Daily Reading #374

I am very pleased with my fellow citizens in normal daily life. Last weekend we had dinner with people we hadn’t seen in a while, and heard  story that makes me think that is true only as individuals inside normal civil society of neighbors. Slight deviations from that condition reveal major flaws in people’s values and understandings.

The story is that their 2 quite large very nice dogs got out because someone left the gate open. Frantic searching eventually found the dogs attacking chickens a couple of blocks away. 2 chickens wounded/dead. After that, the neighborhood went insane, were seriously trying to get the dogs destroyed, a real vendetta. “The danger to our children” and “The chickens were part of the family” BS. The dogs don’t even bark at people they are so laid back, and are far more likely to lick a child than bite. Our friends had to hire an animal rights attorney to defend against the city’s efforts to implement the insanity.

If we use the “doesn’t chase chickens” test for allowing dogs near people, we won’t have any dog larger than a chihuahua. Also, animals are not people, and do not have the same value. A dog biting a person is serious. A dog chasing and biting a chicken is completely natural. Who would want a dog that didn’t? Its entire natural character would be changed, it would be a different animal.

Extrapolating slightly, who wants a man who doesn’t chase women, at least mentally? His entire natural character would be changed, he would be a different animal.

Thinking about politics, making comments on ZH. Seems to me that politicians above levels directly and frequently dependent upon the people they represent must largely represent special interests. Bejan’s Constructal Law describes the evolution of flows so as to minimize ‘friction’ and maximize the rate of flow. Power in social systems is a flow that evolves through time. After 200 years, power in first-world systems encounters little resistance

The CIA runs US foreign policy for their own benefit. CIA execs retire very wealthy based on their insider investments, also on the illegal trades in drugs and weapons :


I agree with Tucker, we need our existing Hispanics to teach us about families again, the values of living frugally and working hard. Progressives, lead by white academics, Hollywood and politicians, have lost the mandate of heaven, blacks and whites are no longer reproducing themselves. Evolution’s fitness function is reproduction :

George Webb is one of half a dozen researchers into the world-wide Deep Black Swamp mafias who have more effect on our future than all of legacy media combined :

Ron Paul is still America’s only trusted statesman :


Evidence accumulates that grand solar minimums are bad for empires :

Mind-blowing physics calculating pi. Physics is looking for a grand unified theory of physical phenomena, but we can’t even think about an explanation for things like this.

I mean, I can see the superficial levels of explanation, the first is that the physical system’s assumptions map exactly to a mathematical operation with constants that calculate pi. OK, but the physical system’s assumptions are the beginning of all of physics and engineering. Those are normally explained by appealing to the unreasonable usefulness of mathematics, awed description but not explanation.

All this is the basic conflict with mathematics as a mental construct of humans. I mean, so often pi falls out of our best understandings of the physical systems we so strongly believe we live within, that fit our simple models of reality so well, there has to be levels below those simple models to make that happen. I don’t think you have to be mystical to think that there are levels human minds do not yet reach, that something so unreasonably useful is very unlikely to be discovered by human mind without organizing forces in the reality being modelled by our math, fundamental laws, far beyond comprehension.

Just from first principles, a galactically-paltry number of galactictally-barely-sentient minds have been working on the problem for so few years the first electromagnetic indication of our existence could not have reached more than a few of those minds. Another argument for people getting really peaceful and ultra-civilized asap, we can’t be sure of the policies wrt minor vermin who might later annoy someone.

Of course, that is pretty optimistic, given how often civilizations have been devastated by our own planet’s problems. Add in comets and supernova, we should get very civilized and peaceful so as to adequately hedge such problems.

Then, given great foresight of our leaders, one day we might get to ask someone who knows whether math or the universe came first. :

Soon after writing that, Youtube gives me this choice :


MS-13 is the enforcement arm of the CIA’s local ratlines for drugs and prostitution, recruitment of children for the CIA’s compromise operations. NYTimes is the propaganda arm of the CIA-Deep Black Swamp controlling the narrative to foster the CIA’s goals :

Seems to me that Trumps tactics have been very good.  He kept his enemies very close, and the Israeli-Neocons, CIA-MIC-Deep State are getting the blame for the ME losses :


Lots of detailed data, all the talks are interesting, but one includes the standard nonsense wrt green house gasses. The last talk shows that division of labor , men hunting and women gathering, was crucial in human evolution. We started hunting after we controlled fire and knew about cooking :

I like my country’s evolving culture :


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