Daily Reading #88

The Saker’s estimate is that the Deep State has won, it has neutered Trump by forcing Flynn’s resignation over zip. However, the win has cost them and the country enormously in every dimension of trust, and (my opinion) fully exposed the Deep State in its control over domestic affairs. Intelligence services are NOT supposed to have anything to do with domestic affairs.


The comments on this article are more informative than the article, (Iran-Al Qaeda links are BS, they are enemies) which deals with the many possible ways of interpreting Flynn’s resignation. The comments are intelligent. Interesting in how the conclusion depends on the frame, either normal politics or Deep State skulduggery.

This is Flynn’s side of the story :


This is Glen Greenwald’s article on the Flynn matter. Notice how this law applies to Clinton, but all of the leaking officials are committing major violations of the secrecy acts. Greenwald is WRONG about whether the admin should have disclosed it, about whether lying was normal or not.  Of course nobody discusses anything in public before diplomacy has taken place. Flynn was the man to be doing that for the new admin, even if it was not in place yet.

I do not think this is in the same class as Snowden’s leaks, or the leaks of Clinton’s email. Those revealed crimes, this revealed diplomacy happening. Where is the crime in that? No one points to any crime in his discussions, so far as I see.

The leakers are not equivalent, revealing crime vs revealing diplomacy happening. What wrongdoing has been revealed here, besides the wiretaps of the NSA on US officials?

I don’t usually disagree with Greenwald :


Mike Krieger agrees with me, does a better job of trashing Greenwald’s argument :


Manafort denies any Kremlin contacts, also :


Lots of the ZH commenters have decided the Deep State is a driver of events. I agree with that, I don’t see how else to explain enough elements of the big picture, beginning with Gladio and extending through 9-11 and then Sandy Hook, followed by what matches the pattern of a color revolution, the US color rev paid for by one of the major players in Ukraine, George Soros.

George Webb on Youtube has the best synthesis of that story I know of, and I need to get time to read his list of links.

In any case, our Intelligent Agencies + the Military and CIA are home to many secret groups with varying interests and varying ability to commit illegal acts anywhere in the world, and abilities to transport materials into and out of any country, e.g. the US. For instance, on large AF bases, the CIA has its own secure hangars, the CIA’s planes fly in and out with no inspection by the military, and one assumes the same for trucks on and off the base. Drugs, arms, people, … Given the $Bs, very literally, in cash that can be so easily generated by such material flows, there is NO WAY THAT CANNOT HAVE BEEN MISUSED, and on a very large scale.  There is much accumulated evidence that those powers have been misused, including the Pentagon’s unbalanced books.

That is the power of the Deep State, not just $, but the power to make things happen in other spheres, e.g. business. Many people with the ability to direct events with information or decisions have died in recent times.

ISIS is a tool, on the one hand we pay them and train them and supply them to attack Syria, on the other hand we pay and train and supply the people who are opposing them in Iraq. And bomb them ourselves when world opinion demands it. ISIS is a perfect enemy, magnified by their horrors and the willing media, and nothing if they don’t get our support, including payments of the Saudis. Does anyone think the Saudis would be doing that if the US didn’t approve?

Human and sex and child trafficking are part of those cash flows.

Not paranoia, a recognition of what the reality of this world is, and that is what we need Trump to focus on. Getting rid of mafias is very difficult, Italy has been trying for 50 years :


I again warn everyone about how easy Google’s algorithms make finding a supporting link. This came from a comment to the last link, even better than Google. Catherine Austin Fitts, I recognized the voice and manner, maybe the name. Seems like she is very intelligent, an independent mind, and also agrees with me on the issues with the Deep State, but you shouldn’t take any of that seriously, just evaluate her and what she says. She is on many Youtube interview shows :


Aaron Russo’s story. Very interesting, and seems real, I think authentic. Another person who, after long observation of many things in their life, comes to the conclusion that we have massive corruption in our society. If you haven’t read dozens of those over the years, from all walks of life, you aren’t paying attention :


Jews and Arabs are all genetic brothers, children of Abraham :


Oregon’s political patronage system :


Daily Reading #87

This is not entirely wrong, but is framed as the standard ‘big gov fixes everything’ view. E.g. ‘Trump’s dismantling free markets, comfort with mushrooming debt, and destabilization of the international order they helped foster’. Such BS, the author has no understanding of the meaning of words :


Bannon as a social entrepreneur :


The US’s standard propaganda frames the other side as the threat, when the US is the one pushing the envelop :


Fed Warns: “Asset Valuation Pressures Have Increased”, “Leverage Remains Elevated”. Otherwise called ‘a bubble’. Wonder who is responsible for that happening? :


The Supreme Court is not selected by a process that has any predictive value in knowing how they will vote on cases :



An example of the increasing scale of network hacking problems :


Just in case you thought our elites were at all superior to you and me in measures of humanity :



I think that humans are the majority of the environment when it comes to meeting evolution’s fitness test of reproduction, so there isn’t much power to the argument of altruism vs selfish in propagating your genes. We are not the only species like that :


Meanwhile, human researchers assume they can easily understand human’s performance in tests. Except for people in 3rd world countries, maybe :


Subsidies fuzz the worth of everything, including the opinions of social groups and institutions. This is a pro-Refugee group that receives much $ from the federal government for resettling refugees :


Parasites routinely change aspects of the host to foster their own survival. This is malaria making animals who have malaria more attractive to mosquitoes by helping the mosquitoes to breed better, which is in the malaria parasite’s best interest because it better spreads the malaria. Social-level parasites obviously do the same to the societies they infest :


Oliver Stone is generally presented as someone with far-out ‘conspiracy theory’ opinions. I don’t know, but if the Saker says this is good, it is, and the few minutes I watched tells a story consistent with what I know about the Ukraine, i.e. a CIA-lead color revolution for profit :


Jordan Greenhall is a systems thinker who I think is very good, I am reading all of his stuff.  He thinks like The Generalissimo :


Daily Reading #86

An ethical man is a Christian holding four aces.
Mark Twain

More war of the Deep State on Donald Trump. “Russian penetration of the White House” is amazing BS, and that is why the heat is on Flynn. John R. Schindler is definitely a representative of the Deep State, based on his background. E.g. “Western Spy Alliance” includes our strong bond with the Israeli intelligence services, with whom we share a lot of raw data, e.g. our evesdropping on world leaders :


I do not grasp why this is a scandal, beyond Flynn not admitting multiple contacts. I mean, the guy was the person who would do this, as it was before the Sec of State was confirmed. His major stupid position is the one on Iran, maybe China. So if Trump is down on him for being too much of a hawk, good. I had not seen that Flynn and Ledeen, a prominent Neocon, had collaborated on a book:


This is a rational view of Iran, I believe, and makes Flynn far less rational than I had thought :


ZH has great comments, e.g. in the Flynn article above, this one. Comment sections are part of the ongoing open-source investigations, keeping everyone up to date on evidence as well as interpretations of the evidence. (Sorry I don’t have the info for the commenter, but ZH and wordpress aren’t compatilble with editing html, annoying and I am bad at it, so I failed today. Sorry, commenter.) :

Not only democrats rigged Primary to elect Clinton as presidential candidate last year even though she has poor judgement (violating government cyber security policy) and is incompetent (her email server was not secured) when she was the Secretary of State, and was revealed to be corrupt by Bernie Sanders during the Primary, but also democrats encourage illegal immigration, discourage work, and fraud young voters with free college/food/housing/health care/Obama phone.
However middle class/working class used their common senses voting against her last November. Therefore I am not impressed with the “integrity” and “judgement” of democrats, Anti-Trump protesters, and media who donated/endorsed Clinton during presidential election.

When the Clintons Loved Russia Enough to Sell Them Our Uranium (http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/07/25/flashback-cli…)
Wikileaks: Clinton Foundation Chatter with State Dept on Uranium Deal with Russia (http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/10/08/wikileaks-putting-on-…)
Russian officials donated $$$ to Clinton Foundation for Russian military research (http://www.breitbart.com/radio/2016/12/16/schweizer-insecure-left-wants-…)
Cashing in: Illegal immigrants get $1,261 more welfare than American families, $5,692 vs. $4,431 (http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/cashing-in-illegal-immigrants-get-1261…)
DEA Report Shows Infiltration of Mexican Drug Cartels in Sanctuary Cities (http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2015/09/08/dea-report-shows-infiltration-…)
Welfare Discourages Work(http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/27/the-science-is-settle…)
Hillary Clinton Says Bernie Sanders’s “Free College” Tuition Plan Is All a Lie (http://www.teenvogue.com/story/clinton-says-sanders-free-tuition-wont-wo
Bill Clinton Impeachment Chief Investigator: I’m ‘Terrified’ of Hillary because we know that there were “People” who “Disappeared” (http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/10/30/exclusive-bil…)
Former FBI Asst. Director Accuses Clintons Of Being A “Crime Family” (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-30/former-fbi-asst-director-accuse…)
FBI boss Comey’s 7 most damning lines on Clinton (http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/05/politics/fbi-clinton-email-server-comey-da…).
Aides claiming she “could not use a computer,” and didn’t know her email password– New FBI docs (https://www.rt.com/usa/360528-obama-implicated-clinton-email/).
23 Shocking Revelations From The FBI’s Clinton Email Report (http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/02/23-shocking-revelations-from-the-fbis-…)
DOJ grants immunity to ex-Clinton staffer who set up email server (http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/02/politics/hillary-clinton-email-server-just…)
Former House Intelligence Chairman: I’m ‘100 Percent’ Sure Hillary’s Server Was Hacked (http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/11/06/former-house-…)
Exclusive — Gen. Mike Flynn: Hillary Clinton’s Email Setup Was ‘Unbelievable Active Criminal Behavior’ (http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/11/06/exclusive-gen…)
Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials (http://nypost.com/2016/11/06/clinton-directed-her-maid-to-print-out-clas…)
Obama lied to the American people about his secret communications with Clinton(http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/president-barack-obama-hillary-email-…)
Former U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft: FBI didn’t ‘clear’ Clinton (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFYQ3Cdp0zQ)
The largest source of Trump campaign funds is small donors giving under $200 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-self-fund_us_57fd4556e4…)
How mega-donors helped raise $1 billion for Hillary Clinton (https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/how-mega-donors-helped-raise-1-b…)
Final newspaper endorsement count: Clinton 57, Trump 2 (http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/304606-final-news…)
Journalists shower Hillary Clinton with campaign cash (https://www.publicintegrity.org/2016/10/17/20330/journalists-shower-hill…)

Crime pays for Indian politicians. Different crimes, but the same reasons as anywhere that campaign costs are large relative to the support of voters. Voters in India pick ‘strongmen’ because the rule of law is so weak relative to other social forces. Strongmen protect their voters better. Another case of “its the system at fault”, many other countries have similar dynamics, perhaps now the US, accounting for Trump :


“Stunning volcano photos” from Iceland :


This is the government inflicting max pain for minimum cuts in budget. Roads are always the reason for hiking taxes, but the money from the fuel taxes is not all used for the roads. Politicians are a very dishonest lot, wonder why we don’t trust them :


Too much debt and the oil industry is no longer producing relatively cheap oil, with no current replacement. Kunstler is not a Trump fan, and the EROEI arguments are not entirely solid because the technology of extraction improves, but you can’t discount his prediction of Trump being removed because of the crash and his attempts to deal with the consequences. OTOH, everyone who has predicted Trump’s downfall so far has been wrong. Among the many reasons, read the Michael Lewis article below :


Another ‘local control’ movement around the US, this eliminating freeways through large urban areas :


The problem in that is that networks of highways are a system with emergent properties, and so it is very difficult to predict traffic patterns as a result of any change. It is the same issue as for IP networks, so has been very extensively studied and modeled. Google doesn’t give me a good link showing examples of that, you will have to take my word for it or do your own googling.

This is an excellent article by Michael Lewis on cognitive biases, in this case of MDs in ERs. (An aside : X-rays are used to diagnose a collapsed lung and rib fractures! How did they miss those?) In any case, Kahneman and other cognitive researchers find that people judge probability as ‘representative in my experience’, a powerful bias because it works most of the time. ‘Experience’ is ‘can remember it’, another factor producing the biases, but predictable and systematic mistakes. Medicine tries to be data-driven, management in corporations, generally not, in my experience :


Here is another use of cognitive science. Excellent analysis of techniques of distortion, but wrong on the fundamentals, e.g. who is the real climate expert vs the fake climate experts. That has been the problem all along, and there absolutely is no consensus among the genuine experts, and nobody who understands models takes them at all seriously as a prediction of the future of anything. There is cherry picking of evidence right there, because the serious scientists with negative evidence don’t take positions about what humans case, rather merely point to factors that make the model’s predictions unlikely to be correct. Look at his temp graph, it starts in 1970. No context, and if we had the same detail in a long enough time-line, perhaps we wouldn’t think this last period unusual. In fact, the earth has had periods above the max temps the AGW people predict, as well as very long periods in deep freeze.

Great propaganda, all true and completely wrong :


The many effects from a border tax. In my opinion, taxes are taxes, all are subsidies in effect, all affect everything, all prices.  Our problems stem in large part from not knowing what things really cost, as well as the rising costs discussed yesterday. Trump should be fixing the core problems that produce the loss of jobs, all of which would reduce the fuzz. The Fed is the core fuzz-producer, it’s too-cheap cost of borrowing is the core of the rising costs. A trade war is the last thing the US needs, generally, making things worse is not the best path to making them better.

But politicians generally do that, because they can get the political support for something stupid much easier than for ‘the right thing’, even when it is known what the right thing is :


The more archaeology that is done in South America, the more sophisticated the civilizations are judged to be :


Yes, it is hard to be a rational explainer of Trump, even with the argument of “Better than Clinton is a very low bar, given her pro-war record”, I have the same experience :


George Webb’s story is that the Libyan oil extraction rights were sold, and the money went into the Clinton-CIA pockets, $30B. I don’t know how this relates to that story, but definitely more mafia activities extracting a nation’s wealth are revealed.

Years ago I said that the serious hunter would go hunting the poachers, not the animals being poached. Reliable Identification Friend or Foe would be necessary,. Otherwise, someone with a gun in a protected area == a target. Better make sure the IFF unit is working before you go hunting :


“The internet effect” is affecting the French election as it has the US and Brexit, it cuts the power of the legacy media to direct the debate :


England leads in secrecy laws :


It will be interesting when France pursues its criminals into the US, using drones to execute the sentences. One foresees an international accord on dealing with the unintended side effects, the collateral damage, holding each other innocent in such. The rational will be something like “just a different form of lightening, don’t stand near lightening rods”, pretty much what what we tell all innocent victims of our drone strikes in the ME.

A few weeks ago, I read that the US NSC ordered assassinations in 135 countries in some recent year. Amazing fact :


Daily Reading #85

Another view of Palestine, checkpoints within Palestinian territory, soldiers Just Following Orders, however apologetic they are. Our Great Ally, Israel, is the reason the ME is fubared. Israel is the power behind our Israeli-Neocons, AIPAC and their ownership of Congress. This is a standard side-effect within Empires, corrupt systems are easy to take over from the outside, e.g. Rome was strongly influenced by the ruled at different times.

Her description of the poor Jews being moved into the colonies on Palestinian land is another example of Oligarchs taking advantage of governments and policies. Look at the bit about censorship @36 minutes.

Israel is theft, pure and simple, from the beginning. Israel managing the fallout from that is a very major cause of the world’s discords, major tools are propaganda and terrorism, including 9-11 and the resulting ME wars :



Very excellent talk by Miko Peled, son of one of Israel’s generals in its wars. He makes a good point, that the ‘threat from Iran’ is nonsense, but a great political ploy that keeps attention off Israeli treatment of Palestinians :


Pretty clear that the Israelis could build Trump’s wall cheaper, they have so much experience.

Newsbud is an excellent organization, independent views on many issues, and getting better every year :




This is the failure of everything in public life. ‘Cost disease’, Tyler Durden claims. This is an excellent overview of the reasons behind the many symptoms that elected Trump :


If some government program found a way to give poor people good health insurance for a few hundred dollars a year, college tuition for about a thousand, and housing for only two-thirds what it costs now, that would be the greatest anti-poverty advance in history. That program is called “having things be as efficient as they were a few decades ago”.

Some of the reasoning behind the education’s side of that :


Unz’s critique, based as it is on ‘limited and non-reversible cognitive ability’ of students, is bogus if it isn’t due to lead in the water or some such environmental problem. There are individuals in every city who take the kids kicked out of these school and put them into top colleges based on their scores on tests. Abolish the system that produces these terrible results and watch replacements arise. The answer won’t be ‘charter schools’.

Just watching this, as impressive as it is, it seems to me to illustrate all of the problems of ‘cost disease’. It is hard to believe that Mercedes cars are made cheaper or significantly better quality on completely automated assembly lines than they were on human-operated lines, or that this is more flexible, etc. This system is software intensive, and I guarantee you there was huge wastage getting it to work the first time, that is the nature of software. Wastage repeated for every model change.  Mercedes seems to be gaining market share, now let us see how it does in an economic decline, given the huge fixed costs and capital costs of their automated assembly line :


When you look at Putin and his behavior over the years since he rose to prominence, the guy is by far the standout among political leaders in foresight and intelligently working for his country’s interests. ‘Intelligent’ meaning positive-sum games where his opponents permit that :


This is an interesting view of things from Indians and Pakistakis in the US. More intelligent journalism than I see in the NYTimes or WaPo, for certain :


Trump is doing some things right, he is keeping many very wrong people, mostly Israeli-Neocons who are natural supporters of the Clinton cabal, out of his admin :


Interesting comparison between Eisenhower and Trump in political positions and cabinet picks :


My wife is buying Ivanka Trump’s clothes because they are stylish and cheap, as the store has deeply discounted them as it discontinues carrying them. Aren’t side-effects wonderful ? :


Do you think this might be one of the side effects of managing your stores by politics? Except for Sears, their problem is long standing :


This is the next iteration of all that, activism as a sales tool :


Headline is wrong, you must replace the word ‘against’ with ‘promoting’ for it to fit the facts. What caused this? What did anyone benefit from such an award at this time in history? A source of fake news is revealed, in any case :


Local community is the way to take back control of your lives :


Very good social psychology, “The illusion of asymmetric insight”. People don’t generally know more about others than those others know about them, but always think so :


If you do not have physical control of your assets, they stand a good chance of being lost in the coming financial problems. This is 1929, the aftermath of which continued for 10 years, and during which all of the safe deposit boxes in the nation were opened by the government, and any gold coins were seized, later paid for at a 30% discount. That was the ‘haircut’ then, this one will be worse :


Greece’s problem is its own people don’t trust their government because of corruption, and so don’t pay taxes. That allows Germany and Holland to blame them for the deficits and put conditions on the ‘bailouts’ that have destroyed Greece’s economy, even tho the bailouts have merely saved European banks and do nothing for Greece’s economy. So the standard problem of every large, impersonal and rule-bound bureaucracy, people game the system and power counts far more than justice or common sense :

Our civilization has not scaled because large systems are easily gamed without lasting consequences to the gamers, who thus have no skin in the game. Most of the outrageous stories in the Daily Reading lists are due to that fundamental problem :



Every streetlight a video camera, microphone and other sensors with a link to voice and face recognition and license plate readers, the surveillance state continues its march to totalitarian control :


Animals are much more intelligent than they get credit for :


Nicer, also :


These kinds of incentive plans are responsible for the rising costs and falling effectiveness of US medical care. The story here is serious abuse of power for $, with patients suffering and dying as a result, e.g. “Delashaw’s complication rate was “higher than anybody else I’ve ever seen in my life.” along with a shift to more dangerous and invasive procedures for aneurysm that Medicare and insurance paid more for, etc. Atrocious medicine, MDs and management gaming the system for their own wealth, no effective pushback from anywhere :


Gun manufacturers were surprised by Clinton’s loss, this is an overstock sale with prices for ARs in the $500 range, normally 2X that. If you don’t own your shotgun and rifle, this is a good time :


I promise myself not to read high-energy physics, quantum physics unless related to electronics, or astronomy, because I can’t do everything, but fall off the wagon too often. This is a good reminder that humans are still doing baby steps in understanding the universe :


Trump’s wall will do nothing to stop with cartels, of course. Yes, no kidding, legalizing drugs would. And Mexico’s reason for wanting the illegals in the US is the remittances, $69B of Mexico’s $404B GDP, 17% of GDP  :


This is the standard frame of “the government must be responsible for all improvements in everything, so the choices are different ways of centralizing”. That is how we got here, with everything failing. Did this prescient philosopher predict that? :


I agree with this, I have called the media a COINTELPRO operation against the American people for some time. We are being divided, and our oligarch-CIA Deep State needs that as part of its takeover operation :


The Generalissimo has made this point often :


Taleb on ‘faux experts’ as the basis of the problem. :


This guy, a fellow system designer, is excellent in his thinking about remedies :



The whole ‘Russia will give Snowden to Trump’ is another Deep State ploy :


Dance evolving, this from the belly dance genre, now called ‘Tribal’ :


Daily Reading #84

Hanna Arendt — The banality of evil is the fact that it is done by nobodies, people who disclaim responsibility, their excuse for not resisting evil, “I was just following orders!”. Every government, institution, business is filled with them :


Falling trust in institutions, world wide. Without trust, it is not possible for a society based on very complex systems to function :


Abbie Martin interviews Stephen Cohen on US-Russian relations, the demonization of Putin :


Robert Parry with suggestions for Tillerson on honesty in US foreign policy :


The lying about the Ukraine needs to stop :


One thing the gov could do would be to accurately report the amount of mayhem our armed services have inflicted. This says the Army’s data on airstrikes doesn’t include Apache helicopters or drones or …. Even so, 26K bombs last year was Obama’s record, I believe. That isn’t a measure of military superiority, that is a measure of how much effort we had to expend to make people believe in our military superiority :


And stop lying about Iran :


Wayne Madsen is excellent on the New World Disorder of Trump’s foreign policy :


Jordan Petersen : Modernism vs Post-Modernism. Excellent lecture :


And another :


And a reminder that things are going very well in many important ways, as Peterson says :



Policies are the major problem in the world, every policy is a centralization of power. For example, because of policy, American burns 40% of its corn crop as gasahol. The mandate for gashol is a subsidy for corn. That extremely stupid policy killed a few million kids around the world before the prices adjusted due to more countries producing corn for the international market, initially at higher prices. 180 million new acres went into ag production around the world in the last decade.

Here in the US, as  result of all of the subsidies, farmers adjusted their inputs of fertilizer and seeds and equipment to optimize returns from every bit of farmland. As a result of that and the increasing price of farm land, American farmers no longer can compete on the world market and are having hard times :


Who could have guessed that there would be side-effects of a policy? Another : 5 years of falling commodity prices, and our grocery prices continue to increase, every year. And Mexican monarch butterfly populations are down 27% this year, a result of more use of pesticides and less milkweed from herbicides.

Health care is in worse shape as a result subsidies than agriculture, we pay far more for our health care and die much sooner than other 1st world nations :


This is unlikely, because my regard for both Putin and Trump would fall through the floor. Ditto Russians and Americans around the world, so it is not in either man’s interest.

Snowden is a hero, we should put him in charge of the NSA! We know he is the one with the backbone and that none of the rest have one, because the NSA hasn’t been changed one small bit, despite all the Snowden revelations. Their spying has increased, not been reduced. Obama did nothing, except prosecute more whistleblowers. Shrub was not the entire fault, NSA began getting out of control well before 9-11.

That is the Deep State at work, spying on you and me, not those evil Muslim terrrorists that they foster to be the excuse. We need controlled for our Deep State’s benefit, the evil Muslim terrorists can be controlled by turning off the money. The money the Deep State and its allies are defrauding from us, extorting from us. The military’s books do not balance. The CIA is obviously involved in US elections.

We are not the ones outside of the Constitution and all common sense. No society can survive with Puritan public morality and the NSA’s blackmail database. So, society, either change our public morality or end NSA’s blackmail database, because this version of society’s total software build isn’t working worth a damn.

I watched the House Oversight Hearings dealing with the FBI yesterday. If Congress had any real power, they would all be jealous of that power and would threaten the FBI with defunding, or being broken up and distributed across other agencies. And the FBI would know it Instead, the FBI is dragging things out, for reasons we know not. But an agency of the US government defying Congress in pursuit of oversight is far outside of the Constitution.

You need to think carefully about the implications of that. The committee was entirely divided, D vs R. The R’s in the right, clearly. The D’s entirely off the subject, being good defense attornies, opposing their citizen’s interest in clean government and Congress’s own power.

What power can lead them to do that?


This is a good summary of the situation in the Ukraine, the real story, not the one from the NYTimes :


This is very right about the civil asset forfeiture laws being unjust in the extreme. The CIA has had its independent income via drugs for a long time, so the cops just followed along :


Another item added to the Technological Palette :


FCC and wireless spectrum as infrastructure :


Water pipes are another rather important bit of infrastructure, and lead is a bigger problem than anyone wants to deal with :


This is an excellent and long article showing that the idea of genes as the chief cause of disease is very wrong, rather most disease is caused by lifestyle and environment. The framing of ‘DNA causes everything’ is convenient for medicine and government, so it continues :



Charles is excellent, as usual, in showing us the way out from this Plantation Economy :


H-1B visas are a gift to oligarchs, of course. Tata, etc. rent Indian programmers to Apple and many other firms, at an average salary of $67K, whereas even the salary of a programmer in Columbus, Ohio is $70K. For the Indian, it is a wonderful salary, they save a lot of money in a year of work, even with American high prices. As a result of this and moving jobs to India, I personally know half a dozen people who have trained their Indian replacements, including my wife when she worked for a large tech company :


Daily Reading #83

This is brilliant. “Optimizing collective intelligence” is the problem, and the net enables a better evolutionary system which is replacing the centralized organs of our current FUBARed system.  The guy thinks like The Generalissimo :


The Generalissimo has a new essay nearly done on the requirements for humans optimizing their collective intelligence. Jordan Greenhall is social system analysis, The Generalissimo is total system analysis and design.

More centralization, Israel is a failing state because of that. Treating people badly comes back to bite, no matter your ethnic group :


When the London Review of Books accepts that Western Media pushes ‘Fake News’, the question is beyond dispute :


The real reason that reporting of the Syrian conflict has been so inadequate is that Western news organisations have almost entirely outsourced their coverage to the rebel side.

I think that was intentional, a consequence of the US government funding, training and arming ‘the rebels’, meaning Al Qaeda and ISIS. Note what isn’t discussed, Mosul, “the largest urban military operation since WWII”, which is not yet half won by Iraq, Iran and maybe the US. “47 % of gunshot wounds are to civilians, far more than other wars the UN has seen”.

Yesterday’s link to the various fake news stories included one I didn’t think was fake. This is the study showing that Clinton’s performance outperformed exit polls only in states that are vulnerable to electronic hacking. This is persuasive evidence that the counts are not correct, imho, that the election results were changed after the fact FOR CLINTON. Also the reason that I think her supposed 3M vote win in the total vote is untrue :


Ways to get rid of Trump. Bad idea. Our elites think our system is so stable that any of these methods will do. Impeachment would be OK only if the evidence was clear and both parties were near-unanimous. Otherwise, just another great divide with unknown long term consequences. Likely short-term, imho, this is no longer a stable system we live within :


Google long ago gave up “don’t be evil”, and is helping to fill your home with surveillance devices :


All of the reasons that Zuckerberg and other oligarchs won’t “end disease”, e.g. it is built into the total system of biological life :


An article I quoted a couple of days ago is very relevant to that, excellent discussion of systems in biology :


I missed the Archdruid a week ago. This is an interesting view of the present as a position on the wheel of historical change. Large-scale dynamics of systems of human minds and ecosystems, emergent properties of the systems we created, tho he doesn’t frame it quite like that :


Improving on the wisdom of crowds. Good thinking :


Immigration policy from the old days may be an improvement. But ‘policy’ doesn’t work. I think the lottery aspect of the current plan is excellent because it produces randomness :


The Central Valley of CA alternates between desert and inland sea :


More environmental problems.  Grass carp were the solution to take care of weeds in waterways, imported from Asia. The carp’s spread could maybe have been stopped earlier, but it would have cost less and might have been successful, so nothing was done.

I need to make a list of all of the species in the US that are here to clean up a problem, then cause another problem. The USDA is a genius at introducing obnoxious species :


I was going through the Pizzagate threads on voat.co/pizzagate again. One of them has a link to this :


From one point of view, yes indeed, there are crazies in the world, but you can’t generalize about crazies to anything.

I agree with that point of view, until you read the entire article, and see that the man was not punished, nor judged insane, is free of rape charges because he has power and powerful friends. His lawyers will settle with the civil suits, all will be well in his world.

Until I read the 10th example in a time short enough to remember it. At that point, it is time to start checking statistics.

Symptoms of the systematic perversion of people with power, not that it takes much effort with Saudi Royals, I think, are showing up everywhere. Jeffrey Epstein got off with a fake sentence, nobody ever checked on him. All of the girls suing him are getting a few million, must sign very confidential agreements and never talk about anything. 102 of them, at this point. You know that will come out of the taxpayer at some point, he works for either the CIA, or the Mossad with full cooperation from both. DynCorp provides his plane and other services, although he probably made a profit up until the suits began. That fallout only happened because all this came out a few years too soon, before they got the country corrupted enough that they were immune.

Just judging by the number of major paedophile scandals that have come out in the last 10 years and the number of years behind bars that anyone prominent has been sentenced to (zero, in case you aren’t watching), I think it is still a close race.

When they arrest the Clintons for any of this, it will mean they are serious, and I can breath easy again.

Read the links on this thread, no kidding, the brownstone operations own Hollywood. Selena Diana Jenkins certainly has an interesting background. Did she show up in George Webb’s story yet? Because it would be easy to fit her into the pattern that Webb is talking about. She would be a cross between Epstein and Valery Plame. Some of Epstein’s people have come up from the ranks, maybe she did :


I also believe that human minds are very good at finding patterns, we can see faces in clouds. We need statistics.

And on the other hand, the Clintons are long-time crooks, natural allies of the CIA :


Another interesting voat thread, the kind of things that produces statistics :


As I say, the FBI has been corrupted. Comey is corrupt, he is covering for the Clintons, the entire Deep State is covering for, allied with, the Clintons.

This is citizens against the Deep State, be sure you are on the right side of this :


Representative Cummings is excellent cover for Comey’s corruption, everything he says is true, and completely irrelevant, noise in the argument.

Representative Maloney is another digression, defending Clinton. The gov never argues for ‘privacy of individuals’ unless it is part of a coverup.

Mr. Jordan is impressive, liked his approach.

Mr. Lynch is another Democrat, covering for Clinton. We should never allow lawyers in any  legislature because they argue to support the case, have no particular reverence for actual Truth, the Facts Of The Case In Full Context. These people are paid to do that for their constituents, but the Ds are covering up for a crime, the exact opposite of their role. The fact that Clinton was the recent nominee of the D party is completely irrelevant, if she is guilty. “Protect the witness’s privacy” is such BS.
Mr. Mica is low key. Pounds the facts, the Congress has always had access to the FBI’s files in investigations, as necessary for the Oversight Committee.
Mr Connolley is another D. Introduces a Newsweek article and puts it into the record. Another set of excuses for Clinton. Nobody deals with reality.
Mr Meadows is a great prosecuting attorney.
Mr. Cargwright is another obfuscator Democrat. We need to stop putting DAs into Congress. They have no sense of reality, it is all image, arguing for or against a case. Being a DA makes Justice just a negotiation. Wrong attitude.
Comey can be as ‘done’ with Congress as he wants, his agency still is subject to Congress’s oversight and budget decisions and laws. The FBI has evidence, what is it? How did Comey so easily decide Clinton’s handling of secure information as stupidly as she did?

I only knew the name Chaffetz before, he is reasserting Congress’s power, good for him.

As for the witneses– what a bunch of bureaucrats. We pay a million dollars a year for these people? And Congress allows this waste of time? Congress under the Constitution has the power of the purse, if it actually had that power in reality, it would tell Comey “We will zero out your budget and break up your agency”, and Cummings would be as anxious as any other person in Congress to protect Congress’s power.

The Republicans have the high ground here, ethically and legally. Any resistance is the opposite. Also, I very much approve of the process, just not any of the people and their fundamental values, bureaucrats all. But the need for the process in this case indicates a very deep corruption of our government, because our government is not working inside the Constitution, no matter how civilized the process. One segment is covering the crimes of its leaders, and the bureaucracy can assist without fear of the power of Congress. Wow!

ZH’s side of the story :


One of the things I have noticed recently in the net’s info flow is that more people (20-30 a day) are coming to my blog because of my linking to another post. ‘pingback’ is the mechanism, every time I include a link, wordpress sends a link to all the other wordpress web pages, which normally produce the link back to me in the comments. It is ultimately a nice side-step of search engines, although not in summary version, but statistically the same. This has to be affecting other web sites, not just mine.

Daily Reading #82

This is the most important issue I have read about today. How can the question even be asked? Of course, this is a case of ‘parallel construction’, where the prosecutor needs the information from accepted legal procedures, not from NSA’s copying of all of the world’s data to its servers in Idaho. The government already has all of the world’s data :


The 2nd most important issue, honesty in public life. This annoys me, I was possibly taken in by the vote count issue in WI, MI and PA. I thought, however, it was more states and that they had done the statistics necessary to rule out effects such as age of the voters, in the article(s) I read. Also, probably the 90-yo foreclosure of Mnuchin’s company. More things to check, if we can’t assume that facts are facts in full context, we spend our lives checking our understanding of ‘real’ instead of living and learning new things. This is a stupid system we allow :


As a measure of the media’s failure, it doesn’t get any better than this :


‘Crush drug cartels’. Like that has ever worked. Trump is rapidly losing my support, but he is still better than Clinton could have been. Read the comments. The world has gotten very Libertarian, or perhaps my sampling is biased :


The US and Israeli intelligence ecosystems continue to merge :


A direct descendent of Stuxnet, NSA-Mossad’s brainchild, has now subverted banks around the world. Do you get the idea that security is an evolutionary arms race? That the disease organisms are now stronger because of the antibiotics, and defenses of servers are relatively very weak?  :



Stockman to Trump: It’s the Economy, Stupid, and Trump’s moves have been mostly window dressing, not draining the swamp, not reducing the government overhead burden on our society. Repealing Obamacare is fading into the background. :


This discusses a fundamental aspect of a financial system based on uncoordinated growth of fiat monies in different countries — they are unstable. His solution is standard economist bunk. Back to the gold standard. Forget dollars, grams of gold, silver, platinum, … worked for millennia, no reason they can’t function well now. Well, except for the loss of Goldman Sachs and their fellows, of course :


Another Ian Welsh, “Fixing the world, moral calculus”. Excellent goals, the problem is implementation, as usual :


Mnuchin’s company did ‘robosigning’, they lied to the courts. They did not even have the titles in their possession in many cases, those were lost in the centralized system

The 9-11 story continues to unravel. Read the comments, see how much people understand. Nobody on ZH believes the government. Nobody defends the government’s position on any of the blogs I read comments on. Intelligent people can be on every side of many issues, but there are no longer any smart people on the gov’s side of 9-11.

I admit my sampling might be biased. I do not admit that any intelligent person can consider the 9-11 evidence and come to any other conclusion than “the CIA and Mossad did it!”. The CIA and Mossad did do it, and didn’t much bother to hide the evidence, or couldn’t. They know that information about many of their lesser plots has leaked out, sooner or later, and must have expected it to happen with 9-11. I think you all should carefully consider what that means for our immediate future, because the 9-11 case showed a 25+ year planning horizon in the Mossad, at least, and the CIA has more experience overthrowing other governments than any group ever in history :


The problem with our world isn’t so much the liars as the believers. The reasons people fall for frauds are all true, his understanding of why Brexit and Trump are necessary is nil :


Mushrooms have gotten popular, it seems to me :


The Archdruid is erudite. A real philosopher, who calls a spade a spade. Good history of the academic world and its degradation. If The Generalissimo could explain things as clearly as The Archdruid, I would be rich by now. Excellent thinking and writing, and he identifies all the bad-faith players in science that I harp on. A wise man is someone who agrees with your own prejudices, by which standard I see that The Archdruid is a wise man :


Charles is excellent, as usual :


From NC, link with the comment “It’s almost as if a shadowy cabal figured out how to get people to pay more to die faster.” pic.twitter.com/9yvlvNZN0d


The National Firearms Act, the original gun control law, before which we had had ‘Constitutional Carry’ everywhere the legislature or town council had not passed the laws to deprive blacks of guns, was based on stupid deception, as have been all of the gun control laws since :


Illargi is good on ‘Fake News’ :


The political/media black hole exists in many other countries too; we are truly entering a whole new phase in both domestic and global affairs. That is what allows for the Trumps and Le Pens of the world to appeal to people; there is nobody else left that people can have any faith in. The system(s) are broken beyond repair, and anyone perceived as belonging to them will be cast aside. Not all at the same time, but all of them nonetheless.

Whether you call the menu the people have been fed, fake or false or just plain nonsense, it makes no difference. The British House of Commons Speaker may not be such a bad guy inside, he’s probably just another victim of the falsehoods, denials and deceit spread 24/7. The difference between them and ordinary citizens is that Her Majesty’s representatives in the political field MUST know. They get paid good salaries to represent the Queen’s subjects, and looking the other way as children get assaulted and raped does not fit their job description.

That goes for representatives of the church (i.e. Jesus) just as much of course, and for the execs at the BBC, but about as many of those people are behind bars as there are bankers. For anyone at all at any of these institutions to now speak with great indignation about Trump’s alleged racism and sexism is the very core of all of their problems, the very reason why so many turn their backs on them. It shows that the very core or our societies is rotten, and the rot is spreading.

We are facing a lot of problems, all of us, in many different ways, financially, politically, morally. But our problem is not called Donald Trump. And we need to stop pretending that it is. We are the problem. We allow our governments to tell our armies to bomb and drone innocent people while we watch cooking shows. We have believed, as long as we’ve been alive, whatever the media feed us, without any critical thought, which we reserve for choosing our next holiday destination.

The longer this braindead attitude prevails, the worse things will get, and the more Trumps will surface as leaders of their respective countries. And the longer the attitude prevails, the more anger we will spread in those parts of the world that do not belong to our ‘chosen’ societies. And for that we will have only ourselves to blame. Not Trump.

Another thing that is becoming part of real news is Pizzagate, as that shows.