Daily Reading #379

Ntt well, leaving town for some good air, so no posts for a few days.

Our government is scum. They collect secrets they can’t keep secret, given the limitations of technology in general and their extensive use of Microsoft’s Windows OSs. So their solution is to destroy whistleblowers :



The Navy no longer has competent and honest officers. They are consumed by paperwork, the same problem that has reduced the integrity of Army officers :


The Deep Black Swamp’s interest were furthered by the killing of our troops in Manbij :



Pound the frame, big lie propaganda :



Tropical rainforrests are not quiet :


I got this from Naked Capitalism, who says it is very idealized, and cites the behaviors of upper classes. OK, we know that doesn’t work, the upper classes are the most dysfunctional parts of the society, and the rest of us have become so as we have adopted their approach to families.

I grew up on a farm.  Our father was a major part of our lives, and provided a great deal of training about how to do everything. We learned by working with him, Blind spots like this and the lack of understanding of the basic cultural traits of hunter-gathererer societies are what allow idiocies like ‘toxic masculinity’.

Excellent article :



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