Daily Reading #259

Blogging will be light for the next few weeks, I will miss days.

That and this next link from WRSA :


The empty saga of RussiaGate never stops :


From the Woodpile Report, more facts contradicting everything the gun=control advocates claim :


ISIS is being protected by US troops in Syria :


And intelligence services were careful to take enough criminals among the refugees so as to run the ratlines and also distract citizens from other gov misdeeds :


A documentary entitled “Yak Dung” grabbed my attention. Who knew it was such a versatile material? People adapt to harsh environments with no trees :

Maybe rural sheriffs are different than urban, but I note that the FBI has no problem finding sheriffs to cover up their murders :


Antifa and ISIS are good friends, I believe :


The Saudis, Israelis and probably allied governments spend far more to influence US policy, which includes elections, than Russia ever thought of :



Daily Reading #258

Rachel Maddow is the new Joseph McCarthy, except that McCarthy didn’t have the full weight of the CIA’s mighty Wurlitzer on his side, so Maddow is much more effective, even tho McCarthy had far more evidence against Stalinists in the government ranks than zero evidence the RussiaGate propagandists have been able to produce :


A good comment from a ZH article :


HockeyFool wildbad Mon, 03/05/2018 – 09:45 Permalink

Listen, if you haven’t figured out how President Trump works yet, let me spell it out to you.

-Trump says something “normie friendly” that he has no intention to do.
-Normies smile and go back to their sports/Netflix.
-Trump surrogates do the exact opposite of what he says.
-Democrats get cucked.

Every single time Trump says something “off-base” I see hundreds of these articles that say “TRUMP BETRAYAL,” etc, etc. And yet, every single time, I’ve yet to see Trump actually screw something up.

You get these professional pundits that are paid thousands of dollars, and yet, they still haven’t figured out Trump’s MO.

The little accomplishments slip through the cracks because everyone gets dragged through the mud by the media. Meanwhile, Trump is packing the lower courts with hardline consititutionalists.

Until Trump ACTUALLY ACTS on something that is unforgivable (gun regulations, breaking promises on immigration reform, etc) I will continue to be on the Trump Train. I know we are all used to politicians who stab us in the back, but have a little faith in the man. It’s better for morale.

This is how, increment by increment, the law is bent to privilege the oligarchs vs the citizens :


I hate the idea of military tribunals, am not sure about the legality, and otoh, the DOJ is not doing its job, to say the least. This is what QAnon has been preparing the world for, if he is legit. From the beginning, he was saying ‘trust the military’. George Webb has interpreted Marine One helicopter flights as symbolic aggression against centers of DBS control.

I haven’t looked at the legality of all this, but recall it was one of the alarming aspects of a Shrub or Obama bill extending the military’s reach into the US.

Too exciting, these times :



George Webb, et al :


Both China and Russia have worked to stop corruption and are thus ahead of the US in this important part of civilization :


If you wondered about why NASA hasn’t been back to the moon, it is because of idiocies like the space shuttle and incompetence like the $1B launch tower :


Money doesn’t make people happy because many don’t know how to use their money to produce happiness, falling into consumerism :


Our vaunted Intelligence Community doesn’t have the self-discipline to prevent rogues from bending the process to their own ends :


In case you missed it, gun bans don’t do anything to the crime rate :


Tiger management in India :


The situation in E. Ghouta is NOT what the media wish us to believe :


I love the alignment of interests in this :


To put this in context, what biologists are actually finding is that supposedly mating for life works in a lot of different ways, depending on food supply, etc. A couple of weeks ago I linked to a youtube of the Harris hawks I think it was, in the Mexican desert. Food is so scarce and the owl predators so serious that it takes more adults to raise the chicks. So they have multi-marriage. Obviously, people do the same :


This is mostly the Russian side of the problem in Syria, the options available to all parties. Clearly some intelligence agency is briefing these guys on all the scenarios they have worked through to set policy. Impressive, no doubt, but where are the statistics on their error rates? Better than the US’s failure rates, nearly 100% in the ME, except for the 100s of B’s that went into the Deep State coffers, minion’s pockets, including the Clintons, and into Hillary’s campaign.

Given that we are where we are in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, … All of the countries in that region, in fact in the entire world, must just distrust the hell out of the US of A. The ‘international politics’ game the US and Israel have been playing make Leopold II’s moves in the Congo look civilized. The US has criminals in charge of major elements of the government cooperating with criminals in governments they have installed around the world, and the world isn’t coping well. Not US citizens, either :


Rolling Stone’s leftish take on Youtube shutting down Alex Jones, et al. Don’t tell me that Google doesn’t make money with Alex Jone’s channel and all the others. The alt-media get far more views than the average video on Youtube. Google just shows you the top, you have to search more specifically for the rest. This is excellent propaganda, makes their suppression of political thought they don’t approve of seem science-based, almost civilized. The new McCarthyism is here :


The evolution of cooperation. Well, at least cooperation in computer models with possibly true analogies to examples of biological evolution :


Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a gospel singer who played guitar so well as to influence Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley :


A couple of my comments on ZH the last few days :

No, it isn’t that simple. Positions have power and also obligations to the people who put you there.  The CIA put him there, same as Obama. Obama had a bit more independence.

That world is one of influence. You rarely get a final say, even as President.

So I have to keep excusing Trump, indeed he isn’t in control, and he shoots from the hip, both his strongest and weakest points. Evolution needs variation, we have not had enough different inputs into the system over the last few admins.

OTOH, the Republicans have the House and the Senate and the Presidency. There is no excuse for there being no prosecutions a year after the administration’s taking office. Coming up on a year after Sessions was confirmed, I think.

Either you are on the Deep Black Swamp’s side, or the Constitution’s side, there are no 3rd alternatives. So this election, we should vote out every Republican so as to afix blame for what happens next. With the sides clear, we can proceed.

Without prosecutions, Republicans are fig leaves, bandaids, facades hiding reality. And any honest Republican candidate would urge us to do that, they would like their party cleansed also.

The reality is our Deep Black Swamp intends to control the world via associated mafias that they strongly influence. Those mafias now include sections of the military leadership, including CIA and NSA. The CIA’s influence operations clearly control Congress. The Congress selected Sessions. The DOJ was already corrupted with Clinton’s SES operatives, same as most other government agencies.

What would you do? You can’t fire people easily, not at all easily. He can fire cabinet members only at political cost. So he tweets his frustrations that highlight, sometimes, the issues, and keeps pushing for political wins, even if merely facades.  And because he is shaking things up a lot, I think even his losses are good for the country. Every new topic is one for people to dig into and write about the corruption involved.

So I sympthize with Trump’s position, fault him for so often losing sight of the goal of beating the DBS, but will have no pity for Republicans if they fail to investigate, prosecute and punish the treasonous criminals in the DBS trying to rule us.


Exactly right, Communists were never a threat in this country, and aren’t now.

Yes, they own academia, yes the Progressive mindset is pervasive in our ruling classes, but no, the CIA isn’t communist.

The CIA, whatever its position in the Deep Black Swamp that is doing its best to take over the world and is now running scams of a size that boggles the mind, 9/11 -> 15 years of war in the ME, making huge profits every year, in addition to looting Libya, probably $500B they got out of that, is the only threat to the integrity of this country. Mere Progressives, we can handle.  Criminals are much harder, and criminals with secrecy stamps and special forces right up at the edge, they hang if they lose.

No, the left is not the primary enemy in this situation. No doubt some of them will be willing SJW cannon fodder in any shooting conflict, that is what the propaganda is aiming for.

If Donald Trump doesn’t get prosecutions going, the probability of shooting is high. And you know, a whole bunch of people think Progressives are the enemy. Generally, everyone owning guns, in fact, which fact they guaranteed by attacking the 2nd Amendment.

Progressives are the absolutely most amazing fools.  As dumb as were US Communists carefully ignoring all of the evidence wrt Stalin’s mass killings.

9/11 has peer-reviewed scientific evidence that the buildings were demolished with particular kinds of explosives used by the military in demolitions of exactly that kind. And they can’t look at it, their legacy media protects their delicate minds from facts.

They are being used. SJWs for this generations of powerful people with money, necessary for any civil war.

At least the conflagration will be well documented, so our descendents, if any, can learn the maximum wisdom from our folly.


Daily Reading #257

Farmed salmon is the most toxic food you can find in the grocery store, by 10X. This is quite a significant bit of research, a good documentary.

How long ago was it that the Chinese were castigated wrt melamine in baby formula and pet food, among other places. Really hard on Chinese babies, but it was the American pet lovers that caused the ruckus. And a great article in Unz I hadn’t linked to for a long time, which ends as

American journalists seemed to focus more attention on a half-dozen fatalities in China than they did on the premature deaths of as many as 500,000 of their fellow American citizens.

The inescapable conclusion is that in today’s world and in the opinion of our own media, American lives are quite cheap, unlike those in China.

That states the case very clearly. Our Deep Black Swamp uses false flags, attacks against Americans here at home as a tool for more political power, nobody in power seems to care about all of the tent cities in America.

This system is not working for people any more, it is working for the oligarchs, the already wealthy, the political, and the minions in the large-scale institutions the oligarchs control. We have a limited meritocracy, sometimes merit is necessary, sometimes not. If your kid wants to become an MD and he was a major donor to the hospital fund, I think he becomes an MD. That is before all of the fake credentials bestowed in the various DC accreditation scams funded by the CIA :



I find it easy to believe the long-term intent of the Deep Black Swamp’s thinking is to recreate the Spanish Revolution, really just any of the 60’s and early 70’s youth-lead political activist movements, they all morphed into authoritarian regimes. Yes, Antifa is just the brownshirts all over again, and the Millenials are just the newest politically-unsophisticated population to concentrate propaganda on, and they occupied the universities to spread their beliefs. OK, not the first time in civilization, and every previous generation has eventually been tamed and civilization resumed. Costly of lives and treasure and time-consuming, these renewals of civilization.

If you had half a brain, you would take your kids out of school and vote against every tax for public education. Public schools are not just a waste of our youth and our money, they are a waste of the culture. We have spent a long time getting our country up to the level of freedom that we had, life was good and getting better for the common man up to about 1960.  Education still worked, sort of. Government was no worse than normal :


We aren’t to this level yet, and I think that netapps to do this with Bunny Banger technology will arrive first :



In his last 3 videos, George gets back to something he has been hinting at for some time, namely that the plot to have Andrew McCabe take over the FBI has been long in the making and goes very deep. McCabe hired the Awans, a group of people based at Duke University have been working together to take over other institutions, McCabe was one of the people in the FBI. Teams of hackers to help individuals rise in their bureaucracies.

George’s stories have been ultra-wow for a long time. I have to start looking at videos critical of George. So far, it seems to me that each of the threads he has pulled have unraveled more of the story, and the story is of a total conspiracy far larger than anyone could have imagined. This is the largest fraud in the history of the world, the most sophisticated conspiracy in history, the culmination of the propagandist’s art.

That kind of conclusion is something that needs checked in every dimension, so more critiques. However, so far, among the critiques I have seen, George has the best position, wisdom, understanding, … George isn’t perfect, but humanity is damn lucky to have him.

It is clear that many lesser reporters have been killed for far less revealing stories, much less go into the connections between the scandals, the clear trail of a Deep Black Swamp of corruption with the power to defeat investigations, by any means necessary.

Why is George still alive? Can’t be the outrage, George’s videos don’t go above 20K most days.

There is still a lot of history to be known :

Daily Reading #256

I was just thinking about ratlines vs normal government operations. Local, retail drug operations have their low level members arrested frequently, the 2nd-tier that receives large shipments and re-distributes it to street-level dealers much less frequently, and the highest level people almost never. On the money laundering side, the big banks are caught sometimes, but that doesn’t matter, apparently, as it happens again and again for the same bank.

That is an impressive achievement, movement of 10s of $Bs of drugs into the US and through a distribution change with so few losses of drugs or people or money.

Compare that to the entire strategic intelligence of the US military. Bogged down in wars that do nothing for the country, however much they fatten the oligarch’s bank accounts. Major weapons systems don’t work, F-35 and all of the anti-missile systems. And now the evidence of the Russian’s efforts show those to be the least of the failures.

All of this happened in about 20 years, beginning with the dissolution of the USSR. From planet-wide top dog to all surface ships and air forces impotent. Also any anti-missile system, if we ever happen to develop one that could intercept last generation missiles. The Pentagon is a system so bound up in rules and regulations and standards that it is incompetent to do anything, much less reform itself.

And so we end as all empires do, maximum debt, maximum enemies, minimum defense, maximum internal problems. Wow, you have to be impressed with the results of modern university education, to have so well prepared us all to recognize this situation. And with the foresight of our intelligence organizations in the way they have worked to prevent this sad situation.

But the immediate danger, very large, is that the Israeli-Neocons always double down. This will begin a long series of brags as they try to fix the damage via propaganda, more spending on advanced projects (which technology they immediately sell to foreigners) and more anti-Russia and anti-China measures.

Just to do a bit of checking, are these weapons likely to be that good? Well, we have been getting all kinds of hints that our weapons systems weren’t doing well against Russian equipment in Syria. Remember the guided missile frigate in the Black Sea that the Russian electronic counter measures plane shut down a few years ago? Remember the 60+ cruise missiles that didn’t hit much? And the Israeli Air Force plane shot out of the air over Lebanon a week or so ago? Does Putin bluff much? If you are genuinely weak/strong is it better to over/under-state your capabilities?

This has been coming for years. Carrier battle groups have been very vulnerable to both submarines and to ICBMs with atomic warheads. Old tech diesel subs from the Chinese Navy surfaced in the middle of one of those battle groups a few years back. I kept reading about Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles in development. Inertial navigation and automation keeps getting better. Tech for keeping in contact with remote systems despite jamming keeps getting better.

So, yes, I think all this is real, and this AM find a lot of comment agreeing with me. Not good PR for the DBS, a major wing of which is in the arms industry, the core of which is our vaunted multi-headed Intelligence Community. Losers, all :



More and more doubts about the Broward County Parkland school shooting. Another thing to make me skeptical of the Parkland school shooting is how fast they rolled out an obviously prepared gun control propaganda campaign, featuring students from that same high school. Big money and names are behind it.

9-11 shows our Deep Black Swamp is willing to sacrifice American lives in both intentional murders and foreign wars to achieve its ends, and their complete control of the media. Sandy Hook shows that at least one group of people in FEMA plans and executes these events, and that FEMA/DOJ can organize an entire State and school system to produce and coverup a Faux Flag event. (Although Sandy Hook doesn’t look like a normal town according to the people driving through. Spooky place, in fact.) Also the DBS’s complete control of legacy media, of course.

With those prior probabilities 100%, what do you think happened in Broward County?

Few sued in the 9-11 cases either, they were bought off by the victim’s compensation funds :



One aspect of this, which a civilization really shouldn’t need to re-learn, is that deep corruption means the system can no longer self-correct, and that the power needed to correct the system must be larger than any remaining power of the failing system. That is the dynamic driving revolutions. If you wish to avoid revolution, you must have a system which is scrupulously honest, you must work to keep it that way. Any tolerance of dishonesty will take you down.

Sessions is not an obstacle, fire him and appoint someone in Congress’s next recess. SOP, why does nobody grasp this?


George Webb Day 135 discusses MAVNI, which is the military’s visa program, another way to get people into the US :


From WRSA, this thread. The rhetoric is heating up on the side of patriots, again created by the completely outrageous propaganda campaign based on yet another mass murder, from which will inevitably follow a springtime of high school activists parading in front of TV cameras, leading into a summer of campaigning Democratic, and thus an election win and revival of the Democratic Party, currently moribund.

That is a fine plan, it seems to me, very nice campaign, and right when they need a distraction from the House and Senate investigations. A good combined arms of politics, their strength in image making and the media that amplify those, mobilizing activists, all adding to their attempts to impeach Trump. Whether a pivot away from AntiFa or an additional effort by Soros’s minions, it is a fine move. Was Trump’s cave on gun control a result of that pressure?

Our Deep Black Swamp has their first team on the problem of taking over the US, it would seem. They aren’t used to the new distributed reporting, research and analysis done in alt-news, and haven’t mastered running black ops in a world of ubiquitous automation with data collection, so this is still a close-run contest, imho. OTOH, if they manage to foment a shooting war, nobody should think it would be like any other in history nor that anyone can predict an outcome.

Trump still has a wild card, prosecutions, prosecutions of the Deep Black Swamp. I love the dynamics of each side forging the other’s tools as we march over the cliff :


Humanity reaches new levels of hypocracy practically daily. Israel denies that the Armenian genocide was at all similar to the Jewish genocide :


Having allowed the megabanks to become so mega, turns out they don’t have a plan to deal with megafailures. Not that that is sensible, either. Mega should not be allowed. Mega is easily corrupted.

I don’t know how corporate law needs changed, but it seems to me that no company should allow itself to have more than 10% of any market. More means you aren’t innovating and competing, and so are more likely to be surprised by some change that knocks out a large share of your business. Anti-fragile risk management means staying relatively small and innovative across a wider range of businesses.

Of course, many business books preach the exact opposite of that. Also any other thing anyone thinks of, so we know this is a high-dimension decision problem :


Mueller is part of the Deep Black Swamp, of course :


Wolves have culture too. At least individual habits that are learned by offspring :



Better diagnoses of diabetes :


Active portfolio management is a zero-sum game. You can lose at those if the management costs are above $0.00. Even being Harvard and having access to the most successful alumni investment talen, they under-performed the market. Awesome, they must be so proud :


We have learned nothing from the Portuguese experience. For God’s sake, legalize them all. How can we go on this way, 80+ years after it became obvious that making drugs illegal multiplies harm in modern societies? And that there were no examples of successes in older societies? It is as though our affairs are ordered for some goal we are not aware of :


We have debtor’s prisons and a court system that uses them. Behind the scenes is the fact that prisons are profit-making enterprises, public or private :


For a long time, I have said that we should be treating illegal drug users as lab rats. Turns out that Ketamine is an anti-depressant, which we could have known by sorting the lab rats by what they choose to take :


The problem of rape by Muslims could be easily solved as the Koreans solved the problem of rape by American soldiers, just round up enough German teens and put them into brothels :


Daily Reading #255

The Russians continue to dictate terms in Syria. Excellent, and this will soon put the Israelis in check :



Day 500 in George Webb’s new numbering system. This begins summaries of events since June 2017 :


This is wonderful. This is another analysis of the official crime scene photos of the Sandy Hook ‘mass murder’ hoax. This guy spent some time on them and lists all of the anomalies across the set of photos. Laughable stupidity in setting up the scenes, FEMA hires the mentally handicapped exclusively. The instance that takes the cake is the ‘bullet holes’, obviously drilled from the outside. 3 in a row are absolutely horizontal in exactly the same direction. Adam Lanza, a boy who never lived was one hell of a shot.

The 2nd of these is Wolfgang Halbig, one of the serious investigators of Sandy Hook, discussing anomalies in the Broward County (I am growing to believe) faux killings. Among other things, none of the 14 parents have filed suit against the school district for the many stupidities.

The third of these is Halbig discussing the case wrt Lenny Posner, a ‘Sandy Hook parent of a child killed in the massacre’, who seems to be the person charged with fending off the investigations.

The 4th is another investigator tracking the various people who were part of the Sandy Hook hoax. More lies designed to mislead. Nobody died at Sandy Hook :





Ralph Nader with a view of American history for which I didn’t have a template in my mind. I have to read that again. First take : I very much agree about finance, think he has unbalanced views on much of mass production, which requires a legal entity independent of any individual and capital. Yes, those could be cooperatives, tho I don’t know enough corporate law and this history to know more than that. I agree on the modern power of corporations and entities behind those and how those have helped produce this sad state of civilization. Nader restates Thomas Jefferson’s view, updated 75 years to the 1850s-80s, with a modern socialist slant. True, things stop working when they aren’t local :


Daily Reading #254

The Deep Black Swamp is the existential threat to the US of A, my country. No other country in the world can invade this country and win. No other country can attack us with nuclear weapons or bioweapons and themselves survive, so US foreign policy only need avoid nuclear war. How hard can that be?

So draining the swamp is the nation’s highest priority, as the CIA’s coup and infiltration and compromise of the entire world society continues apace. This is the task we elected Trump to perform.

In this effort, either the Congressional Republicans are part of draining the swamp, or they are the swamp. There are no other choices.

So this is an choice for Republicans running for Congress : Either we have indictments and serious wide-spread special prosecutor investigations on Nov 6, 2018, or I will, and believe we all should, vote for any alternatives, even vote a straight Democratic ticket. Not a single vote for Republicans, they have spurned the opportunity to remain in power.

An opportunity we gave them when we gave them Trump and the House and Senate.

OK, the Deep Black Swamp will have control. They already do, and nothing Trump or the Congress have done is slowing the coup, the infiltration or the compromise operations.

So we will remove all of the fig leaves, if fig leaves the Republicans prove themselves to be. Clarifying the picture of the enemy, fixing responsibility for problems, ripping the badaid off, is a strategically-sound move, this would not be a sacrifice in any dimension.

‘Skilled strategic spoiler’ is different than ‘playing the hand you were dealt very well’ how? :


The MIC is a major element of the oligarchic’s control of the system, at best a shallow spot in the Deep Black Swamp :


The ways to mis-use the web’s facilities are very many.  This is using Google as a money laundering service :


I need to watch Abbie Martin more. Very intelligent, very insightful, and with such a strong leftish bias that it makes it hard to listen even when she is on a relatively neutral topic :


George Webb continues to amaze with his investigations.s This is Day 132, and brings in AQ Khan. Diplomatic containers, the high-end centrifuges that the FBI section of the Deep Black Swamp run through AQ Khan. The money goes through Congress by seniority, of course. Remember the suitcases of money delivered to Republican House Leader Dennis Hastert? Some of that money was drugs, some all the other ratline’s take :


The Atlantic has a good article on ‘gun culture’, the NRA does not lead US gun owners, contrary to the left. Atlantic don’t like my ad blocker, but they display the entire article before shutting it down. Your browser can copy the article in that time, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C in mine, then Ctrl-V to paste it into another tab or the email’s ‘compose’ window :

<a href=”https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/02/gun-culture/554351/”>https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/02/gun-culture/554351/</a&gt;

Republican’s Last Chance

Republicans, we have given you a last chance. We gave you control of Congress. We gave you Donald Trump, and told him to a) drain the swamp, b) end the wars, c) control immigration.

He is doing OK on immigration, no thanks to the Republican Congress.

He is doing shit on wars and draining the Deep Black Swamp, all due to the Republican Congress.

So here is my pledge. Either Hillary Clinton and her many co-conspirators in the DBS have been charged and arrested before November 6, 2018, or I don’t vote for Republicans. In fact, it is time to end this farce and clean out the entire Republican contingent in Congress, so I am voting a straight Democratic ticket. If we do that, they will impeach Donald Trump.

Yes, that will turn government over to the DBS.

Fine, the sides will be clear. Then either we survive until 2020, and sweep in a new Republican Party or new Libertarian Party with the mandate to clean the rot out of this system, or the DBS overreaches dramatically enough that we can get on with the shooting revolution.

The opportunity to reform the system we gave Republicans is being spurned. DBS is still in control. The coup continues, the statutes of limitations run out on their many crimes.

More of the same is not an option.