Daily Reading #213

Our FBI’s leadership contains more than a few corrupt officials. The FBI can control local coroners, same as local sheriffs. How can homicide victims NOT be given autopsies? Were the half of the Las Vegas shooting victims not autopsied the ones killed with different weapons? As just one of the many things that could be hidden by this never, never, never happens exception to set-in-stone rules of evidence and law. Any defendant charged with the murders of those un-autopsied individuals would merely need point out they had no definitive medical evidence of the cause of death. Unless, of course, those were the ‘head shots’. So I never believed ‘head shots’ could have killed many people, that was BS. Trained snipers can’t do head shots from that distance in a running mob, and all the closer shooters were using pistols.

And what it means is that ‘head shots’ is going to be the reason for the missing autopsies. You watch, these guys are amateurs in creating stories. No thinking person will believe those stories, but they don’t think they have to care. Or they are dumb, IQ’s falling because they are making decisions real-time, can’t talk about the events to their normal network for evaluating situations and deciding on responses. And also because they are under increasing stress as the stories fall apart, and nobody believes anything coming out of our government.

But, ‘no autopsy in a murder case’ did happen, come to think of it. Seth Rich. The ex-homicide investigator who looked into that case said he had never heard of a missing autopsy report in a murder case. The FBI’s fingerprints were on the Seth Rich case, also. They got the laptop from his room, as I remember. There were also reports of a theft of a gun from an FBI vehicle that was back-dated one hour to before the reported Seth Rich shooting, and a report I never heard again (George, I believe,) that a subsonic ‘organ harvesting’ bullet was recovered from Seth Rich.

Of course, George also thinks there is a considerable chance that it was all disinfo hiding the fact that Seth Rich is in Indonesia, hiding out after an operation inside the DNC. Rabbit holes everywhere. Who knows what is true?

The Constitution did not intend that citizens should need to spend this much mental effort trying to understand how to protect themselves from acts of their government :


A clever investor, say an insider at AMD or Intel, who early knew of the processor design bugs would have sold Microsoft short. Next to AMD and Intel, MS is the biggest user. You see, Microsoft Server software is already very slow relative to Linux, which is slower than some of the BSDs. The processor slowdowns of up to 30% mean many more servers and many more MS Server and application licenses. MS stock probably went up immediately after the processor story broke.  But 2nd order, it will increase the rate of loss of MS’s server software business to OSS software. I think the total cost for hardware and software for porting applications to Linux or FreeBSD executing in VMs will be less than the cost of licenses and hardware. The decision will be to run light-weight virtual machines from the OSS world with light-weight OSs.

Judge Jenine and Judge Napolitano are very lucid people who state their cases vigorously. Trump’s side of the debate has the very major advantage of requiring less communications among the team. The  Deep Swamp has to distribute talking points. The differences between their version and factual reality is the list of talking points for anyone valuing reality. We are winning :

I just started watching a video suggested by Youtube. I decided in <15 seconds it was BS. It took me the time it took to write those sentences to realize, once again, Youtube doesn’t EVER suggest anything I find both credible and reasonable, I have to search for Laura Loomer, etc. I see Cernovich and Infowars, they are sometimes credible, but also I don’t like their style of reporting

George Webb. Stroczk family is obviously a ratline. Under Obama, very many intelligence operations were coordinated at the White House, e.g. Sandy Hook. Strange I never see that emphasized :



Youtube makes much better suggestions on fun topics :


I just found this on NakedCapitalism and stole it :

Honey for the Bears: “This is where we are.” [The Reformed Broker]. On Ripple: “To recap, someone wrote a piece of software code, called it a currency, and people invested hundreds of billions of dollars into it, making him one of the richest people on earth virtually overnight. The ‘currency’ is not currently in use as anything other than a tradable asset on unregulated exchanges, nor is it decentralized in the way that Bitcoin is – it is centrally owned and controlled by the software company that created it. So basically, it’s an American Express gift card with none of the reliability or utility and 10,000% the volatility…. You can shut your eyes and pretend that your fellow investors aren’t losing their minds, or you can be situationally aware and remember how periods like these have ended throughout market history.”

I think that is entirely, 100% TRUE. Beyond doubt by any rational person who has paid attention to any news in any period of history. Good philosophy, the best logic, impeccable wisdom. No questions at all.

But all that is not the entire decision-space, given a bit more context, and that context explains the ‘irrational exuberance’. The difference is, the beauty of a tulip is worth what people will pay for beauty. Bitcoin has utility. The applications being built on blockchain technologies have utility. How much are their utilities worth? We don’t know yet, we only know we have another frontier in our developing world-wide information technologies systems.

Not many companies make it big with new applications in these evolutions of the global information exchange and analysis systems, but the ones that do become Googles. In that context, a bet on Bitcoin is at worst a  ticket in a lottery rather than a tulip mania.

But I don’t see how it is different from an investment in a startup. Every VC on Sand Hill road is convinced the deal they just signed is a prescient bet on an inevitable future. Every other bout of the Fed’s free money, a bunch of them fold their current fund as their non-managing partners can’t meet their investment obligations. The rest continue their random-walk to fame and fortune.

Zero Hedge, Western Rifle and NakedCapitalism are my daily major sources of links. Again I comment on the frequency at which I see the same links on all 3, or 2 of the 3. A re-alignment is happening in this country, a major dimension is for and against the criminal cabals in our government. Neither party will die in the next few years, ballot access is worth 2 years and probably $50M per state. Just predicting, ‘reformed’ is a weak phrase for what is about to happen to the parties’ current management. Social relations with any of them is going to be increasingly toxic and pedophilia and drug scandals consume both parties’ leaders.

I wonder about my assumption of getting a new party on the ballot. I second-think the internet changes that. I think that some young, charismatic investigative reporter with the right persona, perhaps some combo of Johnathan Pye and Jake Morphonios, with 10 years to build an internet presence and following, could push that. We will know that feat is possible when the legacy media finally begin covering the alt-media personalities regularly. That day cannot be 10 years in the future, I guesstimate :


The differences between PR, advertising and propaganda are different goals == measures of success, so different techniques. Big data is not a magic wand, the problem with changing voting behavior is that voters need something to vote for and that is a problem of measurement and the discipline to do that accurately.

So I buy that opinion, a professional opinion.  And I also do not believe individuals have different mental experiences after being subjected to the different technologies, they employ the same psychological mechanism, and practitioners of all 3 arts mix the techniques freely. Ads for health products with a subtle fear message, even less than subtle xenophobias in some countries. I think people do this automatically, it is theory of mind and long exposure to the product of other minds. The 3 different arts are one at base, all are intentionally modifying other’s mental states, our species specializes in that :


Memory and thinking are facilities that require practice. I bet the tabla players have some of these same changes, certainly the same thickening of cortex and hippocampal gyrus associated with patterns and memory  :


This is a big deal and makes you wonder why nobody worked on the problem before, as it is so obvious in hindsight :


Dolphins are intelligent enough to be classified as sentient, and thus requiring recognition of ‘human rights’ for the species :


The usual leftish view of history. The Rockefeller story is not so simple, the price of kerocene fell continuously as his monopoly grew, so I assume the case for anti-trust is flawed. IBM had a monopoly also, then Microsoft, … and the nation survived :


A while back I read a series of historical novels ~14th century revolving around members of a traveling group of players which also did espionage. Judging from people today, entertainment in the old days wasn’t as high class as those novels presented it. I listened to many of this list, some are hilarious. Some great schticks played out on stage to audiences very appreciative of bawdy humor. You can now poke fun at religion in a deep southern accent, certainly a new level in our social evolution :


Daily Reading #212

2017 was the best year in human history because it produced more improvement in more lives than ever before. Matt Ridley’s “Rational Optimist” did an earlier version of this which I liked a lot :


Tracy Beanz, 4chan, 8chan and Calm Before The Storm reddit thread moderators discussing the reality of QAnon.

I do not find their evidence of Q’s reality to be what they claim. The 2nd of these is the CBTS subreddit’s ‘proof’. It boils down to 3 ambiguous predictions with after-the-fact ‘see, I told you’ claims, and one supposed confirmation by Trump in his use of the phrase ‘special place’. But Trump uses ‘special’ all the time.

The Adam Schiff bit is the best, I believe, convincing if you are priored to believe by knowledge of Adam Schiff, one of the Clinton-CIA Crime Cabal. Their implication is, if true, this says that the good guys are controlling these operations now, so the only thing that the operation accomplished is to make the next suicide bomber worry about the qualifications of his bomb maker. Living for 50 years without gonads and genital organs would be hell on earth, imho. Hell of a message to future suicide bombers, I can’t think of a better.

My implication, one I haven’t yet seen is, if true, that someone known to Adam Schiff, who paid or authorized $7.8M for the deed, recruited a Bangladeshi suicide bomber to stage an attack in the NYC subways. Why would he do that? Did the fireworks go off near someone important in all this? Or was it the first in an intended series, and this one showed the entire operation was halted ahead of time? What was the purpose?

Also, that someone among the good guys has a wicked sense of humor. The bomb was designed to blow the guys genitals off, leaving him in a condition to interrogate. A message to Clinton’s team, perhaps?

As much as I want to believe, as hopeful as I am that QAnon is telling us that the operation to roll up our Deep Swamp is underway and succeeding, I can’t. QAnon is not even close to unambiguously true to this civilian. QAnon an interesting hypothesis to explore and certainly a goad to the general public’s investigations. But QAnon is perhaps telling the honest, good guys inside the government’s many investigative agencies and military commands what is being done, allowing them to coordinate as they will. Smart people will be providing their allegiance to the Constitution by preserving evidence and perhaps how to send it to Trump’s team.

I think we can rule out QAnon being disinfo, one of the bad guys, because Trump’s team would have stopped it. Unless QAnon was a leaker from inside their ranks, and they want to find out who it is. But NSA is on Trump’s side, so that isn’t very likely, NSA knows all and QAnon would be a national security problem, no warrants necessary.

What a waste of public intelligence, having to worry about ‘the news’ to so deep in the Rabbit Hole because we allowed a bunch of criminals to get in control of our government. Weak government, as our Founding Designers intended, avoids this danger :



George Webb gets to say “I told you so!!” again :




Collective intelligence, group minds, is the fastest way to increased intelligence given the internet. Fascinating topic, his writing makes it a dull read, tho this interview format is better than his book, which I haven’t finished yet :


This is an excellent social science study by most criteria, I believe. It is so full of holes you can’t get your mind around it, e.g. there is no attempt to actually measure performance of the children selected by their universal screening process and the different thresholds for English learners isn’t evenly distributed across the groups == another independent variable that isn’t balanced 2×2. However, the results are what I would expect, as most of our genuine geniuses come from unlikely backgrounds. That is what you would expect if the genetic basis of intelligence is the result of many genes interacting with tradeoffs, where some combinations reduce brain potential while the same genes in different combinations increase brain potential :


Arthur Silber admits he prefers Trump to Hillary, tho he thinks all aspirants to the Presidency are insane, who else would want the power? :


Daily Reading #211

Bill Still is a fine reporter, and look how many threads of investigation into the Deep Swamp there are going on in alt-media. Also, when you realize that an honest contingent inside NSA let Trump know about the Deep Swamp, you then KNOW how much of the story since then has been a patient game of allowing the normal operations of the bureaucracy to surface the crimes and the drip drip drip of the revelations to do their work on public opinion. Clinton’s negatives are higher than ever.

The Conservative Tree House is good, I will have to read it every day. This article is a detailed analysis of the timeline behind all the public acts. Trump has had a winning hand from the beginning and played it brilliantly, what a reality program he has created, produced and starred in. Our first tweeting President and likely the Greatest President, catapulted to greatness by the opposition of the Deep Swamp. Yet another validation of Discordian doctrine :




Qanon hinted that NK’s nuclear and ICBM progress was somehow connected to the Deep Swamp. This is the CIA’s version via the NYTimes.

Elements of this are true, once designed, designs for ICBMs and nuclear reactors and nuclear bombs are easily transferred and it doesn’t take many people to run those projects. But what pays for that effort? Can NK be selling so much crystal meth that it funds their weapons programs? Is the CIA part of that? Girls for sex shops? Children for sacrifice? Body parts? Tissue-typed hearts on demand from the NK gulag?

This is the CIA’s story, and of course it hides far more than it reveals :


Syria’s future, according to this, is to be another nation with a massive diaspora to the rest of the world :


A new year requires a search for new sources of insight. These are good :


An authentic literary mind ensnared in the mindless corporate america endured by the average people. For one month. But, to be fair, she worked in restaurants before that, isn’t entirely a literary view of the working class. I don’t feel sorry for her in the slightest, excellent thinkers have done their thinking in hermits caves and docks as well as universities, libraries and offices. I agree with her about ‘soulless management, soulless environment’ and how that is not the best use of humans.

I do not think it is capitalism, I think it began in the bureaucracies that established health and safety rules and enforced them, and in others that established employment rules and enforced them, and others in accounting, safety, … All enjoy enforcing the smallest letters of the smallest regulations, arguments of utility in reality have no merit. So you can’t allow your employees to be intelligently creative and make changes of any kind, because you could lose your job if you cause the corporation large fines or stoppages of any kind. Alienated employees don’t care as much, things still go wrong, so more rules and regulations and cautions and training sessions and micromanagement. Higher costs, thus lower wages, then only foreigners, preferably illegal as employees. Higher training costs, but foreign workers, especially illegals, are very docile. Over time, under this dynamic the wages go ever lower until humans cannot live on the wages. Thus the system devolves to a soulless, but stable, state ever fewer small businesses and ever-larger mega-corporations owned by ever-fewer families, and with very many poor people and a few very very rich people. Many laws, rules and regulations drive that, you see, because of the economies of scale, regulatory costs put small businesses out of business and lead to mergers of larger companies.

But understanding that requires an engineering degree, mere literary minds cannot grasp the dimensions, I guess. Of course, this writer could be quite young, and at every age, looking back we see that we were amazingly oblivious about important things at every previous age. If your memory is good and character unflinching, you may also be able to see that you see more of those the more you learn and the more you have to look back on. Meta-recursion.

I have finally achieved the wisdom to grasp that, a new level of enlightenment! Wonder how many more levels there are? :


Corporate ownership has major influences on newspaper’s political opinions. Who would have guessed? :


I am reading Geoff Mulgan’s “Big Mind”. Exciting topic made dry as dust, a real slog :


Daily Reading #210

The microsecond suddeness and terminal velocity of Steve Bannon’s fall is a new world’s record, I think. Bannon has not been stupid in the past. I see hints to alcoholism or drug abuse in the last few days, recall Bannon getting a lot of credit for Trump’s win but not much evidence. Then the rumors that Trump was jealous and that that lead to Bannon leaving the White House. Endless rumor-speculation that Bannon would carry on the good fight at Breitbart and independent endeavors, that he had Trump’s support and Republican donors rushing to give him money. I don’t recall Roger Stone being down on Bannon, generally Bannon’s PR has been excellent, suspiciously good, even. Who was doing that? And then not much but speeches from Bannon since he left DC.

A better memory for gossip than mine would have many more pieces of the puzzle.

But in any case, another case of someone betraying Trump’s provisional trust, another major loss for someone accusing Trump of malfeasance, another Trump smashdown, a new world record sub-microsecond PR disaster, not a Steve Bannon defender in sight and quick unfriends by his previously-major patrons.

Reading all that as a portent, in the near future, another connection or three will emerge between Steve Bannon and Deep Swamp actors. George Webb’s team is only 2 days into that piece of research.

Or maybe Bannon is just another late-stage drunk, and that entirely accounts for the bad judgement of what horse to back in making a comeback, or assignment to accept at a far too low price, or the size of the compromise that caused him to do it. In any case, this episode has done Trump no damage. The Republican establishment wasn’t all for Bannon, to say the least. No anti-Trump Democrat of any type will change their minds about anything. There is zero Bannon constituency among Trump supporters independent of his association with Trump. Breitbart has some rational grenade throwers. I liked Milo. I thought Bannon had some good ideas, but believing in cycles of history? Come on, whose epistemology can allow that?

It will be interesting to see if Bannon’s reputation ever recovers. Has any reporter tallied the fates of people who cross Trump? Judging from how many of his executives in his many businesses or people dealing with him in business and life over the years have badmouthed him in anything I have read, none, I have to conclude that either Trump is a saint or Trump takes that kind of thing seriously :


Hillary has fallen. She has the highest negative polls in her sordid history. Prosecutions of everything and everyone Clinton are on the way. The only question now is whether the PTB can control the fan-out from those crimes, which connect to every mafia in the world :


George Webb on the Senate’s response to Steele’s lies in testimony, and the pieces continue to expose more of the conspiracy. George raises the question of whether the CIA directly paid Fusion GPS as one of the private contractors that the CIA spends 70% of its non-black budget upon. If so, the Deep Swamp is losing very badly. Such extremely poor tradecraft would disqualify them as an operating intelligence agency, they would need to be abolished immediately as a danger to themselves :


Sessions won’t be able to avoid prosecuting Hillary, et al any longer. Trump really knows how to play an audience, their timing is perfect, a long series of exposes and leaks and investigations making an ever-larger percentage of the population understand Hillary was a crook, an accumulation of accusations that needed to be defended by elements of the bureaucracy, exposing the Deep State ever more. Now Trump has some wins and the voting public pressure to prosecute the Deep Swamp is irresistible, it seems to me. “Force me to do it” said FDR. The consequences of the policy were thereby lifted from his shoulders, should they turn out bad. But Trump will get all the credit if it goes well. Brilliant reading of the political currents, strategy and tactics. Charges and prosecutions will now occur with near-record speed, it seems to me.

Every one of Trump’s team’s moves have put more pressure on Israel. Israel does not need starving Palestinians, for whom they are responsible under international law, as the occupying power, and whose starvation would focus yet more attention on Israel’s 70-year massive human rights violations wrt the Palestinian Arab Muslim owners of so many areas of Palestine. The US’s contributions to the Palestinian Refugees is a subsidy to Israel, in that light. Yes, we should rip that bandaid away and expose the festering sore that prevents peace in Palestine, Israel dos not own the land they emptied by terrorism and have seized from the legal owners. Make the Israelis responsible for the full consequences of their very stupid foreign and domestic policies, focus the world’s attention on the results. Make Israel responsible! The world will apply the pressure, the US need do nothing. A few more European and Asian boycotts of Israel, a UN sanction or two that the US couldn’t veto, as we would be out of the UN, we could make some progress to controlling Israel’s criminals enough to produce peace in Palestine again. Christians and Muslims got along for most of the centuries since Muslims. Why can’t Jews? Israel-the-country is very bad for Jews-the-people, it seems to me :


The only positive interpretation I can put on this is that the longer the US has troops in Afghanistan, the longer we support that very corrupt government, the tighter ties in the many associated corruptions. Or perhaps they will begin to attack the CIA’s opium trade, heroin refining and smuggling infrastructure. If Trump gets 40% of his decisions right and avoids open-ended wars, we are doing better than average :


It seems to me that this is the foreign policy goal of the Israeli-Neocon contingent in the US government, including Niki Haley. Before I noticed the disconnect between the rhetoric and outcomes in the Trump administration, I would have agreed with Illingsworth. Given how Trump’s bold moves, e.g. MBS in Saudi Arabia and the end of the Wahhabi’s influence and Saudi support for the Sunni terrorist-revoutionaries throughout the ME, it seems to me we aren’t thinking about the consequences of any Trumpian policy deeply enough. No Wahhabis, far less Sunni-Shia conflict. Thus the ability for the region to re-align based on economic and social interests. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia are 3 of the 4 major oil producers in the world and all naturally opposed to US hegemony, which seems to me like a reason for the Sauds to reconsider their thinking wrt Iran in the near future.

After the Russiagate debacle and Russia saving our bacon in the ME (can you imagine a world with a couple million more Syrian refugees? Then Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and all of North Africa as the ISIS wave swept around the globe?), can even Israeli-Neocons keep a straight face pushing Russia and its tiny military budget, a few percent of the Pentagon’s, as a mortal enemy justifying the current military budget?

I think Trump’s tax cuts and the budget problems they cause will end up with the MIC being cut, not social security. Any party that votes to cut social security payments commits hari kari and everyone knows that, they can only inflate their way out of the SSI problem by keeping the CPI down relative to real price inflation of the things they buy. People know that is why they are getting poorer. Trump can’t win by continuing that game, so the debt limit will be his way of forcing choices on Congress.

Congress will betray MIC before giving up careers. The bribes will need to be very high, in the internet era, secrets can’t be kept, so the fight will expose those relationships and MIC influence. Voters won’t let social security evaporate, thus the need for inflation. That isn’t in Trump’s interest.

IF George is right, if the CIA directly paid Fusion GPS for anything at all, the CIA budget will be zeroed, a major step in getting the government back inside the Constitution.

We citizens are in a far better position to ride the chaos to our goals than anyone in DC, we have simpler goals and purer motives. The internet amplifies our thoughts, voice and acts. Trump is our man so long as he goes on generating exploitable chaos, whatever the policies seem to be :


Another theft of NSA and CIA data by another contractor not inconvenienced by their security procedures. Two proofs if the existence of people not so inconvenienced, so the probability is low they are the first 2 and only. Lots of people will have been found to have read NSA’s secrets, I predict :


Youtube reminded me, cameras look whether you intended that or not :


An interesting version of fixerup. Can you add value to an abandoned factory in the Detroit zones of abandoned factory? Each of those would be a large estate, most places. Although, with another cold climate period happening over the next few years, heating costs could be a problem :


South China Morning Post doesn’t think China has escaped a trade war with Trump. We will see. My proposal has always been that we have a flat rate on everything imported from a country equal to the highest rate imposed by that country on any item imported from ours. That makes the problem entirely inside China and greatly lessens the power of manufacturers to protect their environment. Then we only need deal with subsidies to industries and weigh them into import duties to make the system entirely equitable. Imposing such a condition on trade would, of course, require the US to end all of its subsidies to industry and agriculture. But that isn’t mercantilism, that is a free economy and trade. We will see what Trump chooses :


I interpret this as another Trumpian attack on the Deep Swamp. The CIA makes a $hitton on weapons and arms smuggling using Pakistanis to handle logistics. These payments are effectively bribes to the Pakistani military and intelligence services (a few years ago, I read where payments were being made directly from US budgets to the Pakistani army, bypassing all checks and oversights otherwise required for spending abroad), major powers in Pakistan’s governance. Cutting them off reduces the CIA’s influence in the country in which it maintains the largest single station in the world, a measure of the value of the ratlines they run through Pakistan.

‘Failure to prosecute the war on terrorists’ is both true and the rationalization for Trump’s move. Rather sudden in international relations, it seems to me, I had not seen much hint of this coming from Tillerson’s State Dept. It is a genius move by Trump, I believe. The best rationalizations are true, and it makes Pakistan bear the full costs of allowing the Saudis to support ISIS and other terrorist units through Pakistan. India isn’t happy, Afghanistan isn’t happy, Iran isn’t happy, Russia isn’t happy, China isn’t happy, the US isn’t happy. Civil government’s control of the military and ISI just improved a few notches, it seems to me. What’s not to like about Trump’s tear-the-bandaid-off move?

Again I warn everyone about the ease of laying out a narrative to ‘explain’ any finite set of facts and the triviality of doing that for small, cherry-picked sets of facts. I can, however, brag about my consistent interpretation of my cherry-picked sets of facts over more than a few events as Trump’s wins have revealed themselves. Nobody can see their own blind spots, visual field through meta-conceptual. You have been warned about allowing other’s ideas into your heads un-examined, right?

Random walk through a minefield is an alternative explanation. ‘Hot streaks’ in sports occur at about the expected statistical frequency, maybe really successful Presidents didn’t make better decisions than average, they just were really lucky and had adoring historians to make them look like geniuses.

Judgements I will stand on, Trump is real entertaining. The man is a genius at rousing impotent range among Hillary’s adoring legions and smashing anyone who opposes him :


Probably there are 2 phases, the first relative centralization, the 2nd relative decentralization, tho I see the declining power of legacy media and 16 years of losing ME wars as both part of the decentralization side of modern communications :


This brings up another interpretation of Trump’s probable actions. Nobody can want a revolution, if they are one of the good guys. The Deep Swamp, etc. can’t possibly win, and everyone knows it but them. So pushing their envelope can expose them, one psyop at a time, and the rest of the society is going to be more ready for any break than any possible Deep Swamp conspiracy.

If the military is on the case, all Mattis has to do is issue orders for all the troops inside the US to be aware of the possibility of units of the US military acting under orders and faux units causing disruptions to basic services. Any unit or faux unit doing that are criminals, orders or no. That would remove any advantage of surprise and confusion that coups normally have.

A serious, fact-based, logical discussion of Fake News and its actual minimal effects on the voting public :


An example of the NYTime’s many past fake news stories :


The international dimension of possible internet disruption :


Everybody is related to everyone alive in Europe 3000 years ago. I am suspicious of statistical arguments that assume behavior to make the statistics true. His argument fails for the groups discussed, in fact, the 800 Smaritans who have maintained genetic purity since the time of Christ, the small Pacific islander groups, etc. They have all added outsider genes, but it isn’t clear they contributed anything to my ancestry. The human behavior which makes it easy for genes to come into such groups is not symmetric, what women on the English ships got pregnant by a Pacific Islander? Genes in probability is not the probability of genes out, his statistical argument seems to me to confuse the two :


Daily Reading #20F

I am increasingly convinced by the accumulating evidence that Trump thinks and plans in terms of cascading and compounding incremental advantages with long timelines. Pretty much what you would expect from a NYC property developer, when you think about it, but Trump’s moves have left our Deep Swamp completely outclassed in strategy and tactics, another Intelligence Community that couldn’t foresee its own demise with a covert action arm that hasn’t been able to protect itself.

The Clintons, Democratic party leaders, Bannon and the other Deep State NOCs and their ratlines are being exposed bit by bit. This sets the news for the next decade, will keep the many criminals very much on the defensive. Thus the over-the-top stories like Bannon’s charges against Trump and family and the developing attempt to declare Trump insane. None of this will change the outcome, and most will accelerate it because the conspiracy is exposing itself with every defense.

Likewise, Trump and the forces of law and order are on the ascent, definitely they are winning big by exposing the Deep Swamp criminals and prosecuting them. The investigations will widen and expose new crimes every month or so and details for every news cycle. This is the entire Stasis Quo losing bigly, as there is going to be a lot of explaining to do by our elites every step through this process. This is the beginning of very major changes in our political order.

The only way to screw this up is to go un-Constitutional, e.g. the military arresting and shipping domestic enemies to Guantanamo. I don’t care if it is authorized under one of Shrub’s laws, that is obvious very against the internal logic of the Constitution. Being taken over by demagogues or military is the major threat under any form of government, you don’t allow military the power to operate against anyone within the borders of the US, those are for police powers only. Thus, I hope and trust they are acting strictly within the Constitution. If not, I will oppose Trump’s prosecutions, would support amnesty commissions for those criminals. OTOH, the Guantanamo stories would be very good distractions as this process of rolling up the Deep State’s operatives proceeds. Also, it is indeed possible that it isn’t possible to trust communications with any civilian agency in these actions, so perhaps I could be convinced, iff they put themselves back inside the Constitution at the very earliest opportunity and changed the laws to what they were.

If the DOJ does their job well, we will have many trials keeping all of the corruption in the news for as long as Trump can remain President, and probably for 2 terms of his chosen successor. If Trump pulls this off, he will go down in history as our country’s Greatest President, no question, and Trump must know this. So he will think about a successor who could carry on his legacy, make him even greater.

Even now, the DOJ’s prosecutors are jockeying for positions in the prosecution’s team which will put them into Session’s position in a few years and setting themselves up to run for President carrying on Donald Trump’s legacy. Think of a Trey Gowdy mind, media savvy and poise with daily exposure gaining the convictions of people in the CIA and Clinton Crime Cabal, going on to lead a DOJ campaign to clean up the mafias.

The prosecutions will have major and continuing political effects. An individual like that could not lose, having proven that they were free of corruption and compromise, the slightest hint of dirt in an opposition candidate would doom that candidate, Ds or Rs or both. Add in the fact that US foreign policy and both leaderships in congress have fostered ISIS for its entire existence, and still does, insurgents will obliterate current party leaderships or abandon them entirely. This will complete the re-alignment of voters that first put Trump in the presidency.

In all future contests following a series of such trials, Ds and Rs will seen as elements of the Stasis Quo, so will be automatically suspect. This will create space for a 3rd, 4th, … party. So politics in the USofA will be very different, post-Trump, and there is some hope we can get our government back inside a Constitutional box.

Trump’s many changes upset things in unexpected ways, e.g. the lower corporate tax rates increase the relative penalty for living in high tax states, which should exacerbate trends like this article discusses. “In Search of Excellence” recommended frequent reorganizations to expose opportunities for optimizations like that, Trump is following that advice. In this one act, which his strategists must have understood, Trump cuts the money flows through Democratic states, decreases their attractiveness as he compounds their problems and reduces their resources to oppose him.

This is the fastest social, political, economic and scientific-technical evolution in history. That evolution is ending the era of the Deep Swamp criminal mafias and all of the old institutions. Trump is symptom as much as cause in this era.

And in the midst of all this chaos, our criminal security and covert action arms, which have long advertised themselves as gaining advantage by their use of chaos and their ability to exploit the opportunities that chaos offers to their trained minds, appear to be helpless against an aging NYC real estate tycoon who became a reality TV star and is now on his way to being the Greatest President Ever, winning bigly against all odds. Wow, reality TV scripts don’t get any better than this :


Trump’s self-assessment is more likely correct than the leftists who think they can impeach him based on mental instability. The fact that his tweeted reasoning on the subject will drive his political opponents further around the bend is no doubt intended :


Something else I noticed watching George Webb’s investigative journalism the last few days, George’s sources are no longer oracular, no longer hints to guide his parallel construction efforts. Now, he is getting very hard and specific information, e.g. the March 12 at 9:45PM in the Situation Room, two of Peter Strokzs relatives with names and positions in the military meeting with Eugene Moke, the guy who took over from Flynn. George speculates that the meeting was wrt the Naval command’s smuggling operations being under threat.

Clearly, there are serious investigations under way, and someone is using George in a different role. George didn’t tell us about that, so far as I saw. I speculate it is coming from Congress, or the military investigations, as the FBI wouldn’t want to compromise a case and those sources have the interest of keeping the public’s attention on uncovering the corruption.

George now has help, a driver and probably armed personal security. His crowd mind is getting larger and more capable.

That combination of the set of [ insiders throughout government, George the leader-spokesman, an Internet crowd of internet researchers ] being so vastly more effective in their investigation than any previous versions of investigative journalism and political mind-changing is a new phenomena in the world, and the idea is spreading fast. George and the many other such voices on the internet, still primarily Youtube, are the new media and a new version of public discourse and oversight of our government officials.

Exciting times, endings of one era and the beginnings of the new. People starved to death a lot in previous episodes, as a quick summary of the history I think I remember. Oh yes, also, they all thought ‘this time is different’, so normalcy bias got each and every one of those who starved or otherwise died, because there is always some escape that is perhaps a leap into the unknown, but nearly certainly not as bad as staying and starving. I mean, prostituting yourself on the streets of Casablanca, as bad is it would be, is preferable to starving to death, but it takes a certain clarity of mind to make the decision to run the risk of such a fate to escape the worse fate. Not that so many German women escaped that fate as they were conquered by the Russian troops in WWII or Syrian and Iraqi women as they were conquered by America’s ISIS terrorists, either. These choices have faced women throughout the ME as a result of the Israeli-American wars over the last 15 years. The human misery of so many millions of people over so long have built up a considerable animus for Americans around the world. Karma will prevail, Discordian doctrine will be validated, it always has been, the US Empire and Stasis Quo in full power organized its own demise by its every action.

All of Europe missed the effects of WWII in their personal lives. You have to keep repeating that to get the visceral grasp of the import for the here and now. These are not normal times. I can list so many interactions at all levels for even simple coup-making/terrorism. E.g. making this country work after a few days without power and fuel to a few dozen major telecom and internet operations would be a serious challenge for everyone, likely quickly leading to food shortages and breakdowns of social order. Military would have the only effective communications systems and would be deployed to keep order, some loyal to the Constitution, some not. Cast the outages as the result of internal enemies, add some faked evidence, apply the military’s new powers to round up ‘terrorists’ inside the US, and presto, our Deep State is back on top. It is the standard military-intelligence coup.

The country’s leadership are often killed along with that, air crashes are a frequent cause. That would invoke the powers of the Continuity of Government plans, ending normal civilian leadership. The military promises to restore the Constitution after all internal enemies are rounded up. Crippled civilian communications keep that process from producing outrage.

Under those circumstances of legal, however unConstitutional military rule and given slow and uncertain communications along with the Deep Swamp’s obvious control of most of the major web sites for news and information, resistance would be slow to form, sporadic and uncoordinated. Having people commit to one side or the other before they have complete information means a mix of good and bad voices, likely on both sides. Ideal for a Syrian-class mess the length and breadth of the US. Living conditions could get worse for a long time before they got better.

TINA. You have to get resilient at the community level and all know that the enemy are the people who ae willing to kill their enemies, or have really good escape plans triggered much too early rather than 1 minute late. Realistically, you are better off planning on the first, people aren’t good at being much too early, before the signs are all completely obvious. By all evidence, people missed those also, every time :


Bannon’s attack on Trump appears to be a very large damp squib :


Youtube offered a Jeremy Clarkson video today, “The Greatest Raid”. I recognized the guy’s name from my 21yo son talking about the car series. I watched it, then sent the link to him, asking if he knew Clarkson was famous before the car videos. When he got home from work, he told me he had watched all of Clarkson’s programs, including the 5 inventions that changed the world, “similar to Burke’s Connections”, he said. Said he watched this particular one twice, once before reading Tolland’s Rising Sun and Atkinson’s 3 volume history of WWII that discussed it, then again afterwards.

Kid dropped out of school end of 7th grade, so he had time to get educated. If Flynn is correct about the increasing sophistication of concepts in information flows being responsible for modern superiority on IQ tests, my kid is smarter than the kids who went to high school. Certainly his education makes for more interesting conversations than with his friends. He starts college part-time this quarter, maybe, community colleges drop many classes around here and students scramble to find substitutes, that has happened to one of his classes already, so we will see :


Interpreting the news is always reading tea leaves, we never have enough information from public sources to be sure about anything. Trump makes this especially difficult because he has a very different framework for making decisions. In any time and place, cherry-picking evidence and fitting them into a narrative is unlikely to produce good understandings. The process is especially error-prone in times of chaos, so you can’t believe anyone’s analysis, especially not your own.

I hope that people on the inside are at least keeping notes, their real views of the Trump phenomena. In some future time, it will be especially useful to see that vs what we all speculate now.

This is the best-documented time ever in any civilization wrt the voices of individuals. Literacy is not necessary, there are no formal standards, as low a barrier to self-expression in a permanent public record as anyone could imagine. A 5-year-old relative recently uploaded a video to Youtube showing off his toys and his parents didn’t find out until months later when he did one of his bedroom. Youtube records anyone with a smart phone anywhere in the world, which is nearly everybody who wants one in 2017, smart phones are getting cheap. Add in interesting bits of security videos, email troves and all the stored meta-data everywhere, future historians will have more bare-naked reality to make sense of than they can imagine. Sociologists are already drowning in data.

Daily Reading #20E

Clear signs of the Deep Swamp’s losing power. This is the flip side of their propaganda papering over ugly reality, controlling other voices to prevent other understandings :


Finally, the DOJ is going after the Deep State’s NOCs, the Clintons and their crime family. Now we will see if they keep digging after the first few scandals produced by Hillary’s obvious graft, e.g. the Awan Brothers Spy Ring in Congress, the CIA’s drug imports, human sex trafficking and organ trafficking, or the Navy’s shipping illegal everything. (I reiterate my prediction that some Navy ship has transported humans being trafficked. Too easy for them to do, too hard to detect. Navy ships don’t have customs problems, the base itself approves shipments in and out, no civilians are involved. Ships have secure cargo holds with secure-cargo handlers. Container comes onto the base, onto the ship, people are taken care of via goods in another container, it is all cleaned up before port, container off the ship, off the base, no hassle. What better method could be devised? )

The Clintons are part of the world’ largest frauds and ratlines, an amazing amount of the world’s commerce, multi $Bs looted from the countries they have destroyed. Hanging is too good for them. I think that permanent stocks, moved from city square to city square to be spit on by citizens for the rest of their lives is neither cruel nor unusual, and would be very instructive to the nation :


Bannon is Deep State. By their opposition ye shall know them. George Webb’s crowd mind is making amazing progress :


I was listing to one of the Pacifica stations, some guy answering call-in questions. Basically the Progressive-Democratic internal thinking, the intelligencia wing of the Stasis Quo, talking about how to get rid of Trump. The latest push is the ‘crazy’ approach, impeach Trump for being some variety of unstable AND emoluments clause AND failure to prosecute worker safety and other such laws. Very weak, it can’t work unless Trump decisively loses in the 2018 elections.

But the total discussion of the things Trump is doing in the bureaucracies and in foreign affairs made me think that Trump’s entire strategy is to tear the scabs off everything, expose the problem the various bandaides have partially ameliorated and hidden. Net neutrality, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, getting rid of so many rules and regulations, pulling out of the latest nuclear treaty with Iran (which also will remove the $ from the many people violating the embargos on both sides), … Even the tax law is 2 levels of strategy, it seems to me. It may work to boost the economy by pulling manufacturing and many corporate world-wide headquarters back to the US because it puts other countries, with high corporate tax rates, at a significant disadvantage. The end of that game is a zero rate, which would give business such boost by removing the complexity of tax calculations from investment decisions. We can hope. But even more importantly, that tax bill is going to dramatically high-light the military vs social security debate. That is a fight the military will lose, however much the Stasis Quo would like to think otherwise.

But Trump is also amassing power to the Presidency, a dangerous trend. If the military is indeed handling the criminals in the US Deep Swamp, not the Justice Department, as Qanon hints, the situation is scary as hell. Domestic criminals into Guantanamo? Beyond Wow, and not much comment negative, as Gore says of all the more proven matters :


Stockman’s view is that Trump will be forced to compromise. This is somewhat contrary to Charles Ortel’s view that the Trump Tax plan can provide a boost to the economy, which is what the Fed’s manipulation of the DJIA is is signalling promises of. (That was well-expressed essence of the situation, if I do say so myself.) So Trump’s model of all this is one of incremental advantage, what pressure points can you afford to use in gaining incremental advantage. He has picked well, so far.

A thought I had is that an insider could wrap Trump’s admin’s acts in such a lovely narrative, however chaotic it probably actually is. The disadvantage of an intended public plan is that it gives the opposition a way to measure you. Trump has a few large goals, hard to measure progress, easily to claim victories on the path to each. Trump is forcing the pace, Deep Swamp is on the defensive, no question.

I still think that Trump is more and more in control of events. The Deep Swamp has a few more attacks, and will roll them out in a final crescendo, but impeaching Trump based on his tweeting showing him to be unhinged enough to be ejected from the Presidency? Need we point out that Trump continues to win, and we would all be happier if you would stop your opposition to Trump, he wouldn’t win so much in the direction of accumulating more power in the Presidency. None of their possible ploys will go anywhere, and if Trump merely avoids the financial crash until the show trials get under way, he will win the 2018 elections :


Jason Goodman’s Crowd Source The Truth. This is the Down Under story of Clinton’s Global Initiative criminality by Michael Smith, very interesting interview. Charles Ortel has developed into a serious analyst of the news, an explainer of the meaning of events, reports. Long and connected discussions. Their guest is Michael Smith, also a very well-spoken in paragraphs thinker. This was a good hour and a half background while writing this stuff.

Charles Orel has integrity, and strongly supports Trump’s tax plans and his executive order. Way smarter than the average person on legacy media, he is obviously not PR, is a real person, real background, real judgement wrt exactly the issues he is discussing. This is a voice that solidifies the views of anyone with values that allow them to see it.

Thinking about how rigid must be the average integrity in order to successfully run a successful organization at a given level of complexity. Probably you have to be more rigidly honest and reality-focused in subsistence lives than a modern major political campaign. First, it is clear why the Navy’s ships have been crashing into freighters, the Navy Brass is corrupt. Real leadership problems. Second, there needs to be a study of how the average noise in a cascade of decisions or summaries before the system makes more wrong decisions than correct. This requires renormalization statistics for subsystems with redundancy, … It has to have been done, but I don’t recall hearing about it, and it seems obvious, once thought of. A version of the idea in CS is numerical analysis, how to know that limitations of digital computers aren’t destroying meaning in long chains of computation, e.g. a model of a physical event or ecosystem :


Charles Rutherford continues discussions of our oligarchy’s failures :


I did not know Seymour Melman, a first-class thinker about production in the US and the economic consequences of policies. His major flaw was that he proposed policies to correct the problems :


The design flaw in processors was a typical engineering short-cut. TLBs are expensive and crucial to the performance of the system with virtual memory, itself crucial to the integrity of the total system, and so the CPUs only had one of them, shared between kernel and user spaces. Now they will have 2,


I am not sure what could be more urgent than your OS being taken over from a user-space program, but this speculates that the above problem is the tip of an iceberg. SPECTRE is not specified above, so maybe that is it. I agree, a hypervisor bug that allows one virtual machine to access another’s memory would be of considerable concern to Amazon and Google. Virus outbreaks in the cloud would be a sobering experience. Could you destroy a processor, memory, disk drives, system, cluster, cloud… with a program? If so, a hypervisor-virus could be lethal to systems and people :


Multi-dimensional data does help make good decisions :


Rock art that can be connected with existing cultures. If these interpretations are correct, we know traditions in the SouthWest Native Americans can persist for 5000+ years. That is much longer than any civilization’s traditions and likely representative of relatively stable populations in areas where outsiders can’t easily encroach like Northern Mexico and South East Arizona :


Daily Reading #20D

Suppose I was someone who spent 12 years as a successful and renown reality TV star, suddenly become President of the US, and who understood the magnitude of the problem that was the Deep State. How would I script the plan to take back America? One way is to directly communicate with the people, 100M people follow him on Twitter George said. What bureaucracy could resist the political pressure Trump can produce? Sessions and the DOJ, Tillerson and State, etc may or may not be acting as directed by Trump as normal routine functioning, but Trump’s tweeting certainly enhances Session’s power to get things done, and lets Trump take all the credit. Very theatrical, also, great reality TV.

The criminals infesting our social order are being exposed, bit by bit. Whoever wrote the script is a genius, this is a cliffhanger, human interest story with big personalities clashing in public, lots of action behind the scenes that we are left to guess about. The tension is building, will the good guys win? Add in Qanon with the puzzles and hints occupying the best minds for the last several months over several web sites and Youtube interpreting everything through the fog, more tension, more excitement, more anticipation, more minds watching Trump at work.

Trump was a reality TV star for 12 years and on the edge of show biz in several ventures before. Do you suppose Trump learned anything from the experiences? Could he be PTBarnum for the Twitter Age? Or the next power-hungry leader with special skills in gaining power, as Robert Gore has speculated?

I think our Deep State is very correct to be focused on Trump because I think they are losing, Trump is making them react, not vice versa as it looked for the first 6 months. And part of the way he is doing it is bypassing legacy media, escaping their propaganda control. Trump sets the news cycle with every 4:30 AM tweet, the media can’t not cover his tweet. Twitter better be nice, if Trump changed his postings to Gab.ai, Twitter would soon be gone :


I just decided that I believe that Satanic rituals are wide-spread. The evidence is more than enough to say that those exist and that the Clintons are connected to them in short sets of links. I am convinced they are wide-spread because they have been taken over by the CIA and used to control other institutions. Or vice versa, it is so hard to tell in that kind of a network intermeshing batshit insanity with criminal networks with legitimate institutions. In either case, that kind of crime, beyond horrifying to normal people, and therefore the ultimate compromise and the ultimate insider status, is necessary to keep the very large-scale conspiracies working without defectors compromising them. Nobody can cut a deal for participating in ritual torture and killings of children, and the CIA long ago understood the need for that in its takeover of the world.

People are really going to hate Alex Jones being so right :


Considered as attacks on the Deep State’s rear-guard action against Trump, Manafort is a bad enemy for them to have made. I bet he has as much dirt on them as vice versa, just from the nature of his role in the Deep Swamp.

That is a good name for the blend we see in our elites and their institutions, the very few steps from august institutions such as Harvard and its investment funds to money laundering, bribery, … Ditto CIA money throughout the university, and military money, and … Our Deep State and its corruptions are everywhere. Henry Kissinger, the evil so-called ‘genius’ was at least spokesman for a large interest in the somewhat more legitimate side of that, the foreign policy elites, all heavily influenced by financial and corporate elites :


Pat Buchanan gets this right. If Trump allows another long-running war, he will likely be a one-term president :


NSA’s employees are not leaving, by this account, because their mission is unconstitutional spying on the American people and the American people hate it :


All mappings of ‘reality’, in reality models of reality, are wrong, including mappings of maps. Different mappings are useful for different things. Choosing different kinds of models is another mapping. Humans confuse maps with reality very frequently, and also choose the wrong measures for mappings very frequently.

Integrating that idea into thinking, that there is no reality but what our minds can form a model of, in our human brain’s grasp of modeling, is as philosophically neutral a base for understanding as I know. It probably should be the measure of the sophistication of a civilization’s thinking, the extent to which they merge the limitations of the human mind with their understanding of the universe and explanations of that. Ditto bureaucracies.

This is one of the measures that intelligence agencies excel in. They know limitations of the human mind very well, it is the source of their power.

We aren’t there yet in anything but physics, and not all of that. Making thinking ‘reasoning with a model’ also transforms the debate from ‘I am right” to “In the model I am using”, exposing all of the assumptions. There are many steps in educating minds about chains of reasoning. As a society, we currently function at the level of debater’s points and public relations :


People’s views on our political contest are converging. But nothing is un-imaginable.

Truly anonymous networks with verified in-net identities and crypto-currencies can get a lot of things done in the real world. Working in those worlds will be gaining incremental trust, much like the criminal networks are. Meritocracies, work your way up from the bottom, formal training where you fit in first, and otj training putting you into the rat lines and moving you up the hierarchy. Muscles through skills and brains, a digital world of control of real-world sequences. Much like we have, tho those still require chains of meat-space trust links to work :


I was just reading comments on ZH, noting the votes up an down. What a brilliant thought it was to provide that facility. The voting data provides detailed opinions tied to an individual identity on ZH which can be tied to the actual individual by anyone with access to commercial databases. As a way of measuring public opinion of people who read comments, it is as good as it gets. Now the surveying organization can add their own comments to the comment stream, really survey questions in disguise and including ‘push-polling’ surveys, … Interactive, real-time, assessment of public opinion. Wow. No wonder ZH is attractive enough to have 3 different investors (or so I have read) since its founding.

But what NSA-CIA front organization is behind the software and servers running the voting for the many web sites that have those? There is the Deep State at work. Every dissident such as I has been identified long since, with a very accurate estimate of our hot buttons, the things that will cause us to move to the next level of dissension.

Paranoid, you say? Oh, no. Simple intelligence analysis. Assume they are as smart as you are. If I thought of it just now, some one of their FT analysts in NSA thought of it long-since, and the implementation is fairly straight-forward, it seems to me, no technical breakthroughs would be required. It is a script running in the browser, sends a message to a DB server, [ Web Site Comment ID, up/down, Web Site commenter ID ]. The pollster or analyst can post comments from anywhere and assess the results from anywhere else via a logon ID to the DB server. That is a service easy to sell, it seems to me. For the intelligence agency selling that service through some facade, e.g. Google, the questions are as interesting as the answers. They also have the advantage of being able to collate a single individual’s votes across multiple sites.

An interesting take by George Webb on the Bannon-Trump dispute. Bannon has the background and career trajectory of a No-Official Cover CIA asset. As for Bannon’s charge of ‘treason’, such BS. Banon always struck me as more rational than this. But watch George’s thinking evolve, actually the thinking of his crowd mind. :



The Turkish culture is deeply connected, This particular Mongolian culture goes back at least 2500 years :


Fission bombs are easy, McGee and other books discussed that, this article is another. But NK did a fusion bomb and several generations of ICBMs within a few years. A nation of 22M people in an agricultural economy subject to periodic starvation can’t do that :


Harvard Law’s preparing for negotiations :


How can anyone be scandalized by what is so obviously bog standard human normal sexual behavior? This is as consensual as it gets, imho. The women at these, and no doubt there are homosexual verisons with men, have ulterior motives, mixed motives, aren’t entirely in it for the sex? No kidding, when has that ever been different? I agree about ‘lines’ being crossed. I don’t think people should take MDMA. But mere orgies with drugs, young women looking for better futures and older wealthy man? What could be more normal for our species? Your ideology is irrelevant in the face of that :


Commons require rule of law or some social equivalent :


Iran’s protests are due to the power of their government to screw everything up :


Yet another item for the tech palette. Implications, just things that seem obvious are that any surface with a translucent finish can be a high-resolution 3D camera and pictures inside pressure vessels are now easier, they can choose materials that resist the reagents but don’t make good lenses. Two-photon printing of resist into nano-structures is fairly astonishing, tho early tech. Topological transistors that do not use energy in switching is an interesting possibility that could get Moore’s law back on track. The 2-layers of graphene becoming diamond under pressure could be a different way of laying out electronic circuits, but is another interesting property of materials.

This is the beginning of an entirely new era in technology. There are 100s of studies like these, new properties of materials, new materials, new ways of processing materials, every year. Humanity does not have enough people focused on these areas because the opportunities are exponential with the number of possible technologies combined, these are individual technologies to be combined :






Biology is as prolific of new discoveries as material science :