Daily Reading #152

George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron continue the crowd source investigation. The 2nd of these is a confidential informant, lousy security. Despite the voice changing software, he gives too many details, is easily identifiable :





Corbett is another of the excellent independent journalists, one of the first on the net, in fact. This takes on “The Weaponization of Information” :


Steele somehow didn’t impress me as a solid source of information, I haven’t linked to his stuff much. Crowd source exposed his less-than-honest methodology :


John Pilger and Julian Assange on Clinton and Trump :


Clearly, the US’s strategy, pursued by both major political parties, is to have our military capability collapse at the exact point of maximum enemies :


Uber reveals the reasons for the push to globalism. Uber’s huge expense was meeting national and city regulations.

Seymour Hersh’s account of Trump’s decision to retaliate against Syria and the aftermath. Wonderful detail of operations at all levels.  The conversation is an insight into military personnel’s evaluation of Clinton and Trump as candidates :



Stuff we take for granted, e.g. safety on a bus at night :


I was just thinking about essential natures. As usual on the internet, you can easily find whatever you need to support any argument :



Daily Reading #151

The push to war continues. Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine continues to evolve :




The reason they need a war is to avoid facing the dismal future they have engineered with their debt-based economy.  This is just economics, the social dissolution of the country is much worse :


Evidence accumulates that Trump’s administration is not as clueless as presented in our legacy media. The situation in Syria is settling, the dissidents in the Armed Services and CIA have lost :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron continue the crowd source investigations.  The third of these discusses a question from a journalist addressed to Jason Chavits wrt the Awan brothers spy ring :





Julian Assange expresses himself very well, quality thought. “Why the Democratic Party is Doomed”.

I got this via email, a relative sent it to about a dozen people.  I think it is an excellent example of the power of the crowd to select and promote good thinking and a measure of how sophisticated people’s opinions are in 2017, a mere 10 years into social media for the masses. The standard fear from the chattering class was that everyone would fall into group-think, isolated pockets of true believers.

Extrapolate 10 more years, including the open source investigations, which I predict will become open trials. Governments and institutions will not be the same :


NC’s Lambert Strether thinks well also This is an summary of critiques of “The Thucydides Trap” and its application to the US-Chinese situation :


Clarence Thomas does not get enough credit, why did not the Supreme Court consider this case? :


Many aspects of our foreign policy are not even-handed. Angry Arab is a good counterbalance to the standard media. Context is all, the ‘smooth transition’ and the picture are good context.  Ruling class power consolidates around the world, standard end of era dynamics :





The Princes of Saudi Arabia, whose population averages 27 years of age, have more in common with the DNC’s geriatric leadership than I would have expected. I don’t expect either to last long, tho the DNC is more exposed to internet crowd source exposure and isn’t paying US MIC for protection, so it will disappear first :

I have not been doing enough reading of the foreign press. This is a free press from the old days, the vituperation makes our current PC expression weak tea indeed.  Although this is a Nigerian newspaper, it seems some of the publication is done from England :


This is an interesting view of Boko Haram’s support from outside the country.  I can’t evaluate any of it, but Nigeria is a country with natural resources, and disruptions such as Boko Haram are a standard way of the oligarchs’ breaking up countries and taking over resources. I now have a mental note to treat Amnesty International’s pronouncements a bit more skeptically :


More additions to the technological palette. This splits water into hydrogen and oxygen via solar energy.  There is a small unsolved problem of separating them, I think.  Well, thinking some more, hydrogen diffuses far more rapidly, and is hard to contain. The filters don’t even have to be really good, just cascadable :


I don’t know the details, but this must be due to Google being sued in Europe and their falling regard around the world, Google is now known as deep state-intrusive.  Items in email or searches using Google immediately result in ads tailored to those thoughts, e.g. a relative’s medical problems resulting in ads for medical services and drugs :


Around the world, the rules for owners wrt workers is ‘whatever you can get away with’ :


“Modern Farmer” is certainly not traditional industrial farming :


I like his Cosmopolitan Chicken project, interesting how much more fertile and longer-lived his birds are than their ancestor strains.  The rest of it will certainly be a learning experience for all concerned, but I don’t think building an ecosystem including wolves will be as simple as he seems to :



Religions do not make for good politics, limited government that respects minorities and human rights is the only kind that can possibly sustain themselves long-term :


In fact, any kind of thinking that allows “I am better than them” thinking produces bad futures for everyone, history has equivalents from every nation :


As I have long said, auto-driving cars are still some distance in the future, the claims have been far ahead of reality :


Hard to believe there are places in the US where 10 acres of land are un-owned, unclaimed :


A summary of politics from my pov here end of June 2017 : things are changing, fast, big things are happening, tho we only get pieces of the total story in public information streams. Trends are against the Deep State. I think that means they will use a very large false flag and use it to widen wars, as false flags have been their most reliable tool.

To argue against myself, all of the CIA’s methods depended on control of the the legacy media for their effect. As the internet is reducing that control, maybe the effectiveness of false flags has fallen too low relative to the risk.

George Webb, et al. are not the last people to do this, it will soon be a good living for aspiring young investigative journalists. They can’t be stopped without a step function in government power to control the internet.  Not possible, it would trigger a revolution with very widespread support if suddenly applied, and the Deep State does not have the time for a normal slow change in the zeitgeist to allow censorship.

The internet is a one-way trap-door function, once people know the value in their own lives of free-flowing information, it isn’t possible to reduce that value without immediate political consequences.

I want to remind everyone of this project, “Playing for change”.  Inspiring.  This is just editing with a sound track to coordinate them, same as Eric Whitacre’s distributed choir. Other software allows people in different locations to play together, tho that needs low latency.

If you think of these as crowd-sourced music, you see what the internet is doing for our world-wide, shared civilization :

Daily Reading #150

The push to war continues :


Lambert Strether has more extensive cogent comment wrt “the Russians hacked everything” narrative. NC is a progressive site, they banned me from making comments, but they agree with many other sites I read across the political spectrum, there is no evidence at all behind the many claims :


They need the jails and staff for all of the political prisoners they will soon have, as the coming revolution begins :


This guy does a good nightly news summary :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron continue to lead the open-source investigation. He concludes the internet has changed everything, that there is a large new understanding that people do not want to be lied to and are able to see through enough of the lies to distrust everything.

Same as I heard from different conversations at a party Friday evening. The people I talked to are all cosmopolitan, multi-lingual, all with close ties to the old country, wherever born, most small-business owners or engineers for big companies, serious minds interested in their futures. No extreme opinions, just quiet disbelief at what is happening, wonderment at what they are expected to believe.  Not much trust for public institutions and big business, deep distrust of the big internet companies, on the whole.

On the way home with my son, stopped at a red light, I thought about the gov harassment campaigns can be extended, e.g. combined with license plate readers and control of the red lights. You could meet with a lot of short yellow lights exactly when a policeman was watching, and never a green, every red light has a long wait.  Given all of your information combined with ubiquitous surveillance, anyone’s life could be automated into a hell :





50 deep bunkers for Continuity of Government make scenarios like this much more likely, imho :


It is clear that nobody in the FBI nor DNC wanted any attention on ‘the Russian hacks’ of the DNC’s servers. These questions don’t cover why the DNC didn’t invite the FBI to apply their forensics to the systems after Wasserman-Schultz finally learned of it :


Measures of the Corruption Index, the depth of the DC Swamp :


The evidence of the Clinton crime spree continues to emerge, Skip to 5 minutes to avoid Lionel’s meanderings :


Evolution continues, orcas are protected, fishermen aren’t :



Another link from Western Rifle Shooters, a solution to the health care crisis, which is entirely a result of accumulated law and elimination of real measures of cost :


Daily Reading #14F

I want to remind everyone that the Central Intelligence Agency has more experience in psychological operations to manage political opinion and taking over other countries than any other entity in history.  Also, a common fate of nations is to be taken over by their own intelligence apparatus, as the CIA is currently attempting to complete, having previously heavily infiltrated all institutions in the United States of America :


Because the CIA’s infiltration has proceeded for 50 years, often in conjunction with particular political interests, we can’t trust much of our government’s actions, e.g. Mueller as Special Prosecutor is a ridiculous appointment, the man is not honest, e.g. has never noticed that 9-11 was a False Flag operation.

Glancing at the other articles, I would say this site pushes the limits of rational linking of data points :


Otoh, they may be right about Seth Rich’s fate, George Webb has suggested this also, and there is no contradictory evidence I know of, although Rod Wheeler, the private investigator, thought he had a clue to the murderer :


The “the Russians hacked everything and changed the election winner” story has gone on since Clinton lost. Eight months now, not a glimmer of evidence, but new versions of ‘the facts’ and interpretations of them, often depending on prior ‘facts’ or interpretations, are an aspect of many news stories every day.

Makes you think about what might be the real intention of the propaganda campaign. In addition to the rising tide of hate on the fringe left, much larger than most fringes. Better paid, also. Victoria Nuland said the revolution in the Ukraine cost the US $5B. They paid many of the demonstrators, and, of course, the snipers who killed so many of both sides.

Wonder how much the one going on in the US now has cost? No way it has arisen from natural events, trends, social change:


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and internet researchers continue their reporting.  George’s videos today are a change, showing how fast the media and people’s info flows are changing :







Some anger is thought to be admirable, others not, depending on your politics. I say anger is motivation, thought is direction. Good thinking is admirable, however motivated.  I do not see good thinking behind the Left’s anger, they are going to cause a revolution with their escalation of violence.  Exactly the CIA’s intent, I believe, funded through Soros :


There are jobs yet undefined.  Some of the advice seemed very wise to me.  Credentialism prevents such services here in the US, although the ethnic communities have many practitioners under the radar of authorities :


The job Trump has taken on is harder than the one Putin assumed :


Israel is in the grip of the Zionist plan for a Greater Israel. Too bad about Israel, it is terrible for Jews :


Symptoms of centralization, DNC version. A ghost candidate, never seen nor heard from after registering to run, in that same district did better than Ossoff, who spent $400/vote :


We were lucky, because we had never registered our kid with any public school system. So when he decided to drop out after 7th grade nobody knew., we didn’t have to contemplate moving to Ecuador.  I walk past a school on the way to town center every now and then.  Last time, I stood and listened to the teacher organize the kindergarden class in an outdoor area.  Very authoritarian.  Over-control produces many sneaks and rebels, not just authoritarians.

Overall, the predictions of future personality types from child-rearing practices and parent’s attitudes are just social ‘science’, replication rates are low for formal studies and human-normal, i.e. abysmal, for all predictions of trends and future events  :



‘Scientific medicine’ has lead the US in consistently wrong directions in diet from the beginning.  It is largely responsible for the obesity epidemic, heart disease, and probably for much of the cancer epidemic, where it shares the honor with the USDA and EPA.


This is not even social science, it is BS, a conference paper, not a peer-reviewed publication. ‘Conference’ can mean many things.

I read 4chan.org/pol/ every now and then. It is not filled with hate speech, although there is considerable bad language and some pornography.  Yes, no doubt things posted on 4chan get more comments on the original web site from people who frequent 4chan, and that their comments tend to mimic 4chan language. Ditto twitter and every other web site that allows comments, hard to believe it had never been shown before.

The results of this study rely entirely upon their automated methods and the ‘hate words’ they chose and the ‘hate’ interpretation the authors impose upon them. That this merits a mention in Nature’s ‘News’ section is a find measure of their biases.

Lousy, meaningless study, but I bet we see it amplified in the leftish press for months :


Additions to the scientific palette.  The waveguide is Nobel-prize material, a fundamental advance in physics understanding, infinite tech applications :




Additions to the social palette as all societies mutate and evolve :


This is a result of the tech palette having expanded, projects like this are now small teams, low budgets :

We know solar storms are a significant threat to civilization, one of the largest risks we can evaluate.  It is the same general phenomena as an EMP. I am not sure about the extent of the damage, however, haven’t seen an article discussing it.  I know military equipment has very rigid standards for shielding and surge suppression.

Given how many times our electric company has fried computers and monitors just switching electricity back on, my normal surge suppressors don’t help much.  ‘EMP bags’ are Faraday Cages, which I interpret as meaning any shielding in the direction of the pulse will protect equipment, so I doubt all autos will die, especially not ones in the basement of a building. I think most data centers are paranoid about EMP-class risks, so :




A Freedom booklist :


If your population is decreasing, your GDP likely isn’t increasing :


Another of the ‘primitive’ technologies.  John McFee’s “Survival of the Birchbark Canoe” provides a long list of reasons birchbark canoes are better than aluminum, the best of his time.  I like McFee’s writings, recommend them all :

A different canoe technology as a piece of art.  I would have hated to put it in the water for fear some small stain would occur :

Daily Reading #14E

The push to war’s explanations don’t make sense.  The Independent has more explanations for why the US attacked the Syrian plane :


All intermixed with the domestic political craziness, the slow coup by the Deep State :


The best explanation for the Sandy Hook series of hoaxes I have read is that it was a way of teaching the disaffected crazies how to express themselves, thus fomenting this kind of killing, ratcheting radical acts on every side.  This is the ‘strategy of tension’ discussed in the CIA documentary I linked to last week.

I predict that the left will resort to terror bombings before the year is out, puppets for the CIA as the CIA has done around the world in their process of taking over governments.

Justin Raimondo is a long-time leader in the antiwar movement, solidly anti-authoritarian in his thinking :



We are on the standard failing empire track, which will leave us with many competent enemies at the same time as our military fails for lack of resources :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and their internet researchers continue the investigation. Oh, no, the CIA, etc. operatives aren’t evil, they are just running the human sex trafficking and organ harvesting ratlines to pay for their important operations of planting bombs everywhere, and all the murders are just a minor side-effect. George is a sharp thinker, he can’t believe that. Such a subtle way of making the point while appearing to be a peace-maker.

No compromise is possible with anyone who believes the end justifies the means. Hang them all, even hinting that is at all exculpatory to illegal actions by any government personnel should add 10 years to any sentence, minimum.

Audience feedback in the 4th of these, for the 2nd time in a day, they run across someone watching the live stream while recording the live stream on the street. That is possibly a first for any open source investigation.

These guys are putting on a road show. The evolution of alt-media continues :





The reality of NADRA for Pakistani citizens, just another method of extracting bribes :


Resistance to the US/UK/Israel attempts to achieve hegemony rises around the world :


No, the Deep State isn’t this innocent.  Most are, of course, but the CIA has infiltrated all of the other branches of government, and the core CIA has people who do not follow any law :



Yes, atrocities, death squads, assassinations all around the world, since the beginning of the CIA. And they have influenced US politics ever since the beginning of the agency, this is the first time being so out in the open about it. Glen Greenwald is solid :


Also, this article doesn’t discuss the fact that NSA shares data with allies, and uses allies to do the spying that NSA is prohibited from doing within the US. I think it very likely that NSA’s recordings of Merkel’s phone calls were freely shared with German intelligence :


50 underground bunkers for the elites in case of war. They don’t think they will die, making it easier to understand the incitments to war :


Charles Hugh Smith understands system dynamics.  Of course automation continues as fast as it is economic, it always has.  That is why we are so wealthy in goods compared to previous generations, generating wealth is cheaper than ever.  That is all normal. What isn’t normal is jobs not being generated to make use of the now-cheaper labor :


Jobs in the 3rd world will fail faster than in the first or 2nd :



Peter Turchin is a leader in applying detailed quantitative analysis of social and economic aspects of nation shapes in determining history.  Serious thinking, the best explanation of the reason the Democratic Party has been losing elections, and even the crazies’ comments are erudite.  The next-to-last recounts the dismal record medicine and government have in prescribing a good diet. The last of these is a brilliant bit of social science that would have (if anyone had known to look) predicted Clinton’s defeat :








Lies everywhere, it is completely normal.  Faked test results apparently ditto :


Daily Reading #14D

The push to war continues :




Voltaire.net is a solid source of information and analysis. This has a good chance of being true, I think. Pieces of this have appeared there in the last year, a very different view of the ME players than I find anywhere else.

I have no clue about how to reconcile this likely accurate view with the push to war above, although the ending “If the Pentagon follows orders” may have clues :


And you have to say that the countries among our intended enemies are playing their hand far better than the US is doing :


The CIA’s many programs of terror and drug trafficking are wars against all of humanity, including US citizens.  We need to end the bastards and their institutions :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron continue their leadership of an open source investigation :






The Democrats tried hard to steal elections :


Historical context for pre-revolutionary situations, analysis of the US’s trajectory. My additional thought is “They didn’t have an internet, it changes everything” :


More corrupt organizations affiliated with US Senators :


Look at how well our foreign policy has worked :


Social policy also. We live in a world that tracks every individual 24×7, yet still requires bail, a world that has intricate rules for everything, all of which work against individuals maintaining stable lives :


At the same time that poor people spend months in jail because they can’t make bail, banksters defraud $ms from 100s of 1000s of people, and not one has ever been charged with anything. Worst case, the bank has to pay a fine if caught.

This is a fubared system we live within :


Another phenomena added to the science palette, a candidate for the technology palette, from which we construct our futures :



And another to the social palette :


After the 1950s, I think there are too many paper records to get away with lies about your family history, at least if you become anyone important enough to be scrutinized. Of course, there are records from much further back, even in war-torn Poland. Lies don’t work so well if there are records :


Also, there is too much electronic, stored evidence to allow nations to get away with much. This is the track of the ACK Crystal, the ‘cargo ship’ that collided with the USS Fitzgerald. From other threads, it seems the Crystal’s irregular course was it going back to find and assist the Fitzgerald. But, surely it knew where the Fitzgerald was, they have radar too? Surely radar is a condition of insurance, and no boat goes without insurance. Nothing about this story makes sense yet.

Obviously, just plotting a ship’s track tells you a great deal about what business drives it. Everyone’s intelligence agencies used to know, and now everyone knows. Nothing hides from satellite, I am sure there are ship-tracking services.

There really can be no excuse for a Navy destroyer being t-boned by a cargo vessel, so you can expect some fancy lies as this unfolds, revealed one at a time in subsequent weeks :


This is security issues for products in the modern world, probably leaked by the security group to brag about how impressive they are :


Jeh Johnson’s testimony on “Russian Hacking”. Without discussing the politics of the situation, I ask myself “How much does it cost to hire some people on the network to attempt to hack a network address?”, “What technology makes it possible for NSA to track a network connection back to the ultimate source computer, given so many layered cloaking technologies?” and “Did I not read about the CIA and NSA having tools to mimic being hackers from other nations?”.

I know the answer to those questions from long work on internet products and even a year working on deep packet inspection systems, and they do not favor any judgement of “The Russians Did It”.

As for “scale and scope”, be serious. Given an IP address, initial scans are entirely automated. You can hire Amazon cloud servers for $1/hour, cheaper in ISPs all around the world, using bitcoin.  In other words, an careful entity, wishing to remain anonymous while doing anything on the net, is not detectable proportional to care and spending. Attack is scalable with addition of money, defense not so much.

No doubt, there are hackers in every country, some of every kind. Also, no doubt, state actors acting as other state actors. Who is who is difficult :


This is great :

Daily Reading #14C

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and their crowd source investigation. Connections everywhere, and so many lead back to Hillary Clinton and illegal dealings involving diplomatic cargo containers. ‘The Wire’, a very fine police-political series from HBO, showed women being brought into the US in cargo containers. The perps in that had many passports. The Awans apparently have diplomatic passports.

Did you know that diplomatic containers are not supposed to be searched in any way, no radiation detectors, X-rays, etc.?

The first of George’s revelations today is that the various oligarchs and oligarch-wannabees have ‘arms plays’ that need ratlines for importing arms for resale through a US front company to the US military. So many reasons to keep the wars going, money from arms, sex, drugs, organs, …

And now all the excitement of incitement, the potential war with Russia, the eternal question of whether the military can push close enough to war with story plausible-enough to produce increases in their budget without actually blowing up the world.

What citizen wants WWIII? Whose interest is all of this incitement in? It isn’t ours, and we have very little control of the political system. Way past time to get excited. Please wake up America, start discussing this with your friends, this is a very serious situation we are in, we need to call these fools about their extremely foolish behavior. We have damn little control in this broken system, if we don’t use every bit of it, how can we avoid war?

Whether you like Trump or not, he is the least war-mongering of any President in some time, we have more chance of getting him to stop the war than we ever did with Obama, he isn’t the CIA’s boy, both of which are the reason for all of the insane politics of late.

War is a negative sum game. The problem with negative-sum games is, you can lose. Why choose to play negative sum games? We didn’t, they did, in our name.

More than a year ago, I said the Deep State would resort to a much larger False Flag as part of the next escalation.   FFs have been their most reliable tool for getting the wars they want. This series of reports shows that dirty bombs have been judged the most probable threat, e.g. a report last year from the Obama admin.

George is not correct about Sarin, so far as I know. It doesn’t put you to sleep, it kills you. There are other drugs, perhaps, but I thought Navy ships were heavily filtered? Hard to believe that a helicopter could put an entire ship to sleep, nobody awake. Nor hide the records of the helicopter. Even the Navy could figure that out. So I don’t see that you need a motive for stupid, 2 crews were stupid. Normal behavior for tankers, I believe, they have min crews. Navy though? Impossible, it seems to me, for a Navy ship to be so slack.

George is days ahead of the news cycle, he is driving the news cycle, legacy media can’t ignore him any longer. Notice how their attempts to stop him have all backfired, resulting in more publicity? 5th gen warfare works :


The kind of corruption that George, et al are trying to root out :





I saw this previously, don’t see that I linked to it. A good summary, if you haven’t seen it :


This is the corruption we are attempting to uncover :



The never-ending, un-authorized by the Constitution, wars are corruption and Treason, in the very strict sense of conspiring against the interests of the US government with foreign nationals :


This brings up the use of Depleted Uranium in Bosnia, as an independent war crime, just what George was discovering above :


Juan Cole reads the Arabic press and usually has a good take on ME affairs. This is closer to the US’s version of events, but the Russians said “ISIS”, I believe. I need to check this. The Saker provides the Syrian Army statement, claiming their forces were fighting ISIS and so were bombed. The 3rd link is the Russian Minister of Defense repeating that and telling the US it can’t fly any more aircraft west of the Euphrates because Russia will shoot them down. The 4th is Saker’s sitrep for this week, providing evidence against the claim of the US and Juan Cole. The 5th is a comment by a reader on the reality of the air- vs anti-air defense available to the Syrians, and why neither Israelis nor US should push further, they will definitively lose, in Saker’s view.

Who do I believe? The people who genuinely are fighting ISIS and appear to be dealing with reality, including the Kurds and Russians, or the US which is committing war crimes by merely being in Syrian territory and Juan Cole’s read of the ME press, largely subsidized by one intelligence service or another and knowing Juan Cole has done CIA contracts?

Never give money and power benefit of any doubt :






Saker, btw, is another news and opinion web site that is gaining international stature for dealing with reality and the views of Russia in international affairs. Collectively, the internet’s independent news sources are far out-competing the legacy media. Voltaire.net, NewsBud.com, consortiumnews.com, antiwar.com, NakedCapitalism.com, ZeroHedge.com, … collectively the 1000s of such sites are reducing the attention available for lesser sources of information and perspective. The Legacy Media’s audience is an aging audience

This is corruption also, of a more ‘normal’, merely crony-capitalists owning the regulatory agencies, type of corruption. Fraud because the TELCOs took $Bs in subsidies to roll out a nationwide broadband facility and never delivered. More fraud because of the way they put early competition in metropolitan area networks out of business. And we have the highest cost cell phone service in the world and the slowest, highest-cost broadband :


InfoWars is playing the stupidity of the legacy media. I swear that the top level of the Deep State is too stupid to breath, who thought it was a good idea for Megan Kelly to interview Alex Jones? She was destroyed by Putin, Jones isn’t in the same ballpark of mental prowess as I think Putin is, but I will bet a standup comic is smarter than the average news reader.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t like InfoWars, but our legacy media gave people like me no choice, their coverage is too biased and too antiFreedom. As with Trump, we take whatever opposition is available over the Stasis Quo product.

OTOH, while listening to this, I realized that a big reason the ‘global elites’ want more immigrants is they need them for the ratlines! :



I have been watching ‘primitive’ technology videos. Pottery, among other things, the last few days.

A stereotypical view would say ‘primitive’ people, but we should find it very surprising how much of the technology of pre-modern cultures around the world is appropriate, and how often every one of them invented everything possible in their environment, given the constraints of the time. 5 different civilizations based on 5 different types of agriculture in the New World, for example. Simple times don’t mean simple technology when you look carefully.

Everyone invented pottery, around 20,000 years ago. Earliest in the Orient, so far.

These people figured out quite a lot of things about pottery. I couldn’t understand the reason for bending down from a standing position to work on things, made my back hurt just to watch.

The story of one of these village potters giving demonstrations in Japan, 5-star hotel, then going back to the village makes you think. Hard to imagine being her :


This is old culture with new tools, but interesting in how much the blending. That method of getting tar is old, it was used on old artifacts, maybe the Ice Man’s? It probably kept mosquitoes off of them, also.

After you watch this, you can’t possibly believe life in the stone age wasn’t pretty damn complex. Stone age peoples lived in these environments, and worse. Even now, it takes a lot of planning and work in every season to be ready to do the necessary things in that season to be ready for winter. These people are very good with axes and wood. How did they cut enough wood with stone axes? :


I was thinking about the Libertarian Party, which I resigned from about a year ago. They had become controlled opposition, Republican-Light alternative. All of the hard work of people getting them on the ballot in 50 states, dissipated, when they had the largest, scientifically-documented genuine conspiracy ever handed to an opposition party, on a plate, and a large part of the population understanding that. Could the LP capitalize on this situation? No, they would rather be part of the political establishment. So Trump hinted about that, and his general opposition to the Stasis Quo, frequent discussions of corruption, promise to lock up Clinton and clean the swamp, and thus won. It could have been an LP candidate, even one who smokes that much weed, but they would have had to have balls.

Jill Stein calls for a new investigation, where is the LP on the issue? Such a weak stance, merely calling for an investigation, nevertheless the far left is ballsier than the supposed rational-fringe opposition. And nobody touches Sandy Hook, even more obvious, better evidence.

I cannot express my contempt for such spinelessness. How did they get bought off?