Daily Reading #376

Talking to my son’s gf this AM about the outrageous Gillette ad that presumes to tell us how to raise our children, it occurred to me that bullying is entirely an emergent property of large groups of single-age children. Yes, no such thing exists in small societies.  Ditto rape and other crime, because those very much reduce reproductive fitness.
We can be mean to people outside the group, but not inside our group.
So the major symptoms of ‘toxic masculinity’ are entirely due to our modern systems of raising children, the very ones controlled by the SJWs who use the resulting aberrant development of our children to further increase their political power and control.

Progressives and feminists have a lot to answer for :


Click to access Smith2001.pdf

This woman conceptualizes the extremely adversarial attitudes of the press wrt Trump, which she admits in the White House include openly hostility, as a result of Trump’s lack of truth and the amateurs in the administration. I watched a few more minutes, skipped ahead, b :

Obama was not just a Stasis Quo president, he was the CIA’s man in the White House. Foreign policy was Shrub++, the wars continued and expanded, the spies in Congress and throughout their government increased the flow of national secrets, and the compromise operations continued.

Obama was not at all the facade they constructed, he is gay, those are not his children, … All lies, all were easily exposed, legacy media never discussed the issues. Hackers and leakers now dominate the news because major segments of the Stasis Quo are incapable of discerning and stating objective reality :



George Webb, more on the corruption and the border issues are real :

This is amazing, the sun’s magnetic field affects the earth’s rotation, very directly. Big effects. Yet another probable catastrophe we need to hedge against, perhaps even larger than the danger from comets :

So completely predictable, ISIS kills US soldiers before the pullout can begin :


As  I said yesterday, there plenty of crimes, yet we only hear about investigations of leaks? :

Our government is largely controlled by evil fucks. No amount of information supporting that has any effect. We elected a complete outsider and the 3rd peace candidate, at least relative to their opponent, and nothing changes, the Israeli-Neocons still run foreign policy, nobody is prosecuted for anything, and legacy media is entirely under the control of the Deep Black Swamp :




Yes, Barr is a member in good standing of the Deep Black Swamp.  Trump gets a lot of bad advice :

The future is not simple, and mega-organizations have no way of dealing with rapid change, they always fail. Europe’s optimal course is the same as the US’s, break the countries into counties, nation states. Then wait 20 years for everything to settle and only then it might be intelligent to begin recombining into countries :


Judge Lamberth is an honest man. One honest man can begin the unraveling :


More results from the latest archaeology.  I had not known how many footprints were being discovered :

This triggered an older thought. If ‘Vikings’ TV series was true, older Viking men who saw themselves nearing the end of their lives and wanting to die with a sword in their hand could be pretty fearsome because they were willing to take much larger risks, unorthodox tactics. An early suicide fighter? Every nation uses them, whether they are explicit in naming them or not.

This is no kind of evidence, but interesting :

While looking for info, archaeologists find a grave with sex-ambiguous evidence :


At 33:30, as Stephen Pinker talks about writing, he talks about an experiment that reveals a new version of Dunning-Kruger.  Here the very knowledgeable assume everyone knows what they know. Confusion and otherness grow :

So many variety of westerns :

Random :

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