Daily Reading #1CF

More on the Mandalay Massacre. The government’s story is total BS. I posted a link to this woman yesterday, this is more detailed. The gun shots may not have done any damage to the hotel, I can’t get that straight so far. One video it seemed ‘yes’, the other it seemed ‘no’.

Some of the lower floor windows were service access to the outside, so they opened.

Youtube is definitely removing videos. The 5th of these recounts the CIA’s role in the Anthrax attacks just after 9/11. I must admit, I didn’t know about SAJ, the group originally blamed for the anthrax attacks. Mossad and CIA have been working together for a long time :







The RussiaGate insanity just keeps getting more insane.  This from Naked Capitalism today.  I rarely link to anything I have not read, but I didn’t read any of these. What could I learn, except that they do good propaganda that is killing their credibility :

Is Facebook spinning out of control over Russian revelations? FT. “3,000 political ads.” As opposed to $4.4 billion of TV ads, and 489,142 airings from Clinton between June 8 and October 30, 2016. Somebody’s in the wrong business….

Google uncovers Russian-bought ads on YouTube, Gmail and other platforms WaPo. “[T]ens of thousands of dollars were spent on ads.” Holy moley! Robbie Mook had over a billion! You’d think he’d have been able to squelch a five-figure spend by accident!

How Putin’s Russia uses Soviet-era tricks to evoke racist white fears WaPo. “We still don’t know exactly how any of these social media efforts informed Americans’ voting choices in 2016.” Sorry to lose my patience, here, but: It’s fascinating to watch all the Clintonite exculpatory narratives gradually merging… On the bright side, since Russian outside agitators are now responsible for stoking American’s divisions over race, all we have to do is go to war with them, and problem solved!

How Russia Harvested American Rage to Reshape U.S. Politics NYT. “[H]undreds of posts.”

Russians in Silicon Valley Can’t Shake Hacking’s Shadow NYT. More crocodile tears.

George Webb and his crowd mind continue their investigations :







Jason Goodman and his Crowd Source The Truth mind continue their investigations :


This is good, another public official charged with covering up the spread of Legionnaires’ Disease, but nobody has been charged, so far as I know, for their role in the Flint water lead problem :





Daily Reading #1CE

Un-mitigated BS. ‘Not all clocks are in sync’. No, it is a digital age, and all clocks are in sync. Every bit of every communication is time stamped to great precision, there are specifications for all of it, and those are used for every single item of police equipment and security equipment a casino would use. Prosecution and casino would lose cases otherwise. Who can believe such nonsense?

The Mandalay Massacre was a false flag operation. We can’t know much more than that at this point, but there can be no way the story makes sense, even ignoring all the stuff we know they are covering up. There must be much more we don’t know about that they are also hiding. JTTF guy is running the investigation, married to John Podesta’s daugher. CIA-Deep State links galore.

We can be sure we are hearing every morsel of info that supports their story, yet the story is not supported.

The 2nd link is another multi-video analysis of what parts of the crowd reacted before obvious sounds of shots, more evidence of multiple shooters. The numerology is unfortunate :






Our CIA is evil fucks :


George Webb and his crowd mind continue investigations :





Jason Goodman and his Crowd Source The Truth mind continue their investigation. Qatar was active in pay to play via donations to the Clinton Foundation :


CHSmith makes a good point about the calculation of the CPI being biased to improvements in products, but doesn’t consider degradations :


Many excellent comments wrt people control via gun control :


I don’t want to endorse Politifact, but this is the most careful discussion of ‘the Swedish rape epidemic’, for which I have seen zero facts, just claims. Claims that ‘the authorities are covering it up’ are not convincing without victims bring charges, as an example :


Daily Reading #1CD

James Fetzer Professor Emeritus discusses the Las Vegas massacre. Excellent debunking of the official story. Paddock was a patsy, bet he never fired a shot, including the one that killed him. The security system for the Mandalay was not enabled that day!!

I had already forgotten Assange’s statement that the threat to the US is not Russia, it is Israel. Excellent review of the many false flags we have endured. Yes, Trump is compromised in some way, there is no other explanation for why there have been no prosecutions, why Sessions is inert. Fetzer goes into the long trail of evidence that Israel has with false flags.

The second of these is the kind of audio analysis I expected to see, tho I don’t know enough to evaluate the meaning of the different frequency spectra. Also, his assumption of the same caliber and cartridge for all the shooters is probably wrong, but could be extracted from spectral analysis, I think. Nevertheless this is a big step to understanding the meaning of the many audio recordings :


CIA is evil bastards :

Stock buybacks sink companies while making CEOs rich :


Evidence of CIA’s infiltration and control of everything :


George Webb and his crowd mind continue their investigations :





Jason Goodman and his Crowd Source The Truth group mind continue their investigations :


CHSmith thinks institutions enable higher-ups to exploit lower-downs in the absence of individual honesty and transparency. Me too :


So much changes through time and we have no idea of the change or the consequences :


Daily Reading #1CC

Trish Negron is a fine journalist. This is an excellent summary of the George Webb investigation :


Mixed motives of the CIA.  They can’t resist making $ off of the False Flags, which leaves evidence. The Las Vegas massacre is now certainly a conspiracy with more people than Paddock involved. He was a patsy.

I read a comment on one of the articles I linked to saying that the people who plan these things don’t care if people understand that it was planned, so long as there is nothing definite. That understanding, that shadowy powers control things, leaves people feeling even more confused and helpless.

One of the big problems in understanding these events is the fact that witnesses are not reliable, especially those who go on camera early to direct the story line. False witnesses are a standard part of these operations.

I agree with George Webb, the hard data from automated systems is the most reliable way to understand what happened. Thus, the insider trading is the hardest evidence that this was a planned operation. The probable multiple shooters is much less certain. The multiple guns firing at the same time is suggestive, but I haven’t see a serious analysis of that yet, and it is also easily controlled, e.g. one of the videos I saw showed noise makers that sound exactly like an automatic weapon. I think a signal analysis could tell the difference, but likely needs a high-quality recording.

The lockdowns at the other hotels, the reports of multiple shooters on police radio, even the one eye-witness of a man shot at the Belagio are all less reliable, merely suggestive, without a serious interrogation of the witness.

Less hard, but serious, evidence is how hard it apparently is to get information about the investigation. By this time, autopsies have produced the bullets and the authorities supposedly have all of the guns which were fired. By this time, the bullets landing in the ground have been found and the direction of the sources identified. Among many other items of evidence, of which we hear zip. Add to that the fact that so many videos are being taken down by Youtube, always a sign of something serious.

Provisionally, Las Vegas was a planned event because the government’s story doesn’t fit with the known facts. They could change my mind by presenting all of the evidence, including explanations for the insider trading, but that has not ever happened in these suspect events, they go on being ‘conspiracy theory’ in our legacy media, and accepted as fact by the rest of us :




The internet changes everything, people are opposing government everywhere because they now can understand their reality :


Add to this the fact that the ‘evidence’ in clinical medicine is based on clinical trials, studies which can only be repeated about 30% of the time :


This is the rest of that story :


Policies don’t work, ever, example N million :


Again, we have elected a peace candidate, and again, nevertheless the Israeli-Neocons control our foreign policy. Donald Trump is just another worse-than-ever President.  Still, not as bad as Clinton would have been, as there is still some chance of getting the Deep State under control without a shooting revolution :


George Webb and his crowd’s mind continue their investigations. One of the many astonishing things in this whole story is the employees of Congress who do not exist, and the complete absence of any comment about that. I have seen evidence of the same thing in other agencies, tho I can’t recall what and where that was :








Jason Goodman’s Crowd Source The Truth group mind continue their investigation, this is the interview with Laura Loomer, an on-the-ground investigator.  Security cameras everywhere, both the Mandalay and adjacent hotels should have videos of the shooting, if he did it. Joe Napoli said he saw shell casings on the ground, many witnesses now cite on-the-ground shooters and shooting. Bullets into the bar through the window at the Billagio.

Total suppression of evidence, the Las Vegas massacre is now confirmed as a government-controlled event :


These elections, including Roy Moore’s, are interpreted as measures of political opinions in the US. Yes, but the same way that Trump’s election was, a ‘throw the incumbents out’ opinion :


The 2nd Amendment is special because violations signal an intent by government to oppress the people. An excellent essay by TLDavis :


Incumbents are the danger everywhere, they want to maintain the system that put them in power :


Pushback against violations of civil liberties by government is happening :


CHSmith’s cogent explanation of how we got here by believing obvious lies and are thus complicit :


Dark Webb sites are not serious enough about their security, the government takes them over and runs them as sting operations :


This is all true, but the emphasis is on ‘black’, whereas the reality is that there are white communities in the same shape and for the same reasons :


No kidding, the NYTimes, the US paper of record, suppresses news :


People are having a hard time supporting themselves, much less saving for old age, around the world :


Legacy media is discovering that the comments are the best part. As these are peer-to-peer exchanges, I have often thought the intent of the harassment and trolls is to shut them down, leaving legacy media to control political opinion :


Intellectual progress is rarely due to a single mind in isolation discovering something at a single point in time :


The Saker is a fine analyst of Russian foreign policy and international affairs in general :


Erdogan has some problems due to his cooperation with the US and Israel in attempting to dismember Syria :


China from the pov of Hong Kong is not an outstanding success :


Rand Paul is good friends with Donald Trump, a sort-of ally. Interesting insight into Trump’s personality. It makes me think better of Rand Paul, also, who has played politics when he should have been playing principles :


For profit prisons etc have problems with humanity, same as government equivalents :


Daily Reading #1CB

Orwellian mentalities and the definition of ‘terrorism’ and ‘terrorist’. Define the words just so, and your political opponents are magically terrorists :



The structure of the science establishment prevents good science, the normal perverse result of institutions. The specific example is that of clinical trials, which have a replication rate of 30%, about the same as psychology and sociology. Medicine in general is about 50%.

Clinical trials are the basis of medicine, the foundation of every protocol for treatment.

A 50% truth rate is far too low to allow progress in science at any reasonable ROI. This is crippling our future :


The Las Vegas massacre story in the news is very definitely NOT what happened. The FBI have been coverup operations since the 1993 WTC bombing, which they funded and monitored through their agent provacateur, Emad Salem :


No, not ‘the worst mass shooting in US history’. The government did those :


There is a very wide set of memes from which any politician can develop a following. ‘Betrayal’ has been a favorite of insurgent politicians :


So many explicit assumptions go into this projection, as well as the unknown unknowns. Interesting that technologies are adopted faster every year, for example, but that is a result of easy money, not likely to be true in 2030. I don’t think this is useful as even a worst case to think about :


The US has evil allies, in addition to all the evil that our CIA and military do directly :


One view of this is that Transposable Elements, ‘jumping genes’ must be another aspect of evolving to evolve, otherwise they would not be an integral part of replication. Alternatively, once a virus has reverse transcriptase, genomes have a difficult time keeping TEs out and are just making the best of a bad situation :


George Webb and his group mind continue their investigations.

It seems to me that in a world of surveillance, you must not do anything disreputable or you must be willing to acknowledge that you do such disreputable things. Otherwise, you will be compromised and blackmailed :




Jason Goodman and the Crowd Source The Truth group mind continue their investigations. This is the interview with EndTimesReport discussing the legacy media and big net companies trying to suppress independent news. It goes way past that, he has had 7 tires blow while he or his wife were driving.

“The CIA is some of the nastiest people on the planet. They run the largest drug and child sex trafficking operations on the planet.”

More on the Las Vegas massacre, there were definitely more shooters, and videos are being deleted everywhere that have the evidence of that.

Google is shit. Microsoft did this same pattern of theft of trade secrets after negotiations that disclosed the technology, had a $400M judgement against it among many others. But mostly, the big guys win.

The 2nd is Charles Ortel, Class Wars Episode IV: The Taking. Charles Ortel is a first-class mind who focuses on the data and its big-picture meaning. Good discussion. Examples of the large corporations which have failed due to competition that don’t pay attention to the same rules. Dishonesty drives history to a greater extent than anyone appreciates. Globalism and foundations allow elite political families to rip off the world.

Ortel gives a very good overview of the world’s economy, what the various policies have produced for all of us.

More on how the Clinton Foundation violates laws. It is a criminal enterprise, top to bottom :




Obama is gay, the evidence is beyond dispute at this point. Now the question is ‘why so many deaths among Obama’s ex-lovers?’ :


Boris Becker doesn’t have good advisors or doesn’t trust the right people :


The scare stories distract us from the real dangers, and are sometimes meant to :



Wind speed is decreasing, another new variable in climate research, the climate models must therefore be inaccurate. “But wind speed is a dependent variable” someone will object. No, weather and climate are complex systems, all causes are effects and vice versa. Wind speed may be completely determined by temperature, pressure and humidity, earth’s rotation, … but has independent effects on waves and clouds and dust, all affecting albedo, and thus temperature, pressure, humidity.

New phenomena in atmospheric chemistry are discovered every year, each makes the models inaccurate, obsolete even. Ditto in the many other sciences which study aspects of weather and climate. The climate models will never be accurate, even before considering chaos in climate :


Everything affects climate, e.g. Chernobyl. Pigs are part of the ecosystem, :

The Catalans could establish a Hong Kong, hard working people given Freedom and very low taxes, and completely defeat any attempts at control. But I think they are the socialists of Spain, so that can’t be considered. Nevertheless, some small unit will eventually get independence and recreate Hong Kong. The world needs the example :


The Lord Howe Island Stick insect makes a comeback :


The War On Drugs continues. People change on both sides, but WOD continues. The amount and purity of the drugs continues to increase, the WOD continues. It is very difficult to tell the good guys from the bad :


Social evolution continues around the world :


This from NakedCapitalism today :

Hillary Clinton calls for ‘new doctrine’: Cyberattacks should be an act of war Washington Examiner (the Stanford Press release). “… [I]ntelligence agencies have concluded…”. So, since attribution is hard, liberal Democrats would prefer, in effect, to hand war powers over to the intelligence community, exactly as they would prefer that the intelligence community exercise veto power over the selection of Presidents.

Daily Reading #1CA

Today is a cleanup day, when I finish reading, then post links, forced because the browsers are so slow from all the open tabs.

Alternate-day fasting is as good as 30% calorie restriction in prolonging life and health. Add exercise (link way down below) and you might make 130 years old. I bet new medical understanding will improve that in the next 50 years, but start today :


It is past time to begin opposition to the 702 surveillance powers. The phone records exemption is BS, telcos send all of those records to an Israeli company that does the billing. That company provides NSA and the FBI with access, of course :


This is a better understanding of the propagandist thinking behind all of the terrorist events, many of which are obvious false flags :


Hillary Clinton will be tagged with the failure of US diplomacy over the last 20 years. The foreign policy establishment, strongly Israel-Neocon in outlook, have lost every war, every diplomatic initiative. Every country in the ME is changing alliances, all away from the US. Except for Israel, which was never a real ally, Israel is the ultimate ‘out for #1″ country. Israel is losing also, nobody trusts it, their support has probably doomed an independent Kurdistan :



Also, the loss of allies in Korea, Japan, the Philippines and likely the rest of Asia. Only India’s fear of China keeps it from joining the Silk Road project, and the US has decided Pakistan has been too much like Israel, out for #1, so is making noise about ending that alliance. Some of the reality there is that ISI personnel are being used to run many of the ratlines producing the CIA’s black budget, and so our government is trying to distance itself from that, to put the blame entirely on Pakistan. It won’t work, Clinton will be assigned blame for that. On the current path, our government will have no allies and maximum enemies at exactly the point we can no longer fund any military outside of US borders. Brilliant strategic thinkers, Kissinger, Brzezinski and the Israeli-Neocon crew :

The FBI creates nearly all of the ‘terrorism’ in the US :


More questions and the evidence is hard to get, so the government’s story is increasingly implausible :


More of Abby Martin’s coverage in Israel. Yes, I agree that Israel is an apartheid state, and should be boycotted until Palestinians are treated as fully human and that political problem solved :


Combine this with the info I read a day or so ago that the $30B in a 10-year aid package to Israel was actually forcing them to buy from US military suppliers rather than to develop their own equivalents, you get the idea that the F-35 is not the only ultra-expensive albatross produced by our MIC :


Our ME allies do not respect human rights :


Burma is the next country to be taken over for their resources by our Deep State. The 2nd is a false flag operation :



George Webb and his crowd mind continue their investigation. Any competent and honest investigation with the power of subpoena will expose the Deep State completely. :






Robert Gore is normally an excellent thinker, but here is just another cultural conservative, conflating organized religion with morality producing trust as a requirement for a civilized nation state. Organized religion, mass religion, is a new thing in the world, civilization is much older, as are nation states. What is missing in modern life is community and the honesty and trust of an inter-dependent community. Indeed, churches were once a major part of community, and that is gone, but it isn’t the church we need, except as a component of the community. I don’t think mega-churches are a substitute for churches in community. A proper nation state is a bottom-up structure, beginning with the community, the place people have the most skin in the game. The Catalan experience, which I read immediately after Gore, illustrates that :



“Drain the swamp!” and “Build a wall!” got Trump elected, there has been no progress on either :


Are all of the cell towers down in Puerto Rico? I keep hearing about the scale of the disaster, how badly the electrical grid was damaged, but that doesn’t directly translate to people starving or going without medical care. Are there no civil society efforts to check the 11 story buildings to see if people need help? Many alarming claims from people with opaque motives, not much evidence. The 2nd here shows that the problem has been management, others I have read cite corruption.

However, the situation in a 3rd-world nation is very, very different from what we are used to, so we don’t have the context to judge anything . I had a small amount of experience dealing with telcos in the Philippines. The electrical and phone wiring are chaotic with more palm trees than telephone poles, which must be concrete. They have no idea what is buried anywhere, so any change is difficult and expensive. Wireless telephony was a godsend, wireless E1s even better. Tesla’s wireless power transmission is greatly needed :



There are many diseases that could increase death rates around the world dramatically at the slightest decline in civilization, e.g. an inability to develop and distribute new antibiotics and other medicines into the areas needed to prevent their spread to first-world nations. Oh, wait :


Jason Goodman and the Crowd Source The Truth group mind continue their investigations, this first a discussion with Lee Stranahan and Mr. Hudson, also a discussion of the evidence wrt the Las Vegas massacre. Mr. Paddock likes shooting automatic weapons, had a lot of experience doing that at one of the Las Vegas shooting ranges. Stranahan is wrong about Sandy Hook, that is a proven hoax, proven by how hard they work to prevent releasing every bit of evidence, very much contrary evidence and an absolute absence of evidence of any death. Easily provable in a court of law, which has not been allowed to happen :


Political re-alignments are everywhere, reality does such damage to ideologies :



There is much more discussion of late wrt devolution, breaking large political units into smaller ones. If we wanted to maximize our future, we would unleash evolution by breaking the US into sovereign counties, 3500 of them. That would also eliminate all of the subsidies which prevent intelligent planning :


Two articles in a row on the future of the Republican Party. Predicting the future is difficult :



The Larson Sea Ice Shelf is a new ecosystem getting sunlight for the first time in 120,000 years :


This is an answer to the problem of whether we exist in a simulation. (My 21-year-old 7th-grade dropout son cogently explained the argument that we probably do when I asked him if he knew about it. Think how knowledgeable he will be when he finally finishes his GED.) “You can’t simulate it with current algorithms” depends on a proof that there are no better algorithms possible, so this is a half step :


More ways our civilization curtails experiences that individuals need to be healthy :


Coal used as a fuel produces pollution, e.g. sulfur, mercury and lead. Entirely independently of CO2, it is a bad idea. This is centralization, policies that will have side-effects that degrade the system :


Anxiety can be positive. It is nature’s way of telling you that you have problems and to focus on them :


The Economist is an advocate of the Status Quo, love regulations. All we need do is give people ownership of their own data and what they create. That will keep the balance of power far better than more regulations. The writer should be embarrassed to have proposed that, however conventional the thought, as there are so very many studies of all the ways it does not work and so many examples of failures of the model, so few examples of regulations actually accomplishing what the authors intended :


Another failure of regulations, and another aspect of the rationality of NKorea :


I certainly hope that the paper behind this article was more rigorous in thought than the article, because, so far as I can see, there is no objective measure of anything except the light intensity at night. Without that, you might suppose that China has less outside lighting, or some other factor, that changes the constant they use to translate light intensity to economic activity :



Paywalls, leaky paywalls and content as advertising to subscribers are among the many versions of extracting $ from content by current publishers.  Interesting article, many examples :


Intelligent parenting :


Ian Welsh has good opinions, this one on the maximum hours of serious thinking that brains can do in a day :


I don’t watch TV much, didn’t know about Kodi. :



Deep Green Resistance says we have to ‘dismantle industrial civilization”. The article is long on problems, short on solutions :


Former Stanford Provost says that universities have developed an intolerance of political viewpoints, a threat to their continued existence :


More people exploring more options, evolution in action :

More work to reverse desertification. So far as I know now, all desertification has been produced by human action, normally over-grazing and tree cutting :


Daily Reading #1C9

Israel is bad for Jews, bad for the world. My country is so stupid in its choice of allies. Israel is only one of many such examples, the Saudis are equally stupid. How did we allow this to happen to us and the world?.

Much as I like Abby Martin, she sees everything as some variety of Left/Right, what she thinks of as the driving intellectual and moral forces making history. I think it is more likely the ebb and flow of mafias making use of those as needed. Israel’s Mossad is effectively one of those mafias, and their mafias are as bad for Israel as ours are for the rest of us.

Why are we citizens of the world putting up with this shit? :


I do not think that the citizens of this country approve of our allies and actions, we are better people than our leaders.

Indeed, ever-more-powerful weapons are employed by rulers against the ruled, false flags everywhere :


Indeed, the internet is our last hope, and PTB need to control it :


Yes, corruption has costs, and the internet connects you to civilization wherever you are, so small town America will be revived :


George Webb and his crowd mind continue their investigations :






Jason Goodman and his Crowd Source The Truth group mind continue their investigations :