Daily Reading #378

Honesty in all upright people is a requirement of civilization :



I knew Rubio was a shit, this is proof. He ran for President? And thinks this might help in the future? Rubio clearly does not have good judgment :


More 5th generation warfare thinking by Robert Gore. Cause a run on the banks, unravel the entire system real quick :

The Yellow Vests Get it Right, by Robert Gore


George Webb reveals some new perps, including Dick Cheney :

The manifesto of a world-wide Deplorables Party :



Of course they were. Ditto ISIS. Ditto the US and Saudi Arabia, drugs for weapons, … :

This is the system that George Webb’s investigations show to be made in the Ukraine and sold around the world in the drugs for weapons deals. The CIA handles the drugs-to-money operations :



Watson is correct in his statement that there is no reason to believe intelligence has evolved identically in different populations. But all the rest of this is based on IQ tests, which are inherently culturally biased. Must be true, after all, you can study for an IQ test.  The only way to avoid that is a physiological measure. There is no such measure :

3D printing with intersecting light beams is 100X faster than filament printing :


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