Daily Reading #375

It is very difficult to interpret what is happening, the stage of the fight of the honest people in the administration vs the Deep Black Swamp.  The shutdown is a big advantage, from the link after this. If we believe Tracy Beanz’s evidence that prosecutions are proceeding, then the incredible BS outright open above-board coordination of propaganda across all the media, obviously coming from Brennan, etc is real fear. I don’t believe that, this is the standard coverup. The investigations are apparently all looking for leakers, but that is the smallest element of their crimes. Is that how a serious prosectuion of those crimes would begin? Doesn’t seem like it to me. And if anyone was serious, all the Clinton Foundation people would already be in jail, long sentences.

So I don’t know why so little progress, but it doesn’t look at all good to me.  And every claim by a Q believer makes me less believing :

Very positive effects of the shutdown are that the 85% drones are not working in the federal government because the highest level managers can designate who is essential, therefore will get paid for continuing work. Good for Trump, he should hold out forever :


The CIA learned about controlling the press from MI6, only a few people at Fox seem to have escaped control in legacy media. Without discipline from the press, intelligence services continue to expand their influence and now largely control civilian government.

Generalizing, you can’t trust intelligence services, nor police services that have any motives besides solving crimes. Hard to tell about motives, so none of them can be trusted.  Now we wonder why nothing works :


The Israeli-Neocons running US foreign policy really need to read Discordian doctrine to understand how their sanctions are organizing the forces that will defeat them. Maroons, all, guided by ideology rather than external reality.  When has that ever worked? :




George Webb’s investigation links Whelen to the entire lineup of CIA criminals and back in time to the 1993 WTC bombing, OKC, … CIA criminal operations all the way :


DOJ does not believe in the Constitution, Rosenstein is Deep Black Swamp :



Ditto the IRS. Here taxpayers pay for the illegal acts of Lois Lerner, who stayed in office long after the offenses :


No kidding, the world-wide greater depression is upon us, as I have been saying for the last 6 months and predicting for several years before that. Bubbles cannot be sustained, the CBs of the world have blown the biggest bubbles ever in every country, now they pop :



There are so many varieties of fake news, and ‘white privilege’ is such a stupid meme. What a time in history, mind-blowing rejections of obvious reality everywhere :


Another side of political control of legacy media is that oppression is much easier :


The cultural far left has over-reached, big time. Not a chance this goes their way :


What I said, cheap, easy and safe to do a denial of service attack against airports, because TSA must over-react. This is from Bruce Schneier’s blog :

Drone Denial-of-Service Attack against Gatwick Airport

[2018.12.21] Someone is flying a drone over Gatwick Airport in order to disrupt service:

Chris Woodroofe, Gatwick’s chief operating officer, said on Thursday afternoon there had been another drone sighting which meant it was impossible to say when the airport would reopen.
He told BBC News: “There are 110,000 passengers due to fly today, and the vast majority of those will see cancellations and disruption. We have had within the last hour another drone sighting so at this stage we are not open and I cannot tell you what time we will open.
“It was on the airport, seen by the police and corroborated. So having seen that drone that close to the runway it was unsafe to reopen.”

The economics of this kind of thing isn’t in our favor. A drone is cheap. Closing an airport for a day is very expensive.

I don’t think we’re going to solve this by jammers, or GPS-enabled drones that won’t fly over restricted areas. I’ve seen some technologies that will safely disable drones in flight, but I’m not optimistic about those in the near term. The best defense is probably punitive penalties for anyone doing something like this — enough to discourage others.

There are a lot of similar security situations, in which the cost to attack is vastly cheaper than 1) the damage caused by the attack, and 2) the cost to defend. I have long believed that this sort of thing represents an existential threat to our society.

EDITED TO ADD (12/23): The airport has deployed some anti-drone technology and reopened.

EDITED TO ADD (1/2): Maybe there was never a drone.

It seems pretty clear to me that there are no terrorists, proof of which none of the obvious attacks happen. My friends and I can invent new ones any time we talk about the issue, hard to believe that terrorists are less creative. No attacks, so no terrorists.  OTOH, when we patriots decide it is time to replace the government, a decision long overdue imho, trivial to stop air traffic. Modern economies cannot operate without air traffic, so it is a powerful weapon we can use against our oligarchs and the Deep Black Swamp  :


Sheriff Israel is being replaced by an ally of Pam Bondi. Bondi is pure partisan, so it isn’t clear this is an improvement. More likely, it is a conflict of two different mafias in the Deep Black Swamp :


Brilliant analysis, if you ignore the fact that the pirates were privateers who had literal licenses to steal :


Tracy Beanz diggs into documents and often has good interpretations of her data. This is far off base, it seems to me. Mueller was implicated in all that Whitey Bolger corruption, which was a CIA operation to take over the ports to make it easier to smuggle drugs. Mueller went on to head the FBI just in time to cover up 9/11. This John Durham Federal Prosecutor has indeed headed a lot of important cases, and all of them were major coverups. Well, maybe it is just that I can’t remember anything important that came out of any of them. The CIA goes on torturing, is now headed by the woman who destroyed those tapes that Mr. Durham investigated.

Mr Durham is a coverup artist until I see very strong proof otherwise. Too bad. If Trump does not defeat the Deep Black Swamp, we will have a shooting uprising. Bad, bad, bad :

Already, 60% of Americans can be identified by DNA databases. That is, your 3rd cousin’s 23AndMe data will allow identifying you as a possible suspect in a crime. Very cold cases are being solved :


Meteorites happen, we are 20,000 years overdue for a history-changing event :


Schneier is optimistic, technically hubristic. The idea that AIs based on machine learning will be finding software bugs and vulnerabilities is probably correct, but the idea that it will find them all so that security issues fade to non-existence is ridiculous. OpenBSD is the case to learn from, the team there has scanned their BSD kernel and text-based applications repeatedly, finding new classes of bugs with every scan. There are very subtle bugs in software yet to be discovered, and AIs won’t find those new classes :


Insect gladiator contests :

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