Daily Reading #16


Interesting parallels in the race between Obama and Clinton and Trump and Clinton :


Hillary Clinton? by Robert Gore

After me, this is the 4rd libertarian I have found declaring for Trump, writing off the LP as no longer Libertarian :

This is a discussion of the newest methods of controlling public expression of opinion and a recounting of the history of such government control :

No kidding, Obama knew about Hillary’s email server :


This is Hillary’s people setting up to sell executive orders :

Executive Orders for Sale? Leaked Email Shows Hillary Camp Answering Wealthy Donor’s Questions about How Executive Orders Work

“She is still not perfect in her head” :


Michael Moore gets it right, a rare event. Of course, he does it in the most condescending terms, makes us out to be losers retaliating for losses none of them had anything to do with. Our entire Status Quo cannot hear any voices from the rest of us now. Reporters keep talking about how nice, restrained, polite, … Trump’s rally attendees are, and Moore’s pov is ‘pissed off losers retaliating’ :

IT’S REAL=> Michael Moore: “Trump’s election will be the biggest “F*ck You” ever recorded in human history” (VIDEO)

Deal with reality or it will deal with you.

Every fraud like this results in many votes for Trump :

The US Military Lied to Thousands of Soldiers — and Now Veterans Are Paying for It






Party $ builds the party, makes individual candidates beholden, and enforces oligarch power :


As secretary of state, Clinton has involved the US in 5 wars simultaneously :


Always, a nation’s failing military is blamed on changes in people’s mentality, ‘social weakness’. The connection is so weak and the line of argument so standard. The enemy thinks our soldiers are deadly, they don’t fight them, as the article says. Yet we lose, something else is going on, it is not the weakness of the society. Yes to PTSD and suicide, being modern people with modern understandings of right and wrong makes soldiers more susceptable.

The problem is the difference between the propaganda and the experienced war. With large-scale enemies, e.g WWI and WWII, the forces organize each other and reinforce each other’s propaganda. The Taliban can’t do that, they are a bunch of local farmers, the soldiers see IEDs and perhaps local snipers, but it is hard to hate locals in any war.

In any case, gays and lesbians in the military are not the issue, armies in the past have had gays, it didn’t hurt their performance. More likely answer is, once the the technological level rises to high explosives, the advantage shifts to small local units with rapidly evolving tactics and against outsiders occupying the territory, no matter what their technological and economic level.

Martin van Creveld explains why our armies are becoming pussycats

Center-vs-periphery is the problem in many places, and HE makes it easy to cause the center economic losses. Our US government should attend to the examples :



Hillary Clinton has thoroughly Israeli-Neocon ambitions :

Hillary Clinton’s Strategic Ambition in a Nutshell

Syria and the Left: Time to Break the Silence

Haunted by Gaddafi on the fifth anniversary of his overthrow

I am on the side of radical transparency. I think details of leaders’ behavior in private life are relevant to judging their capacity to represent my interests. I don’t care, myself, who they screw, but I think their honesty in private matters indicates a lot about their probable behavior in office, the Nature article yesterday confirms that :



Consent between people is more nuanced than the law can express in words. Who could have guessed?


Linux has bugs, of course, and some are serious :


Not much insight in foreign reporters observing the American scene wrt Trump vs Clinton, they can’t grasp why Trump is winning either :


The FBI ended this social experiment by internal subversion, and the US certainly must be worse off for it, as the Black Panthers were likely the beginning of a black renaissance, a reformation of that society. Which still desperately needs it :





Soft Brexit is best, no kidding :



Buchanan is correct that we should be dropping alliances, they are not forever. Drop them left and right, I say. We need a foreign policy of absolute neutrality under international law, no discrimination in US laws, either. This activist foreign policy has not worked, same as our activist economic policy and our activist social policy. We need to stop them all, human minds cannot manage complex systems from within any centralized systems. It is hard enough to improve civilization with every mind fully engaged, as they are under the best examples we have in development of civilization :


The next 2 articles have to do with misuse of data. The first ‘how to aggregate’, and the 2nd ‘comparing states of people in society, a dynamic system’ and itself only uses static data for the dynamic system :



Problem with propaganda is preventing your own from believing it, and thus the unreal comes to control your actions, not just the political opinions of your subjects. Deal with reality, or reality will deal with you.



I am impressed by this guy, and am sure it isn’t only because he agrees with me, or I agree with him, or something like that :

The flaw in that pov, Ithink, is the idea that there is ‘a culture’ that we can identify and then preserve from foreign influence, that we are doing the opposite by not requiring foreigners to assimilate with the culture. That is wrong, all foreign cultures assimilate. Their problem is that assimilation changes your culture, also. Yes, it is the process of evolution, the way to higher civilization, just as it was the way to the one we have. Which is why their fundamental ideas are wrong, there is no ‘the culture’ and you cannot preserve cultures, they are dynamic systems.

OTOH, I think it would be good policy to stop the wars that cause the need for our Syrian immigrants, many of whom may well rather be back home, were there no war.

Daily Reading #15






No Consequences From Media Peers for Reporters Caught Colluding With Hillary

Minds habituate to lies, their own and others. Another reason for a rigid rule, Open Kimono Bend Over Backwards standard of honesty, OKBOB. It is both party’s responsibility to transmit information necessary for the other party to make an intelligent decision, must do so in a way they can understand, and must check that they did understand :



Drip, drip, drip.  Clinton has lost :


This is nonsense, to a large extent. You know it must be so for simple economics : Ask any CEO what they would give for a 5% advantage over their competition in labour costs. Yet woman-owned and woman-operated businesses do not prosper relative to other businesses, despite the fact that they can pay 10% better than other businesses, yet have a 5% labour cost advantage. There are very many reasons for the wage gap, discussed extensively in this article, but simple discrimination against woman isn’t significant in modern America.

What is the gender pay gap and is it real?: The complete guide to how women are paid less than men and why it can’t be explained away

The Left has no clue what the ‘gun culture’ in America once was. Read John Ross’s “Unintended Consequences” if you are interested in that. The childhood death rate is a measure of its loss, despite so many guns. We taught our kid about guns from 18 months, followed the NRA’s ‘Eddie Eagle’ program, and repeat the lessons often, including many sessions at the gun range. He takes his naive friends to the gun range, they are all safe because he teaches them. That is the gun culture. The deaths from guns in America are nearly entirely suicides or killings due to gangs dealing drugs and the deaths around that produced by accident and police activity. Accidental gun deaths have been consistently falling since we started keeping statistics :


Certainly we know how to end those deaths : legalize drugs, after which kidnapping will be the new gang’s sources of revenue.

It is easy to see patterns in random data, clouds, … but patterns of deaths are especially easy to see in the vicinity of money and Hillary Clinton. Some of that is because people look for them there, of course.  From one pov, that is cherry-picking the data.  From another, it is high-probability facts as Bayesian priors applied to new uncertainties :




Trump is definitely not wrong to be criticizing the rigged systems of this country, and the election system is just as suspect.  This expresses the situation very well : “We don’t owe them anything, they owe us a structure and process that we can trust, that produces truth and justice. They have completely failed to do that.” :




Daily Reading #14

The Saudi prince claimed to have funded 20% of Hillary’s campaign :


Drip, drip, drip. Clinton is going to lose, big time, there are many, many people blogging and vlogging like this. Very verbal, sharp, a coming talk radio host.  Never heard of this guy before, and impressive and intelligent. Very good discussion of judging the polls and making a prediction. Nevertheless, Clinton is going to lose far bigger than anyone predicts. I like his predictions 17:50. Finally, at the end, he agrees with me, she will lose. This is social media that counts more than MSM very soon :

This guy is real sensible right up to the end. Funny minds out there :

I have not listened to much talk radio, this is better than any other I remember, long-form journalism, lots of facts and perspective :

15 reasons Trump will win. Not exciting, amateur, citizen journalism, solid thinking, great shirts :

Additionally, of course, the polls are rigged for Ds, and thus they are running scared :


When I compare any of the above simple views of the world from FOX. Hillary’s blood on her hands is much bigger than Benghazi, which I will now use to identify the Israeli-Neocon crazies vs people who think all the wars have been wrong :

This is Hillary’s foreign policy, completely incoherent, many violations of international law, systematically enabling the bad guys of the world :


Voltair has good facts and analysis, imho. Before Hillary’s emails, I would have denied that mandarins of foreign policy think like this or do so much to manipulate the smallest details of <everything>. I think the analysis that the Ukraine and Syria are both ways of blocking Russia+China’s silk road is correct, the pipelines are part of it. Erdogan is therefore the new key to getting into Europe, and the Balkans path is not optimal for many reasons. China -> ‘stans -> Russia -> Ukraine -> Poland was the best route :




http://www.cjr.org/covering_the_election/global_perception_american_politics_journalism_trump_clinton.php http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-21/former-haitian-senate-president-says-clintons-are-common-thieves-who-should-be-jail


Mexico Opinion: The Crises That Must Be Faced

Great Quotations on Power and Corruption


‘Privilege’ in my understanding of evolving civilization is manifested by the accumulation of ‘goods’ by segments of the society, families and individuals. No amount of power could make the rate of accumulation even across the whole society, and we would not want that, because of individual values. Individual and family values have a lot to do with the rate of accumulation of each kind of good, education, books, …, also. Conservatives emphasize individual values, liberals emphasize opportunities, those are 2 sides of the same coin.

As all systems, there are feedback systems. Become more like people above you in some social ranking, and you will, if your society works, be able to rise in your rank, on average, given competence and work. Many, many aspects of individuals’ different traits and capabilities will affect all of that.

And the increased good you have as a result of your rank make it easier to acquire some others and easier for you to favour your own, and pass your privilege along. We would not want to stop that, it is family and community. Gov has not been a solution, too many side-effects, so the task for our next form of society is to fix the problems of opportunity.

This is a measure of those privileges, what would need fixed :




View story at Medium.com

Another example of how rules don’t work, and can’t when the rules are made by a political process. If the gov didn’t provide that benefit, none of this could have happened :

As one of many examples of how power screws ordinary folks, this is outstanding. The military makes the mistake, profits from it, and the soldiers pay and repay :


I think few of those soldiers will vote for the Status Quo.

The US and Israel are responsible for the diplomatic and military disaster unfolding daily in the ME :



Hacked Cameras, DVRs Powered Today’s Massive Internet Outage



I think this is a reach, because porn stars of any note have a web site where they advertise their services for scenes with anyone who can pay the price. Most of them do frequent scenes with individuals, I read recently that the porn business is so poor that they are nearly all making up the difference with prostitution. The distinction between a ‘star’ being offered $10K for a scene and the same star making $10K in multiple scenes in front of a camera has no moral or ethical dimension, it seems to me. Maybe she was offended because Trump didn’t go through her manager/pimp?


Why It Is Clear Trump’s accusers are lying.

I thought Barbee was a better choice than Wonder Woman :



I wonder which OS’s auto-complete produces the best conference papers in each of the major disciplines? There is an easy master’s thesis in CS working for a professor interested in search engines, you can automate this process with 100 lines of Python, including, once you have the names and email addresses of the Journals/conferences you want to submit each discipline’s output to, submitting the paper. Then it is analysing statistics. The major work would be getting the list of places to submit the papers, making appropriate pseudonyms and associated real-sounding professorships at real-sounding universities.

Clearly, everything is being automated in refereeing papers and accepting them.  Next step will be defensive on the journal/conference’s web site, check to see that the paper is written in real language and has enough meaning. Weak, and so an evolutionary arms race will ensue.  MSCS topics into the far future :


MACRA causing a mass exodus of MDs from Medicare is an intended result, as it will reduce medicare expenditures :

Risk of ‘Mass Exodus’ of Doctors from Medicare

This is another failure of rules from the top as a guiding mechanism for society, a failure of centralization and scaling. Rules and procedures bottom-up barely work and need continuous adjustment. This is a more general view : gov is a racket :

Rigged, by Robert Gore

And another failure of rules. A cashless society is fantasy, as I think it unlikely that drug industry, the drug-lords through street dealers will fit into a cashless economy, even assuming our TBTF banks increase their money-laundering significantly. Time for a blog discussing the process of coining your own gold or silver currency :

Cashless Society – War On Cash to Benefit Gold?

‘Progressives’ like Nader think the solution is more laws, rules, regulations. That is how we got into this mess, and there is no way out using normal government mechanisms, once the mafias own your political system. This won’t be resolve by voting, unless Trump is a master politician and wins overwhelmingly. I hope so :


The headline has more info than the article, but standard Liberal reporter is surprised by the crowd. It is also a chance to downplay the size and enthusiasm of Trump’s crowds. Hillary’s are far worse, of course :




Westworld: A-list $100 million story of ‘human livestock’ used for ‘violent delights’ becoming aware of their slavery to hidden .01% ‘programmers’

Really, we do not want to add the above structure + power to that described in this next link :


Join The Exit Pollers, Help Stop The Theft Of The Election

Everyone who can spend any time at it should join this organization to become part of the poll watchers and exit pollsters.

Before we go on, it is started by Roger Stone, a 39-year friend of Donald Trump’s, and a long time advisor. It is likely he will benefit from a Trump win, so I don’t see problems with his motives, completely normal. Also, I have no connection with any political entity, having resigned from the Libertarian Party in protest of their 9-11 blndness.

I was the first person I know of to say they were rigging the polls for Hillary to coverup what was going to be a landslide loss, and that the only defense was exit polls. To prevent large-scale vote fraud, which will be necessary this year, they need the polls to stay close. And then they need to prevent well-done exit polls.

I know little about polling methodology, but polling is statistics, a sampling problem. To take an exit poll sample, all that needs done is stand outside the polling station, as close as they let you go, and ask everyone coming out how they voted : they will give a name or some version of ‘noyb’.

Record the polling station on every page. Keep a careful talley, screwups will fuzz the statistics and make it less obvious that Clinton stole the election. DO NOT FUDGE DATA! It is easily detectable and will reduce the believability of the exit poll results, which Trump will very likely need to use in a court case, so the better everyone does their job, the more probability we have of prevailing in that coming case.

If you can have someone there all day, do that.  But 10 minutes at the beginning of every hour is nearly as good.

Sign and date-time every page, with a witness if you can. You want to get copies of those originals put away, e.g. cell phone photographs.

At the end of the day, or as frequently as you can keep track of, log your tallies with the central organization. I suggest they also take your cell-phone photos as evidence, but otherwise put them up on Facebook or …

If enough people do that in enough polling places to give us a good independent measure of the vote, from people immediately after it happened, we will know if they have stolen the election, which we all strongly expect is going to happen.

This is saving your country. Do it now.

Daily Reading #13

Donald Trump: The Messenger and the Change Agent

Many men are stupid wrt women and sex :


The only thing I see not correct about this reasoning is his polls. I very much doubt those are legitimate :


VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s eye problems return at Cleveland rally



For feminists : take pride in the fact that a woman has risen to be as a great a danger to the world as any man has been while voting for Jill Stein.

Jill Stein Slams Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy As “Scarier Than Trump’s”

NSA Whistleblower: US Intelligence Worker Likely Behind DNC Leaks, Not Russia


The polls are very wrong, simple comparisons show that. They are wrong in their methodology, these results are impossible according to the statistics and practice behind polling :




This guy is very widely knowledgeable, writes very well and clearly, has great erudition in many things, and nevertheless, I usually disagree with him. This, however, is on military-in-history and evolution of society matters, and I think is very right :

Every sentient being who read much of even MSM over the last 20 years must be aware that the voting system is lousy, inherently corruptible, and very likely intentionally so, as it is difficult to see how people supposedly sentient would choose to use those technologies, which do not have any audit trail. People being people, if there isn’t an audit trail, AND it is a key to political power, it is being scammed. Even Barack Obama thought so once upon a time :


I repeat my assertion that V. Putin is the only rational leader on the international stage. This is Clinton’s foreign policy in action :


The fools in our State Department and Pentagon who love war need t obe stopped, Hillary is their candidate :



The process that allows our Foreign Policy their power, a lying media :



The chances of keeping guns out of the hands of crazies is much less than the chance of keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. They mistake their success in the latter for what the laws will accomplish for crazies. But they don’t, obviously, not anywhere tried. Thus, the one alternative is to have every target ‘hard’, in any situation where there are more than a few people, the probability of someone carrying a gun concealed is 1.0. Even crazies respond to incentives, they don’t attack police stations :

Medical cartel evolves also :





Daily Reading #12

Head of the DNC understands the situation in email :


The reason that the peasants are in despair :



“There is no US election, there is a power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged ‘pied piper’ candidate drive consolidation – Julian Assange :



“What we find far more shocking is that somehow the American electorate’s acceptance of mass corruption is split along party lines rather than being universally unacceptable.”

In addition to this, it seemed to me that Clinton was looking down at her podium most of the time during the debate. Only reason would be she is reading off of a prompter of some kind, a tablet, perhaps. Here is the answer, more rigging :



Jill Stein Slams Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy As “Scarier Than Trump’s”


This is a continuation of Clinton’s foreign policy, we let ISIS out of Mosul so they can fight Russians and Syrians in Syria :

If Trump does not use this in every speech henceforth, I will be very disappointed :

U.S. ‘relocated’ ISIS terrorists out of Iraq and into Syria to fight Assad




Stop this stupid sabre-rattling against Russia

Cultural eddies control your future, another surprising example, hackers looking for UFO info are probably Julian Assange’s sources :


Allegations of rape control the fate of the world, more propaganda over reality. Evaluating politicians should focus on policies, they control far more than personal flaws, they represent the people surrounding the President who implement policy :


The US now has special forces in Yemen, aiding and abetting Saudi Arabi’s war crimes :



Trump is very right about elections being hacked. This is not a new issue, I have been reading about actual cases and possibilities for a long time :



Works for people even better :



Someplace in all of this, and no doubt the wikileaks emails, there will be a link which shows how Hillary Clinton made $ out of Libya’s destruction and Gaddafi’s death, of course. NATO took 144 Tons of gold from its vaults (that is the implicit claim, but I see no actual armed force having done it), which Libya was possibly going to use to establish a gold-backed African currency. NATO destroyed the country’s irrigation infrastructure :

The Dreadful Chronology of Gaddafi’s Murder

New evidence that NATO destroyed Libya for gold

NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls

This is some of the hell that we have put the people of Iraq through :


Today, Western Rifle Shooters Association is filled with ‘what happens after the election’. Some of the scenarios are very plausible to me. As Donna Brazile said “People are in despair”, not just because of economics, the only thing she sees, but also because of the state of our society and freedom, the force behind the many articles today, successors to many, many over the last 10K+ articles like them on wrsa. These opinions are not widely known because MSM doesn’t repeat any of it, and even most of the major ‘alt-right’ publications such as zerohedge don’t echo them. These are the guys with the guns and the people who know how to use them, in case you wonder why you should. Seriously, we are heading into a shooting revolution of some new type, the technology guarantees it, and never doubt, the dissidents will win, tho none can estimate the cost in lives and wealth. Aleppo may not be the worst that can happen :


Our civil rights have been very truncated by our government every single year for as long as I have been alive, here is just another small thing :


And our privacy :


An Establishment in Panic

Naked Capitalism has a section in the daily lists of links called “Guillotine Watch”, it included this :

Healthcare vs. Wealthcare: Uncovering UCLA’s VIP Medical Program

I should have one, “The Good Possible Futures”, a contrast with everything else. This would be in it :


I just lost a lot of respect for “The Intercept”. This is personal attacks, not rational discourse :


This decision will kick up much unhappiness, either way. The pensions are very high, and will remain so, even as inflation kick in at 10+% for the next few years (and we can only hope it is that low for such a short period) :


Two NSA insiders have taken large quantities of NSA’s data, both contractors. Wonder how many more there were that NSA never noticed. This is WaPo’s national security correspondent, so we may be sure the story has nothing to do with the facts :



Daily Reading #11




Text search engines make it easy to provide context, wonder why MSM doesn’t ?





U.S./NATO Edge The Planet Closer To World War Three In Syria

This is a good point : national laws serve to socialize private losses of banks. The EU and such international structures as the IMF do the same, and thus are liabilities for individual nations :

Brian Monteith: Deutsche Bank’s liabilities show why we need a quick clean Brexit

Neera Tanden is supposedly a close confidante of Hillary, the woman is not on Hillary’s page in many of her comments :


The Clintons have a difficult time getting good people who are also dishonest enough :


It is very difficult for me to understand how a democratic government could create secret laws. That is a violation of the fundamentals, a conceptual oxymoron :


No kidding, forward bases should be viewed as tripwires, not deterrents :



The WaPo puts as good an interpretation on the Project Veritas videos as possible. It still isn’t very good, and nobody can believe that version they think Soros was getting his money’s worth :


This is the NewRepublic’s best case for ‘no fraud’ or ‘both sides evenly’, and it is lousy. Also the charges of ‘Russians hacked our systems’ is bogus, the fact is, the only way to know where a hacker comes from is if you KNOW where the link originates, because anyone anywhere can link a connection between several machines anywhere on earth. Even the increased latency tells you nothing, because it could be a kid down the block linking through those same machines, and appearing to come into your system directly from Russia :


The Fact That 17 Intelligence Agencies Confirmed Russia is Behind the Email Hacks Isn’t Actually…a Fact

These numbers do not include PAC money of course. I read we are up to $1.5+B in spending for Hillary Clinton and associated PACs, some of which goes to Congressional offices, a few state offices. Clinton is 2X Trump in the presidential race, and she is going to lose, a fine measure of the country’s rejection of this political mess :


More corporate welfare for Silicon Valley –> Clinton is the Silicon Valley candidate :

The Silicon Valley Candidate

I don’t know who the ‘New Statesman’ is, but they are scum. You can tell from the headline :


The ‘inhumane slaughter’ in Aleppo is entirely due to NATO funding the ‘rebels’, all mercenaries fighting against the Syrian government AND keeping the civilian population in Eastern Aleppo by force, by killing people who try to escape, or the relatives of people who do escape. The US and NATO are entirely responsible for the resulting deaths, we initiated the war, it is a war of American aggression, a war crime, without any doubt. This is the purest propaganda, the frame of the story is the message :




This only makes sense if you confuse the different rebel groups . If Aleppo is taken back by the Syrians, there is no longer a supply route http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-iraq-mosul-idUSKCN12J1OX

Mosul is being retaken, 3K ISIS defenders. The article mentions they are having a recruiting problem. One might imagine that as a result of finding that the US and allies have been using them as patsies to balkanize the ME.


You cannot avoid that if you don’t have information sources that would allow you to put it into any context. MSM is a propaganda machine, controlled by the CIA. That is not conspiracy theory, the CIA has bragged about it, and you can’t easily produce much contrary evidence. OTOH, I can provide links to the series of editors and reporters who have confessed to working for the CIA through their careers, and Wikileaks-Podustra shows the control from the Deep State’s candidate, Clinton. Even the picture in that is propaganda, at least if that is a ‘white helmet’ civil defense worker. They are a part of the rebels, supposedly independent, but their trucks from Turkey into Syria are not stopped for inspection, they supply arms to the ‘rebels’.

I read recently, somewhere, that Mosul was abandoned because it was defended by a General on the Saudi payroll, and they wanted the Caliphate :


Automation and other forms of increased efficiency clearly make increasing wealth (‘goods’, not money) without population growth possible, robots should be the ultimate. That requires jobs or the society to change, the versions we have are not generating income needed to distribute the goods, so an increasing part of consumption comes from the 1% :

The evidence is clear: population growth and prosperity are NOT linked


I think self-driving vehicles is further away than this presents, because I think it is at least as complex as flying an airplane, only the consequences of mistakes are less serious, on average. Autoplots were able to do landings 35 years ago, and they still are not handling takeoffs and landings. ‘Edge cases’ and ‘verification are exactly the problem. The ‘terror attack in Nice that used a vehicle’ they mentioned is very likely a fraud :


I use AMD processors because fewer security researchers are looking for this kind of problem with their processors, meaning the known flaws are detected there and fixed everywhere, so there are fewer AMD exploits :


We could ignore all this when life-expectancy and general health were increasing. But now general health is NOT improving, and things like obesity may be related to these chemicals, although comparison with Europe are only correlation, not cause and effect :


The laws and interpretation of the laws make it easy to do large-scale fraud for years before being held to account :


This is interesting for the analysis, which applies to all positions. It is a war of ideas : identity is malleable, people learn how the world works and therefore our understanding of our interests. The rest is wrong, standard liberal thinking :