Daily Reading #371

This is Jordan Peterson’s POV, but a much better message for most women in their 20s. Excellent for this generation and this economy :

Stuff I already knew from listening to George Webb :


This is a very screwed up country :


The extent to which Ferguson city government was outright legal theft from the poorest residents is amazing. Portland is another variety of theft from citizens, mostly taxpayers in that case :





What I have been saying ever since I first thought about the issue. Ditto about all the jobs about to be taken by AI. But until AIs can do the job of dish washers in a restaurant, don’t believe it. That is simple compared to a short order cook :



‘Predictive coding’ is a new term, but I know the data that produced it and the cognitive psychology dealing with it at higher levels. So must have forgotten the term :



Really interesting, and adding the many, many other environmental factors that affect behavior such as toxoplasma may allow better categories.  The article has a good long discussion of how data can be fitted into categories, including the fact that mental disorders should not be possible, given genetics and evolution and the fact that mental problems of all kinds reduce reproductive fitness, the only kind that ultimately matters. Right, unless the alleles of the dozens of genes affecting the brain that in some combinations produce brilliance in other combinations produce mental disorders.

This is a brilliant paper masquerading as a mere book review :


Corruption in the medical system :


A nation of 5 million can reform itself, maybe :


Probably not a nation of 800M :


Very good article showing why GDP is not a good proxy of household spending :


It seems obvious to me that ‘global warming’ has dominated the environmental conversation because that is where the big $ is, 100s of $Bs per year in spending mean many interests fund many writers and donations to environmental magazines :


Interesting povs :



China’s  Belt and Road Initiative may not be the brilliant plan China has presented and I believed. I think, however, the idea makes a lot of sense, and that it will survive the present Chinese government :


This guy started doing zany things with crossbows, and is now designing serious products :

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