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Great Memes :


I swear, I thought it was a cooking show! :

The further reaches of the leftish intelligencia are catching on faster than the center. Steven Cohen explores the evidence that Russia had nothing to do with the Steele Dossier, that it was entirely a product of intelligence agencies, that this has been a large CIA psyop designed to hold on to their power base in the White House. And by implications ditto to many other manifestations of insanity in our national life since the JFK assassination.

OK, Cohen doesn’t quite say it that way, but I did not distort the import at all :


Juan Cole knows his stuff wrt the ME, this is excellent review of the recent Qatar vs SA dustup. Cole is not different than other academics when discussing US politics. It is easier to be objective about others, I guess :


Every country is far along in doing this, it is the big push behind AI, so that AIs can run through web sites like this and comment streams on ZH and give everyone a score as to their worth/reliability in all dimensions they can assess. That is exactly the technology that Google uses to analyze emails that you send and streams you receive. The NSA must have that or better, Google being a CIA/NSA investment way back when and the NSA replicating all of the world’s fiber optic links to Utah and the server farm there. What else is it doing? They say they are only looking at the terrorist’s traffic, non-citizens, but that is the same as Google’s claim they don’t look at email. Depends on what you think ‘look’ is, whether only people can look or whether their algorithms are looking also.

OK, lets do that in reverse, just to check their reasoning against the reality. So we run all of the NSA and CIA communications traffic through systems that exactly copy theirs, only we get to define the key words and sets of key words that make up the analyses of categories. We see John Brennan’s thinking and information flows only through our filters of with their traffic and their filtering engines. Also, we get to change our key words as our understanding changes.

None of them would agree to that. Add the ability to do that retroactively, and everything would be known sooner or later. The Feds are anxious to get just the headers of emails and just the who-called-who from everyone, the NSA’s metadata extraction is far beyond that.

I don’t agree, either, because they won’t agree. Back inside the Constitution with you :


More data that is not in the climate models, and could well make a crucial difference :


I had somehow not noticed this cryptocurrency-based-on-commodities idea. Unless it cuts costs of paperwork and verification of the reality behind the paperwork, I don’t see how it helps :


I didn’t completely solve that problem, but I at least allowed random audits by outsiders of coins, bars, … things that don’t change and aren’t otherwise used :


This is one of those wtf? things. How can delivering 1000s of cars with the same VIN do anyone any good? And how did that feature request make it through the bureaucracy? :


Thinking about the cryptocoin market and having the huge advantage of knowing that the Times article must be wrong, it seems to me that the only question is what price you want to get started at. So decide how much money you are willing to lose, and buy your best estimate of long term worth, one that seems to have value. After that, if your choice is as solid long-term as you believe, price fluctuations will allow you to get out clean, with a toehold in the cryptocoin economy.

Now that you are in and clean, the only smart trades are to trade one for another in a long-term strategy.

I don’t know what a long-term strategy is in a new market. In fact, I don’t even know of an analogy to a cryptocurrency in history. It isn’t entirely a mania and isn’t driven by fraud, but also is not yet of wide-enough importance in any economy so people have a measure of its value.

I linked to an article on rates of adoption of new technologies this week, it is going exponential. 10 years from significant smart phone sales, half of the world has them, or some such amazing number. The keys were the utility and the cost and phone companies being good at making profits.

I don’t know how to tell a mania from a very rapid rate of adoption of a cheap, easy amazingly useful payment method. Long-term, no doubt very useful. Very likely allowing devolution in the financial world, a lessening of risk and the organizations that cause those, are those.

Cryptocoins are not panacea, they are just a tool, and humans will use them to cheat each other just as they have used gold. Different tools, different possible crimes and different possible criminals. Banksters won’t disappear.

The Intercept is showing its real intent, just another leftish CIA front. Too bad about Glen Greenwald. Too bad about the rest of Snowden’s files from the NSA. The article is BS, and the NRA should go do membership drives in the Mexican and Muslim communities. After all, most NRA members are ex-military, a high proportion of NCOs. Anyone who thinks an NCO in the modern military is prejudiced doesn’t know much :


Jason Goodman interviews Jared Beck. If Jason talked less, it would be a better interview, but it is still an excellent inside-the-legal-system view :

George Webb continues his investigation. 55 Savshkina and the Russians.

The sad, sad, terrible, awful, stupid thing about the legacy media’s having so strongly adopted sides is that we have to disbelieve everything they say. But this, I disbelieve because it is irrelevant :



Daily Reading #24A

Those are from Western Rifle Shooters Assn.

CHSmith provices an excellent non-partisan statement of the geopolitical situation and its effects on the US and the world :


US militarism is the most immediate danger to the planet :


This is written in a flowery style, presents a negative view of France’s future with the largest Muslim community in Europe, more than “5 million Africans”. But, Algerians and black Africans have been French for generations, I know a very black African who speaks French perfectly and went to the Sorbonne. He has only good things to say about France. It is easy to find evidence of the integration of the cultures and people, the 2nd of these is the first of my search for ‘French dance’.

Not that Salafists and Wahhabis are not a danger for France nor that France doesn’t have a problem proportional to the Muslim population, but it says that it is easy to blow things out of proportion. I don’t see that France has suffered more terrorism than other nations, and so far, a proportion of those seem as suspicious, as connected to intelligence services, as events here in the US. The benefits of diversity are easily thought ‘normal’, no one lists them. Food, music, dance, literature, hybrid vigor in all possible areas, including genetic :



There are a lot of people thinking about how to do armed resistance. Is no one in our elite paying attention, or is this an intended result? When the break comes, I predict a lot of people will be shot from a distance, beginning with every legislator who ever voted for a gun control bill. There are lists of those people, you know?

The Deep Black Swamp needs chaos, otherwise it loses. Gun control comes up as a big distraction whenever the CIA needs it. But the people who will lose in the initial stages of such a conflict are all on the left, all the populations who have been the face of gun control and all the other leftist anti-Constitutional trends:


An interesting take on Bruce Ohr and other aspects of the insanity in DC. Joel Gilbert thinks in left right. Not real interesting except for the bit of Ohr probably cooperating. Also, the $1.7B to Iran was for the NKorean nuclear program :

The Clintons were CIA drug runners from the beginning :


ISIS is a US-British-Israeli creation, paid for with Saudi money. US, et al supplied the weapons, so ISIS is likely profit-making for the CIA and Mossad :


What to do with the Jihadis? The US is recycling them into other forces of disruption. Read this for the overview of what our country has done to the world, the amazing evils done in our name, supposedly for our benefit. And the spending necessary to accomplish all this evil. Pentagon generals are far more responsible for America’s decline than Presidents, CIA representatives tho they have all recently been :


The real reason ‘the Russians’ ‘were interfering in US elections’. Nothing to do with elections, it was a group that sold their sock puppet online presences to provide social media advertising and PR :


Long past time to rethink US strategy and whether we even need or want a military. At this point, the Pentagon is not under control of the Constitutional government, not that we have one of those either :


Naked Capitalism today has a long section on the New Cold War, a dozen articles pushing a cold war (at least) against Russia. No reasons, of course, in any of them, pure propaganda :


I just saw this on WRSA. Look at the comments. Anti-China, anti-Russia, etc. propaganda isn’t working so well, it seems to me :


George Webb’s investigation is in high gear, so many leads people can’t follow them all. This continues the focus on S. Florida, General Grange, the Cruz brigades :


George’s Day 123 discusses the ‘catalyst’ programs as a component of driving sales of opioids, and part of the Strategy Of Tension rolling coup used by the CIA. The third of these is a long review of his reporting, all of the important stories that have not been pursued by MSM. George is absolutely outstanding in every dimension, imho, and the world would be a better place if more reporters were like him :




More discussion of the Paddock autopsy strangeness. Serious anomalies, e.g. Stephen Paddock’s time of death. Incompetence, accidental or intentional leakage of information, real info or noise thrown into the open investigations? A question I don’t see answered is when did the coroner receive the body? The body did not have the color of eyes of Paddock’s drivers license and photo. (Although some of his photos don’t look blue.) Teeth are consistent with a homeless man, not Paddock’s photos :


I hate to link to an article in Psychology Today, but this is good. Who could have guessed? Children do not need to be taught! :


Yes, Intercept is not legitimate investigative journalism. Now we will see how clever Greenwald was wrt to his contract. As he is a reasonable clever guy about organizations, he has surely caught on, and he fact that he hasn’t left and taken Snowden’s files with him, or sent them to Wikileaks, is evidence he wasn’t so smart about contracts or controlling the files :


The mentally ill will always be with us. Dealing with that fact isn’t easy :


I was just watching one of my son’s friends playing a one-against-all soldier fps. (My kid has moved on to Kerbal Space Program, where he has designed and built a space station and the heavy lifter, in a winged space plan design, to put it all into orbit. Serious accomplishment, that too a lot of hours. And he is only 21!) I asked them if FPSs teach you anything about life, make you better at the real world. “Yes, I see everything as tradeoffs, and the fluid balancing of tradeoffs on the move is what all the games are about.” My kid speaks well.

Daily Reading #249

Yes, legacy media and the new internet equivalents have become not just guard dogs for their Deep Black Swamp, but attack dogs used against anyone who opposes them :


As I have long said, take you kid out of school. Modern schools are not good for children, even before the school massacres. We did and don’t regret it at all. After 8th grade through 12 grad of nothing academic, just reading and exploring the internet, our son just started community college part-time at age 21, and is doing outstandingly well. 5 years of FT work experience, reading serious books and learning from the internet give him a big advantage over kids just out of high school :


It isn’t the Fed that is ruining us, although that makes it easier. It is the fact that the US government has a currency instead of denominating all tax receipts in grams or ounces of gold. Yes, we need a fundamental unit of value. Which one is an empirical question, there may be more fundamental units, but gold worked for a long time. Having done that, the citizens can handle the rest, gov should stay out of the way.

Every step after that point indeed has immediate advantages for the government, e.g. seigniorage and smoothing spending and handling unexpected emergencies and … Each increased complexity emerges new phenomena with new properties including new risks and opportunities for rich and powerful and knowledgeable to exploit those advantages against people who don’t. Why build those risks into the system at a low level? Because the total system can lose, have huge losses affecting everyone due to temporal instabilities like revolutions, it means they are not positive-sum. Never play any game but positive-sum, the total society can’t lose.

The oz of gold will find a value in every other commodity and service in short order, a routine problem for markets. It will also very severely curtail government power. Good, excessive government power is the problem here.

Worst case, the relative value of gold and other commodities in the open market may cause an outbreak of gold mining and a rise in the value of gold stocks relative to other stocks. As a systemic risk, I can live with that. The risks we now endure as a result of our very modern fiance system based on fiat currencies and central banks include world wars, nuclear winters, mass starvation, ubiquitous surveillance states, … :


This brings up an interesting possibility. Perhaps the internal war is not between criminal mafia and Constitutional government forces, that is merely facade. Instead, it is between factions of MIC-mafia, and major military MIC is using Trump and his mostly-Constitutional rule of law faction as its front. Probably that is a good pov. Serious military people don’t like corruption because dishonest officers can’t fight wars effectively. An old-line Marine general can’t be happy with corrupt Admirals, a Pentagon that can’t develop weapons, a VA that doesn’t treat their soldiers, and a CIA,etc. running the ratlines that corrupt the nation.

It is certainly true that the Republican Party is no less dirty than Democratic. Robert Gore of SLL thought Trump was very dangerous, a clever man who knows how to accumulate power and whose position has accumulated a lot of it. I don’t see that, but admit this is a very confusing time. I don’t see clear motives anywhere, and don’t see anyone doing a blazingly-brilliant job. Not even the IGs. George Webb has it right so far, I don’t see the Clintons, Podesta, Debbie Wasserman, … Warner sweating yet.

As for why the 13 Russians were indicted with such feeble charges and reasoning, Meuller needs to keep his investigation going. There is no way he is doing anything legit, he knew full well there was no evidence before he started. These guys are inside the blatant conspiracy, they are long-time friends and associates. The longer it goes on, the more time available for the Deep Black Swamp to arrange the next attack on Trump, the next distraction from their problems, the next war. It is a ‘maybe the horse will learn to talk’ situation. Once you commit a crime for which you will likely be executed, your decisions must favor anything that delays that fate, however horrendous the required new crime :


George Webb points out that Jason Goodman’s show has been used by people inside DC as PR to disinfo :


George Webb is the most important of the investigative reporting teams and by far the furthest advanced in connecting the many dots :


A friend sent me a link to this, the difficulties of using the different environments for  students learning to program. Computer OSs and applications from windowing system through the sparest programming language are so complex enough these days it takes days to weeks to learn to install the components. So consideration of how to fix that.

Having done command lines and IDEs for half a dozen languages, I like command lines, but this is the kind of thing programmers can argue about for hours.

But also irrelevant. New environments for code development arise every time a new user interface is available, same as every class of application. Command line, a few dozen or dozen dozen, depending on your definitions, versions of windowing environments, and now environments inside of applications, e.g. browsers, each and every one has a full set of applications. I think I read about a virtual machine running inside a browser, running browsers, etc.

Programming is becoming just like the rest of the world, so complex in the problem space, e.g. system programming for O different OSs  in L languages and C different computers; applications programming for W windowing environments, L languages and D databases for A classes of applications and N networks. People who work with databases have no clue how to install the software, on average, that is the sysadmin’s job. So the problem is that proliferation of what it means to program, and thus training can’t be one size fits all.  Now we choose a minimal-required-knowledge environment to learn programming, e.g. a browser, introduce new tools and environments as they specialize.

Imho, that added value to this, but my kid accused me already this AM of poor reading comprehension :


Another analyst of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre, detailed anlysis shows so many anomalies. Parts are too far out for me to believe. At every level, things happen because people know each other and trade favors for favors. Does Soros work for the CIA or the CIA work for Soros or are they independent powers who work closely on some things, have divergent interests in others (Israel). Independently of that, did the CIA import Soros to the US and foster his currency trading, taking a cut of his profits in return for insider info? ‘The CIA’ here could be one or more of the high level execs supervising a few agents, isolated from each other, dealing with different economic info they get from their central bank, banking, … connections.

But I think his ‘conspiracy theory’ about the Obama Massacres For Gun Control program is dead on. Is it responsible for Las Vegas? I don’t know, but it is a reasonable hypothesis. It could be both that and Hoover’s theory that it was some Saudi assassination op. After all, Obama’s guys in the CIA don’t like the new guys in SA, and the old guys in the SA are the ones supporting ISIS. There is a natural overlap of goals, the assassination team needs distractions to finish hunting, and the false flag op of killing a lot of civilians via ‘lone gunman’ certainly can provide those.

Diagnosing patients with one variable-symptom disease can be hard. If you have both one of those and another disease, that 2nd disease better be very simple, or you aren’t going to get diagnosed. It is the reason they throw false information sources into the false flag ops. One symptom that doesn’t fit any disease means they physician has to test all possible sets of symptoms. It is barely possible for a simple disease. Adding data incompatible with all single hypotheses and a factorial increase in sets of possible multi-hypothesis diagnoses is a fine way to stymie an investigation.

It would reveal a new level of cooperation in Deep Black Swamp operations, also.

I don’t believe that, but I think it is the kind of hypothesis we need to consider as this very strange bit of history unfolds around us. Things out past the level of these interpretations are possible for rational minds after careful evaluation of all evidence, it seems to me.

Probably the most immediately significant fact from this video is the Coroner’s report that Stephen Paddock died at noon on the day after the massacre. The LV coroner seems to me to be a professional trying to do his job, but being forced by the FBI and local admin to lie about things. All he can do is report reality and allow it to be noticed. As the body he autopsied is possibly not the Stephen Paddock of the driver’s license, it could well be that body died at noon the next day.

Another thing nobody has reported on was a) Morphonios’s discussions with the homeless men wrt the gun runners around the Mandalay Bay on the day of the massacre and b) the spate of killings of homeless men in the weeks since Jake reported that :


This is an interesting phenomenon. An iphone bug crashes applications and is easily transmitted. If you wanted to guarantee that Apple fixed a bug that was annoying your development effort, would you put it up on Twitter like this? :

People are trolling iPhone users with the ‘killer symbol’ that crashes their apps

The Saker’s latest thinking wrt the situation in Syria and the US’s proxy wars is excellent, as usual :


Daily Reading #248

Thinking about where we are, wtf? It isn’t a coup, that happened long ago, and the CIA owned the US president ever since Bush, Sr. They lost it with Trump, and thus the public moves and the exposure those bring on the Deep Black Swamp is necessary-justified to restore their control. If the IG and relative-good guys, White Hats in the various intelligence and investigative agencies have some grasp of the scope of the problem, the Deep Black Swamp knows what they have. The Civil War or countercoup or or reform movement, however you characterize this, began before Trump came on the scene, it is just bureaucratic warfare with occasional assassinations to this point.

The great partisanship existing in the country is the reflection of those political contenders in our national government. The Deep Black Swamp is international elites using politics  of all kinds as  a tool, not driven by any particular ideology. I disagree with everyone targeting ‘leftists’, ‘communists’, etc. Yes, a source of bad, but not the deeper driving force, not the head of the snake.

Just when I thought I was making a last pass through Piss On Them Part II, I decided the flow wasn’t right and I need to add another sentence or so.  Really, POT p1 should be rewritten in that reorg. The essays do not yet match the brilliance of the design, the social mechanism I have invented. No, The Generalissimo had nothing to do with this, whatever he claims.

Jake Morphonios has a properly well-informed and cynical view of the school shootings. So the usual contrary evidence begins to accumulate, but we need to be careful and skeptical, because the government organizes disinfo ops along with everything, it is real easy to look stupid. Nevertheless, if drills are confirmed and more reports of multiple shooters come from verified students, yes, likely a false flag op. The girl talked to Nicholas Cruz.

What was he doing there, he wasn’t in school and wasn’t supposed to be there? She teased him about being the shooter, shots coming from the other side of the building at the same time, he looks at her blankly. Then he is arrested down the street? Now the media will ignore every bit of this developing evidence.

The standard CIA ‘strategy of tension’ makes you doubt everything and thus paralyzes you with indecision. Way past time to decide our government is compromised and the Deep Black Swamp is a huge threat to us all :



George Webb, Operation Cassandra, a $200M / month drug and car theft ring in DC. Yesterday, he mentioned ‘Fat Leonard’, the Navy scandal involving 1/3rd of the Admirals in the Navy. Bruce Ohr running a 10,000 DEA ‘informant’ ring which is really a drug distribution ring :


More John E Hoover on the Las Vegas incident. He is looking into the many Saudi connections, evidence of shooting from helicopters, and why Tannerite might have been part of the plot to kill a Saudi prince. A Wahabbist among the Saudi royals would have motive for the killing of American civilians and standing to claim they were ISIS, as ISIS. I bet the NSA has a lot of evidence relevant to this.

But we citizens don’t need the NSA. NSA and the Saudis are learning that wide use of cell phones + Youtube + frame by frame analysis by citizens exposes them as much as Oman’s surveillance :





Jason Goodman interviews The Gunner. This is the internet evaluating sources and analyses, it is interesting to see the process. This is the crowd mind at work. The net crowd mind is coming to agree that Qanon is disinfo, at best. Maybe a chatbot being fed phrases. I don’t hear intelligence coming from Quinn, Jason is wrong there. If you run it fast enough, the nugget to dross ratio in this keeps you going.

The meta-significant thing in all this is how nobody grasps the fact that so many points of view have found QAnon less than credible. They evaluate that, somehow, as additive instead of multiplying their probabilities of QAnon being a real entity using real obfuscation to avoid identification. Mere social science minds weak in statistics and probabilities mainly useful in supporting political and ideological agendas, not hard science, the kind that supports engineering and doesn’t care much what people think.

Just to be clear, I don’t think a country run by engineers would be any better than the ones run by social science people, and those not different than military. The particular kinds of failures are instructive, but they all fail. A particular kind of category error, a conceptual oxymoron is ‘run a country’. It is an interesting function, the subtle shift of ‘run’ as you go from ‘running’ a machine on weekend project through small team leadership, … through international corporation and government :


This is Jake Morphonios interviewing a film maker who is very critical of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, based on the department’s long history of bad crops and the current crop of crap who have risen to the top, Joe Lombardo being the compliant cop chosen by the big casinos to run Vegas for them and keep any news from hurting their business. So filmmaker Ramsey Denison says all the lying stems from a cop accidentally discharging their gun in the room, and Lombardo’s attempt to cover that up is the entire reason for the corrupt 2nd-in-commands Captain wife who has never run a murder investigation having been put in charge of the biggest murder investigation for many years.

At 24 minutes into that 42 minute video, my thought is “No, too simple.” It doesn’t account for the FBI agents actually running the venue crime scene.It doesn’t account for the FBI guy looking gimlet-eyed at Lombardo every press converence for the entire time. It doesn’t account for the fact that there were multiple shooters, it doesn’t account for Hoover’s evidence of shooters in helicopters, it doesn’t account for shooters up and down the strip, some a mile and a half away. It doesn’t account for Hoover’s analysis of the sniper shooting at a black SUV.

So I can believe the LVMPD is dirty and incompetent, easily, it is what I have read again and again. Ditto Las Vegas government and everything associated with it. Lots of homicides every month, the reason the homicide squad is very professional.

But that only makes it easier for the FBI to tell LVMPD what to do. It makes Lombardo someone they can promote. So this guy doesn’t add evidence to the primary ‘who did it’ question :


Something I thought of wrt Las Vegas. The other day I watched a ‘how to use a squad heavy machine gun’ which had the illustration of the ‘beaten ground’ in front of a well-aimed weapon. It is a very long narrow convex lens. That is what the bullet hole pattern and locus of the wound would look like if Stephen Paddock had done the killings from his 32nd floor hotel room. If he had done it, they would be using that pattern to prove the case. They aren’t. If there was only one gun involved, they would be saying that from the autopsies and forensic evidence. If there was only one gun and all of the cartidge cases were in Paddock’s room, one for one, they would be saying that.

There are many things that they don’t say, and it isn’t because they are concealing anything from the perps about their investigation. Remember, they repeatedly state there are no such perps, Stephen Paddock was a lone gunman. They can’t say any of those things because they can’t get the people in charge to lie. They can shut them up, but they can’t make them lie. And so info leaks out in interesting ways, e.g. the Coroner saying he only did autopsies on half the bodies. He must have known what a huge red flag that was. Ditto the leaks of the downard trajectories of the bullets through the bodies of selected victims. The FBI can’t have liked that. The high proportion of head shots, the high proportion of deaths / round fired. There are a ton of facts whose implications are not being explored.

And then, just as it is becoming clear to everyone that Joe Lombardo is lying in every statement, the Weinstein sex scandal broke and Las Vegas was never heard from again. Many people remarked on the phenomenon at the time.

I think it unlikely that Stephen Paddock had anything at all to do with the killings. That wasn’t his MO. I like Hoover, but this is not the total story either. This has the Saudis as the active bad guys in things back to the 1993 WTC bombing. No, that was run by the FBI, their agent provacateur Emad Salem organized and ran that operation with the FBI’s money. The rest of them were more or less guilty patsies, radicals with big mouths, I think. They did manage to attract a nephew of a real ME terrorst bomber, but somehow he wasn’t arrested, as I recall.

FBI money built the bomb, the bomb went off. No way that happened by accident, I think, the FBI simply doesn’t manage their informants, as they wanted everyone to consider Salem, so slackly that enormous bombs go off in buildings as long discussed managing agent with informant. This is another one of the cases that has disappeared from any public discussion, but was widely reported on at the time in US papers, beginning with the one Oct 1993.

The FBI has a long history of covering up terrorist and mass murder, murders, pedophile rings, best case case interpretation of the many examples. Worst case, they were integral to all of them. Come on, there are no high profile cases for a long time where we can say the FBI did outstanding police work. Maybe that is selection bias of some kind, the FBI’s PR people perhaps aren’t as good at dealing with the cases where the FBI teams were brilliant. I think the FBI does a good job on bank robbers. Nothing else comes to mind, certainly they are lousy at coverups and setting up assassinations

The Internet is doing a fine job of understanding wtf our Deep Black Swamp is doing, it seems to me. And they can’t seem to stop us*, look very foolish doing so. Something changed, another end-of-era signal.

The Hoover video, the 2nd of these, is useful in linking House of Saud internal strife to the Mandalay Bay massacre. I can even believe an ISIS-class motive. But that doesn’t mean that the Mossad didn’t do 9/11 in collusion with the Deep Black Swamp. If the Saudis in 9/11 were not patsies, then they are just another mafia element of the Deep Black Swamp.

Even that is too simple. The total corruption is individual nodes having a secret stamp and a permission stamp. They can exchange permission for power, influencce, money and keep it secret. The overall organization is that there are not hard lines of control, all of them have their own groups they favor. Money follows the power, so cuts of all the illegal trades flow upward, through black budgets and ultimately into Congressional campaigns and Deep Black Swamp-favoured investments :



Greg Hunter’s week in review. Nice. He blames bonds for the lack of liquidity.  But money, once created, doesn’t disappear.  The Fed creates $1T, the gov sells $1T in bond which sit in the Fed’s vault, but then spends the $1T and it circulates. That didn’t cause a liquidity crisis, it is meant to prevent a liquidity crisis.

No, liquidity crisis comes only because people have not kept enough cash on hand.  It is a logistics problem, a flow problem, at a system level. Economic entities are incented to keep min cash on hand by rising markets and the idea they can use hedges to derisk. People with jobs aren’t able to save because of inflation in housing, medicine, education because of the creation of the $1T, and thus no savings and thus no bankers keeping the economy going.

Why is this so hard for people? :


*I claim ‘us’, as I am an element of the collective mind evaluating links and so enabling page-rank algorithms to function. However humble my efforts, Google would be nowhere without people like me. They have no appreciation, it seems to me.

Daily Reading #247

The reason the Comey memos are being withheld is that it would destroy the Meuller investigation by making it clear that Comey wanted the investigation for political reasons. Why they don’t want to do that yet, I cannot grasp, but this is more drip, drip, drip etching away the facades hiding the criminals.

John E. Hoover has information from the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Massacre autopsies, bullet tracks from high to low. They interpret that as gunfire from the helicopter. Maybe, consistent with that, but not proof, because it is also consistent with people crouching or lying on the ground being shot from any angle. Nothing is ruled out from the info that I can see.

Wife and I were laughing this AM at the women claiming to be lovers of Trump. Trump doesn’t leave enemies among his ex-gfs, from the many interviews done as Clinton’s people dug for dirt. That implies that he was honest with them. People run their marriages all kinds of ways, not my business. If he is honest with people, doesn’t take unfair advantage of his power and wealth, that is all I care about. Sex is innocent fun between consenting adults.

Piss On Them Part II is my finest thinking in social reform, neo-liberalism a Communist must agree with, merging the working mechanisms of traditional society with group minds made possible with modern communications.

Economic risks are what guarantee that Hillary Clinton ends up in jail. Trump needs to be seen winning. If he makes the corruption clear via investigations and prosecutions, people will forgive the economy long enough to bet past 2018 and 2020 elections.

Jonathan Pie is very good, I agree with every word. Even about changing the gun laws. Abolish all gun laws, acknowledge the fact of guns and violence, the power of the individual in the modern age, and change the reality of our institutions to deal with that fact. Where are the investigative reporters, the social analysts on this? Where are the %ages of people who commit violence who are on SSRIs and other drugs prescribed by psychiatrists and average physicians? Were they identified as problems before the drugs? etc, etc, etc.

There are many things to be done wrt violence in American society, it is extremely deplorable, I am ashamed of the ineptitude of my elites and very frustrated by citizen’s abilities to diagnose problems and suggest solutions, so apparent in the comments of any good web site, to have any effect on anything. I write letters, I write a blog and amplify good ideas, … And we are still headed for shooting revolution.

A man could despair of the power of this society, this very large-scale politico-socio-economic system, to deal with its many problems. School shootings are just another symptom of that general failure :


And on the other hand, this shows a) how we ordinary citizens can do the FBI’s job and b) how impossible it is to cover things up in a world with ubiquitous surveillance. Ditto the many other researchers.

John E. Sullivan is a fine researcher :


I am more astonished by the need for such a law than the fact that 35 states don’t have them :


Youtube has served me up a talk by a guy advocating military tribunals. I didn’t watch it because military tribunals leave social scars a country has to live with for a long time. Bad precedent.

No, we need the exact opposite. Start opening the intelligence files, exposing sources and methods. When we see the evil our intelligence agencies have done pursuing ‘the national interest’ while trashing all concepts of humanity, morality, long-term benefit and wisdom, then we might get this mess straightened out.

That idea of ‘national interest’ is the MIC’s equivalent of the national welfare state’s ‘for the children’. The slop they put into political discourse is a major source of our nation’s problems. We really need to stop the insanity in policy that enable and encourage the massive criminality that is our Deep Black Swamp and Stasis Quo minions. Left and right and center, socialist Feingold and paranoid ultra-conservative McCain, they all get rich on their share of the frauds.

Surveillance Capitalism is a description getting traction. Tucker Carlson on Google’s surveillance via their phones :


George Webb continues. More discussion of recruiting Army Quartermasters on college campuses and compromising them. 120.1 exposes Nicholas Jacob Cruz as the nexus of amazing coincidences, at least.

George is on a roll again, many pieces of the story are coming together, in more detail the ratlines of our Deep Black Swamp are being exposed, including the personnel logistic train. The story line that is developing is that the DBS has been recruiting high school kids via drug parties and then using the kids + drugs in entrapment operations for a long time. Entrapment –> political and bureaucratic power –> more entrapment and black money. The Deep Black Swamp are a powerful force in this world :



Daily Reading #246

Yesterday I ignored the ZH headline of the school shooting and didn’t see anything else all day. The incidents only fall into a few categories, the only info is which one. The kid will be either a) strange and/or on anti-depressants and/or stressed in some way, b) somehow connected with government black programs, or c) fake. We won’t know for a while which one this kid is, but early reports are both strange and stressed, having just lost his mother. Anti-depressants are a good bet.

Schools are too large and anonymous, teachers can’t be aware enough of individuals, they don’t have the training our time to enfold strange, stressed or medicated teenage boys into a classroom community. Schools are stressors in themselves, and have evolved to especially disadvantage boys because they are so controlling. News programs publicize these massacres, put the idea into other kid’s heads. Anti-depressants continue to be given to humans despite the high rates of suicide and murder. 1 in 5 people are on a psychiatric drug. Guns are available.

Unless one of those changes, the massacres will continue.

The fake incidents organized at Sandy Hook (no question, look at the evidence) and others were not the first, but the publicity from Obama’s string of massacres has seeded the minds of enough teenage boys so the phenomena is self-sustaining. That was done on purpose, without question. The Sandy Hook ‘parents’ all knew each other before the incident, organized Sandy Hook with the assistance of Obama’s Justice Dept, and greatly profited from the death of their non-existent child. Most of them had visited the White House in the months before the ‘massacre’. The state of CT got 10s of $Ms grants from Obama’s DOJ, as did the local school district.

The goal is to round up guns and extend the power of psychiatrists and psychologists by funding more school counseling programs and also to increase sales of psychiatric drugs. Big pharma contributes more to campaigns than gun manufacturers do and a disarmed population is necessary for the CIA’s coup to succeed.

This reasoning is evidence-based, not paranoia or conspiracy theory. These massacres are part and parcel of the CIA’s standard operations, specialized to the opportunities in US society. Here in the US we have guns, and guns are a hindrance in a police state, so teenage massacres and ‘Muslim terrorists’ are part of the social upset that  makes possible radical changes. The CIA’s ongoing coup needs tensions and distractions to keep their heads. Our government has enabled evil people.

If we want to eliminate these school massacres, begin by eliminating the CIA, FBI, … and restricting the use of anti-depressants. Meanwhile, the massacres are a great reason to take your kids out of school, which you should do anyway to preserve their sanity and allow raising an adult with human values.


Yesterday the Director of National Intelligence came out and described the national debt on an unsustainable path and a national security threat.” Another indication that we need to abolish all of our intelligence agencies. This was all the obvious end of Ronald Reagan’s deficits and the political-economic-crony system that produced. Big government always ends this way, who doesn’t know that?

Director of National Intelligence just catches on, 40 years after Reagan, 70 years after Dulles and the WWII MIC and Wall Street cabal plotted the whole thing before they formed the CIA. Not in detail, of course, but they had the big outlines of an international semi-government mafia controlling things. Dulles was a director of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1927, 6 years after the CFR was founded. He became the CFR’s secretary in 1933.

Given that, you could ask if the CIA controls the CFR, or vv. People do. Whose interest is NWO? But, the CIA developed great expertise in compromising politicians, military, … through ordinary citizens and using their information for control, money and power.

Of course, that is what intelligence agencies do. And, of course, they always turn their attention to doing it to their own government. It is why you don’t have intelligence agencies, they are too damn dangerous.

Decide your government is going to have secrets, and you build in instabilities that will ultimately take your government down, and will cost you enormously in opportunities every year of their existence.  You know, the lost productivity and opportunities the CIA’s illegal operations produce, the hatred, deaths, long-term enemies. Why do we do this to ourselves?

No, Constitution 2.0 must build far more transparency into the system.

I hit the same place every time I ask the question from another pov. No. The US government is not a viable entity, can never become so however brilliant Trump might be. It is clear we need to cut military spending.  It is clear no elected and electable government can do that, because of the combined political power of Israel, the NWO and the MIC. It is clear we need to reform banking and abolish the Fed. Ditto. It is clear we need to eliminate the intelligence agencies. Not a chance. It is clear we need to break up all of the large monopolies and abolish the agencies they are co-dependents with.  Don’t hold your breath.

The system has so much cruft, there are so many interlocking and mutually supportive restrictions that no possible political coalition can change any of them. Some things can’t be simplified. Computer programs, code bases, can have so many bugs over years and so many fixes which produce bugs that there is no way to understand the effects of any change. Legal codes, also, I speculate.

Those systems must be discarded and a better system developed. But companies and countries regularly fail because they can’t-won’t-don’t replace the failed. Thus, we go over the edge.

It is time to start thinking about how to make the transition as smooth as possible, to have as few long-term problems as possible tagging along over the edge. :


Charles H Smith is one of the people who have been thinking about how to make the transition. Insightful as usual :


Having a professional military is a very great danger to a country’s existence :


Jason Goodman interviewing Kevin Shipp. Shipp is solid in almost everything he says, imho, except for ‘the intelligence community is 50 years ahead of non-secret technology’. I can believe as much as 10 years, maybe, in some area where there isn’t much research. But even that is a big stretch, 10 years is 6+ doublings of transistors / square inch / dollar. OK, 3 of those in hardware and 3 in a parallel software effort is an extra doubling every 3 years, so 50% faster than commercial. The NSA can do that for codebreaking equipment and maybe for fiber taps, areas with little non-government research. But general purpose electronics or software, I don’t think so, there is too much investment in those for any amount of government money to produce a 50% increase in the rate of progress.

George Webb names McCaine as old-line Navy Intel, making money from the drug ratlines since Vietnam. The 2nd of these says that the DNC stole $220M contributed to Sanders and put it into Clinton’s account :



More leaks, but also too much focus on a single one of the many crimes. We can hope their are many investigators working on all the lines of evidence Webb, et al have uncovered :


The question is whether there are ANY outside agencies in Haiti who were NOT exploiting the kids :


Mike Pompeo is just another CIA scum on top :


Nature’s medicines are mixtures. Oncologists are catching on, otherwise medicine has learned nothing from these many examples :


Domestication is not an event, it is a continuum :


An example of how important diverse genetics are to improving domestic species. We should remember this as our armed forces kill off the world’s peoples :


If we can avoid catastrophe, the next era will be a materials revolution :


Vitamin D and self-quarantine for flu epidemics :



Daily Reading #245

The people selected to lead our government are stupid. Susan Rice’s memo to herself implicates them all, especially Obama. I always thought she was a mental lightweight, but this is way on the far side of lightweight, tho it could be mental. Stress does strange things to judgement. Hard to believe Obama would be oblivious, but power also does strange things to people’s judgment.

I don’t know of training that could make a person immune to either stress or power, and damn few humans can handle both. The historical evidence suggests massive failure is the norm for older, larger organizations even without stress. So why do we keep building organizations that so often require doing that impossible thing so frequently? One would think it would be a huge topic in all of social science, but I can’t recall reading anything like that. Nor speculation that perhaps Russian won WWII precisely because he so radically pruned the officer corps at the beginning of the war, and so had less net loss of troops, as compared to Lincoln’s more cautious testing of generals.

That is a difficult task, running complex organizations with fallible people, maintaining the right mix of teamwork and discipline. Small groups do OK, but it is hard to know if that is because they are small, or if small groups can’t do the really complex tasks, so it is easier to look good. Otoh, the most highly trained and tasked teams in the military are real teams, independent of rank. Even that goes awry, as seen with the recent Seal or ?? team where 2 embezzlers from the informant fund killed one of their own who wouldn’t promise not to expose them. That is another example of making bad decisions under stress, it seems to me. Unless the culture of the Seals is fubared, of course.

You can make a lot of arguments about advantages and disadvantages of different forms of organization, but you can’t argue about extant human forms producing perversely moronic decisions. And it is another Lebowski moment to realize that such an important question is not part of the managerial discourse. It is as if serious military people were not discussing logistics breakdowns and how to prevent them by plan. It is deciding that large and stressful organizations will make a high proportions of stupid mistakes, and not have a plan B.

You did notice that, right? The brilliant minds in our Deep Black Swamp, the world’s most experienced specialists in infiltrating governments via compromise operations, doing their best to get Hillary Clinton elected, assumed success. They didn’t have a Plan B, so have a chance to demonstrate how well they execute in chaos. That was a bragging point in the old days, they rode the chaos they created to success. Now they do dumb things like write memos like that.

The management of the CIA portion of these events are a danger to themselves. That organization needs ended. Ditto the FBI :



This is an assessment of the situation in Syria and wrt US foreign policy that is entirely contrary to my own, much more like the Saker’s. It is from a comment on Moon of Alabama:

Israel’s assessment is that the situation cannot be more favorable. There is a front in the north of Syria (Turkey) and in the east (US). Israel will open a front in the south, I am pretty certain about that. It is remarkable that after the failure of the plan having ISIS and Al Qaeda do the work for them, Israel, Turkey and the US are stepping into this themselves. They are betting on Putin not going all out in view of the upcoming elections (which, incidentally, is another thing that makes this moment so favorable). Another factor is that Trump lets “his” generals run things (he is lazy, he is bored reading reports, he has no clue what he is reading, he has no analytical capabilities, just survival instinct – real estate is not a very innovative business and the kind of real estate he dealt with is an ideal target for corruption and money laundering; so, as a luxury real estate magnate, he has no clue and has little regard for rules, law and fair play). And lastly, Trump’s ego will make him want “win the thing in Syria”. There is no such thing as retreating, conceding for him. That ain’t going to happen under his watch. And then, he said, after the Iraq war, the US should have taken the oil and other resources (as a compensation for a war that was the US’ own choice!). He will view this similarly with regard to Syria. And very lastly, Kushner and Netanyahu, these guys are close and it is all pro-Israel. The fact that Ivanka is married to Kushner plays a role as well. She will be in Daddy’s ear, too. In the end, while the reaction to the Jerusalem decision was comparatively muted at first (and Trump/Kushner are putting Palestinians under financial pressure as much as they can), the match was lit and this declaration does play a role, too, as it emboldened Israel. They see themselves on the winning path. Israeli police chiefs just recommended Netanyahu to be indicted for corruption. And what do you do if you are in trouble domestically? You are looking for some distraction externally and a war is a proven and tested means to deliver that AND unite a country behind you.

This states that Turkey is using ex-ISIS mercenaries to attack the Kurds, so support for that view that the US and Israel continue their attack on the nation of Syria. OK, but the Kurds were on the US side already. Unless Syria was going to allow them some autonomy, so were agreeing to peace. So many possible interpretations of everything :


George Webb’s investigation. Whistleblowers are NOT protected, SES people think they are in control of the government, too bad about elected officials.

George says he doesn’t see the panic in the eyes he would expect if the IG and Congressional investigations story was indeed going to rock the world, so this still could be a big coverup. Sen Warner is the example he used :



Having watched Hannity a few times recently to see what legacy media is telling the world, Youtube now suggests FOX, so I see headlines. “Trump attacks Pelosi”. On the assumption that NSA, IG, honest FBI, some honest people that Flynn knew in the intelligence community have been behind the many leaks and congressional committee investigations, and that George Webb, et al are also symptoms of this large, background effort, noticing that Trump has heaped the most scorn upon the most corrupt in his opposition, e.g. Schiff, Schumer, …, one assumes that Pelosi …

Pilluri Prisoner Pelosi. Has a nice mental reverb to it.

The reason Trump doesn’t end the wars in Asia are because each of them is some threat to the Russian-Chinese new silk road. Playing negative-sum games means you can lose. Positive-sum would be investing to profit from those programs. US foreign policy is still as “War Is A Racket” Gen Butler said it was, a profit-making venture for the politically connected. ‘We’ don’t do this to our country, a few oligarchs and their Deep Black Swamp do this to our country :


My conclusion wrt the correlation of forces having changed, now being against Israel, seems correct. “Hizbollah’s forces can rain 100s of missiles per hour onto Israel for weeks”! is a serious change.

This is the article with the comment I quoted above :


Along with some good points, this article shows that cultural and intellectual elites are very threatened by the Internet. They think the world needs more editors, curators, filters on the links between individuals. More than a few, we find, are willing to limit communications by law. ‘For your own good’, of course.

The characterization of the internet-enabled economy as surveillance capitalism was insightful:


This is a very run-on article, Russia, open access, interaction of Russia’s laws and evolution of their internet culture. Takeaway is that this is a post-secrecy era, and it is difficult to have a business model relying on people paying to access information. All the leakages discussed are through holes in passwords and accountaccess controls, above the deep-technical-bug level that prevents NSA from keeping secrets. Publishers of scientific journals are lagging legacy media, lousy investments :