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Daily Reading #113

Latest intelligence analysis of the hypothetical sarin gas attack in Syria.  The administration’s story is still BS :

Yes, Justice’s threats to prosecute Assange for espionage won’t work, but they certainly will deter others.  They keep tightening the restraints on publishing.  Controlling publishing is the cheapest way of controlling what we can think.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump to get anything but relative peace and a bit more Freedom, maybe.  Well, I lost. But President Trump, you have lost your way and this country is still on the way to the cliff. Nobody can think this is working, or that this cycle of the internet making it easier to publish vs legacy publishers’ poodles in news rooms and their ownership by even larger entities is going to end well for the Stasis Quo :

This is just court politics, and represents another level of consolidation of power, centralization of information flow.  I was encouraged when Trump was going direct to the web, but he hasn’t continued that. The quote about ‘intellectual rigor’ must be a joke :

But the elite outlets of yore earned their status not just from their proximity to power, but also from the rigorous intellectual framework against which they measured the powerful. And the most significant implication of Bannon’s triumph may be the rise of a governing philosophy that shifts along with the unpredictable man at its center.

I tried some organic potatoes and carrots recently, as I had seen so many organic farming videos bragging about how much better they taste.  Carrots, definitely, taste better. The potatos looked ‘ugly’ compared to normal, but were perfect under the skin. Normal potatoes have at least a few black spots and a thick skin and so need peeled, these were perfect and thin skinned and I didn’t bother peeling them. Given the problems with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, I think the price of organic is worth it :

Burning your rice straw? Why do that to your soil? The organic approach is either ‘chop and drop’ or compost it. The only good argument I can see is reducing bugs and diseases, but good soil does that even better than pesticides, organic farmers don’t use pesticides and make more $ than their neighbors because they don’t have the costs of the fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Bushels per acre isn’t the correct measure, rather profit at the end of the year.  With farm prices fluctuating as 2 or 3X over 20 year periods, it is inevitable that the lower-risk organic will replace high-risk conventional farms :

Democratic Party is out of touch. Republicans too, but Trump keeps them in the game :

Israel is not good for Jews, the animus I see building because of the Israeli-Neocons dominating our foreign policy. Such a joke, Russia controlling the US, when Israel has much more claim to that role. I am seeing more and more outright anti-Semitism, and I don’t think that is good for anyone.  Israel makes anti-semitism easy, as there is quite a lot of evidence that Israel has control of US politics, as the huge amount of $ the US provides every year comes back to be strategically spent here in very sophisticated lobbying, spying, business connections and campaign donations. Rome had the same problem throughout its life. If government has power and spends money, inevitably the recipients of the benefits organize themselves to keep it, to expand it :

It seems to me that the world would be more stable with more countries having nuclear weapons :

Daily Reading #112

These are not normal times. Politics is insane :

Society, politics and all institutions are changed by the economic landscape.  Each step is a limit on the future for individuals :

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a fine analyst of complex systems and human games within them. “Skin in the Game” is his newest book, he has been publishing chapters during the last year :

‘Putting their skins back in the game’ is the way to read this.  It is not possible to hide your identity if you are being photographed.  This craziness ends the first time an intelligent prosecutor does with the evidence what the people at 4chan/pol/ do routinely. Can’t expect that out of Berkeley, but Pikesville, KY? Armed doesn’t count unless you are willing to pull the trigger, and being photographed pulling a trigger is setting yourself up for a murder charge. Or vengeance :

I don’t think this is due to any particular about denizens of Silicon Valley except the fact that they are in the midst of a bubble at the leading and bleeding edge of business and technology and markets.  Every new business in this part of the economy is a bet on the outcome of projections about the future.  The internet provides leverage of all kinds, so people pay big $ for a piece of their projected futures. Of course it becomes just like this, it is just bubble behavior, we see versions in every one of the historical episodes :

I think self-driving cars and humanoid robots doing anything are further in the future than predicted, by at least 10 years.  Dealing with fractal reality is NOT at all the same as identifying pictures or playing computer games. We haven’t even begun to deal with the bugs in the Deep Learning algorithms, e.g. the near-universal small sections of images that destroy a Deep Learning neural net’s ability to identify pictures :

Another large-scale medical experiment with no followup, long-term studies. When you look at these from the pov of ‘skin in the game’ … :

More shortages of water due to infrastructure not keeping up with population :

On the many ways the system is biased to more war :

So we see the same thing with every immigrant group. They move to the US and have excellent health for the first generation, typically bring with them diseases from back home, e.g. Chinese stomach cancer due to so much salted food, but don’t have more of US’s heart and cancer problems for the first, maybe even the 2nd generation.  But then things change, and they are the same as the rest of the US, except more recent immigrants.

By this time, maybe 50 years after it was first noticed, one would think we citizens had learned something about what the immigrants knew.  One would be wrong :

More examples of how smart we have to be to understand how smart animals are :

An interaction of drought, bugs, fungi and bacteria with trees not native to an area.  This describes just another artificial ecosystem with too few species, so easy spread of disease and no natural resilience.  It happens in natural systems, e.g. the elm and the chestnut, but there is a natural resilience in a natural ecosystem, e.g. the chestnut still has trees in the forest that last well into adulthood before dying of the blight, and so some will eventually evolve an immunity. There are Elm trees resistant to the Dutch Elm Blight, experimental crosses with various Asian species of elm :

An interesting version of a cultural-political-economic divide. The same underlying causes, the wealthy biasing the system for their own benefit, but such different divisions :

The real effect of fake news, long-term, is that nobody has any idea what is real and what is not. Examples abound. Any day now, Antifa will denounce Assange and Snowden, I predict. I can’t tell if that is a joke, or not? :

Full professorships are a highly valued good.  People are willing to cheat. The incentive system produces bad science as a direct consequence of government funding mechanisms and university evaluation mechanisms :

The relatively-poor will always be with us, but this level of poverty is not good for anyone, how can it be allowed to continue? Policy produced it, policy sustains the state that produced the policy. Same as everywhere, you don’t even need to know details, it is the way government systems work, the powerful bias the system against lesser fish in the pond :

Daily Reading #111

This is not ‘reading tea leaves’, this is evidence of the reality behind the headlines. The agreements with the Russians wrt dealing with ISIS is back on! Why don’t I read that in US or European legacy media? Do you suppose that NK is a convenient target for a bellicose stance and distracting headlines?

I still have hope that Trump is as smart as his electoral success has suggested, and note that we aren’t in WWIII, yet. :

Every conspiracy theory is coming true. Theirry Meyssan is a serious journalist of the investigative sort, and says Trump was right, we can’t conquer ISIS without ending the Muslim Brotherhood. But, a bit of a problem, a spot of bother, the Muslim Brother is a creation and wholly-owned subsidiary of MI6 :

Another interpretation of events, this guy is ex-intelligence analyst of some kind, but one who is careful to have no opinions about 9-11, false flag :

So hard to know how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Is the focus on the ‘lone wolf with a gun’ just the latest hype justifying larger budgets for counter-terrorism, or a selling job?  Guns isn’t the way to go, it is the version of 5GW that does the least harm to the Stasis Quo. Random deaths don’t upset that, but the same lone wolves doing sabotage of oligarch’s operations, that would :

For pacifists, the Generalissimo discusses why his approach is the only terrorism Gandhi could approve of.

The attacks on Assange are the latest attempts by our Deep State, oligarchs and Israeli-Neocons to control their fates. It isn’t working, the more they come out in the open and are associated with their obvious lies, the more discredited they become. Krieger has it right, it seems to me.

Remember, this is the propaganda level, many other things are happening behind the scenes, below the surface. What George Webb has been looking into, for example. Brownstone operations collecting blackmail material. NSA’s domestic and international spying for more blackmail material. Ratlines smuggling people, drugs, arms, and organs, and doing experiments on unsuspecting people. Private armies and companies who provide them around the world, often paid for by tax payers. These people are guilty of every crime imaginable. They have to keep doubling down because if they lose, they hang.

9-11 is extremely well documented because there was so much to cover up and so much cover up. People signed off on criminal actions, we know who did what.  There is going to be some explaining to do. The system is in stasis in order to protect those people, and the coup continues as it can, the criminals continue in power.

Every time I start thinking from ‘9-11 was a false flag operation done by the US CIA and the Israeli Mossad, to the extent that those are different organizations any more, I come to those same conclusions : the facts of 9-11, the obvious coverup, the continuing wars, the pedophilia connections, are all constraints on the explanations for that reality. All trails of evidence lead back to the CIA and military services and their equivalents in allied governments around the world.

I am sure not every individual, maybe not even many of them.  But no compartmented highly secret organization with a big budget could avoid such subgroups forming. In a black world, the blackest rise to the top, fast. The rest take orders and have bureaucracies to handle logistics, secretly.

As usual, I think not many people agree with me, most think the system is corrupt, but ‘9-11 False Flag” is not believable.  OK, explain the “15 Years Later: On the Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses”, a paper in a peer-reviewed journal of physics, discussed here. The physical evidence of the building’s collapse cannot be explained without explosives, and explosive residues are in large abundance in the dust of the explosively deconstructed towers, with un-exploded grains of a type produced by Israeli and US military suppliers.  That was replicated in 4 studies, at least 2 in peer-reviewed journals.

How do you square the bastards in our government’s Deep State sacrificing 3K Americans in the Twin Towers with them being anything less than capital-crime criminals? People, people in bureaucracies, don’t just decide to do serious criminal acts, it takes a long time to build an organization that is a government-power international crime syndicate.

These guys were grabbing for the gold ring.  The enormity of crime at that level, the absolutely insane hubris it represents, and the difficulty of putting it into words that don’t sound crazy, are the haze that prevents the outrage. Alsothe fact that it has all crept up on Americans slowly, and so formerly extreme actions on their part are accepted by citizens, e.g. having all of our communications tapped, our comings and goings followed and recorded, or killing people in so many different countries simultaneously, via drone.

20 years ago, those would have seemed the stuff of science fiction. “The Unbelievable and Unbelieving Era”, future historians will call it, the quiet time while the society decides what to do, what can be done :

They are responsible for the ME wars and all of the associated terrorists, the world’s epidemic of pedophilia, innumerable false flags and innumerable assassinations around the world. Every country has suffered from these bastard’s actions, and all would be happy to hang them, so there is no exile they can flee to.

This has to end in shooting, they can’t surrender.  Unless amnesty commissions are established before the shooting starts, and society allows them to live, but to lose their wealth :

In case you have not realized the US is a kleptocracy yet :

Even allowing for the hype added by university PR, always has many new inventions and technologies, any one of which could increase computing power in a chassis 10X. Cumulatively, they do, about every 5 – 7 years. Optical connections will allow lower-power and longer-distance connections, both major problems for current chips, both of which limit the number of processors, types of processors, and complexity of caches and links between them.  For example, a specialized processor could be an Field Programmable Gate Array, which can implement a computation directly in logic, or a few dozen of the parallel processors that exist in a graphics processor.

The next important development is optical links chip-to-chip that are as reliable as electrical, with density at least as high as they can manage with electrical.  That would do for the board what optical can do on-chip. Moore’s law is a long way from dead, even tho clock rates aren’t increasing as fast as previously :

Google is definitely part of the Deep State’s information collection apparatus :

Erdogan stole the election, of course, tho his methods were much cruder than are available in computer-counting US.  Thus our elections are more corrupt, but more accepted :


Daily Reading #110

The only thing NPR is good for is learning what the government and oligarchy want you to believe.  The latest on their ‘news’ is that the North Koreans are shipping chemical weapons to Assad.  (It could be true that NK ships weapons, tho hard to believe the Russians’ couldn’t do better weapons and prices.) Did not the UN inspectors certify that Assad had no chemical weapons?  Did not Clinton ship Libya’s sarin gas weapons to the ‘rebels’ in Syria?.

Now I see that the Israelis say that Assad has ‘tons of chemical weapons’. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? I don’t believe anything I hear out of Washington, NY, London or Tel Aviv without verification from half a dozen good people in alt-media :

Fred has it right, the Stasis Quo drives Trump like a sports car in aid of Israeli-Neoconservative foreign policy and world domination :

If the same oligarchs didn’t own everything, we could perhaps generate some pushback on the system that allows untested chemicals into the food supply. These are dumb experiment we do on ourselves :

“When our leader spoke, it was judged ‘terrorism’.  When the US bombed, the world did not even blush”. The problem with the Left vs Right frame is neither side holds itself to any high standards.  Both are right about the leadership of the other side, but defend their own despots. It seems to me that the people who elected Trump are holding him to serious standards, he lost everyone I read with the attack on Syria, and continues to gain opposition from his voters :

We don’t have a System,of justice, we have a System. of Legal Process and Procedures. There is simply no way a Justice System could proceed with the execution of a person without considering all of the evidence, not even if every other minor bit of evidence supported the ‘guilty’ verdict. Every time the ‘Justice System’ is tested, it is found to be terrible, e.g. 25% of rape convictions based on eye-witness testimony, when checked by DNA, were wrong.  In more than  few of those, one of the eye-witnesses was lying for a reason. Serious legal scholarship has identified many people executed for crimes they did not commit. This article notes 153 people have been exonerated after a conviction in a capital case.

We need to change this FUBARed system, soon, before the gulags get going :

I endorse this as an example of how science is constraints and possibilities for everything, without believing any of the connections made. I don’t think this is much more far-fetched than Cold Fusion/Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and probably less far-fetched than the Brilliant Light claims.  Nevertheless, I believe those more than the psychology <–> physiology connections, because measurements of physical values is much easier and more precise than psychology :

Step by step, we are extending life and effective life. Abolishing the FDA  and all Federal and State research funds would speed this up enormously.  This particular experiment could have been done 50 years ago, fractioning blood is an old tech, tho identifying the proteins probably couldn’t have been done then :


Daily Reading #10F

Yes, they need us to believe in enemies and be distracted by them :

Our drug laws fueled the already-bad corruption in Mexico, improverished the country, and sent millions of their citizens to the US in search of work.  Everything is connected, the best thing we could do to help Mexicans is abolish the DEA and all of our drug laws :

There is no end to the new talent coming along. The richer societies get, the more the artists and varieties of everything :

Every now and then it crosses my mind that the socialists control education and many institutions in the society and also have not trained people to deal with reality well.  But I don’t have a good cause-and-effect explanation for that. Hans Herman Hoppe explains those failures as a normal side-effect of socialist systems :

America’s form of socialism is crony capitalism and monopoly, protected by political contributions :

‘The Hype Cycle’ is an excellent tool of analysis. The example of ancient DNA is interesting :

Cold Fusion research is well along in the Hype Cycle, the R&D is improving heat production rapidly. I can’t tell about Brilliant Light, all of the explanations are new physics, different than CF/LENR. For CF/LENR, has posts such as this :

Things for ordinary people around the world have been getting very much better, rapidly.  There are good reasons to be optimistic. Well, except for the wars, the governments who create them and the oligarchs who drive that :

Security is hopeless without confining every app in its own virtual machine, and strictly regulating the access of each to particular facets of the underlying system. System security is an evolutionary arms race, finding vs patching bugs in code and procedures.  As bugs are infinite, attackers are still winning :

A few days ago I predicted that Antifa’s members will be found and revealed? Told you so, it is the kind of thing they do at 4chan/pol/. Look at the detail they can tease out of pictures. Cell phone cameras are pretty good these days. As the comments on wrsa say, NSA can do much better than that.

My question is, “Why can’t there be prosecutions based on this evidence?” Two different people taking pictures of the same events, posted on a public server within a short time of the crime, are surely more reliable than eye-witness testimony.  An honest prosecutor would have both the camera and the person taking the pictures as witnesses, and there were very many other potential witnesses on the scene who can be identified.

If prosecutors don’t do this, it leaves room for vigilante justice :

The more anthropologists dig, the more we realize we have lost cultures that likely had a lot to teach us :

Our Kid Doesn’t Measure Up

How many 100s of articles like this have I read? Yet the cult of the SAT score, of a meritocracy selected by itself, based on academic achievement judged by itself, has conquered all.

The subject is much on our mind, as my wife’s clients and friends have kids who are going off to college this year. Our 20-year-old grade-school dropout also, maybe.

She was laughing about how many different schools she had heard named as ‘the best in the nation’ in particular different subjects.  Everyone seems to think that SAT scores and college majors, the more computer-science, biotech or medical the better,  are the most important thing about their children, the first thing that you hear is a brag about their kid’s academic achievements. If anyone is even aware of other important attributes of their child, it doesn’t come up in conversation much.

We don’t have much to brag about with our kid, not since he retired from being the star of the local dance troupe. Not much to report about his academics at all, since he decided he didn’t like school, dropped out of 7th grade. Kid is a real hard head, a natural contrarian. (Takes after me.)

We kept him in dance, soccer, music and language lessons. Otherwise, he spent the next few years doing what he wanted, watched a lot of Youtube, was a huge fan of Myth Busters and various science and engineering series, watched the workings of every tool and mechanism in existence, old days to the most modern, played 1000s of hours of games, including MineCraft, in which he built some complex electronics.

He did experiments of all kinds, making wine and beer and growing mushrooms (knew lots about mushrooms and mushroom farming), but especially liked fires and explosions. Thermite was a big favorite. He learned to shoot pistol, rifle, shotgun, we went to the shooting range a few dozen times together. He knows everything about every infantry and tank weapon in history, as he used them in games. He read all 25 in the Sharpe’s Rifles series and most of Cornwell’s other historical novels, science fiction, random stuff otherwise, whatever he was interested in from the books around the house. His education, if you can call it that, was nearly entirely self-directed. He doesn’t know a lot of the things other kids know.

He isn’t a complete loss. He can whistle at near-professional levels, listens to an very wide variety of music and can whistle it all, is taking a piano lesson every week, is becoming musical on the piano and knows it, as his Toccata and Fugue for piano is getting pretty good.  He hardly ever practices, except for the incessant whistling.

He manages 10 people doing production for a company at a $nice-million/year run rate, having started out as their first assembler when he was 17.  He has written their manuals, welded display frames, dis-assembled automobiles, handled customers via phone and email, translated in business discussions, organized production, experienced all manner of supply chain issues, trained assemblers and wrote the procedures, and dealt with VPs in major car companies, who know him by name.  He is experiencing a successful startup from the inside from the beginning, understands a lot about business, works with some very serious and brainy people, will continue working for the company while in college.

He is wildly interested in cars, knows just amazing amounts of technical detail about a very large number of them, has a big crowd of car friends.  They work on their cars on the weekend.  He is learning a lot about fixing cars these days, having replaced most of the running gear components on his current every-day car, and getting ready to do that on his project car. I had no idea there was so much to know about running gear, springs and shocks and resonances in unsprung weight. There are car parts everywhere in the house these days. He can tell you why every one is the best for what he is willing to spend, the dimensions of choice. He is disciplined about saving money, despite so much spending on his interests.

He and his Friday night crowd, including a couple of young women these days, decided to graduate from board games to poker a couple weeks ago, another interest for him.  He just bought a used bicycle for a friend so he has someone to bike up the mountain with. Someone comes to visit most every evening, a good group, so far as we can see.

He somehow knows a lot. He argued history with me a few months back based on reading “The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire” by John Tolland. Yesterday he was talking about how Heinlein organized society in Starship Troopers vs how the audiobook he was listening to now did it, wondered about had any of them worked in history? He surprises me often like that, I remember on the issue of different ways of voting in a discussion of the Electoral College and also yesterday on anarchist colonies in the present. He has introduced me to many interesting Youtube series on everything, always seems to know the best of them in any genre, for example Weld Porn.

Kid picks up a lot, tho I wish he read more books we could brag about. I guess speaking 4 languages counts for something, maybe also the fact that he cooks dinner for himself most nights and makes his lunch for the next day.  He bought a wok, watches cooking shows and can whip up a meal from whatever is in the refrigerator. His friends love his cooking, he often makes dinner for a half dozen. He doesn’t clean up the kitchen very well, tho he is beginning to get the garage organized.

Maybe also some of the personal concern he shows for his grandmother, some of the people he has helped out among his friends and how he helped them counts for something.  He is a good-hearted kid, despite being such a hard head. (Takes after his mother.)

Academically, he is passing his GED exams with highest marks. He is working on math just now, gets up at 5AM to study before he has to get ready for work. He will probably apply to one of the local community colleges this fall, and plans on an ME degree in the local state university.

We try to console ourselves that he is an outstanding example of a young man growing into a multi-dimensional adult who will undoubtedly do interesting things with his life. We try to take pride in our melding of cultures and genes, in the mix of traits he has, his excellence in so many. We rationalize that his expanding set of interests is not necessarily the sign of a dilettante, that evolutionary search for futures requires that,  that exploration is built into young primates, and is responsible for the success of the human species, that complex societies demand combinations of interests, and good combinations inevitably arise.  We try to believe we were  right to take him out of school to avoid having his love of learning crushed, that skills outside of book learning are important too. We remind ourselves he hasn’t done any of the risky rebellions many of our friend’s kids do, doesn’t drink alcohol and leaves parties when the serious drugs come out.

But if he weren’t so tall, handsome, well-spoken and interesting, we could hardly raise our heads in respectable company. Raising a weed in a monoculture just isn’t done.

One day later, I find this, a more conventional version of the above.

We had people marvel at our willingness ‘to experiment with your child’s future’.  One person said we had ruined any chance of a good future, a good life.

No, they are the ones experimenting, the public school system is a new thing in human history, and what your kid goes to very new.  The levels of drug use and other risky behaviors are far higher than previous generations.

My kid is doing it in a much more traditional way. Both my grandparents never got past 8th grade, my mother’s father did many variety of farms, and was best in the country at every one of them.  My father’s father could run his eyes down a column of 5-figure numbers and write the sum.

No one in the Amish community goes past 8th grade, yet they run significant local businesses and their populations increase fast, they own more and more farmland in the country. Quite a success story! Do you suppose they understand something we don’t?

Really, really, youtube and the net are a complete replacement for schools, so long as you have a community for your kids. Our kid has friends from soccer and dance and our social circles, some for half of his life.

We knew he was intelligent, everyone in the family is.  The particular issue with him was he was rebellious, and didn’t like school pushing him. So we removed all the pressure, and told him to take responsibility, we would make suggestions.

He is still taking piano lessons because we and the teacher don’t push him. He plays the piano far better than some of his friends kids who practiced, and then quit as soon as they could. (I originally said ‘all of his friends’, wife said I was wrong.) Or because they were overwhelmed with schoolwork. As a direct result of avoiding homework, he has read many more books than any of them. And listened to more music, can tell you about everyone from Bach, Beethovan and Pavarotti through Joplin, the old blues guys, … Brubeck and popular artists today. And learns it well enough he can whistle it, tell you the chords, … Our kid is very much in touch with our cultural heritage, and has absorbed our best values. And continues to do so, he is re-reading “Moon is a Harsh Mistress” now, on a Heinlein kick. He will be a proper libertarian in no time.

I re-read books he was reading so we could talk about them. He didn’t lack for intellectual stimulation nor social contact. What could go wrong? Well, lots, of course. He could have decided to sneak drinks.  But Eddie Eagle Generalized was our approach, so alcohol had no special fascination for him. Also, it wasn’t as if he was un-supervised, just very lightly, as he spent most days home alone.

But as far as the book-learning, no risk at all, lots of precedent, e.g. O’Neill’s Summerhill. The biggest myth of public schooling is that first grade is necessary for 2nd grade, … Wrong, the mental maturity needed for 2nd grade is what is needed for 2nd grade, and ditto all the way through high school. If they have that, they can make up for no education, complete illiteracy, in 2 years and continue on to college.

Our kid decided to go to college, as we always knew he would, and needed the GED.  He started that process 1st of the year. No hurry, he is already ahead of his peers who are in college, he has his first serious job and 2 years of experience already!

Our kid was ‘unschooled’.  We answered questions, were always interested when he had things to say, made suggestions and encouraged, otherwise left him alone.

Friends of his were ‘home schooled’, meaning they did a standard curriculum, just with their mother teaching. (HS degree, abusive husband, and her next 2 kids are in college, the first earns a good salary and helps the family.) His good friend earned money through HS fixing people’s problems with their computers. While doing HS, he took some tech courses online, then got the books and took the exams for certificates in Linux and Windows.  With those, he got a job at a local computer store and was managing their tech dept a year later. Just this last fall, he took a position as a sysadmin for a big corporation, servers and desktops.  Formal education is vastly over-rated for the majority of jobs, anybody can learn anything if they work at it.

But the institutions that produce that formal education are a disaster.  Take your kid out of school, that school is the risk, it quashes all of normal human development to produce a uniform product. Kids don’t get a chance to grow up with real responsibility, doing real things in the company of adults.

Our 20-year-old and his friend from down the street already have adult’s jobs.  Their peers in college are 5 years from having their level of experience and responsibility.  By which time, our kids will have 5 more years of experience and a major part of a college degree.

Weeds have a lot of advantages. Grow more weeds.

Daily Reading #10E

The world isn’t at all what our Stasis Quo wants you think it is.  Wayne Madsen continues to do good investigative reporting :

Finally, the US intends to end a war? The first good news from Trump’s administration, if it isn’t just another head fake :

Maybe Trump understands that the way to win is to intend to lose :

Of course, all of the US problems and all of France’s problems would be happening whether or no we had large minority populations, but the minority dimension makes solutions more difficult to find. Devolution is happening, everywhere, because our central governments subtract from the value of the country.  Just like breaking up companies and having the components worth more on an open market, so citizens can separate their local governments from a larger entity and profit from the experience :

I am evidence-based person, and this bit of ‘journalism’ is incredible BS. I don’t have the time to do it justice, but note that a lot of Hillary’s skating over criminal indictments would be explained by her and Bill’s work for the CIA ever since Arkansas. Comey did his very best to coverup the server issue, and is covering up the Weiner laptop issue, with the 650K emails that the Chief Detective of the NYPD says indicate Clinton was involved in horrendous crimes, including sex trafficking.  No news, no investigation, the issue fades into the background, and Hillary’s criminals continue their careers.

The CIA is no doubt working on the Chief Detective because he threatened that if there isn’t progress, one of the many copies of those emails will be delivered to Wikileaks.  No wonder the CIA is so down on Wikileaks, and you have to ask what hold the CIA has on Pierce that he should sacrifice his reputation for this kind of cosmetic work.

The CIA has weathered all of the leaks so far, but you have to wonder how our Deep State sleeps at night, knowing how poorly they prevent insiders from walking out with files, and how their secrecy isn’t working well in the Age of the Internet :

How many 100s of articles like this have I read? Yet the cult of the SAT score, of a meritocracy selected by itself, based on academic achievement judged by itself, has conquered all :

This is an interesting pov with much interesting supporting evidence :

If you can’t keep NSA out of your phone, how do you think you will do against your spouse? :

People have accumulated a lot of knowledge, and some wisdom, across the centuries. This is data mining, but requires a classicist-botanist-medical researcher :

A good first step to overcoming the opioid epidemic would be to end all the drug laws, because cannabis is a very effective pain killer :