Daily Reading #193

Again I say, this is no time to be in any market depending on paper promises or trust. There are no honest institutions in finance, e.g. Corzine took $1B from customer accounts, no penalty whatsoever and the TBTF banksters continue to forge documents and steal from their customers, no personal accountability at all. They aren’t the only ones, just the ones that get big enough fines to make the news.

This is a time when great fortunes are lost, not made.  The new world of trading means you can lose your fortune between going to bed at night and awakening in the AM. It is a market for speculators, not investors, certainly not people depending on their stock portfolio for retirement.

Get out of all markets now!!! :



Trump has been co-opted by the Deep State == The Swamp, and is helping to dig it deeper.  We voted for the peace candidate, we thought.  We thought we were voting to end corruption, ‘Drain the Swamp’ he promised. Shit :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.









The legacy media continues to avoid any discussions of the Awan Brothers spy ring in Congress, to whitewash the story :


Another example of how difficult it is to predict battles and wars :


Excellent discussion of the evolution of the Deep State and the politics it influences :


This says that the Damore memo cannot be discussed in any rational way because of the many laws and cases about harassment in the workplace :


Watson is the most prominent AI in use. Whether it is useful in the real world is yet unproven, claims are hyperbole, worse than most advertising :


Daily Reading #192

Interesting to think whether this letter would be permissible in our PC academic environment :


This is an outstanding statement of our situation, both a patriot’s and peacenik’s point of view.  Western Rifle’s link :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

George and the crowd of researchers are going after the Deep State. They don’t have a chance, we citizens are taking back our government, putting it back inside the Constitution.

The 6th link today is the beginning of the first Open Trial, which The Generalissimo presaged. He predicted the mechanism of enforcement, also.

Busy 24 hours, so many seemingly-disparate crimes linked into one criminal conspiracy by elements of the Deep State, in this case Andrew McCabe running the Whitey Bulgar crime ring and using the Tsarnaev brothers to murder potential witnesses :











The patriots of our country have not yet gotten serious about public opposition.  If the Stasis Quo does not begin restoring freedom, reining in the JTTF and all of the anti-constitutional actions of this government, they are going to be very surprised at how prepared everyone actually is, and how vigorous and coordinate the actions will be.

Trump isn’t doing the job we elected him to do.  He is the Stasis Quo’s last chance to get this straightened out without violence :


So far, they aren’t catching on to the reality of citizens being seriously angry at the anti-Constitutional trends :


This is an excellent analysis of the North Korean’s strategy, the logic and facts underlying their actions. Quite rational, especially in the face of US propaganda and actions over the last 60 years :


Another excellent analysis, this of the political rivalry between the ME monarchists and democrats, which US propaganda intentionally confuses as Sunni vs Shia :


Organizations uniting to force closure of military bases in foreign countries :


‘Privatizing any war’ is merely moving more profits to private contractors, it doesn’t reduce costs nor improve effectiveness. It does cause more civilian casualties, of course, as private forces have whatever Rules of Engagement they wish.  Also, the proposed model is “East India Company”, one of local resource extraction to fund an occupation protecting the resource extractors.  Right, that will work in an era of high-explosives :


I don’t agree with every point of this, but no question, the overall structure and function of the world we live in is not compatible with humanity nor sustainable as a system:


Chimps seem to be approximately equivalent to 4-year old kids in intellectual games :


Nearly every time I read phys.org, there is discussion of some mindbending discovery. Science is far, far from any ultimate frontiers, if those even exist :


Without real prices for every good, we can’t know what anything costs.  We cannot plan intelligently without knowing costs.  Putting a 5% of GDP subsidy into energy prices distorts everything :


Why wages are low ‘despite a tight labor market’.  Lousy premise, but nevertheless some good thoughts :


Daily Reading #191

The push for war continues. Remember, very many members of our Deep State will hang for their many crimes if they can’t keep our attention off of those crimes, so there is great incentive to start a war :



If NK actually has 60 nuclear weapons, which this article thinks is plausible, game over. I think NK has likely gotten cooperation from Pakistan and India in developing their bombs because they all have a shared interest in limiting the US’s foreign policy choices.

Predicted by Discordian theology, of course, which has received massive empirical validation throughout history — opposition arises as a natural and inevitable result of your attempts to impose a particular order :


‘Goolag’ is excellent. This from Western Rifle. I disagree that the reaction is ‘white men, there are many sane people protesting the modern ‘liberal’ goolag perspective in all groups.

One of our Progressive stations had an interview with the woman who wrote the books on being a coder.  Intelligent people, both of them, no question. Also they crippled their thinking with ideology.

If the claims are true, that there are many women in all professions that are not being treated fairly according to their capabilities, it means there is an economic opportunity for anyone who does fully utilize their capacity.  Either they are as good as average, but underpaid, or better than average at average pay.  Either way, there is $ to be made from the difference.

When the first wave of Feminist ideology passed through US and European society, there were some women’s banks formed. I hear about them once in a while, so probably they haven’t gone broke, but they also haven’t destroyed the competition, so any advantages from hiring women or applying a woman’s POV to products and interactions wasn’t enough to dominate the industry.

Same with programmers and startups.  There are a lot of rich women, more than men, in fact. There are women in the VC world, a fair number. So start a Venture Capitalist firm and invest in women-originated technical startups. Again, I don’t know of any of either sort.

Which is empirical evidence that the claims are BS, and that Damore has the right of the argument, which he expressed very well and based on solid science and reasoning.

I have worked in the tech industry for women, better managers than men on average in my experience. And, otoh, one them laid me off just before I finished a project that would have saved the company many $Ms in engineering costs in the first year at a cost of $50K, and just as I completed another that saved the field support people many, many support calls by automating explanation of error messages and the process of extracting them from each release of code.  It was 2 years before someone else finally fixed the problem of slow compiles – 4 hours when I left, 10 hours before they fixed it. Software engineers would like to compile in 5 minutes, what I promised. 4 hours is a major problem.

She did what she needed to do, pick someone in the group to lay off when management mandated that.  She picked on how many bugs we each had fixed, an objective measure. I wasn’t fixing bugs, I was producing tools :



George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

The Deep State’s multifarious coverups are falling apart, George is point man for a lot of it. Jason and Trish are knitting the various investigators together and exchanging the information, now extended to international investigators helping each other. Deep State don’t have a chance.

This evening show is the best evening news available, no question. Plotting the dissolution of the Deep State right out in the open is just what The Generalissimo did :








Also the various DNC stories wrt ‘the Russian Hack’ have fallen apart, not that facts have ever stopped the flood from legacy media and extreme partisans such as Rachel Maddow, clearly propagandists, not journalists :


I am confident that the Clintons will be arrested this year, charged in many different countries of the world and jurisdictions within them. Another Charles Ortel interview :


CNN seems to have gotten some sense pounded into them.  An article that is NOT anti-Trump :


An excellent comment from ZH :


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Vote up!


Vote down!


More than one way to rob people. … Gun point works. .. The fees and charges you can’t avoid picks your pocket.

But if you really want to rifle around though out the whole house looking for valuables you may need a way to calm the residents a little so as not to alarm the neighbors.

Sometimes the Bankster Dot Gov Pirates even resort to gas warfare…


~~~~))) … Don’t Worry About Kim Un(hinged), Worry About Wray Un MRAPped …(((~~~~

We do have a drug problem in this country, but it’s not the drug problem you think.

It’s when the government imbeciles start playing with dangerous drugs they don’t understand. .. We don’t have a drug problem. ….. We have a Drug War problem. .. And it’s putting people to sleep.

Why are you hearing about this fentanyl stuff all of a sudden?

Because your local chapter of the Domestic Terrorist Lodge (the Fusion Center and JTTF gang members) want you to be very familiar with the term. ……. You see, they have weaponized Fentanyl for their own use and want you to know that only extremely bad guys do fentanyl. … So they have been spreading it around the druggie community a lot as cover for their own use of the stuff. …

Yes, Margret, they control the WHOLE show, distrabution and interdiction both.

The NEW twist = Your local Domestic Terrorist Gang (DTG) or JTTF SWATeams have started using gas warfare on the local population. .. Knock out gas. …. Put everyone to sleep, odorless, tasteless gas. …. Dose a structure or area, wait a few minutes and walk in like you own the place. ……. Because they do now ‘own the place’. (In more ways than one, thanks to civil asset forfeiture.) ….. Everyone inside is asleep, unconscious, snoozing…………………OR DEAD.

Yes, dead. …… Death happens very easily with an uncontrolled fentanyl dosing delivered in a gaseous form. .. So why are the JTTF SWAT using a deadly gas? …… Because they aren’t really law enforcement, they are, in fact, a Domestic Terrorist Gang (DTG).

And you thought all terrorists were Muzzies and crazy back woods survivalists with Swastika tattoos. … (Oh, you mean like red neck Toothy McVey? .. He didn’t have any Nazi tattoos, he looked like he was straight out of a JTTF SWAT. … Only he was pulled from US Army Special Forces, also a chapter of the DTG/JTTF)

Here is how a botched gas raid goes down if DTG SWAT isn’t trained in the use of Fentanyl Knock-Out Gas properly. …….. They end up gassing themselves and have to be ‘treated’ by some of their teammates. = http://www.cbsnews.com/news/swat-officers-hospitalized-possible-exposure…

Then they have to make up a ‘parallel construction’ story to cover for the fuck-up. …… In this case they ‘knock over a table’ with powder on it that the ‘bad guys’ were using at 3 in the morning to cut and bag-up heroin. …………. That ‘oops’ dosed 18 SWAT gangsters, er, I mean, officers that were all jammed in the same room with deadly fentanyl powder. ……….. Of course ,that means the bad guys would have been working in full supplied air Hazmat suits when SWAT broke down the front door rushed in and knocked over the table. … No, it was fentanyl all right,……..Fentanyl Gas the SWAT brought with them.

Make believe bad guys only use Hazmat suits on the TV show “Breaking Bad”, BTW. ……. I’m sure of this.

Live Hard, Someone Call Service Master, We Have A Baking Soda Spill In The Dining Area, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

Daily Reading #190

This is how the US pushes for war across the globe. The leadership of my country is insane. I do not include Trump in that, he is exactly the bomb thrower we need to fix this broken system :



The NKorea case is the same is Iraq. Saddam couldn’t admit he didn’t have any WMD program, he would look weak internally and to neighbors. NK has an even more difficult problem, because Kadaffi gave up his nuclear ambitions and was taken out after that, so hyper-threats are what has worked for NK in the agreements so far, as well as any agreements work with the US.

If Trump isn’t as intelligent and sane as I think he is, we will sacrifice a few million S and N Koreans because nobody in any of the relevant countries can be honest. Were I NK, I would have designed their bomb to produce an EMP.  Accuracy isn’t required, an EMP will do maximum economic damage with a single missile.  To bad about the US’s West Coast :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations. The first link is the interview with Thomas Paine of TruePundit. I will follow TruePundit.

The 6th is all of the legal folks discussing the Clinton Foundation, a criminal conspiracy from day 1. No way they hide this, keep covering it up.

Love the quirky personalities and especially the tinfoil hat. Nice workmanship on the hat.

When this episode of history is done, successfully restoring the Republic as I think will happen, we will finally begin valuing these kinds of people, the only ones willing to buck the system, to follow their own reason rather than what everyone thinks. The country’s revolt against rule from England had many of them, but we have eliminated those details from our history, and so don’t know how to value them.

Our education system does its best to eliminate such independent, self-directed personalities, of course, the exact opposite of what the world needs :








Indeed, the FBI is entirely corrupt at the top, especially the Counter-terrorism group :


Illargi is excellent, another liberal upset with the system and deciding that Trump is better than the alternatives :


When cannabis is legalized, the use of alcohol goes down because alcohol is an inferior drug in every respect.  Ditto the use of opioids.  Those are economic interests that have always opposed legalization of cannabis, of course :


Indeed, Mueller is dirty, a coverup mechanism for the Clintons, an ignorer of all the real evidence on 9-11, and now a mechanism to attack Trump on behalf of the Deep State :


Wells Fargo is an ongoing criminal conspiracy. Why is it not RICOed by some state? Are there no deep pocket individuals who have been harmed?  No lawyers who want to take on a class action RICO? Bank of America, ditto, and probaby all of the other TBTF banks.

The Clintons lead the way, the entire system became incredibly corrupt :


Obviously, the Telcos and cable companies own the FCC :


Nonlinear feedback in albedo as climate keeps changing.  But evidence overall is that we are still more likely going into an ice age than a global warming period :


Excellent discussion of Federal search warrants wrt the Manifort ‘pre-dawn raid’ :


This is either a setup for a new variety of Clinton scam or for a new defense from prosecution for previous crimes :


McMaster communicates with Soros? And fires people for memos that the President likes? Another bad hire by Trump, on whose advice? :



This is a fine argument for abolishing the institution of banks, at least banks based on fractional reserve lending. That is the element that violates supply vs demand setting the loan interest rate and thereby produces the business cycle. Why do that to ourselves? :


This was fun, intelligent protest and the ordinary stupid official reaction :



Daily Reading #18F

I haven’t stated the intent of the ‘Daily Reading’ series in a while.

Daily Reading is my notes to myself, links I have read so I can find them if needed. Sort of a diary of reading and thoughts. I publish them for the sense of accomplishment and just in case anyone finds them useful. A few visitors seem to.

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.




Google needs a PR guy from the American Mid-West to at least remove the obvious SJW idiocy from their actions :




If this is true, McMaster won’t be in the White House for long.  Unless he was a designated spy on Soros, of course :


I think I just converted to a proponent of BitCoin.  Once again, the US’s policies have produced an emergent opposition, Discordianism in action, more empirical validation for that religion :


Accurate reporting would have been “rebels supported by the CIA”.  No doubt one of the edits the CIA’s editors did for WaPo in another article to discredit Trump :


Even the CIA’s mouth-piece has to include truth once in a while, if only to maintain some minimal credibility :


NKorea has used bellicose rhetoric for decades to win concessions. It met its match in Trump. Trump-Tillerson are an excellent team, it seems to me.  Trump plays the part of a wild man, an act he plays so well many US citizens are convinced, while Tillerson acts as the person trying to get a deal that will keep Trump from doing something crazy.

Trump’s wild man act is an act, of course. People like working for his companies, and you don’t do well in the NY real estate market being uncontrolled in any way. Also, Trump is winning against his political opponents in the Deep State and US Stasis Quo.

It seems to be working :


And, otoh, he can’t help being a certain kind of man, and/or has adopted an image that fits behavior with his height.  All personalities and images have weaknesses.  Merkel also, but her methods are rare enough that nobody knows how to deal with them :


Before you criticize Trump’s foreign policy results, realize the last 3 Presidents of the US have presided over unparalleled disasters, and nobody seemed to notice.  The comments are as good as the article, normal on Moon of Alabama’s site :


I think the foreign policy situation of the entire world would have been much better if the US and world had starting treating NK and the Kims seriously much earlier.  Indeed, if we treated all nations equally neutrally, the world would be a better place, especially for citizens of the US, e.g. we wouldn’t have had a WWII with the 405,000 US casualties, 670K wounded and the beginning of our MIC and Deep State coup-producing CIA :


The side effects of an activist foreign policy cannot be predicted, but aren’t going to be better than any other area of activist policy :


When you see an nerdy looking guy with a woman too beautiful for his obvious attributes, you think the explanation is money and sex. When you seen a reputable organization like the German Marshal Fund supporting Israeli-Neocon propaganda twaddle, you think blackmail or infiltration :



The inevitable-for-many-years failure of the US’s economic, political and foreign policy strategies is upon us. Our ruling class needs a serious war to distract us from these failures.  Yes, of course it will accelerate the failure, but if it keeps them in kleptocratic power a few more years, it is justified:


Debt repudiation comes up a lot on Naked Capitalism :


Ditto Single Payer on all the leftish media.  The real question is whether there will be a Democratic Party in existence next election. The current DNC is an extension of the Clinton Crime Cabal.

Interesting problem going bankrupt when the only important asset is being on the ballots of 50 states as a major party and debts and judgments against the DNC are 100s of $Ms.  Bernie’s people are the plaintiffs in those law suites, they make take over the party as part of settling the judgments.  Great outcome of Clinton’s strategies.

WRT Single Payer, I think Republicans oppose it because the health insurance companies would be out of business and drug companies much less profitable, not out of rational or ideological reasons. Thus, if some other group makes up the difference in their campaign contributions, they wouldn’t oppose Single Payer.

Failing countries commonly go through socialism on their way to the bottom :


Yes, ‘climate change’ is happening, it never stops. No, CO2 is not causing the problem, the solar cycle, meteors and other solar and galactic effects do. We are more likely entering another cool period, perhaps another ice age, as the last 10,000 years have been the best climate on earth in a quarter million years :


Yes, the EPA is as corrupt as all the other government agencies, completely incapable of protecting people or environment :



Yes, Google censors everything and directly influences elections up to 20% by what links it places first in the first page. Use DuckDuckGo.com for your search. I have to trying doing that for Youtube also, as Youtube’s suggestions never include sites I normally watch :


A friend came by today, expressed the idea that the market crash was 2 years away. Ha, ha. Closer to 2 months, I thought. Nobody can call the, but this has been coming for a long time, serious analysts have not believed it could last this long. The bubbles just keep getting bigger and more :


China’s Silk Road project is having positive effects throughout SE Asia.  E.g. India is increasing transportation and business integration inside India. Difficult to believe they could have thought good strategy was to leave a frontier region without roads, separated from the rest of the country :


Confirmation of Randall Carlson’s theories.  I have linked to his Youtube talks :


‘Biochar’ is ‘activated charcoal’, properly named.  It improves soils by providing a place for micro-organisms to live in the soil and as a mechanism to hold and release more minerals and nutrients than soil particles, thus improving crop production.  Amazonian Indians 1000 years ago knew this and anthropologists brought it to modern attention about 10 years ago :


Daily Reading #18E

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

The rule used to be that you don’t start an argument with someone who buys their ink by the barrel. Modern version ‘with anyone who has a popular Youtube channel’.

History is changing, Trump is winning, the Awan Brothers Spy ring is now recognized by DC and legacy media can’t avoid it any longer, the CIA’s plot is unraveling quickly.

Assassination of Trump won’t fix their problem, it seems to me, so he is safer than to now :






A very excellent analysis, there is no political center :


For the last couple of decades, variations on ‘insane’ tend to pepper discussions of the US Deep State and foreign policy elites :


The US’s Israeli-Neocons have a lot to answer for.  Indeed, the world has not had much will for enforcing war crimes :


Boycott Divest and Sanctions continues to gain ground, despite the Israeli-Neocon attempts at censorship. Sponsors are backing off of AIPAC’s Senate bill S720 making advocating BDS a criminal offense. Another internet effect, I think :


Another of the many measures by which Congress is not doing its job. $6.5T dollars in Army spending unaccounted for, a situation merely getting worse since the 1991 when it was first revealed, and the law to enforce audits has not helped. Marines, Air Force and Navy have their own versions of that.  Someone is getting rich on the black money :


The US does its very best to keep an enemyship going with the Russians.  I recently saw an article (can’t find the link again) saying that the US is building up ammo stockpiles and the logistics system necessary for a long land war in E Europe.  Our MIC and Deep State at work, ably assisted by legacy media’s propaganda :

We must legalize drugs, stop the insane extension of law enforcement into every aspect of our society :


More aspects of the stupidity of our Deep State and their puppets in Congress’s stupidity in the sanctions on Russia :


The evidence is that Rod Rosenstein is another part of the Deep State’s coverup of the multitude of crimes by the Clinton cabal  :


I have said for some time that I think Trump is winning :


The history of humans on earth is far deeper and more complex than yet understood :


Daily Reading #18C

Summary of the US political system 7 August 2017.

Trump is winning, despite appearances. All he has to do to win is for Sessions to do his job and prevent Wray from obstructing the FBI’s field investigations. And to charge Clinton, Comey, McCabe and the rest of the Deep State criminals when they have the goods on them.

Trump must win. The US is a few years from the Deep State establishing an automated surveillance system on everyone in America and Western Europe, with the rest of the world to follow in another few years. We cannot allow that, our grandchildren will curse us.

Yes, the US media are now the US propaganda organs :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd source researchers continue their investigations :









The economic and banking sanctions against Russia are exceptionally stupid strategy by our foreign policy elites :



There has been no recovery from the 2008 recession, contrary to all government claims. If you had to cite one factor in declining faith in government, those often repeated claims continually compared against people’s lived experience are that factor :


This is an excellent discussion of what we are spending money on, and how it affects retail. The rise of smart phones shifts 350 $B dollars out of the rest of the economy. Add in 3% increase in health care costs and rent increases (ours increased 40% this year) and a $T is gone from consumer spending :


This series and the book on UN Peacekeepers and the damage they do to the societies they theoretically protect do not cover the information about trafficking people for sexual services and organs, nor the fact that the CIA’s operating company Dyncorp provides many of the troops and their training and is thus the organizer of these acts :


This seems to be a balanced view of the situation in Venezuela, tho I don’t have enough background to evaluate the situation :


Economics and politics in SEAsia continue to evolve :


I already told Brazil how to handle their problem with crime in the slums :



When times are good and jobs plentiful, nations like migrants :


Hard to believe NSA doesn’t know who the leakers are, as McCabe seems to easily find everyone providing information to Wikileaks, the DNC leaks, etc. We will regret the government being able to control reporters in any way, such powers are inevitably misused :


Personal savings rates predict recessions. The US SR is down :


All secret government groups abuse their power. So do secret private groups, but they normally don’t have the resources to do as much damage, although the ultra-wealthy apparently have achieved great control over government, especially the secret agencies :


The US torture program (has they NYTimes started calling it ‘torture’ yet?) was intended to elicit confessions to bolster the government’s 9-11 fantasies. This names names of the officals who fostered that program of torture :


This is the standard dystopian ‘end of energy’ view. It is much too extreme, it seems to me. Yes, the financial system and much of the corporate world will be involuntarily and unexpectedly downsized via bankruptcy, but that alone won’t affect life so much for anyone who doesn’t lose their jobs, there will be plenty of regional banks and local savings and loans to take up the slack. Supermarkets won’t have the range of products in prepared foods, but except for temporary disruptions of the supply chains, farmers will go on producing and processors must process, so people won’t go hungry.

Farming will change, and that will favor local producers providing for local consumers. There are huge improvements to be made in farming, all for the better and most consuming less energy while improving the land and environment. As farmers are already going bankrupt because of low crop prices and drought, that change is already starting, people like Gabe Brown have been showing the way.

The same progress in understanding how to reverse desertification will improve lives throughout the arid regions of the world, diets will improve, causes of war will decline.

Likewise, loss of the electronic industries, the internet, …? I don’t think so. The supply of oil won’t get shut off in a year, the prices will fluctuate trending higher and those will reduce the rate of progress, but progress in electronics and software won’t stop and the internet won’t stop. Rather, much fluff with be blown away, including Silicon Valley’s hunt for unicorns. Unicorns will still happen, but they will be companies that evolve from local beginnings meeting local needs that turn out to be general everywhere. In an evolving network, those will continue to be found.

Telephones will get much cheaper, as they already are in Asia, but the services will not disappear. Medical services ditto. Drugs will get cheaper as the FDA’s control of the system is eliminated. Yes, there will be quality issues in all of these, but there already are, and cheaper testing equipment can and will deal with the problem.

Transportation will evolve to bicycles and motorbikes for local, more work-from-home, and trains for long-distance goods. People around the world live well with lesser versions of the US civilization.

The major local problems will be out-of-work people living homeless with no sources of food and shelter.  That can produces serious crime rates unless prevented via food banks, soup kitchens and help for the homeless.  Civil groups in the US have been stepping up these efforts continuously since 2008, but will need more help as this Greater Depression bytes deeper into the economy.

So it isn’t that there is nothing to worry about, but also, barring a civil war and local civil disturbances, the coming world-wide Greater Depression isn’t something that will make life impossible. Keep as much food on hand as you can, along with the ability to cook it and stored water, keep those water bottles topped up when water is available. :


Gary Larson is my favorite cartoonist. I was sad when he quit cartooning :