Daily Reading #19A

The only thing I envy anyone for having that I don’t is serious intellect.  It must be nice to be a Wolfram-class mind, brilliant and creative and so very good at expressing it. I watched half a dozen in this series discussing whether math is invented or discovered, a fundamental problem in epistemology.  This is by far the best answer, and the only one based on real investigation. Science and mathematics are cultural artifacts, the easy road that very much constrains what we can think about :

More serious intellect.  Read this and realize how inadequate all of the foreign policy analysts published in the legacy media are and have been. Another example of how only the focus of making money allows predicting elements of the future, academics and other ‘foreign policy’ experts are hopeless. Even The Saker has not achieved this level of analysis. Clearly, no one of stature in the US military or political establishment has done so.

Even Gavekal assumes that military conflict, or its threat, is necessary in the analysis, that trade cannot be peaceful, that historical examples will hold in the future.  In fact, US military spending and ability to intervene abroad will collapse in the near future, as did Russia’s after its crash.

Of course, all of this is words with all of their imprecision attempting to deal with fractal dimensions of evolving complex systems, so don’t take it too seriously as prescriptions for building or maintaining an empire.  But as investment advice, it seems properly contrarian to me :


Pizzagate researchers have been pushed into the background, but the links continue to build.  One suspects there are some good cops and intelligence people interacting with all this, it isn’t going away any time soon :



George Webb and his research team continue outing ratlines. Many journalists have died pursuing these investigations, I hope George’s guardian angels are very powerful :












Jason Goodman and Trish Negron with CrowdSourceTheTruth, very excellent work as usual, but I didn’t have time to listen to it all today.  Sorry, Trish and Jason :


Judicial Watch discusses a ratline through El Paso, as well as coverups of previous ratline-corruption. The DOJ is not clean, Sessions is still a dead loss in terms of draining the swamp :



My government contains evil people making evil decisions in our name :


Interesting that I found WillyLoman the day before Scott Creighton was one of the people discussing the fraudster CIA operative Steele on CrowdSourceTheTruth. I liked his writing and he speaks very well, quite a logical and coherent, balanced individual. We should be very encouraged by the way the most rational people with the best depth of context come to the same conclusions about the events of our times. No question, Charlottesville was a psyop, a completely scripted event, Soros funded both sides. Everyone has concluded that Soros is CIA or one of the oligarchs guiding-directing the CIA.  I have long thought that he was the CIA’s mechanism for profiting from their intelligence sources wrt information that affect currencies.  Given their ability to corrupt high-level members of institutions, one could believe they could arrange actions, timings, publicity, … that would affect currencies and allow profits :





Homan Square was certainly an organ harvesting gateway. There are no records. How many homeless and other people without local connections have disappeared through Homan Square? The out-of-control cops stealing money from drug dealers is ideal cover for more nefarious, and more profitable, activities :


Roger Stone is another of the excellent journalists who have arisen to fill the vacuum left by legacy media’s failures.  He is far better than Alex Jones, who I hate listening to, tho I admit they break more serious stories than all of legacy media together :


Antifa protests Soros’s low pay? Seems like it is easy to fake, I need to see corroboration by someone I trust, however much I think it true that Soros pays them, there is solid evidence for that :


Americans don’t even know what racism is :


Indeed, the ‘progressives’ are more tuned to color than Trump supporters, anyone in Middle America. I do a road trip across the US every year or so. Always, I travel secondary roads as much as possible, stop in out-of-the-way places.  Everywhere I saw races and ethnicities mixing without seeming to notice, blacks, whites, hispanic side by side at the bar or eating at table, casual discussion :


This is the kind of head-in-the-sand asshattery that sets a society up for another racist problem. The US has a similar problem with crime, including our own versions of ‘grooming’ girls for prostitution, largely, but not exclusively, committed by black men :


This is the conclusion I came to when I looked into the sex trade, it is at least indentured servitude. Women at the very high end, in the films, might have made  a voluntary decision, and there are some independents at every level. But not most, and few of the women in the ‘massage parlors’ that have spread across US cities in the last 15 years, the most active new businesses in our metro area.  My wife’s salon is right next to very upscale shopping centers, there are 2 in her building and 2 more in adjacent buildings, all new in the last few years.

At the same time, making selling sexual services illegal is wrong,  doesn’t help anything or anybody.  The answer is for police and prosecutors to take slavery seriously, which they do not do for field workers, house workers or sex workers :


Another aspect of women in technology.  It is true history, and also ignores how the original women were selected and how many women wanted to do that kind of work. There has been a huge demand for programmers, anyone with demonstrable talent has been snapped up. I hired programmers, I was one of the engineers acting as corporate interviewer for 2 company and interviewed people at half a dozen colleges. There weren’t many women to be hired. Look at the statistics of who graduated from the CS programs, that determined how many got into jobs.

Every CS graduate for most years got jobs, I guarantee it. We hired them, I never saw discrimination, we were desperate for talent, and knew that there wasn’t much correlation between grades or anything else and ultimate usefulness in job. We hired an amazing range of personalities.  I worked with a guy who was working on his 4th PhD from MIT and another who was barefoot and didn’t have a high school degree. Women originated and ran several of the most important projects in the company. :


This is BS.  We need more militias, not fewer.  Professionalization of police has not brought better policing, less police violence, less corruption. Professionalization of the military has not brought fewer, shorter, won wars. Ditto teaching, professors, management in any area, journalism, prosecutors, lawyers, … Those are all centralizations, the death of evolution, the only algorithm that works for producing better futures in complex, evolving systems :


With Bannon gone, there is little balance in the White House, Trump is isolated from many political influences :


Something is wrong with the Ritzholz analysis. It is very inconsistent with the default rates on car loans and the small amounts of cash people have to fund emergencies.  Also, the fact that CC delinquencies are rising :



I spent 10 minutes paging through this FBI release of Marc Rich documents.  The FBI has perfected releasing information in the least useful way.  If there are tidbits of useful information, they are entirely hidden amongst the redactions of everything that would be useful, and likely also accidental :


ISIS has professional help focusing on its propaganda apparatus.  Mossad/CIA, one suspects :


This is both very funny and excellent analysis, a critique of the soporific variety of ‘two sides of the story’ :


Crony capitalism has gone international :


Bald eagles are a pest. Franklin said the turkey was a better choice :

Daily Reading #199

Yes, the US is in a mass hysteria bubble, ably assisted by our Deep State and minions in the mass media :


Americans are very honest, at least when wanting out of jury duty. Wow :


I had not seen a link to Charles Hugh Smith lately, can’t visit every one of the several hundred tabs I usually have in the browsers. Always a smart guy, and I very much agree that bottom-up social revolution is the way to go. The peer-to-peer internet makes it possible, and The Generalissimo said it was what won in his timeline :


I may have changed my mind about a Constitutional Convention. The states are being rational about bringing the Federal Government under control.  The opinions about ‘could change the very foundations of everything’ are bogus, any amendment has to be ratified by 2/3rds of the states. I agree, the hard part would be overcoming the entrenched interests that would try to block everything at every step. But, it is another possibility of preventing the inevitable revolution that will otherwise control DC and make us all very poor in the process :



Part of the reason to re-evaluate other approaches is that Trump has failed in the quest to control the Deep State and oligarchs.  He has been completely captured, the coverups will continue.  Sessions will have to do something, because of the outrage discussed above about no draining of the swamp, but we can expect the Purple Revolution of Soros-MIC-CIA-Neocons to continue.

That evaluation is not absolute, there is a possibility Trump is being clever, but that is hopeful, a reading of tea leaves, faint evidence. Very sad, Trump could have wiped them out by investigating the corruption, the paedophilia.  Kids go on being sacrificed by our Deep State criminals in their quest for power and control :



George Webb and the crowd of researchers. CNN’s Donnie stopped acting like a journalist, became a state actor via reckless disregard of the facts and publishing the government’s story.  CNN is going to lose its ass on this one, and the FBI will have to disclose its acts in the case.  Hilarious to see citizens push our Deep State minions off the edge, selling CNN short would be a good investment :








This is Jason and Trish, much info is coming out about Charlottesville as a scripted play :




This is interesting. Soros’s NDA which he requires all of his political minions to sign. I don’t know how you would check this, but the link came from ZH, normally rational tho they have lost their minds wrt Charlottesville, even after exposing many of the anomalies indicating it was scripted and links of people to Soros :


An interesting view of political currents in the US, Wilsonian vs Jacksonian, and the effects on business interests :


This is really funny, the idea that Clinton should dissociate herself from two people who have an infinite amount of dirt on her. All of Clinton’s associates ditto, and her on them, so this is a tight group.  Mutual Gonad Clutchers Union, I call these relationships :


Relationships which produce the drug smuggling that causes this, and the organ harvesting opportunities that result :



Stockman points out that Chinese money creation is keeping the US stock market at very elevated heights :


Ian Welsh is a smart guy, good judgment about many things.  But not programming, and not male-female sex differences in humans.

First, programming is indeed something that people of average intelligence can learn at the level of a trade. And those people can do many programming jobs. But there are levels and levels and levels of skills and expertise in many technical disciplines. No average person can learn to do Linux kernel core programming, and probably not drivers, also part of the kernel but having a much simpler interface to the kernel core. Network programming is hard. Multi-threaded programming is hard. Real-time programming, dealing with events as they happen, is very hard. Hard real-time, dealing with events under deadline, is very very hard. Diagnosing performance issues for even a single-core system is hard, multi-core, cluster and network performance very, very hard. Those also represent increasing levels of technical depth, layers of abstraction.

The successful people in those areas have worked hard for their expertise, and have far above average intelligence. They did not necessarily learn in school, because of the levels and levels, you can begin at the level of a tradesman and self-educate with books and experience. I have known many people who have never had a programming course, me too, tho I have taught graduate courses in CS. Welch misses that point.

As for sex differences, I linked to a biologist yesterday, a female postdoc I recall, who said we don’t have nearly enough information about human male vs female differences to make any generalizations, much less set policy. I add that most of what we know are from psychology and sociology studies, the least replicable areas of science.

Further, HR departments everywhere are indeed enforcing stupid policies and stunting their companies as a result. No hiring manager I have ever discussed things with thinks that HR is any help at all, in any management task, exactly the reverse. Including women. Most companies are not as oppressive as Google, but all personnel issues are very delicate for any manager, they carefully go through the steps for any demotion, layoff or firing.

If you need an example beyond the physical morphology, consider male vs female in our approaches to sex and partners. Indeed, there is overlap, but also population means differ. Might that difference not be linked to other traits, even many others? We don’t know, but everyone assumes that, even most militant feminists in behavior whatever their words.  We know that schools have been changed such that boys are not succeeding at the rates of girls, suggesting something about average traits.

Ian Welsh is out of his depth on this one :


The US is in a recession and has been for some time, on the way to the World-wide Greater Depression. The stock market bubble, entirely the focus of most economic reporting, has been covering all of this up, but jobs have never recovered after the 2001 crash. Now spending is falling across many market segments, restaurants, retail, housing, cars, travel, … :


The ME is a complicated place :


More on Dicamba. It hasn’t been tested extensively enough, none of the herbicides and pesticides are tested enough, and many have had effects on human health. A few have produced large fines and judgments against the companies making and selling them, but it takes years :


Politics around the world is going stupid, maybe always has been, just now we notice :


Win/lose depends on your measure.  As measured by $ spent per war-year, the US military is unparalleled :


Great pictures :


Daily Reading #198

Yesterday I was looking out across our street and saw 3 young Mexican men working on a car parked in front of the house next door. They had the hood up, had apparently replaced the battery, were having trouble keeping the engine running.  After a while, the car drove away and the 2 guys who had arrived in a truck sat on the lawn waiting. Talking, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to worry about. A minute later, the owner of the house comes out and shoos them off her lawn. Indian woman, who also watches her gardeners every moment they spend mowing and trimming.

I put my shoes on, by the time I got there the other guy had come back.  I asked if I could help, if they needed tools. They said it was under control, thanked me.  I apologized for my neighbor, said some people are like that.  They assured me they understood, no problems. Nice people, Mexicans and their children in America. Hard working.

They are not the problem in America. Our Deep State is driving the problems. Standard CIA tactics are fomenting violence, bending the story in the media, and using the chaos to advance their political agenda.  In the US case, they need chaos to prevent prosecution for their very many crimes against people everywhere, treason against the US :


Donald Trump is not able to win the bureaucratic games inside the White House, surrounded by (supposedly) ‘his people’. Bannon being fired means Trump has zero independent-of-government-bureaucracy sources of information. The Deep State is winning, and it brings this country one step closer to a shooting revolution. Bad for all of us, but exile or death for our Deep State and minions :


For example, the CIA’s torture, the intent of which was to produce ‘confessions’ to affirm the government’s 9-11 story. The 6500 page report has been deeps-sixed, the media have hidden all this :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

Yesterday, Trish and Jason came to the rational decision, Robert David Steele is not an honest part of the search for a better future via truth about everything.  I gave up on RDS last year, he always struck me as ‘off’ somehow, however much I agreed with some of his ideas.  Turns out, he stole the whole idea of ‘Open Source Intelligence’ from NATO, and is entirely a fraud, saying whatever brings him $.  Very likely still some CIA operative, compromising people on all sides.

George is back to driving the research, being point man on the open source investigation. The discussion of exposing Patraeus using the Awan Investigation and Trello is excellent, first video in the list. The 2nd discusses the timing of the grand jury that indicted the Awans, wow!  The 2nd, 3rd, 4th lay out information needed from the crowd searchers in George’s usual mix of analysis, conjecture and what bits of evidence will connect and push the research forward.

New info is that ‘sanctuary cities’ are ratline cities. 665,000 refugees imported under various refugee and other programs, a few% are somehow involved in the ratlines. Patraeus and Clinton are part of the leadership and receive a share of the proceeds from the many revenue streams.

The Hudson Report at 28:30 discusses the Charlottesville red flags, indications of Deep State guidance, Soros funding all of the radicals, AntiFa and ‘Nazis’.  They need the chaos, if the political system is allowed to do its job, many many of those people will hang :










Jason tries to go undercover. Trish explains how Whitey Bulgar allowed the FBI to run their drug business so long as the FBI didn’t bother him. PTech was the first of the spy software applications, used by the FBI and CIA to access many organizations and companies, including Congress and foreign governments :




Charlottesville was a scripted event, intended to produce violence. The auto smashing into people was part of the script :


Nations that do not make eliminating poverty their first priority are setting themselves at a long-term disadvantage via substandard brains produced by poverty :


Serious wars don’t have winners.  No kidding? :


Google and Facebook are best thought of as extensions of the CIA and NSA, of the Deep State, as well as their principals being normal oligarchs in a high technology field. That perspective allows you to see the reasons for all of their censorship and tracking.

I can’t stop using Youtube yet, maybe never, but it is far past time to stop using gmail. Also time to begin using gab.ai, since Google has banned it. :


And the US’s $1T defense spending is putting the entire Earth at a disadvantage. I liked Bill Hicks better than I like Alex Jones, same person, different personna :





The middle-east is a complicated place.  First is the geopolitics of Turkey and the Kurds, then the Arabian penninsula :



The reality of strategy for developing economies vs the New World Order-IMF-WB’s prescription :


The reality of foreign labor in America. We have talked to day laborers we have hired, similar stories of being away from their families for years at a time, no jobs at home, no way to feed their families except being here, standing down at the Home Depot every day :


Any claim to moral superiority that liberal readers of Huffpo might have had seems to be baseless or to have evaporated. There are many excuses for inner city blacks dying from drugs, none for rural whites, working class whites.  Republicans are the reverse, but don’t claim moral superiority. What happened to genuine empathy as a measure of a superior person? :


Reminding everyone about internet security :


More serious discussion of the Deep State. The serious progressives have always believed in the concept, however much the Stasis Quo hates the idea :



Divide and Conquer is used on enemies. It is being used on citizens everywhere by our Deep State and their political minions.  The many minorities supporting Trump on Youtube support this article :


It is interesting what the Stasis Quo finds necessary to censor.  Here is a publisher and author whose 70 books have been entirely eliminated from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He is a revisionist historian investigating the Third Reich’s death camps and their methods, thinks the number and types of deaths have been exaggerated.

I like Ryan Dawson, the interviewer, he has done excellent work with films and interviews :


More signs that humans, especially our industrial farming subsystems, constitute an unsustainable Earth system :


Software engineers are creative in many dimensions.  These are languages for a variety of purposes, not all useful and well-intentioned. Funny, tho :


Indeed, young people don’t have the prospects of their parents, they are working class, if they can even find work :


Financialization combined with other policies produce many houses without people living in them :


The recent wave of political change has been a reaction to the globalization which has benefited elites and the financial system, but harmed working class and some professionals.  The elites are re-evaluating, their political futures depend on finding words to handle the situation. It is true, however, that the sweatshops have been a major part of moving entire nations out of poverty.  Unfortunately, third-world sweatshop employees don’t vote in first-world countries.

My view is that the problem is financialization, not trade.  The financialization via cheap $ from the DBD makes the process go too fast and concentrates the hurt, economic-social-political systems require time to adjust to change.  That is also what is driving the immigration, legal and illegal, other than the millions driven by war.

Also, globalization has allowed massive corruption that helps elites, not the masses.

The article’s view of gold standard and ‘shortage of gold producing deflation’ is financialist nonsense.  Over-production from the newly opened prairie delivered by new railroads were what drove down prices :


‘Progressive politicians’ around the world are not progressives, they are some version of Clinton, mere Stasis Quo with different bland words than their political opponents (faux opponents, for the most part,  competition for shares of the corruption).  Serious progressives are honest, I read many of them :


Our governments treat us as enemies, destroy our privacy as a means of control :


Excellent discussion of the 2nd Amendment and the original understanding of the US Constitution. The Bill of Rights does NOT apply to the states in the original understanding :


Polyploidy is important in evolution, one type of evolution’s need for more variation in control systems for individual organisms. The Generalissimo discussed those :


The science of sex differences is complicated, and we don’t have nearly enough data wrt humans to generalize :


The truth about Native Americans before Columbus, it was at least 5 high cultures :


Our allies are corrupt shits, everywhere. That fact should tell us the nature of our own leaders, our own government.  Also, watch Jason Goodman’s “The Hudson Report” for more of this, Soros’s funding of both sides in the violence :


The benefits of talking to yourself :


Asian factory farming has all of the first-world risks + the new ones from the local culture and environment.  The Guardian is careful to mention ‘reducing greenhouse gases’, and also can’t understand why revenues are falling for media around the world :


Awesome style in photography :


This is a teacher. Wow :

Daily Reading #197



The push to war is contant. Remember that Lindsey Graham is a member of the Senate Armed Self-services Committee, and thus owns a share of The Arsenal, the Bulgarian arms manufacturer that supplies arms to ISIS and all the other radical groups in the ME :


But our warmongers have lost in Syria, for now.  Thank Donald Trump for at least the recognition of that :


Tyranny begets tyranny, violence begets violence and tyranny. Of course, which is why the psyops now include so much violence, as much as Antifa can generate :


During the night, I was thinking about the overall picture, and came to the conclusion that the media’s attention on ethnicity and nationalism and racism is a side-show.  There aren’t, as I said yesterday, enough serious white racists in this country to ever have any political influence, and they will continue to have importance only to AntiFa and the faux-journalists.  Ditto Black Lives Matter and Islamicists.  Most of whom are funded by Soros, and crazies with bombs can indeed heat things up, but they can’t take down the nation except by our over-reaction — exactly what our Deep State is working toward, of course.

I never took Trump’s verbal threats against NC seriously, he was just playing Kim’s game and everyone knew it, because there is no military solution there.  Ignoring them and letting the nation die of their stupid politics and economy is the only solution.

The advice to chill out is good.  This nation is made of up of good people, and we know it. Also well-armed people, and we know that too. Those put serious constraints on everyone, bias the system toward rational behavior by everyone, even our deeply corrupt Deep State.  They have to hide the corruption, the extent to which Congress is compromised by pedophilia and greed.  That is their weakness, and Trump is going to expose it, eventually, the reason for all of the noise and psyops from 9-11 through Charlottesville. However, those aren’t working well, given the internet and more and more skeptics of every such event.

This AM, I read Prospects rendition of the Bannon interview, decided he and Trump are still doing OK. This adds to the info that the White House and Trump’s residence in NY were being torn apart looking for bugs planted by the Deep State. The war against the Deep State continues, and Trump is still winning.  He and Bannon are not ignorant of the Awan Brothers spy ring, etc. Nor of the pedophilia in high places. Why Sessions is not moving faster I cannot explain, but it isn’t time to give up on Trump yet. Then Youtube served up Corbett, the Stasis Quo can’t suppress enough voices to save themselves :



Propaganda worked very well to produce and continue the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  Have you ever seen this kind of interview for the people of Afghanistan or Iraq? Vietnam? :



Every time I listen to NPR or the local radical station, I am appalled at the blatant propaganda, the loaded words, the pinhole view of events. Nothing is provided any context to give it meaning, to allow judgement. ‘Journalism’ was like this in totalitarian countries, most un-expected to see it here in my country, in the supposedly-free press. Without the internet, we would not be winning this war against the Deep State :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

This is journalism, this is making history. CNN and the legacy media are failing because the Internet and Trump are winning, no question. Authenticity beats professionalism every time, eventually :












Many doubts about the Charlottesville attack and Brennan Gilmore’s role. Ubiquitous information works for citizens, not just for governments :




If you think US society is somehow immune to political catastrophe up to and including genocide, you are very wrong.  Societies can as easily go backward as forward, maybe easier judging from the recent historical record. Tho I think having so many people well-armed helps a lot :




Israel has a more-independent judiciary and justice system than the US.  When was the last time a national politician spent time in jail in the US? :


My wife grew up in a socialist country, living in a large apartment house. Upper middle class people, but also drunks.  People pissed and vomited on the stairs, let their dogs dump in the stairs, on the walkways, … Socialism does not create community, to say the least :


“Sex makes babies”, one of the realizations that have shaped the world.  Aeon publishes interesting stuff :


The probability of an exploitable bug in software being first discovered and then rediscovered is 15-30%. This means that NSA’s hiding zero-day exploits for their own use rather than reporting them to the manufacturer to be fixed allows 1/3rd of the exploits used by hackers. NSA’s policy of ‘attack, don’t defend’ is thus responsible for 1/3rd of the many $Bs in losses world-wide from hackers. Actually, jointly responsible with Microsoft, responsible for 99%, as Windows is a security nightmare that nobody should use :


Abolishing anonymity on the internet is a standard goal of police states.  Don’t let that happen, no matter the claimed benefits :


International criminals need to control the press. Israel doesn’t like publicity for its crimes against fellow citizens in the ME :


Ian Welsh has the best discussion of the male-female role divides that I have seen.  This is a social-level consequence of the 10,000 hour thinking done by Gladwell. But, the consequences, the real differences in competencies, are quite real, however they arise, so we have to deal with that reality in the immediate day-to-day, however malleable, however socially-produced the competencies and interests are. So raise your daughters to KNOW they are fully the equal of men in potential competencies.  Start by teaching them to change the oil in the car and do the same jobs as their brothers :


Permanent changes are produced in fish species under heavy selection from fishing :


Evolution is path-dependent, meaning no species can evolve to anything but varients of what it is.  This doesn’t express it well, imho, but what they want to study is whether there are mechanisms other than purely DNA mutations that control future evolution of a species. (I think. Phys.org usually does a better job with university press releases than this.)  :


Political analysis like this is useful for winning elections, maybe. But I don’t know pure types, nobody with a mind fits neatly into categories. Also, people are much the same in behavior, whatever their politics, if you sit down and have a meal with them. The winner-take-all elections force people into these categories as measured by votes, but it doesn’t have that much to do with their day-to-day lives, and I see all kinds of different people living in the same strets, no problems, all across the country, every time I travel. Not a perfect systems, but there are none of those, and the episodes of craziness are sporadic in most cultures :


This must be the most repeated study in political economics, as I have read many dozens of them over the years. Of course increasing costs reduces use of that resource.  Of course, when jobs are scarce, you hire your relatives and friend’s children rather than anyone else. Of course, experience in the job world at lower levels is necessary for better paying jobs. All this has been studied to death, indeed the job market is a dynamic system and static analysis and prescriptions based on static analysis cannot possibly work.

So far as I can see, the studies have no effect, largely because Democrats keep playing the ‘living wage’ story on behalf of unions, who want the disparity between union and non-union wages to be minimized, and voters don’t read economic studies, on average, so are easily sold on dumb ideas :


Daily Reading #196

As the DNC was not hacked, this is the never-ending ‘RussiaGate’ psyop still in play :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

The first of these is Trish discussing the Whitey Bulgar case and McCabe’s control of the Boston mafia and using them to import drugs :








The story of the car crashing into the crowd in Charlottesville show the usual number of anomalies and coincidences suggestive of one of the psyops allowed by the Smith-Mundt law that George has discussed. By now, they are the signature of a psyop, especially the person who witnesses the event and becomes the narrator of ‘what happened’ for the media. Always, they have connections to the Deep State, if you look hard enough.

Also, Trish reports more on the CIA’s connections to Charlottesville in first section of the last link above.

You don’t even need the propaganda barrage to understand that the car crashing into the crowd was a psyop, CIA against US citizens :



NakedCapitalism, a very Progressive site, agrees that there are very suspicious aspects of all this. These are a subset of the questions everyone raises, e.g. the photo of the actual driver vs the person arrested :

Brian C:

“BTW two other things struck me as unusual: 1) why didn’t the airbag deploy in a 40-50 mph head on collision that crumpled the bonnet (was it disabled)?; and, 2) note the impressively straight and fast reverse egress of the Dodge Charger in the video (extreme presence of mind one concentration if the crash was panicked or heat of the moment)”


“The video gives strong indicators of premeditation. The acceleration appeared controlled, as well as the impressive egress. Hard to imagine that egress if the act was from panic or road rage. Note too the hands seemingly calm at 10 and 2 at the impact.

Seemed more like it was the plan to crash then back out. Then there’s the air bag. If it was planned, you would want to disable the system because an air bag can injure you or even knock you out.”

Another signature, Attorney Benjamin Crump. Stranahan is a fine reporter, and drives me crazy with his inability to get to the gd point. 18 minutes in he finally tells me what the title of the video promised.  Nevertheless, very good points and new solidly-based and -sourced information, eventually :


There are not 5,000 genuine hard-right members of Nazi or racist organizations in the entire United States.  They have negative political power. They have not initiated violence in any recent demonstration I am aware of. Free Speech is an absolute right, tho you may be arrested for fomenting violence or shouting ‘fire’ in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet the WaPo suggests we need to deal with them violently, mere arrests for actual crimes and opposition with words are not enough.

Deep State ‘progressives’ already have a lot to answer for, and if they do get serious violence started in this country, they will answer for it all.  The chances of our Deep State and minions winning a fight with the American people are less than zero, their surveillance technology and advanced weaponry has not saved them in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria, and is failing in Yemen, tho the cost to the home team, their patriots, has been high in all cases. Understand that civil war in the US will bring Fallujah and Aleppo to our major cities :


Already I have read a report (don’t think I linked to it, will have to search) saying the US is supporting the Taliban, has xfered some of the ‘Syrian rebels’ and ISIS fighers they rescued from the Syrians to Afghanistan. There are many reports of the US fighting ISIS in Afghanistan, and we know that the US has been providing weapons to ISIS and all of the other ‘rebels’ in Syria.

Russia doesn’t need to do anything to ensure our defeat in Afghanistan, and the failure of our foreign policy around the globe. Nothing Russia could do will stop the heroin, the only reason they care. OTOH, the US has many reasons to push this story, which has no evidence to back it up, only a CIA source and refs to John McCain. Nobody should believe the warmongers about anything. So, I don’t believe this at all :


Interesting question is whether economists would be thinking in this direction if Clinton had won? :


The hidden connections in the ME between the Saudis and Israelis explain Israeli support of the various ‘Syrian rebels’ and the fact that they NEVER attack Israel.  Well, actually, one did once, and apologized afterwards :


Life must be extraordinarily stressful at the top, judging by their performance :


Higher speed WiFi is on the horizon :


Daily Reading #195

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

Watch the 7th, the interview with Rock Hudson, a 40-year intelligence officer.  We are winning.  We are taking back our country from the criminal class who have infiltrated all of our institutions :








As we all expected, the entire craziness in Charlottesville was scripted by elements of the Deep State.  The next part to fall will be the driver, as he was very likely flunked out of the military for deficiencies of intelligence, exactly the kind of person who is recruited and guided by psychologists.  Recall that some of the patsies in the various shootings had psychologists from the CIA as their therapists? We will likely find some variety of that here.  George goes to Ohio next week to work on that story.

WRSA covers Charlottesville extensively :




The political sophistication of citizens around the world increases exponentially.  This is also talk radio, Lionel regularly receives 10-20K views for his Youtube videos.  If you add up the views of the top 20 ‘alt-right’ commentators on Youtube over the course of a month, it is far larger than the NYTimes circulation :


The deaths of the Virginia State Patrolmen in the helicopter at the Charlottesville protest was likely a surveillance function, part of the ubiquitous surveillance now available to our government :


Ubiquitous surveillance for ordinary citizens, but police are very reluctant to allow any recordings of their activities :


This is how Saddam Hussein played into the hands of the war mongers, pretending he had weapons he didn’t actually have :


James Damore’s memo to Google is excellent :


He never claimed women or minorities were less capable.  He claimed they were less interested in STEM subjects, and therefore fewer women than men take the courses, learn to program. The pool of women and minorities is thus much smaller to begin with, and those numbers are reflected throughout technology at all levels.

This doesn’t address that at all.  It also doesn’t address the fact that separate evaluations and management are needed to foster women and some other minorities at Google and other large companies. In addition to which, this is social science research, generally not very replicable, so not something anyone should base policy upon, even if you believe in policies wrt groups of people :


“Bring me the head of Jeff Bezos”.  Yes, good strategy for Trump to implement, begin by replacing the heads of the IRS and the group that audits charities.  Bezos has certainly given $ to the Clinton Foundation, and is thus vulnerable :



‘Meritocracy’ based on whether you cheated your way into an Ivy League school and fit into a big-money incestuous with big-government society has not worked, although it has made Ds and Rs nearly identical in policies however much their rhetoric differs :


Time to stop using Chromium browser. I use an ad-blocker, but that is my individual decision, and hurts Google also. Chromium blocking ads from some publishers is entirely different :


Industrial farming methods are bad for farmers. Dicamba is a metabolic poison, it kills classes of plants, and therefore will be biologically active in animals, possibly in very subtle ways.  Nevertheless very little testing has been done, yet millions of pounds are put into the environment every year. Worse, weeds develop resistance within 3 generations of exposure. Industrial farming is a dead-end technology, the system will need to crash before the switch is made to ecosystem thinking for a new farming technology.  Already, eco-farmers are more profitable across a range of farm types and climates.  Of course, if your neighboring farmers are using dicamba, you are forced to use dicamba-resistant seeds :




Humans continue to become more humane, to appreciate nature’s creations. Zoos are bad for animals, on average.  Anyone could look at their elephants and see unhappy animals :


Finally, it takes a foreigner to see the obvious, and the humane :


Previous presidents have not been as good as Trump at convincing the enemy they were really crazy, necessary for serious negotiation in a MAD Doctrine world.  For some reason, our own commanders keep undercutting his negotiating ploys.

Trump operates a large company.  People like working for his companies. Genuine madmen can’t do that. His personna for a reality TV program or as an owner of a wresting league is just that, the man is an actor, because it would not be possible for Trump to actually be that man and also accomplish the things he has accomplished.

I think that the situation on the NKorea side is likely the same.  Madmen do NOT rise to the top position of nations, whatever image they cultivate or have imposed upon them :

This article is not representing reality :


I received this in a forwarded email, like the thinking and expression of thought a lot :

Alan Simpson, the Senator from Wyoming calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation as he compared “Social Security” to a Milk Cow with 311 million teats.

Here’s a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana …

“Hey Alan, let’s get a few things straight!!!

1.As a career politician, you have been on the public dole (tit) for FIFTY YEARS.

2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).

3. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest-bearing account for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero losers in return for votes, thus bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.

4. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and “your ilk” pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors nearing retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age, 67. NOW, you and your “shill commission” are proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN.

5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into Medicare from Day One, and now “you morons” propose to change the rules of the game. Why? Because “you idiots” mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal our money from Medicare to pay the bills.

6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why? Because you “incompetent bastards” spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt.

To add insult to injury, you label us “greedy” for calling “bullshit” to your incompetence.

Well, Captain Bullshit, I have a few questions for YOU:

1. How much money have you received from the American taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?

2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?

3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?

4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?

It is you, Captain Bullshit, and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the “greedy” ones. It is you and your fellow nutcase thieves who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers.

And for what? Votes andyour job and retirement security at our expense, you lunk-headed, leech.

That’s right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing your pathetic, political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it.

P.S. And stop calling Social Security benefits “entitlements.” WHAT AN INSULT!!!! I have been paying in to the SS system for 45 years “It’s my money” – give it back to me the way the system was designed and stop patting yourself on the back like you are being generous by doling out these monthly checks.

Daily Reading #194

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

The first of these is George revealing that he has all 20 serial numbers of the Blackberries, which come from 20 Congressmen acting as Clinton’s spies in Congress. The conspiracy is breaking down, more and more sources are providing data. Interesting that they would rather give it to George than any police agency, or that they have done both and we only see any results via George.

Also, George reveals that he slept in a homeless shelter last night as he walks from Yonkers back to NYC, part of his keeping in touch with the total society. I like George’s approach to life and reporting.

George is my kind of patriot, inclusive, not exclusive.  So long as you believe in the Constitution, and the Peace and Freedom it was meant to provide, you are our allies. That is the stance that is going to win, there is no need to fight against any group.  Opposing gives them power.  Ignore the fools and support Peace and Freedom. Oppose nothing except all ideologies, no need to differentiate at all :










This is a good summary of the Charlottesville riots.  See Western Rifle Shooters Association today for more views and detail.  Considering all of the events in which AntiFa has rioted, every demonstration and gathering by any opposition to our government’s increasing tyranny are now opportunities for that government to convert the situation into pro-government propaganda, using Soros’s AntiFa thugs as a major tool and cover for psyops.  Police cooperate fully with Antifa in generating violence. Very likely James Fields will turn out to have been a patsy, a tool of the Deep State :


This is an excellent critique of the current hysteria of a hyperintelligent AI, but it also misses the point that we really don’t know much about thinking, the reason we need our intelligence :



More BS from the climate religion.  NOAA has faked a lot of temperature data, but even if this was by chance real, it is more likely due to human-caused desertification than CO2 levels. We know how to reverse desertification, including running more cattle on former grasslands to rejuvenate them, completely contrary to BLM policy.  Overall, we are still more likely headed for an ice age than a warm spell :


Of course the US has been allowing NKorea to build up its capabilities so as to have a more credible enemy. It is not credible that some US intelligence agency does NOT have multiple informants inside that factor supplying critical components to ICBMs, some of the many engineers and managers hurting from no salary :


A reminder of the fact that our military has been strange for some time, and we outsiders can’t tell why :


Intelligent common sense wrt nuclear events :


Except for the fact that 9-11, Sandy Hook and following faux massacres were in fact Deep State conspiracies, and that those are used the by the media to drive politics domestic and foreign, this view is reasonable. Except it should be ‘Chaos and Conspiracy’ not ‘Chaos or Conspiracy’. Plans don’t always work, the chaos is plans failing, sometimes due to conflicts of plans :