Ethics Questions For Patriots

As we near the times of active resistance and counter-measures by patriots against the forces of the Deep Black swamp, it is time to think about the strategy and tactics proven to be effective in equivalent circumstances. The necessity seems to be drawing closer, the possibility of active rebellion is now being discussed in legacy media.

Before I begin, I do NOT support shooting people, the key question is “Would you accept a leadership in the society you propose? Under what conditions?” Integrating that thought into any decision definitely damps extremism and trigger-pulling.

So no shooting until all alternatives are exhausted. But being able to shoot them, knowing who to shoot, having a common understanding of when that becomes necessary, and wide-spread understanding of the necessity of individual action by patriots across the country, oh yes, I fully support those.

The rules should be clear for our politicians. We do not need mis-understandings as this era draws to a close, as the last fights of this era produce a new social order.

Ethical == long-term strategy and tactics for patriots intended to enhance our Freedom, keeping firmly in mind that you are obligated to assume leadership positions in the society your actions will produce. That is the golden rule for this era, you can’t make things so much worse you don’t want to help fix the results of your acts, that the world will be worse for your grandchildren.

Ethics must be grounded in reality.  All of these considerations have both reality and ethical aspects. Carefully ground your answers as you reason from is’s reality to ought’s moral imperatives  :

  • Do you believe that being prepared for any eventuality is a normal part of life? That individual security cannot be delegated to entities beyond family, friends, your local social groups?
  • Do you believe that governments are the main threats to their own citizens? Please cite historical examples, and compare to current conditions if you believe so.
  • Is civil war the worst thing that can happen to a society? E.g. what are ranges of death rates due to social collapses vs civil wars? Total deaths = death rates / year * number of years the event happened.
  • Do you think there are objective measures of government failure? Please list 10 of the hardest, most grounded in countable reality, measures.
  • How many decades of laws and court decisions do you believe would need to be voided in order to put our government back inside the Constitution? Would lesser measures produce a stable society, or just put us back on the road to some corrupt version of the current state of affairs?
  • Do you think that politics in the United States are ‘normal’ in 2018? Do you think there is solid evidence for a ‘Deep State’ of un-elected people making major decisions and frustrating elected administrations?
  • Do you think that secrecy is inherently corrupt? Please cite examples pro and con.
  • Can you cite one provably-clean agency that has both secrecy stamp and economically-valuable permission stamp? A permission stamp only?
  • Do you think our government is massively corrupt? Do you think that is an inevitable result of secrecy, that a Deep Black Swamp will always arise to use secrecy for its own profits and thereby corrupt the total system? That this is elementary secure control-system understanding? How do you explain how that obvious reality has escaped discussion?
  • Do you think that much of our legacy news is mere propaganda supporting the Deep Black Swamp? Is that a danger to you personally?
  • What is your estimate of the stability of the government as you understand it? What does that mean for you individually? What are the dangers of such a government,  local through international? Can those affect you?
  • Do you believe that corrupt governments can reform themselves? Please list examples and compare to the current situation. What citizen pressure was effective in these efforts?
  • What proportion of the US Senate is working to restore rule of law and Constitutional government? What does this mean about the rest? By party?
  • Ditto the US House of Representatives? By party?
  • Who was the last member of Congress who retired poor, or at least with wealth entirely traceable to their Congressional salary? What does this mean wrt corruption?
  • Given your estimates of institutional corruption, is there a political path to reform? That is, can enough members of congress be replaced in successive elections that they can’t be compromised fast enough and so eventually constitute a majority to, for example, defund the CIA and FBI and repeal the many laws which allow the Deep Black Swamp to flourish? What kind of political organization would be needed to accomplish that? Could such an organization get on the ballot nation-wide in our lifetime? Could such an organization take over one of the political parties against entrenched big-$ interests? Could any of this happen without being infiltrated and sabotaged from within and without?
  • Will lesser measures produce significant-enough reforms to enhance social-economic stability?
  • If not a political party path, is there an alternative to violence? Examples, please. What kind of people, what kind of organizations organizations, did those require? Could it be accomplished in an era of ubiquitous surveillance?
  • Did you consider a tax revolt? Would that stop the government, with a FED that can print money indefinitely? Large marches? Occupations? Examples, please.
  • Given your evaluations of all of these factors, how close is America to a shooting revolution? Again, are you sure that there are no possible alternatives? Remember, any realistic alternative that does not involve shooting is the safest for civilization, long-term.
  • Should you have a role in a solution? Does your past acceptance of so much anti-Constitutional government put an ethical/moral obligation upon your acts, the need to atone for your past failures, to improve the system?
  • Does your age make your more or less responsible for the sad state of our nation?
  • Should the 45,000 suicides of despair direct their violence to the causes of their despair? What would those be? Should we approve of those who do?
  • Do you agree with the CIA’s judgment that assassinations can move political systems?  Do you think the CIA’s killings in the US have changed our history for the CIA’s benefit?
  • Could killings by patriots foster Constitutional Government under Rule of Law? Examples, please. Examples from recent times, an era of ubiquitous surveillance. Show how people avoided all of the cell-phone monitoring, license plate readers, and cleanly carried out at least one such operation. Without that detail, your opinion does’t count.
  • Could such assassinations be justified as ‘necessary to correct the system’? Interventions to redirect a systems often originate outside the system, the CIA’s assassinations and other harassment operations are exactly that.
  • Keeping in mind the prevalence of government informants == agent provacateurs, is it better to have the assassinations done by ‘lone individuals’, by small groups, or cells within larger groups? Whatever your choice, would you accept leadership positions in a system that produces such assassinations?
  • Are lesser measures adequate, e.g. lists of people, with addresses, to be assassinated under specific circumstances? Can such a society work?
  • Do you think our CIA and the fusion centers have such lists? Are those lists a significant part of our current problems?  Cause or effect?
  • Is there an ethical difference between Patriot’s lists and DBS’s lists? From what povs?
  • What would the Deep Black Swamp’s response be in an assassination contest? Would patriots be responsible for those consequences, as, for example, all individuals involved in a robbery are responsible for any killing that occurs in the execution of that robbery, even if the death is one of the gang shot by the target?
  • Are CIA and fusion center personnel effective targets?
  • Who would win? What would be the losses?
  • Are Just Wars possible? Has there ever been a Just War? Did it accomplish its goal?
  • Have you considered sabotage? Even a controlled and surveilled society has many easy targets and nobody need be hurt. Is sabotage effective? The CIA trains people to do sabotage campaigns and publishes books on the subject, as a datum you might consider in your decision.
  • Are sabotage and boycott campaigns easier to organize than other approaches to changing the system? Do they have less-lasting side-effects, bridges burned in front of you? Are such campaigns easier to justify on ethical grounds? More practical?
  • How about faux assassinations or ambushes, with paintball automatic weapons? Open-source development of weapons systems?

One more time. I do not think that killing is a useful tool for rational people pursuing civilization, except as a very last resort, but I believe in being prepared for anything. That includes thinking through the issues and making decisions with a calm mind. Being able to defend yourself, your family, your block is absolutely fundamental to Freedom. Being able to react to a major failure of government, ditto.

Do not harden your heart, exactly the opposite.  We will need all of our humanity and empathy to get through this era’s end with minimal loss of civilization and maximum conservation of our very valuable total human genetic and cultural variation.

That is our future, making good use of our species’ genetic and cultural heritages in recombining and selecting ourselves into the ideal humans we would all like to be living in the ideal societies we all would like to inhabit.

Keep your mind on the goal here, it is enhancing civilization via each of us maximizing our individual genetic and cultural heritages in the next generation. That is the very same one pursued by countless generations of ancestors that produced our societies and peoples. Evolution is a positive-sum game, and very bottom-up distributed. Our modern era with fast and easy transport of people and culture adds huge network effects. Ideal for rapid evolution! Ideal for Freedom-lovers!

Killing fellow humans is a poor tool in achieving higher civilization, historically speaking. But not always. Maybe. There are almost always alternatives. Probably. So think hard about the alternatives and your responsibilities and options before decisions are forced upon you. Plan to assume responsibility for furthering whatever you conclude.

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