Daily Reading #91

The CIA has been active in US politics for a long time.  Bill Clinton was the CIA’s candidate for governor of Arkansas, and they got a place to transport cocaine as a result.  This is the example from the state of Nebraska. The CIA’s power depends on having people who can act for them into power. That works long-term, involves recruiting and grooming people via their many front organizations :


It would be easy to think that I have ‘CIA on the brain’ inflammatory disease. If your evidence comes in dribs and drabs, as evidence normally does, and if your mind doesn’t connect events from different parts of the world, of life, as most don’t, you can believe that the CIA is just another bureaucracy, no more corrupt than most.

But, once you read enough books and think about enough of the very many examples of the CIA’s out-of-control acts, e.g. the cocaine smuggling through Mena Airport under Bill Clinton, in aid of Reagan’s support of the Contras, the connections between the CIA’s senior man in the US House, Dennis Hastert, and drug dealers, drugs and drug money, other senior members of all administrations connected to arms, arms dealers and arms money, sex trafficking, brownstones and brownstone money,  money, bankers, the CIA and illegal operations of all kinds, .. and the obvious corruption so evident in all of DC’s affairs, you conclude that the CIA is a major mover and shaker in all of that.  There is a Deep State.  It is connected with the financial and political elites, but is an independent power center with a Black Budget and independent revenue stream, the ability to coerce more of both, and no signs of losing power.

Except for the insurgency that may be Donald Trump. The Internet enabled the information flows that are exposing all of that corruption, and Trump is the first beneficiary of the new power of voters to understand what is really in their own interest, and to be able to vote for it.

Read that link, there are many connections to evidence that show the CIA is the major corrupting influence in our world today. And it doesn’t stop, Israeli-Neocons have been increasingly prominent inside the US government and political system for 50 years :




And all of this makes Alex Jones Infowars a trusted source of news ! A fine measure of the Legacy Media’s failures.The Constitutionalists are fighting back against the Deep State.  It will be a hell of a fight :

This is the story of Alpha-Go, the AI that beat the best Go player in the world, and how it is already improving Go.  Just like all of the previous AI games have improved people’s performance. Think what Sexbots will do for us :

This is the kind of thing I read, but have no way of evaluating. I think it could be true, but meaning requires context I don’t have. Wayne Madsen is a fine investigative reporter, no conspiracy theorist, and is associated with Boiling Frog Post, which is filled with people like that :


This is the future of medicine. The Insurance Model + government has fubared the delivery of medical care in the US. There is an attempt to sell a Lloyds of London model to create self-insured pools where everyone is responsible for a share of everyone else’s medical bills. That will fail because families with individuals with pre-existing conditions will be excluded. This probably has the same problem :


This is long and thinly thought, but comes to the right conclusion, modern war is a dumb idea, to be avoided at all cost :


The direct losses of jobs from minimum wage increases is the smallest part of the problem. Long-term, indirectly, those increases bar the least advantaged from ever getting a foot on the job ladder, as the person or corporation offering the job will give it to the individual posing least risk of wasted time and $, normally someone most like them, or a family friend’s kid, or … That always discriminates against the most socially isolated. There have been 100s of such studies, and still good Liberals support minimum wage laws because Unions like them as a way of decreasing the cost difference between union labor and ‘the untrained’ :


It isn’t the world people think it is :


By this time, everyone in media should grasp that any filtering, framing, propaganda will inevitably destroy trust in your brand. Short-term power dominates, they all do it :


Our cultural and intellectual history is much longer than most people, even anthropologists, grasp :


Daily Reading #90

This is the reason that the Democrats are abandoning the “Russians influenced the US elections” propaganda effort :


I was driving just now, listened to NPR replaying the Congressional hearing with Comey and ?some admiral? answering leading questions from Democrats. They have NO EVIDENCE at all, but pound the theme, big lie propaganda all the way. Innuendo and ‘alleged’ in every question, asking for answers to hypotheticals, etc. Continual refs to “Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, seizure of the Crimea”, total BS. Do they think we are all stupid and depend on MSNBC for our news? Or do they really not know anything?

In any case, it was a pitiful performance, and I can’t imagine that it changes any minds. Clinton’s popularity falls, trust in institutions continues to fall, but the political system thinks it is winning.

This is the government that the Status Quo is defending, one that steals from non-privileged citizens.  This lower-level theft is a small part of what is happening according to George Webb’s series :


Doug Valentine on the CIA, predicts Trump will be domesticated by the DC elites. This is a good discussion, lots of context over a lot of topics. At the highest levels, the CIA is the same as the media. The CIA as organized crime, and the effects upon us all :


This is possibly evidence that the CIA-Deep State-MIC are domesticating Trump. The lack of any comments from the administration, much less actual arrests, on “Drain the Swamp” ditto :


The CIA’s control of the media has a long history, Fake News all the way from the 1950s :


People + animals + dry climate –> desert happened all over the Middle East. This article doesn’t discuss remediation, but understanding of how to do that is far along, search for ‘restoring deserts’ on Youtube :


Here is an example of how fast things can be reversed :

More nonlinearities in the evolution of systems :


Johnathan Pie’s popularity should have predicted Trump and Brexit. Every one of his skits is a direct critique of the press and the Status Quo they so obviously work to support :


I visited old friends and family on my trip, all across the US. One notable aspect of most of them, they have no clue about how ignorant they are.  The few I met who voted for Clinton were, on average, worse, but my sample is too small to conclude anything about the larger populations. All surrounded themselves with cocoons of confirmation bias. My most Democratic friends read the NYTimes, the New Yorker, New York and London Reviews of Books. They watch MSNBC.

Nobody continues to dig for new points of view, they have found what they believe, and only accept sources that conform to and protect their beliefs. All assume that their news media reflect reality, except for the few who have rejected it all.

On the other hand, the Trump voters seemed to me to be much more in contact with reality, to have a much better sense of actual trends, actual effects of programs  and spending on people’s lives, and to be much more critical of government efforts as a result.

My parent’s generation is retired, some have great grandchildren — a few branches of my father’s family have been very prolific. My generation has kids in college, or recently graduated. The kids are liberal, of course. They will learn that their idealism is just another ideology soon enough, we were all like that once.

I have few readers of this blog, I write it for myself, to force realizations upon myself, prevent myself from mental drift, stimulate understanding, synthesis of sources, points of view. Very difficult for an individual, there is never the possibility of knowing enough, all you can do is try to keep enough different sources of information going through your mind, and reading enough comments, making your own, that somewhere in the world the right information ends up in the right brain with the right point of view, and civilization takes another uptick. This is a social duty, in my understanding of things. Everyone should be trying to understand the big picture from within their own local framework.  If it doesn’t quite make sense, say so. If you don’t say so, no matter how poorly you express yourself when you speak, …

I was just thinking about the import of the CIA’s use of strife and war as a means of producing it’s raw material, hearts and sex workers at good rates for resale to the first world at whatever the market will bear.  Entire institutions have been ensnared in the pursuit of American hegemony in everything, and/or the CIA’s nefarious schemes to corrupt all of the institutions in the civilized world.  That plan is far along, and the outcome of this political contest is a stage leading to or from the need for a shooting revolution here in the first world. Very synergistic, war and the CIA’s growing power here in the US. Also, financialization as a fraction of the world GDP, especially Wall Street’s profits, and the CIA’s growing power.  Does the CIA control the Fed? Or the Fed the CIA? People in the power elite surely consider those naive questions, because they know ‘it all depends’. Everything is alliances, nobody can outright use their power of blackmail, it just keeps them all in the game.

I just made the argument in an email harrangue of a friend, that “Bigger picture always wins, provided it can trace its chains of evidence clear down to bedrock reality. I can, I work at that.” As I wrote my side of the email exchange, I was reading the following article on the CIA’s long past in subverting the world’s institutions. Blackmail was always a large part of their operations, the most reliable way of obtaining some kind of cooperation. What you knew and who you knew had a lot to do with career advancement. The ability to cover up major crimes seems to be important to  advancement within the FBI


Reading the headlines on Truthdig is as informative as on Zerohedge, tho for different reasons.  The left really wants Trump out of office, Constitution be damned.

Daily Reading #8F

The Obama plan to remove President Trump from office. I believe this is true, driven by the massive corruption the CIA has seeded throughout our society, and the crimes that corruption has enabled, e.g. 9-11 False Flag Operation. If normal government and politics returns, along with the rule of law, many of those people will hang.  Thus, Trump cannot be allowed to persist less he might succeed :


And the out-of-control CIA is a large part of that effort, of course :


The foreign view of US actions is much clearer than most of what we read about ourselves in domestic sources :


9-11 False Flag has not gone away. This widow is careful not to say ‘false flag’, or state the obvious fact that the Saudis are the CIA’s 2nd level of insulation from their responsibility for the event, but she certainly does poke holes in the story and demands action that Trump promised :


The Founder’s definition of ‘tyranny’ included ‘consolidate power’ :


Another level of consolidated power, the media in more countries appear to be coordinated :


This letter from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is excellent, breaks the stereotype the world’s media have wrapped him in :


7- Terrorism is an anti-human tool in the hands of global powers in order to cause insecurity and rifts, as well as to impose their will and policies on nations and governments.

I regret to remind you that most of the known terrorist groups across the contemporary world have either been or are formed and reinforced by US security services, or have, halfway through, started to serve their goals.

Fundamental fight against terrorism would mean cutting the terrorists’ financial resources and the intelligence, financial and arms support of US security bodies, as well as those of US allied governments.

The public expectation from Your Excellency is to make the public, and particularly the nations oppressed by terrorism, happy and thankful by taking such a measure.

I long for a day when the idea of arrogance, which is the root cause of terrorism and a great number of human society’s problems is transformed into humane thought.

Criminology has explored this kind of measurement of criminal tendency in 1000s of papers. The standard process is to check a lot of characteristics of people who have committed a particular kind of crime, then use it to predict who will continue a criminal career. I believe it works fine on criminal populations, and does not work in predicting who will commit a crime that puts them in jail. This is the same problem, the populations of actual terrorists and people who might become terrorists are different :


It seems very hard to get the military to declare victory in the ME and come back home :


Yes, the IMF is a corrupt institution, and Greece needs debt forgiveness AND to exit from the EU if it is ever to recover :


Ignoring the absolutely inevitable debt-based economic crisis, now closer than ever. I think the Fed is already buying much of Treasuries’ sale of bonds :



The CIA’s smuggling of heroin comes home to our dying cities :


I agree, the way we teach math, as the way we teach everything, kills interest in learning. Math and everything else are explorations, we have lost our self-driven exploration, the driver of civilization in prior times :


There is no question about the genocide of Armenians :


More reasons to end the CIA, our own freedom requires ending our imposition of unfreedom around the world :


Daily Reading #8E

This is shorter, I transcribed some of The Generalissimo’s dictation today, serious technical thinking about cyphers, so progress on the book. Scherrhy is clamoring for attention also.

Yes, banks have such control over everything that their profits are theft :


100 years of British support for Israel and suppression of Palestinian interests, which included many religions, not just Muslim :


Binny on the current state of our surveillance state :


Indeed, NSA’s growing power have never been rolled back in the slightest way :


Academics have little claim to objectivity in the areas of history and politics. This is excellent context for their current judgments of Trump :


Weather is variable, and modern farming doesn’t cope well :


I have always liked Paglia, a natural contrarian like me :


How to run a legal and effective insurgency against local government’s corruption :


The CIA’s technology for taking over countries is well known, used everywhere :



Daily Reading #8D

I am trying to make these reading lists smaller and less regular and frequent because I need to read some serious science to continue working on The Generalissimo’s and Scherrhy’s memoirs. Understandings from the future are more important than reading the tea leaves of current events, especially as the collapse of our current Status Quo continues, Thank God!

We can only hope Trump defeats the Deep State, the most powerful of the anti-Constitutional forces, that might avoid the need for a revolution.

This is very good, the kind of thing I should have thought of :


Of course the FBI and NSA tapped everything around Trump.  The latest counter-leaks from the Intelligence Community says that Obama used the British GH?? to provide transcripts to avoid any documentation which might be found by Congress later :

Iran is not a natural enemy, either.  The US has no natural enemies except our own allies and the many terrorist groups we have fostered, trained, funded and armed :


When you dig into the details of the entire ME campaign, we don’t even know what side we are or should be on.  Israel did this to us, we have no dog in these internal conflicts, and our allies and ‘intelligence community’ pushing the wars are the most dangerous to our Constitution, the only genuine enemies the US has :


Alex Jones and the many talk radio stations I listened to while driving are measures of the failure of our centralized media organizations. These alternative views are more and more extreme as this episode in history progresses towards another civil war. That civil war, at base, is driven by the fact that our very illegal government, the Deep State and associated mafias, will hang if they allow peace. They cannot allow themselves to lose this political contest.

Jones et al are not wrong, are more correct than our insane ‘mainstream left’. It is a low bar for Jones and friends to surmount, but a slow way to evolve civilization, successively surmounting the low bars of the Status Quo :

The history of breaking codes is long :

Origin of Wireless Security: the Marconi Radio Hack of 1903

Toward more effective ransomware :

The future of Ransomware

This is an article in Russian that I found interesting. It seems to be the conclusion many US commentators are arriving at.  In the context that Russia warned Erdogan of the coup against him organized by the CIA, is protecting Syria, both as part of protecting Russian interests, and the fact that having America as an enemy is not in Russian interests, we should take it seriously. Maybe. :


Only a fellow software developer would reference “The Mythical Man-Month” :


I don’t approve of the writer’s choice of epithets, and this isn’t exactly an experiment, but it reveals interesting points of view :


This is too funny not to include. Anyone who thinks anyone can hide anything at all is only correct if nobody thinks to go looking :


George Webb’s open source investigation of the Deep State continues to progress :


Whether or not Trump was monitored is another question with only two answers “Yes” and “I didn’t look at the accumulated evidence”, here wrt NSA’s ubiquitous spying. Snowden was far from the first to identify their copying all internet data back to their own analysis systems. I bet that all of the large datacomm companies have been kept profitable via the NSA’s budget for backhaul, and the equipment companies by the FBI, CIA and NSA’s budgets for duplicating the links, transmitting the data and the routers to begin the interpretation.


Russia had nothing to do with Trump’s election, of course. There never was any evidence, as anyone who cared to know knew during the entire propaganda campaign :

Daily Reading #8C

I am home. 8K+ miles, 19 states, visited relatives and friends everywhere.

I like our country, we are a civilized people, every segment of society from the agricultural-rural through coastal big city, far West through Deep South through genteel New England. Also, considerable understanding everywhere.  My sample is too small to generalize, but the ‘pro-Trump’ people are more based in reality and aware of the real issues, imho of course, than the pro-Hillary people. It is easy to cocoon yourself in groupthink via your own virtue signalling via the publications you read and the opinions you hold.  That occurs in all groups, not just the left.

The Saker is brilliant, this is a must-read. I read this earlier, apparently have not posted it :


Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul are a team in the law to prohibit the US from funding, training or arming any terrorist group, i.e. all of them that are our special enemies. Notice that none of the big-name Republicans or Democrats are co-sponsors? What do you think that means ?  :


Pizzagate is not going away, it will change the political landscape :

Why Liberals are Trump’s best support :


Big challenge to the Fed, gold and silver will be legal tender in AZ, and transactions have no sales tax :


Centrally-directed research is a huge waste of money.  For the combined budgets of these experiments, 1000s of scientists could have been pursuing small-scale research with adequate budgets. Far more interesting science


The CIA’s propaganda, repeated by the outlets and politicians they control completely, has no substance.  This entire ‘Russia hacked the US elections’ :


Another brilliant (just ask Nuland, Clinton, or any Israeli-Neocon) Deep State foreign policy defeated by reality :


America has no significant enemies that we do not create and support, e.g. our own Deep State, Israel, Saudi Arabia, ISIS, Al Qaeda, …Of those, we don’t acknowledge the worst :





This is an great example of writing with loaded words and phrases, the reader imbibes attitude along with facts, a key attribute of propaganda :


This is what I suspected, most of the outright anti-semitic and racist acts in recent stories are done by progressives for their news value. I had a specific link for this, somehow lost it, but this discusses the propaganda case :


Lousy forensics, and people go to prison for a long time because the prosecutors are not rewarded for good judgment, rather their win rates :


Yes, massive denial of the harms is necessary to continue to continue the use of pesticides :


The end of another brilliant policy by our Israeli-Neocons :


And another :


Ian Welsh has it right, the genuine left is being left in limbo :


Why environmental organizations spend most of their $ suing the EPA :


And another :


Fred is a clever guy and also likes historical context to provide meaning to today’s facts :


That is reality : they literally listen to every phone call, if ‘listen’ means ‘scan for key words’ or ‘use meta-data to analyze patterns’, where patterns identified include husband-wife-gf or husband-wife-bf. When anyone in gov needs to influence anything, down to a school board election in Lima OH, there is a searchable database of blackmail info to begin with, and analysts can go through stored info as Snowden describes.

Those capabilities have not been diminished since Snowden. What do you think that means?

And both Ds and Rs side with the people pushing for an automated ubiquitous surveillance state.  What do you think that means?

I agree with this as to the meaning :

The new GE jet engine is an integration of new technologies and mfging technologies. Those are all part of the technological palette, so will affect everything in the near future :
Very wonderful animation :
This is the kind of thing it is necessary to read, but not have any opinion on. It is possibilities, interpretations supported by some evidence, but far from ‘Truth in context’. This illustrates all of the problems of micro-history in the making, the infinite number of possible equations fitting any set of data points to any arbitrary precision :

Daily Reading #8B

Still on vacation. The spacing is screwed up on this, sorry, but I am on a different system and don’t have time to figure it out.
This is the best interpretation of Israeli and US intentions that I have seen. I had not understood beyond Israel’s desire to balkanize the ME, but says that a system of small religiously-segregated states would benefit Israel, biggest among equals.  Yes, Israel would not be one of the few religiously-intolerant states in the world with the ME as they desire it :
The other thing you learn from that is that the depth of the corruption in our government is extreme.  Reorganizing the world with war is an insane proposal, only power elites win at those games, and the failure rate for the best of them is, long-term, 100%.  Of course, they expect their kids to deal with things as they find them, the current elites think they didn’t choose the life they came into, either. The fact that our elites so obviously must believe in insanity like this means we should not be trusting them with anything.  World is far to complex to be managed by such small groups, it isn’t working, we are all in great dangers of which we know nothing.  But there are enough after-the-fact exposures of how close we came to nuclear war to allow us to at least think about how representative that sample of incidences was.  How many were not exposed, relative to those that were? There must be studies of that, but there can’t be studies of the proportions of such events that were both reported and documented vs those that weren’t.  Anecdote from my life says more dangerous surprises aren’t reported than are.
You don’t have to extrapolate far to realize no one can keep it all in mind enough to have a solid overview. This is another example of the Deep State evading or breaking the restrictions of our Constitution and our government.  That quasi-government gets away with 99% of the nefarious conduct it executes. Out of 1000s of technical people in NSA at his level, we had one Snowden.  Out of 10s of 1000s of soliders in their positions, we had one Pvt Manning.
We still haven’t had the insider exposing the 9-11 plot. We know that coordinating the non-vectoring of fighter planes after the errant hi-jacked airliners in that event must have involved many dozens of individuals of various levels of knowingness.  Ditto the placing the  explosives, organizing the many movements of people, … Each of these were pieces of a large and complex operations, and Building 7’s collapse and explanation was and adjustment to failed hijackings that morning, large and complex management of that operation.
We still haven’t had the insider exposing the use of pedophile entrapment operations as a way of controlling other people and institutions, obviously another large operation reaching up to the level of Secretary Clinton and her husband, certainly management level in that, likely also QA, they must have thought of it.
The latest excuse for all this is ‘for the war effort’ or ‘better than war’.
There isn’t much that can’t be justified that way, so I conclude that we have to take war off the table to have a civilized society. This is not utopian idealism, it is engineering requirements analysis. Militaries cause war, inevitably, so we must eliminate them. That is not making ourselves defenseless, militias did just fine for centuries, and automation and modern arms make it easier and more effective now.
 Governments are lousy at conservation, witness the loss of the elephants, rhinos, giraffes. When this country comes under equivalent economic pressure, kiss our grizzlies and elk goodbye. Note that the elephants are being lost as a result of Gambia’s neighbor’s political power struggles and wars. Around the world, our governments are those political power structures and wars, and we are the animals that need conserved. We need to own ourselves,  not be owned by the governments.
The frame of this entire case is ‘bugging is special and intentional’, when the Snowden information showed that it is ubiquitous.  Of course Trump towers were bugged, everything is.  The only thing different in the many cases, e.g. Merkel, is that those were transcribed by a person and had analysts following them :
A rational view of trade policy.  The guy argues the basic Libertarian position, that government should be prohibited from screwing up the future by rules and regulations on anything not absolutely core justice, and we should be experimenting with the minimum set of laws consistent with civilization rather than the reverse, as we are now doing :
 The only solution to this is selling the wild animal populations to private investment groups and give them the power to enforce their property rights. If we want rivers cleaned up, sell the rights to the fishing of particular species and repeal the laws enabling the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to allow pollution to the limits they set, or exemptions they provide. Every user of the river should be the judge of water purity, not the easily-controlled EPA. Environmental organizations spend the majority of their budgets suing the EPA.
Obviously, the current mechanisms for protecting the environment and species have failed, as have all of the ‘reforms’, those many layers of reform are how we got here. The bureaucracies are the mechanisms our government uses to enable world-wide corruption and use it as political support.
None of human’s farm-animals are in danger of going extinct.  If environmentalists were serious, some young idealist would stand up in front of an environmental group and tell everyone that California Condor squab is delicious with herbs and garlic-salt butter, roasted over hot coals of a California pin oak wood camp fire.  They would crucify him, but species Condor would be saved, if only because their genes were merged with chicken, turkey, quail, duck, etc as those species continue to evolve.
You can’t feel bad about that, the Neanderthals were not murdered out of existence, they gradually merged with humans and some of the older race’s features were selected-blended out of our hybrid race, we collectively kept the best parts, e.g. immunological systems. There are more Neanderthal genes in the world today than when their large population existed, and ditto more of ancestor’s genes in every food crop and animal now. Every such has naturalists scouring the planet for wild populations as a source of new genetics.
Environmentalists aren’t thinking out of the box, they were emasculated when the Ivy League took them over and made them presentable to the Status Quo :
 I yesterday finished listening to Neal Stephenson’s “Cobwebbed” audiobook while I was driving. I had read it when it was first published and remember being impressed by what a great writer Stephenson is, but listening added to that. I can hear the structure of the chapters and paragraphs and the overall book better than I can read it.
 It is a graduate seminar in several different disciplines at once, practical foreign policy, writing, politics, individual versus institutions, behavior inside institutions, the corrosive power of secrecy, management of problems rather than solving them, … A very excellent book, great writing and insights.
 The CIA is a large source of Turkey’s instability. It was an element in Nato’s Gladio program, and the drugs through that country is a large part of the CIA’s black budget and associated power. They supported Erdogan, originally. Erdogan and the CIA turned against each other as Erdogan decided he need more independence.  His  taking more power was inevitable, after the CIA-lead and supported coup last year :
 My personal experience supports this.  The Indian engineers I worked with in the US were generally excellent, but not the people working under contract in India. Another failing institution that leads to more failing institutions and individuals :
Perhaps some in the political class understand the reality, that the problem is costs enabled by monopoly crony capitalists and government is the source of that affliction, so the solution is to end all subsidies and government regulations, e.g. the FDA, CDC, Medicare, Medicaid, licensing commissions, etc.  No way it can become law, too many oxen will be gored.  Different oxen all the way to the end of our system, same dynamics as every other failed empire in history.  Dragging things out punishes the poorest from the first, spares the richest the longest while merely postponing the inevitable :
I think that Trump supporters should NOT approve of cracking down on protests, Free Speech shall not be infringed, as well. Restrictions of freedom are always wrong, we must measure our government by how well it protects civil liberties for all of us :
Is there no peaceful solution to the ‘Korean problems’? :
Versions of ‘authentic’, from Trump through careful CEOs :
Generations of reforms and inaction from the gridlock of competing interests have lead to the situation in immigration law and enforcement :
This is an excellent discussion of the branches of persuasion and the usefulness of big data :