Daily Reading #2C3

Ha. Google’s old Chrome browser didn’t know about the previous tabs either, so there was no barrier to moving to a different browser. This one is “Web”, an open source browser based on WebKitGTK, also known as Epiphany. Seems fine so far, and I just uninstalled Google’s Chrome.

My exodus from Google’s ecosystem continues. Youtube is the last element, but many competitors are gaining ground because of Youtube censorship. That will take longer, but either Google’s managers have the epiphany  that they aren’t immune to competition, so have to be neutral, or they continue to lose trust and mindshare.

I am generally impressed by Ron Unz, somewhat diminished here, where he fails to ask “European, or non-European” wrt the researcher’s biases. Or to note the Flynn Effect, which shows that the ability for abstract thought requires an environment that has that kind of an information flow. Your whole life is preparation for your IQ test, and you CAN STUDY for IQ tests and significantly improve your scores. Modern education is largely study for SAT and IQ tests, far more than for the deeper learning that produces mastery of a subject.

Let me write the IQ tests, and I can make the average Harvard faculty member a dunce compared to the average aborigine from anywhere. Ever tracked a bear? Know about the habits of elk? Know the signs showing good root harvesting? Know how to chip a spear point? How to choose the rock? What rock is is improved with heating? How to do the heating? Know the best wood for the many uses in an aborigine environment? Know how to weave baskets? Know how to ambush your enemies? Where? How to know their intentions from their tracks as they cross into your territory?

Know how to survive at 40 below? At 140 in the desert? Where to find water in either situation?

Or closer to home, know about welding pipelines? Working in 20 below doing that? Working on a drill rig in the Gulf of Mexico or Alaska? Managing a crew of construction workers when they include many ethnicities, educational levels and motivations? How to pour a foundation for a silo? Construct one? Install the silo unloading equipment? The feedlot equipment? String a fence?

Drill the rock for mining? Plant the explosives? Plan a grade cut for a road or the minimum cost rock removal for extracting an ore? Think it might take intelligence for any of that? Abstract intelligence, in fact, and require general intelligence to apply your knowledge in new situations? Did you know that the best hunters in ‘primitive hunter-gatherer cultures’ around the world are 30 or more years old, longer than the average length of time required to attain a STEM Ph.D.?

Do you think much of that sophistication of thought can be captured by paper and pencil tests? That a P&P test can distinguish the best pipeline welder in North America from the worst, or the best tracker in the Kalahari from the worst?

If IQ is so cultural-specific as Flynn shows it must be, then the studies showing correlation of brain size with IQ must be equally so, even ignoring the intelligence of Grey Parrots, crows and ravens, which all show that considerable intelligence can be packed into small brains, that neural architecture is a huge factor in the brain-intelligence relationship. So far as I know, and I think I would know, we do not have a way of measuring and comparing efficiencies of different neural architectures.

The brain-size/IQ correlation studies are the hardest evidence for racial differences in IQ. Brain-size is a hard measure, but IQ certainly is not, and brain size cannot be assumed to mean the same in the Kalahari population, for example, with its long independent evolution, as it does in a European or Asian. The reaction-time/IQ correlation is probably 2nd hardest, but EVERYTHING affects reaction time, including the amount of adrenaline in your system, so you can’t assume it is anything brain-related.

IQ researchers study what is convenient to study, and convince themselves it is everything. Inside their deep silos of specialty knowledge in isolated academia, IQ researchers are culturally illiterate and have no concept of the challenges of other ways of life nor how to measure the minds that are the best at dealing with them. Top SAT or IQ scores is not adequate to ensure success in most of them, even in a first-world nation. Thus, those are not nearly as generalizeable as  the researchers Unz cites want to believe.

And no Ron, I don’t need to spend my life reading the IQ and genetics literature to understand that. As usual, deep specialists don’t see the limitations of their methods. It takes a generalist who knows some anthropology, animal intelligence, neuroscience and especially John Ioannidis’s critiques of the reproducibility of science, and the fact that psychological research in peer-reviewed journals is only about 30% reproducible.

Bushels of salt and wide general knowledge are needed for evaluating their literature, not years of intensively studying it :



The FBI has apparently changed little under Wray. Never thought he was a white hat :


“Black-robed judges over riding citizen’s choices”? Citizen’s choices? More like un-accountable legislature’s choices or mega-corporation’s choices. There can be no argument for restrictions on Free Speech for the reason that it is arguing for ignorance over knowledge.

If you don’t like drug company ads, and I very much do not, don’t watch them. I have not had a TV since becoming an adult, and our kid hasn’t watched until he became an adult. He watches movies sometimes, but the only TV he regularly watches is  the ultra-NYJewish sitcom, Curb Your Enthusiasm. His gf liked it before she met him, they watch together :

I haven’t had time to watch George Webb the last few days, am catching up. More on JIATF and personnel, DEA licenses for government personnel in law enforcement? Why would that be necessary? George is skeptical about the Seth Rich ‘murder’, tho his reasons are probably better than mine. I should have cited the lack of a death certificate or an autopsy report :


Daily Reading #2C2

Another life-filled stress-filled overloaded day, so not so much reading. Big computer is alive, software not fully configured after the OS upgrade. I had to download Chrome from Google. Assholes, the latest Chromium apparently knows nothing about the previous, all my tabs are lost. I will try uninstalling the latest, reinstalling the previous and see if that helps. But, another incentive to get rid of Chromium, a spy on everything I do, just like the Stylish browser.

I do not ask much of a browser, just that it handle a lot of tabs well, as I have many threads of thought-inquiry in play at a time. Firefox does OK, but is lousy on memory management, you have to shut it down periodically or the computer stops functioning. It has to have an ad blocker, sites such as Zero Hedge are unusable without ad blockers. Amazing how most of the alternatives are eliminated by those two reuirements.

I ran out of energy just before solving the last bit of problem with the automated backups, will get that in the AM. Then put the latest files up on github and re-establish my development environment, many text windows on different desktops.


They have IDed Seth Rich’s murderers? This is contrary to the ideas that George Webb has been proposing. Will be interesting. Personally, it is difficult for me to believe that anyone inside the government would do their own dirty work :


Not just the Israelis, the US has armed and used the NeoNazi groups in the Ukraine. Why not, they aren’t any worse than ISIS, maybe better, and we created ISIS, along with Israel, Saudi Arabia, a few of the Gulf states:


Illargi is excellent. This was a tab in the browser of my travel computer :


This is one of those intentionally misleading truths, true under some circumstances, but presented as universal.  There are very multi-cultural societies all around the world that work quite well and have for generations. We are all, every nation and people, a result of multicultural blending in race, language and culture, and that won’t stop, can’t stop and shouldn’t stop. Hybrid vigor in all those areas is what created us.

Yesterday I spent 3 hours in the waiting area at the local county hospital, having taken a neighbor there for his appt for a checkup after his trip to the ER and  3 days in the hospital. Clearly, I live in a very multicultural society that works pretty well.  Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, a Rastafarian couple, Mexicans. Everyone smiled at the Vietnamese families’ baby learning to walk with the able assistance of his big sister. The Mexicans were distinguishable from the Indians only by their clothes, as skin tones, facial features and builds are very similar.

Also, whites like me, tho they were standard mixed background Americans, Russians, … Our society works very well, I see all those people at the Mexican food truck on the corner.  Yes, the gov is very screwed up and the state’s finances are destined to crash from too-high taxes, fleeing taxpayers and badly mis-placed priorities, but you can’t blame that primarily on the variety of people.

Immigrant voting patterns are much less Democratic than commonly thought.Recall Hanson’s speech from a few days back, now many California Mexicans favored Trump, who won the Central Valley. My wife’s friends identify as Democratic, if you ask them, but they didn’t vote for Clinton, wouldn’t vote for socialist Bernie, all of them understand socialism.

Yes, on the levels of trust in nationalities. But that is not intrinsic to the people, it s a result of their government. Our government is certainly transforming us to a low-trust culture also.

I strongly agree about more gov-mandated, gov-supported immigration, that has to be stopped. But it isn’t because of the immigrants’s countries or cultures, it is because there is no filter for economic usefulness the way private immigration used to work.

The author is one of the leaders in the “human biological diversity” area of research. Not entirely BS from y reading of a few years back, but far from hard science and not generalizable as they try to make it.  Especially the IQ-race nonsense. I have to finish that essay, their hardest evidence, the brain-size/IQ correlation of .25,  is obviously not valid. Brain sizes are reliable and cross-race, but IQ scores certainly are not :


An example of the long-term loss of trust in American culture :


And of the fact that anti-immigrant insanity is not restricted to any one group :


Another interview with Seymour Hersch, one of the honest journalists. There don’t seem to be many, we should treasure them :


The ultra-left WSWS gets diagnoses correct sometimes, though their prescriptions are always lousy. This on the effects of the $1T in stock buybacks scheduled for this year, iff they happen before the stock market crash.  Trump’s cuts are excellent. While in the waiting room, I read a 17 December 2017 article on a guy named Cason’s re-ort of the Department of the Interior.  Among other points, he reassigned 12 SES, excellent. Trump’s team may understand the thread the SES represent.

It looks to me like Trump’s people know that cutting the bureaucracy and the regulations they need to justify their jobs is the only meaningful reform. Excellent, excellent, excellent :




Daily Reading #2C1

My young friend came over and resurrected my computer after 4 hours of fairly intense work. He couldn’t make the original Linux version work, installed the newest, that didn’t work either until he worked through which of AMD’s GPU drivers was at fault. Replaced that, and all OK.

So the problem was that the power failure caused a reboot, and it would have failed the same with with me doing the reboot, but then I wouldn’t have suspected hardware problems, would have know that installing a new OS was the first solution to the symptoms I had already noticed, but couldn’t tell s/w from h/w. I had not rebooted because I was running CPU-intensive tests that took 2+ weeks each, several all the time. I hadn’t even shut the system down during that time, normally hibernate it at night to keep the electric bill down.

It will take me another half day to move it back to my desk and get everything set up again. First task is to set up the automated backup systems so I don’t have such a scare again — 3 months of work and life since I did the last backups. 3 months of fairly intense programming, tho half of that is already up on github.

All the excuse for this being short today. Really, I wasn’t at all lazy, all this happened in the midst of a life already busy, an appointment today, shopping and ferrying a niece home from summer camp.

Nassim Taleb is certainly an original thinker, very elegant thinking also :


This was while I was traveling, so I didn’t see it again until I started my travel computer up this AM . More evidence of FBI corruption, and Comey’s lying ways.

It caused me to go looking for the latest on the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. It is more difficult, because Youtube has removed many of the early videos on the subject, but the anomalies are extreme, nothing about dealing with that crime is normal and people describing their wounds are definitely bogus. I don’t see the real evidence that anyone died there. Ditto Parkland.

Contrast this with the shooting in Santa Barbara. The differences in the information flow are stark, that was a real event, and the Sheriff handled as such an event should be handled, open flows, real people with the dead having full histories easily accessible.

I try very hard to be guided by facts. I hate being wrong, hate it. Reality is my touchstone.

Easy to claim, of course. But in my experience, anyone who looks at the evidence carefully comes to the same conclusion, 9/11 was a false flag operation, nobody died at Sandy Hook, nobody died or even was hurt in the Boston Marathon massacres, and those were the first in a long line of faux and false flag, government-controlled events. It was hard to tell about some of those, which was which. For example, the Az shooting that supposedly wounded the Congresswoman Giffords. The Federal Judge who was possibly killed was a fairly prominent man. Who do you disappear one of those? And why? But you don’t get shot in the head by a high-powered rifle and have a single small wound and get out of the hospital so quickly as Gifford’s supposedly did

Anomalies wall to wall in all of them :



My previous look at the events :


From Charles Hugh Smith’s, oftwominds blog, email this week. His reading list is always good :



Basic income for everyone is a completely insane idea :


Daily Reading #2C0

Not much today, as I had a major computer problem, still not fixed.

The first two of these are other negative views of Trump’s base foreign policy,  negatively expressed, written by the opposition. They lack specificity, imho, are mainly correct in citing the wide-spread opposition within the government and allied institutions. Thierry Meyssan’s is much more positive and the 2 Voltairnet articles give much more detail. One could easily interpret the comments of The Atlantic’s sources as more of Trump’s goading of his opposition to irrational frenzies  :





George Webb :

Very cool science. The earth’s electric field is turning out to be important in a lot of phemonema, e.g. the Blue Ridge’s haze :


Daily Reading #2BF

Kimberly Strassel on draining the swamp. Very excellent speech :

I largely agree with this.  The problem is that this “absolute moral code based on tradition” argument can be used to justify the worst of the past, e.g. Divine Right of Kings, traditional power structures of all kinds, including religions, onto strict monogamy (or polygamy, if your not in Christian tradition) and sexual behavior. The liberal argument is that our social structures must satisfy individuals. Yes, also easily perverted as Brandon Smith discusses.

My view is we need to understand the biology and evolution and the requirements they have built into humans, and organize our social-economic-political systems around that via continuous experimenting, guiding the evolution of our small-scale systems as we do so. The Generalissimo is a master at explaining that and the implications, far better understandings and expressions than I ever had. I have learned a lot as his amanuensis :


Deep corruption in the UK police. No they won’t be disbanded, tho they should be :


George Webb’s connection and inference engine, the totality of his researchers and individual minds with George’s mind and direcion, is awesome. No kidding people, this is happening in variations all over the net in every area of interest, an emergent phenomena of the internet. It will have profound effects on EVERYTHING over the next 10 years.

I only link to the first of George’s video every day, but watch them all. Too much to remember for me:

I had never heard Cornell West before.  Professor at Harvard? Harvard’s standards have disintegrated. The man is much more verbal than thinker, there is zero insight in his comments.

7 million men between ages of 21 and 54 out of work, and the WSJ says we have “a labor shortage”. 40 million people out of work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is full of shit.

It is interesting to contrast Tucker’s estimate of Carter Page and George Webb’s. Webb thinks Page is a Deep State operative in the oil-gas pipeline arena and as become a ‘surveillance rabbit’ for the FBI-CIA, a person who is used to make contact with individuals as an excuse for the FBI to spy on them. His job on the Trump team was to be the reason for FBI’s FISA warrants :

This was the Solomon article Bongino referred to. Indeed, damning :


I don’t watch many things like these, tho more dispassionate analyses like Hansons. Very interesting views, Hanson decided on the election outcome for the same reasons I did. Crowley’s recounting of Nixon’s opoinions is interesting  :

This is interesting. Genuine heroism, no question, the man earned the Congressional Medal of Honor. But, why do we not honor the heroism of the massively outgunned opponents who were fighting for their own traditions and homeland? People who die 1000 to one in the total battle, but keep fighting?

The ideals on neither side are perfect, to say the least. I like ours better, but of course, I would. I think ours are better, and think I can defend that, but, otoh, it is indeed their country and their cultures, their internal political disputes that drive the base problem. We should never have gone into Afghanistan, we have made the situation much worse.

Hanson, in the speech above, says if we leave “1000s of people will die”. No doubt true, and also 1000s of people will die if we stay. Different people, yes.

Only MIC and the CIA’s drug ratlines have profited.

We produce our own problems, seems to me, but I have slightly more sympathy for Trump’s decisions :

Daily Reading #2BE

What a wise man can do, that can’t done by someone who’s merely clever, is make a right judgment in an unprecedented situation.   John Bruner, Shockwave Rider

An early samisdat essay by the great Solzhenitsyn and a modern version discussing mendacity :



A modern example of mendacity :


Political systems swing between extremes. Ours is peak leftism as well as peak left-rightism, now at least encountering wide-spread resistance :


The British government didn’t get beat up enough from the Skripal case’s bogus ‘Russian nerve agent’ story, they doubled down with a new couple. An even worse story, MI6 is desperate to control the news and political opinion :


George Webb continues to follow the corruption, now focuses in Halima, the Somali/Ethiopian who went through the Strzok Catholic Charity that is being used as cover for CIA activities. More discussion of Task Force Orange, consideration of whether they are operating in DC :

Gatestone is fundamentally a propaganda outlet for Zionist views. The European governments are making it easy for them to establish a reputation for truth :


Finally, states can instantly feel the effects of stupid laws. Another example of how individuals have more power in the Age of the Internet :


Daily Reading #2BD

I am very impressed with Ron Unz. This is a careful and detailed discussion of the extent that American post-war policy has been strongly directed by foreign interests controlling and/or assassinating people around the President. It is based on deep historical research. Culprits are the USSR, Britain and Israel :


I agree with Unz, by the ’60s, communists were largely irrelevant in US politics, though very influential in academia.  This argues the reverse, tho I think the evidence is not good. His discussion of consequences is not so wrong, tho I think the large number of foreigners gaining citizenship certainly requires more integration into the society than we are requiring :


International recognition of US’s corrupt police, operating under color of law :

https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/american-shakedown-police-won-t-charge-you-but-they-ll-grab-your-money-1.2760736Great links from Western Rifle Shooters Association :



Charles has this exactly correct :



George Webb today begins Task Force McDuff, a plan to take down the Deep Black Swamp. Part 3 today is a big-picture overview of the growth of the Deep State since WWII.

The Generalissimo was prescient, as usual :