Daily Reading #128

Security issues.  If Micrhttp://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2017/05/09/major-media-organize-rig-web-search-results.htmlosoft produced reliable code, it wouldn’t have to worry about NSA’s tools. If NSA cared about security, no government office would use Windows :




Silk Road is grand strategy, quite brilliant in reorganizing Asian interests. These are symptoms of that reorganization in process :




Another article pointing out how fakes is the news and how the Israeli-Neocons dominate foreign policy and legacy media reporting on foreign affairs :



Our risk is inaction, no longer can we believe that ag chemicals are good for us long-term :


I think there are questions about the interpretation of all this, so withhold judgment about guilt.  Doesn’t look good, however, wrt some general’s judgment :


I love beautiful books as much as the next person, but this doesn’t mention cost except negatively.  To the extent that bookstores rely on publishers, they will go out of business, e.g. selling larger-sized paperbacks for $16 vs the smaller for $9, and only issuing/stocking the larger size.  I don’t buy those, and big chains have gone out of business because we stopped buying those and $21 CDs :


Daily Reading #127

Remember this?


Anyone who has investments in paper, including physical property such as homes, is at risk :



Security and ransomware :


How security services contract hackers to do their dirty work :


The Syrian War is winding down, except for US efforts to fund and supply the rebels, including ISIS :


Ian Welsh is a liberal. Liberals point to capitalism as the root of all problems. Conservatives point to government.  Systems people say ‘The System’, and point out how hard it is to trace cause and effect in complex systems. But we ll agree our society is headed down, not up :


Silk Road is deep strategy, Sun Tzu would be proud of modern Chinese leaders :


Yes, Comey gave Clinton a pass, and 6 months with not a scintilla of evidence wrt “Russia colluded with Trump” :


Trump is no politician. We should have more Presidents who are not.  Also, the Palestinians are playing an interesting strategy, 5th generation warfare :


Daily Reading #126

The Saker is a serious analyst and excellent writer, this on the issues of nuclear war and the Israeli-Neocons who act as if they want one. I have been saying for a couple of years now that there are a goodly number of people in our high-level officialdom who will hang when 9-11 is investigated. They can’t allow peace, and have little to lose. Satanic Cult may be literally true, effects of the CIA’s spreading pedophilia everywhere as a blackmail tool :



I agree with this, tho note that zoning rules currently keep Christian and Mormon churches from exhibiting such tolerance, and I wouldn’t want to discriminate, so we need to get rid of zoning for a tolerant society :


Humanity is mixtures of ancestries.  This paper is very confusing wrt individuals vs samples, tho it states that e.g. 97% of all samples (groups of people with a particular heritage/ethnic group) tested have ancestors from more than two ancestral groups, and that no subgroups are pure  :


More security issues :



NO EVIDENCE for Russian hacking anyone’s elections. Except in Russia, of course :



Another policy with perverse side-effects! Intentional or not, it is another example of why polices are a bad idea :


Humans may smell much better than thought, up to the level of dogs and rats.  Certainly there have been many anomalous facts wrt human odor detection, e.g. South American Indians tracking humans through the jungle by smell :


Bail required for small stuff is relatively new, people used to be released ‘on their own recognizance’. Bail bondsman make their livings because judges require bail. They contribute to judges’ campaigns. QED, the reason poor people sit in jail for traffic offenses and because they can’t pay fines :


I haven’t watched the video yet, but the comments are very good :



Daily Reading #125




“No evidence”.  I am far from a Trump supporter, but agree with Kunstler that the country is not focusing on the issues :



Fake popularity is easy to purchase via ‘click farms’ :


The massive attack of ransomware using NSA’s tools are reasons not to use Windows, and reasons to abolish the NSA and CIA. Meanwhile, be positive, think of this as practice for the EMPs that WWIII will bring :




Without trust, we need more levels of checking, checking on checkers, and the rules to guide them. Complexity with no return, especially since that decreases trust. Without trust, nothing works well, and more and more organizations cannot function well enough to accomplish their primary goals :


This is an issue of trust and security in one problem, Microsoft’s Edge PDF viewer produces incorrect information :


This is an interesting bureaucractic response to the fact that they can’t keep secrets.  Instead, mix false documents in with the real documents, they will be stolen together, and outsiders won’t know which is which.  Probably not insiders, either, after a few years, but that is a problem for the next administration.

As for the issue of trackers, nobody with a security background would ever open any suspect document on a computer connected to the internet, as trackers are well-known technology :


Microsoft’s Windows series is the buggiest software on the planet and thus the most insecure and untrustworthy. Why anyone goes on using it is beyond me.

Yet another example of how ideology doesn’t work. How could it? Ideology is ideas and concepts used to navigate reality.  First, maps are not the terrain.  Second, human minds must interpret everything in the light of prior experience and knowledge, but the best use of experience and factual knowledge is nevertheless very error-prone.  Ideology is not experience, nor factual knowledge, and running large-scale institutions using ideology has uniformly been a disaster :


I realized a year ago that the government was losing secrets faster than it created them :



Rabbits are nearly as efficient as chicken in a sustainable agricultural system :


80% loss of insect mass in many habitats, accounting for the loss of birds. Probably the only way to save most insects from the pesticides and habitat loss is to start raising them for food. Food animals don’t go extinct.  Years ago, I said the way for an environmentalist to save the California condor was to eat a squab and pronounce it was the best food he had ever tasted.

However, banning pesticides and herbicides would be an excellent start to remedying the destruction of the habitat humanity depends on. This is not a sustainable system, so many warnings, and no actions. You don’t have to be a wild-eyed green to think it is alarming what we are doing to our children’s future :


Daily Reading #124

Ilargi thinks that the media not doing their job is the main threat to democracy. Mine is that the media is not doing their job because they have aligned with the oligarchy that is control of the Deep State, the Deep State is the threat, the media is the symptom :



Modern ‘news’ has a large component of big-lie and big-frame propaganda. Completely made-up (‘Russia interfered in the US elections’, made up by Podesta according to the book on the Clinton campaign) and false interpretations (or made-up, some of the ‘video evidence’ of “Assad’s chemical attack on his own civilians” was old film, others not on that site, and in any case, the best evidence is it wasn’t Assad’s weapon, and no actual intelligence organization has claimed otherwise) are repeated incessantly, and assuming their truth is the frame of other reporting. 9-11 is still the standout example in the power of propaganda, of course :


Always, ‘anonymous officials’ and even if true could well have been Comey playing politics.  It is all atmospherics, there has been no evidence of what can or should be investigated, no hard allegations of anything. This was big news in the WSJ, I think Trump has few friends in political circles. Illargi is right, we can’t have democracy if the news organizations are not doing their job :



Neither party is doing their job, but the Democrats are not connected to any reality, a danger for them and the country :


Tillerson seems rational :


The world is being taken over by the banksters, not just France and the US. Jamie Dimon is not a dictator, he can’t order individuals and companies to be destroyed. And rarely needs to, it isn’t his business to do that, as compared to, for example, any long-time member of any Special Forces. But Jamie Dimon knows some of those people, he knows who to call and how to persuade them.

The world has lost a lot of reporters and investigators in the last 30 years, don’t believe I have ever seen a tally. Better to be a fireman than investigate the CIA or publish NSA secrets :


These are not rational sources, but another measure of the loss of legitimacy of the Stasis Quos of the world. As for the young people claiming ‘they would not fight for their country’, socialist workers all over Europe claimed the same thing before WWI :


Ian Welsh has it right :


Did you know that sand for concrete is a strategic resource, something to be stockpiled? :


Yet another of the system-level effects of gut bacteria :


Daily Reading #123

The entire ‘Russia interferred in the US elections and colluded with Trump’ BS drives me crazy.  I sometimes listen to NPR while driving, and NPR’s news is dedicated to de-legitimating the Trump presidency and setting the stage for impeachment. Every discussion of that issue begins with long interviews with the most anti-Trump partisans they can find, have a much later short, nearly-rational and -factual segment discussing the fact that there is no evidence, and close with more bias. They are propaganda, not news :


The guy who wrote ‘Sex at Dawn’. Very interesting views of what human sexuality is, has become, relative to other animals. It fits in very well with Sapolsky’s lecture from the other day, his statement that humans take animal behaviors and use them in new ways :


I do not think that ‘populism’ is ‘authoritarianism’, that is a leftish diagnostic term, otherwise this is correct :


Arming the Kurds is excellent strategy, they are the major fighters against ISIS, the other arm of US and Israeli policy aimed at balkanizing the ME :


The usual lack of named sources and in the face of denials, the propaganda marches on :


Another example of how our system is dysfunctional, medical elites got it so very wrong for 40 years wrt fat in the diet :


Sargon of Arkaad explaining the concept of Kek and the oppressed Kekistanis. Funny :


For every death, 10 ruined homes, 20 people injured.  We have devastated the ME with our criminal wars, for zero gain to the US, all loss in money, lives and material.  The only gainers were the oligarchs who got the cheap oil, sold the war supplies, … :


There hero/heroine in the anti-war movement should be Chelsea Manning. Manning, Assange and Snowden transformed our understanding of what our government is :


As a consultant who has taken, and failed, many different tests in interviews, I don’t know what this means.  IMHO, the meaningful measure is how much and what kind of code under what conditions have you been producing in the last few years. The meaningful test is writing a program. Quizzes about language features are silly, those are largely irrelevant :


The standard sequence of ever-more rules needed by human-produced problems :


Daily Reading #122

This kind of thinking is abroad in the land. Very, very, very foolish to think about winning a nuclear war, or even just breaking even.  How long does a nuclear winter last? :


Nothing has actually been done yet! Until something actually happens, it is best to assume that the administration is running a symbolic changing of the guard, merely great atmospherics and rhetoric about cleansing of an important agency.  As tho nobody inside the FBI or any other agency has anything to do with the success of just anything a President might think of.

In some renditions of the facts whose support I haven’t looked into, but are serious people, Comey has covered up for the Clintons on 5 occasions. Certainly his judgment was stupid in the case of Clinton’s handling of State Department secrets, she was and is absolutely guilty.  This was a coverup at the highest possible levels of our country, a lower-level person would be in jail for many years.

The best explanation is that Clinton is a close friend and operating partner with the CIA, that being the reason they became the governor of AK. There is considerable support for this position, especially the CIA’s cocaine pipeline through Mena Airport.

But, nothing has been done about Pizzagate and the amazing about of open source evidence being accumulated.  And George Webb’s rendition of the criminal conspiracies behind many public events in America and around the world. And also not the 650,000 emails on Anthony Wiener’s laptop, who the Chief of Detectives of the NYPD said contain evidence of many crimes in trafficking drugs and people, even children :



And the economic tsunami is coming at them :


Along with all of the social ills that produced and are produced by  our fubared economy :


When security is not possible, secrets are liabilities. This is hacking and counter-hacking by intelligence agencies :


Our military needs its wars and so the US is going to repeat the Russian’s experience in Afghanistan. So much propaganda, outright lies repeated incessantly :


Short of an invasion by US troops from Jordan, Russia and Syria are winning the fight with the ‘rebels’ :


Subsidies produce groupthink, the explanation for NPR’s consistently pro-government slant :


State religions do the same :


On the over-use of SWAT teams and side-effects and propaganda :


Humans and their plants have been co-evolving for millennia. The plants we continue to use are the most positive versions.  Of course cannabis supplements declining brain levels of THC, of course it is used to reduce hunger pangs and tiredness, with the interesting side effect of making harder workouts easier, otherwise we wouldn’t still be using it :


Explain how there are not class action law suits against the companies that produce the lousy products that make all of this impossible? What law makes them immune to the damage these cause to the network, to my freedom to use the network. Measurable delays, given a %age of the total traffic, the gradual theft of our lives for the money into their bank accounts.  We believe in enterprises bearing all of the costs of their ‘product’, this theft of network bandwidth and people’s time is criminal :


Theory must be easy, as there are more than 1000 theoretical papers on Cold Fusion/Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. I didn’t see any overlap of this kind of theory with what CF theorists are discussing, but of course, there are a 1000 of them, I know a little bit about a few of them.  Practitioners are leading the theorists, it seems to me :


‘Gross Primary Production’ is the amount of mass produced by land plants per year.  It has been rising along with the industrial production of C02, now 30% above pre-industrial era levels. Surely the ocean plants also, as C02 is the major constraint on plant growth :