia fall first. SA is the obvious answer, but there is more than enough corruption in DC, the MIC and other sectors of our society to bring down this entire Stasis Quo. The open source investigations and the deepening skepticism of the world’s voters wrt their government’s honesty and competence put almost all of the world’s governments into a quasi-stability, deep disapproval along with not much political heat and so no obvious alternatives.

Again, we are obviously in the fastest social evolution ever, because we have more information flowing through more minds than ever in history. Those will inevitably lead to political changes of equal magnitude, I don’t see many governments willing and able to accommodate themselves to more interactions via the internet, e.g. meetings open to the internet and remote participants :


Is this part of cleaning up the Navy? :


Robert Mueller is Deep State, of course :


I listened to this twice. I hope this is real, there is literally no way to know, but if not, it is a hell of a script they have written, and it has the feel of intelligence analysis, it seems to my un-trained mind, so is interesting as a psyop/propaganda piece.

This is by far the most specific of the “it is happening” rumbles that have gossiped through the comments and vlogs from 4chan, among other web sites.  George Webb is another sequence of breadcrumbs from inside our investigative agencies that has largely overlapped with Q Clearance Anon. The frequency seems to me to have increased in the last few weeks. One could interpret things  on the Trump side, e.g. is tweet of being disappointed in Sessions, as facade, I kept saying that, and we still don’t really know. But nothing completely rules it out yet, either.

No fact too specific, lots of questions to guide thought, very specific questions, very specific facts to check and predictions of things in foreign countries.

It is an amazing spy story, if at all true. A prediction of the US military taking over the government, among other things, warnings not to react against the military. Look for more false flags.

Is it a psyop? True? Both? I have said that George Webb’s crowd mind was engaged in parallel construction, bread crumbs from deep inside the secret world leading to the mountain of evidence connecting people, businesses and cash flows.

I have been long thinking about a POTUS in Trump’s position, as intelligent as I think Trump actually is, surrounded by compromised people in a hugely corrupt government, including the military, would reverse the situation.  I said a simultaneous investigation, evidence, gradual removal of some of the key people in the Deep State corrupt network and setting up for a military operation to take over the CIA and NSA headquarters in a quick raid,shutting down their servers so they can’t erase evidence.  Investigation, removal of opponents, arrests of principles, and military takedown of major institutions, e.g. CIA, NSA, FBI, TSA, DEA, ICE, Dyncorp and major subsidiaries and independent operators, e.g. Soros, the guy Webb talked about who is handling all the civil seizures, many of those businesses, probably some military HQ’s.

Some time ago, I saw the rumor of a special group in the FBI not reporting through the normal channels, insulated from other management. There are continuous reports of inside-the-CIA conflict, good guys vs bad guys from many sources, at least some of those are real, e.g. Webb and his group.

I have no idea how to know this isn’t prep for a takeover by the military, the obvious move, given the great excuse of vast corruption. Trust Trump, is the message. He is overseas, who planned that?

Statements that some of the initial targets, the Podestas, Obama and perhaps HRC, have fled via private plane.
Scary shit, if the overall messages are even mildly true.
Hell of a script, if it is a mere story. Great breadcrumbs for parallel construction, intelligence to citizens rather than intelligence to law enforcement, another new thing in the world.
This is a hell of an exciting time we live in. I have said I thought Trump was winning for some time, even as he pissed me off with the continued wars and kissing Saudi and Israeli ass.
I think Trump knows he can be seen as a very great President if he cleans the swamp, and has been doing that, step by step. The continual breadcrumbs to all of the online investigation groups is another confirmation. Leaks keep the bad guys off balance.

This could get scary :


Lee Stranahan follows other leads, everything leads to other crimes :

This is the reality of human sex differences, mainly we don’t know much, but what we know says that the biology-psychology is very complex with many possible outcomes. Our Puritanical society both truncates the distributions and makes it impossible for society to consider them legitimate forms of humanity. They are, all of them are legitimate forms of humanity, however different they may be, because they are a result of the genetics of our species and the states of our societies. Our society and its screwy understandings and values cause strife in the society that other societies do not experience. ‘Primitive’, we think of those :


History is being re-written to blame 9-11 on the Iranians. BS, of course, CIA and Mossad did it, ably assisted by high level people in the US government :


Finally, Software Defined Radio goes commercial. This has been a hot idea for a long time :


Indian corporations and US corporations colluding to fix prices of drugs in the US market :


Can the case be made, however, that the Supremes actually ACT less ethically than do lower court Judges? I doubt it, the ethics rules mainly mandate more levels of indirection. Do Congressmen now earn a lower rate of return on their investments after Congress was made subject to insider trading laws? Of course not :


Daily Reading #1DC

I think The Saker is a very fine analyst, this is an excellent paper, a must read. IMHO, the state of the US military is a mirror of the civilian infrastructure of government and private institutions that guide the nation, both fubared for many reasons in many dimensions of the total system :


I have long thought that Soros was the CIA’s way of profiting on its information streams. By inference, Soros was one of the many people who traded on prior knowledge 9-11, the largest insider trading investigation in FTC history. That was halted and the records destroyed :


The “It’s OK to be white” stickers and notes everywhere are the unfortunate end-game of the strategy of emphasizing individual identity according to race, sex, sexual orientation or ethnic group. Nobody thought ahead, whites are still the largest minority group and are the great majority in most of the landmass of the country. It is difficult to believe their meme “it is an attempt to divide us”, that was done with the initial categorizations :




The torture was necessary to obtain false confessions to support the government’s 9-11 story, of course :


An interesting method of soil analysis, very memorable, I shall try it in my garden :


Catalonia is 20% of Spain’s GDP, the reason Spain can’t let it leave :


I read a lot of comments on a wide variety of sites.  I do not see that the quality of comments is declining, although it is clear the ‘bots are getting ‘better’. Most are ignored. On the sites I read, the commenters I consider useful are certainly not influenced by ‘bots. Misinformation is normal, nothing new at all, legacy media was full of it before the internet, again I cite Walter Duranty and Judy Miller.

This views the future as non-adaptive, especially people’s sophistication not changing. But political opinion in 2017 is very much more nuanced than in 2000 wherever the internet has provided the access. Their projections of the future are contradictory, e.g. ‘bots producing acceptance of Trump among Latinos vs increasing divisions.

The only very serious problem is government censorship enabled by analyses such as these :


A useful service for the hearing-impaired from a failed company :