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Daily Reading #12F

Israeli-Neocons are still driving the country to war :
I have not liked politicians for a long time, and don’t see much difference between Ds and Rs, on average, but the Democrats allied with Clinton are a new low in the US.  That is an evidence-based judgement, pedophilia, human trafficking and organ trafficking in addition to very large-scale fraud and self-dealing while in office are their crimes.

There are, I am almost convinced, some big things about to happen.  Trump is not entirely what he seems to be, doesn’t always say what he thinks, I think.

There is a lot of stuff happening on the Pizzagate / Pedogate front, and they connected very directly to Clinton on multiple fronts.  This is not made up, and will be entirely revealed when those 650K emails finally get loose, which they will because the NYPD apparently made enough copies to hold over the FBI’s head if the FBI doesn’t proceed to indictments.

Additionally, there are many lists of people and connections through these threads of analysis, investigators with Grand Juries and subpoenas will have a lot of background material to begin their work, exactly what is most needed in tracing the threads of deep corruption through our society :
A chief of Detectives in the NYPD backed all of Erik Prinz’s statements up, leaks from the NYPD and FBI continue.

This stuff is not made up.  The publicly-known connections are still tenuous in terms of culpability, but those emails must have started up a lot of investigations, this is certainly a record number of arrests in large pedo rings. Comey was not joining the crusade, I think, covering up for Clinton.

The Clintons have been criminals since the beginning, before Arkansas.  They closed down the Clinton Foundation’s exposed part, pooff, a couple of $Bs gone somewhere, nobody will ever know because they destroyed all those records. But they are really exposed on pedogate, organ harvesting, kids for sacrifice, all the murders of investigators and inside whistle blowers and friends of Julian Assange.  When people start tracing back the supply of organs, exactly where they come from, etc., or when the FBI sends 400 agents to Haiti and every parent who lost a child is contacted and photo lineups used to ID the perps, then the links to the Clintons will be very clear. We already know that Hillary was a long-time associate of Laura Silsby, one of the child traffickers that Haiti arrested.

Now we need to get rid of the #2 guy in the FBI, Andrew McCabe, head of the counter-intelligence division, and the CIA’s man in the FBI, who has received a $650K bribe via political contributions to his wife’s campaign.  He has been sitting on all of Clinton’s Clinton Foundation, Haitian, etc. crimes, Jeffrey Epstein, proprietor of pedo island, good friend of the Clinton’s, they visited Pedo Island often.

Add in the very many people combing through records following leads in the various open source investigations, and the Clintons don’t have a prayer.  Nor any of their oligarchic friends, there is going to be a house cleaning in this country.  But given that their crimes are pedophilia, organ harvesting, murder, very large-scale fraud, drugs, trafficking people for many reasons, this could get ugly.

I do not believe I am at all exaggerating the magnitude of what is happening under the surface here. Thus ultimately what is driving the absolute craziness of “Putin did it!!” pounded into every single story on NPR.  Massive unreason covering great evil.

You owe no allegiance to people of this type. They cannot possibly represent your interests.

Our legacy media does not apply consistent standards :

Wiping out one’s history instead of learning from it is a serious mistake for a culture :

An essay on the importance of Stephen Jay Gould :

Police misuse the data the government collects, there is effectively no oversight.  This is likely true at the Federal level also :

Daily Reading #12E

There are many predictions of Trump’s impeachment, all fantasy and unreason.  Trump has not lost support in his base, despite so many of us being very pissed about the lack of progress in draining the swamp.  Republicans control the House AND the Senate.  This is more of the big-lie propaganda on display :

Our President can give a good speech.  I hope he understands all the lies it contains :

Meanwhile, the country he denigrates is the only functioning democracy in the ME, and I include Israel in that list :

A reminder about how new it all is, 1888 was the first ‘long distance’ automobile trip, 106 kilometers, 66 miles :

The bastards in our Israeli-Neocon Deep State are the source of the push for war. The US has absolutely no right in law to be inside Syria with any military force, much less bombing and strafing Syrian military forces. War crimes, no question at all. Major violations of basic international law and norms, human rights, devastated lives :

Trump isn’t undermining US power, he is revealing the weaknesses in that power. The Israeli-Neocons are directly responsible for most of the political trends that lead to the election of Donald Trump :

The FBI and CIA continue morphing into the Stasi :

No business would have such stupid policies.  Of course, no business would have guaranteed student loans, so there wouldn’t be any graduates in debt, and thus not so many well-off college administrators and professors :

The CIA is a major driver of world events in recent history and an even more powerful shaper of the information that reaches your newspaper, TV and internet.  Extrapolate :

The CIA, CIA-associated mafias and the military are the importers of heroin :

All pedophilia does not emanate from the CIA, meaning the CIA doesn’t have to work too hard to inveigle some people into the practice, and thereby own them :

Mining the deep ocean ice-methane clathrates produces a great deal of methane :

Weirdness in America :

Gee, you mean the Special Forces are actually mostly hype also? Yes, they can fight, but not especially specially.

In their defense, what institution in our modern world lives up to the image it wishes to create for itself? Still, they supposedly had very special skills, local language and cultures, and could blend in with the community :

Farmland is down, asset prices falling in many areas :

This is life extension research.  Brain function declines precipitously in the last year of life, and anything which increases its function, prevents degradation after injury will increase longevity :

Food trends, we are a nation of foodies :

This bit of change is uplifting, shows the power of the individual, and the rapidity with which a culture can change itself :

I agree, don’t change your password, change your encryption standard. NIST is an arm of NSA. NSA has shown no interest in increased security, AES is something they can manage because they can accelerate the AES mechanism in electronic logic and thus try 1 trillion passwords / second, according to Snowden.  That means that NSA collects passwords and writes password-prediction programs, as that is easier than brute-force attacks on the 256-bit AES key space :


Daily Reading #12D

I don’t disagree with James Downton (a pseudonym) in that yes, the whole bureaucracy is in opposition to Trump.  But, for whatever reason, he downplays the major source of the opposition, from whence has emanate so much of the animus. Those are the State Department, some parts of the military, the higher echelons of the intelligence services and the more secretive parts, the more secretive parts of the FBI and various threads of associations inside all of the police forces of the world, especially their secretive parts.  Every police force has them.

The government is out of citizen’s control, and has been since our National Intelligence State evolved within the growth of centralization of the world’s power in DC.  Just like so many civilizations in the past, we are being taken over by our apparatus that was created to defend us :

George Webb’s interpretations of recent history as the middle of a rapidly-evolving open source investigation, is getting mind-blowing.  No kidding, him acting as feet-on-the-ground investigation with a pick-up internet team of researchers behind him, who merely search to combinations of terms, read a lot, be skeptical and pass along tidbits and links. Webb’s role has morphed, he is now pulling together other groups to look at specific aspects of people and events.  It turns out, there is nobody who can escape the net of paperwork and social media Connections lead them to connections, all intertwined by business and political interests.  Either our government was already unbelievably corrupt, or the Clintons did a job on the entire Federal government, because Hillary’s misuse of the State Department for her own benefit was pretty large-scale. The many threads lead back to Hillary.

George Webb and his team are a handful of people looking into this corruption in a systematic way, tho I keep hearing that the FBI has something very large going on.

When you follow the twists and turns of that story, and so many threads not yet pulled, add in the fact that Webb is just one person and it is a big country so it is unlikely Webb is finding much of the total, a person could easily conclude that this country is infested with mafias.  Every time you turn around, there is another major scandal being covered up. None of which, so far, have had to do with Trump, no matter how much evidence they claim, but never produce.

Israel is not good for Jews :

I agree with his observations that the Democrats are acting crazy, along with their allies. Dancing in perfect step, all of them at once. A choir master hopes for such timing and coordination as exist among the many voices of the Clinton campaign, the NYTimes, WaPo, CNN, etc.  Did you see CNN’s ratings are now above FOX’s ratings for 24-hour news and the various major shows? I don’t see that any party is correctly evaluating how fast the socio-politico-economic world is changing, and in so many dimensions at once.

Another way of saying that is “All major media now reflects the Israeli-Neocon view of the world”.

Power to do good is power.  Power can be mis-used, and often is :

Israeli-Neocons and their many voices have a lot to answer for :

Another article on EMP and the aftermath :

Building loyalty in the modern age :

Old-timey cooking and favors :

Note the difficulty in understanding why tree species distributions appear to be moving :

Daily Reading #12C

Elites are the problem, Trump is merely a symptom, of course :

Open source investigations are powerful things :

This is a very long article pointing out that technical people control much power, which could be used for good. Naive, idealistic, … Organizing is not the way to go. Instead, become excellent leakers, insiders who know all the corporate secrets :

This makes it clear that public comments are an easily gamed system, although you have to be smarter than this ‘bot is for it to be effective :

Did you know that the 30-day mortality rate for an MD’s patients admitted to the hospital is 10+%?  Seems like to me a very good reason to stay away from physicians :

Who would have guessed? The media is biased !!! Against Trump!! Can you believe it? :

Yes, science and engineering are team plays, working with a big team on a challenging technical project is an exciting them. Engineering is a fun profession, management aside :

Good for Glen Greenwald, being friends with Chelsea Manning.  She is a heroine :

Democratic establishment and Clinton are intent on making Russia an enemy. How can this make sense? :

Yes, conditions for children growing up are very constrained compared to recent history and all small towns and farms :

Daily Reading #12B

The Deep State vs Trump is finally a legacy media topic.  I came to that conclusion, that the Deep State is the enemy, at least a year ago. I wasn’t the first.  The pieces of the CIA’s growing power and the associated power of special forces, public and private, have been exposed over a long time.  When you add it all up, and ask who profits from this long chain of events, well the CIA and those political powers that want to control US foreign policy and as much of its spending as possible. That includes all of the US’s special friends and their intelligence agencies and their special forces and military. Any sociologist would look at this kind of fraternization and expect information conduits to exist. What institution in the US has not been infiltrated and not used by the CIA and its friends as fronts for agents and cover for imports?

As the US has been infiltrated, probably so have all the countries whose police, military and intelligence services mingle with ours :

Indeed, the full-propaganda approach to ‘news’ endangers our nation, both by impeding the flow of knowledge needed for good decisions and because of the director of that, the Deep State :

The Seth Rich story is getting much more interesting.  He was almost certainly the Wikileaks source, and he was killed afterwards, the latest in a long list of people who died investigating the Deep State’s affairs :

Applying equal ethical standards to all sides in Syria :

Fabius Maximus is wrong that China has great leadership.  They are managing their economy. They are spending the nation’s wealth on a policy. It looks good now, but it isn’t bottom-up, locally-directed change. As a strategy for countering the US’s goal of world domination, excellent. As the best of the many opportunities the Chinese people could have used the money for? Of course not, it can’t even be close, we know how hard those kinds of optimization problems are, and how the answer is always in something unseen because the total system of nations, elites, economics, masses, trade, rising and falling value of currencies and goods, intelligence agencies and defense forces, control of the press and control of many of the countries of the world’s vote in the UN is seriously complex, meaning it isn’t predictable because of complex internal dynamics.

China has stored up problems with its centrally-directed economy and politics, however much it looks like unity to the outside world, and the nation is unlikely to last much longer than the US :

Who would have thought? Julian Assange wasn’t guilty of rape all this time the Brits have kept him in the Ecuadorian embassy :

Venezuela’s trajectory is like what most modern countries have gone through, moving from a mostly-free market economy to one heavily socialist. Particular conditions in Venezuela have produced much the same failure, they all ran out of other people’s money. Big nations have more wealth to squander, so last longer, which is why the US and Europe are still alive :

One of Alex Jones’ commentators stated that the special prosecutor was a brilliant strategy, that it is so open-ended it will be turned against the Democrats and Clinton, but meanwhile it stops much of the news on the subject of Russia and Trump’s colluding, which they didn’t, of course :

Daily Reading #12A

I like context and perspective, this is great :

The FBI is not the good guys, whatever the PR :

Very excellent analysis of the blindness and hypocrisy on the left that allows the insane push to eliminate Trump from the political system :

This has a good analysis of the latest on Trump giving away intelligence sources :

The latest on the Seth Rich story.  The English Ambassador would be able to resolve this, he claims to have been the intermediary to Wikileaks :

“10 times cheaper”, electric vs oil-fuels, is complete BS, despite originating at Stanford.  The idea that we will abandon 100s of $Bs of investment in gasoline and diesel engines in a period of 8 years is not economic thinking. Nor is the idea that EV is intrinsically cheaper, the power has to come from somewhere, direct gasoline to motion is inherently more efficient than electricity generated in a power plant, 20+% loss in transmission and more lost going into and out of the battery.  In addition to the fact that the electric transmission grid couldn’t be improved enough in 8 years to support all of the EVs he thinks will happen :

Who is responsible for the WannaCry ransomware’s success? NSA for building the tools and allowing them to get loose, or Microsoft for building buggy software? Or all the people continuing to run old OSs and not patching their OSs religiously?

Everybody, obviously. Software has been such an enormous productivity enhancer people have been willing to put up with crap from Microsoft. Security issues will finally push everyone to Linux and OpenBSD :


Daily Reading #129

The murders are ever-more blatant.  Hillary is CIA, or private equivalent :

The corruption is ever-more blatant. Not illegal, however. We put lawyers in charge of the laws.  Of course everything is prohibited, but not illegal if you consult enough lawyers :

This throws another wrench into standard security system thinking. Virtual Machines were intended to prevent processes from interfering with each other. This makes viruses between VMs possible.

Mish is as incredulous as I am about how insane the propaganda has become :

Explain all this to yourself.  If Trump doing the usual BS, bombing everything every other day day, he is approved of by all the legacy media, those failures of the Stasis Quo. Things he has possibly done right, e.g. not push The Wall, are cited as his failures, not his improving grasp of reality or the inevitable result of the oligarchs Trump selected to educate him.

Trump is not a politician, he did the normal thing and recruited by his network of friends and acquaintances. He selected Generals, based on someone’s advice, Trump isn’t the man to evaluate military leadership and capabilities.

We didn’t just select the man, the individual candidate, we selected their group of intimates. Trump’s are more personal than the average political candidate, more idosyncratic.  Good, we will be a better nation for the different points of view.

That seems to me to be conventional knowledge and perspective. We aren’t the first country to be suddenly ruled by a neophyte at the job. Modern bureaucracies surely must be as capable of adjusting as during the past ages, e.g. Divine Right of Kings, when a transition of power meant something very personal in the lives of people through their kingdom and a petulant child could be your new ruler. E.g. whether you had a place to live next week, job, income.

In comparison, modern bureaucracies are scarcely imperiled by Trump’s rise to power. The worst that could happen to any of them is to lose their jobs in a couple of years and have to move into another, growing, section of the bureaucracy.

But that leaves the question of how do you explain the reaction? The over-the-top interpretation of everything? Why are Generals making foreign policy, e.g. General Breedlove running all over Europe preparing for WWIII?

All this modern era stuff began with 9-11, known by all aware minds around the world to be a false flag operation that the US CIA and Israeli Mossad implemented and used to justify the Israeli-Neocon’s fragmentation of the Middle East. It was a continuation of operations that broke up Yugoslavia, all tied into Operation Gladio, the CIA’s criminal class operations throughout Europe The CIA’s control of the media has been in process for 50 years, and the CIA has a vast budget, both US and their own black operations in drugs and people and arms and influence. Someone’s control of the Justice Department and FBI is complete, there were 1000s of felonies committed in the runup to the 2008 economic crash and since. Nobody was even charged, much less served time. Ditto since, the banksters are a criminal class and need RICOed, none serve time, tho the Wells Fargo board finally  clawed back $125M from the woman who was proximally responsible  for the people who created the fraudulent accounts for customers, and another $41M from Stumpf, the CEO who was subsequently let go by the board. But nobody went to jail, and customers aren’t being compensated, so far as I have heard.

It is fairly obvious that the mafias around the CIA and other intelligence services are trying to expand their power, and that they are allied with the Israeli-Neocons, who hold signifiicant political power in this country via their positions in media, foreign policy and MIC and among the generals. Hillary Clinton was their candidate, and having anyone except their candidate in office is obviously upsetting those people, the media and politicians being insane are symptoms of that.

What plans are being frustrated? What risks does Trump present? Whatever, this approach is exposing the Deep State and its power like never before, because having the legacy media speak in such harmony for things that have no underlying reality to provide that synchronization is not possible, the fact of the stories being so consistent and widely repeated says human agency.  The only possible way for that to happen, so far as I know is the CIA, what other unified group with that power exists? There is no cabal of oligarchs who can speak with one voice. The CIA has bragged about how it can control the media, and there have been several books and recent confessions amplifying all that.

The stakes are high, human Freedom restored or permanent subjection as wage slaves with few choices.

That is the best case.  Suppose the idea is an exchange of EMPs, with the bunkers designed to ride out the aftermath of civilization breaking down as mass starvation thins the population to 10% of current numbers largely living in small rural towns. Too horrible to contemplate, nobody would ever think that?  You need to read more radical Green literature.  In that scenario, our elites could emerge 100% owners of the world, the only organized power. How small a cabal do you suppose it would take to engineer that?

One more small example of an aspect of all that corruption :

I must have linked to this before. A long and rational attempt at predicting the future, he finds it bad also. I do not agree, however, that you could fix anything by killing 100 people. That is simplistic, thinking there is a cabal, or even leaders of factions, so important as to affect everything were they to be removed.  Our military has spent 15 years proving how that theory doesn’t work.

But it surely does fubar the society, so if that is your goal, begin shooting people :