Elites of the World, Listen Up!

Elites of the world, you who claim to guide our world, you are not paying attention. Your governments are out of control, and that is going to affect your futures very adversely.

Let me show you a  couple of examples of the many trends against you :


If you critique any of the music, you missed the points, of which there are so many.

Whitacre’s Virtual Choir was the first of these, and showed how 100s of people could cooperate with minimal effort and produce something FAR larger than Whitacre could have done on his own. Note the subway musicians in the 2nd, obviously serious musicians, most solid middle-class demeanor, and many university.  All with $ for enough electronics to be in the group. The low-latency city WiFi network means all that is real-time. For the 3rd, people in all of life’s circumstances with electronics and access to the world’s internet can cooperate in producing music far beyond what they can do individually. And the last is simultaneously a) they made and are making $ out of the new idea for musical collaboration and b) are an inspiration to people around the world, and c) an aspect of a growing world culture that is incorporating the best of every cultures’ music.

The diggeridoo examples showed another of those, and the fact that everyone can recognize the many symbols from Australian Aborigine art another.

Every area of music from every culture, ditto. Any foody could do this for food. My mother for quilting and sewing. My wife for fashion and beauty. My son and friends friends talk endlessly about innovations in cars and bikes and bike trails and phones and apps and gadgets and vaporizers and bongs and … also websites and products from around the world.

The positive PR for a multi-cultural existence is wonderful and pervasive, the exact opposite of what our Israeli-Neocons need for us to believe if we are to accept their ‘clash of cultures’ and ‘war of civilizations’ point of view that justifies the continuous ME wars. Animus for these criminals is very high and increasing fast around the world, the threat of world war is on their heads, that is threatening all your futures in a very personal way.  Read your history, a surprising number of families of high level people do poorly even during civil unrest because of such hatreds, no amount of planning on your side can prevent it any more than it has been able to prevent the catastrophe coming at us all.

But worse for you folks in our ruling elites, who presume to run the world, and the first of many steps to worse and worse for your oligarchic rule, is the software that coordinated that.  I haven’t looked at it, but if software is available to coordinate things like all of the above across the internet, in real time if net latency is low enough, many other activities can be coordinated as well.  For example.

That software was produced by people working on open-sourced projects, for the most part.  The equipment to do software work is more and more within the reach of ordinary people with any job at all, any smart cell phone will give you access, so more and more people are learning software technology.

Indeed, are learning more and more technologies of all kinds, and the positive feedback in these systems is phenomenal, the rate of progress in automating contracts, as an example.

Among the music software’s many other effects, virtualization of groups makes the backing tracks of the worlds’ musicians very interactive : any can take the combined output from the net and record it along with their new improvisational section in the middle, and send it back to the group.  If they distribute the original streams to everyone involved, …  So the world of music is evolving every faster with every year.

People are noticing that having computers changes their kids :

That kind of peer-to-peer, bottom-up positive-sum coordination is transforming the world, and it can’t be stopped without also producing very great poverty.  The consequences of technology already in existence guarantee the transform and the wealth of our future civilization.

An implication of bitcoins, for example, is that blockchain technology will allow fully automated contracts to be made between people offering services and people needing them, arbitrated entirely by  software and signed statements from Public Certified Witnesses, a quorum of whom can witness completion of the contract via the public internet. These people can be anonymous, indeed, need not be people, but autonomous agencies in cyberspace, ‘bots’.  Very hard to follow, an aspect of software, started over an overlay network and running on a server in the cloud, with duplicates checking each other in different clouds, all communicating via an overlay net.

This means there will be a real meritocracy arising around the world.  We will begin sorting each other out by our net activities and interests at an early age, kids already go through many more cycles of great interest and learning, lasting until something even more interesting comes along, than even my son was able to do growing up.  Merely having so many examples of people doing outstanding things at such young ages will change everything about growing up, the number of prodigies for every instrument, mature voices in 8 year-olds, teenagers leading scientific discovery teams doing very significant research, things are getting very different very fast.

So we stand on the edge of a very wonderful future, with more wealth of all kinds, standards of living continuously improving, boundless science and technology, individuals from everywhere contributing to a global civilization.  What is there not to like about continuing the world’s progress in real wealth and progress in science, technology, music and culture of all kinds?  Food is better and more variety every year, and there has been an explosion of culture around the world as a result of the internet.  It is an amazing time of amazing progress, and promises to get ever-better, contrary to all the doomsayers. We have a lot of naysayers about everything, but in fact most of the things are getting better in the world, and the things that are not are largely controlled by government and politics. (Matt Ridley “Rational Optimist” backs this up very extensively, tho I think he is wrong about some things like industrial agriculture.)

You unbelievable morons in the political system, and the ruling elites who enable them, are endangering it all.  You supposed politicians who have so polarized our world, produced so many hatreds, and in the standard stupid ways, you went out and killed people for political gain, and taxed the rest of us into poverty and set us at each other’s throats in order to do it. You have failed.

You oligarchs, so focused on your wealth, and increasingly willing to use fraud and force to gain it, cooperating so willingly with the world’s various mafia. Have you learned nothing from Italy’s travails?  Now the Israeli-Neocon criminals own major parts of the power of nations, and you appear to be powerless against the combined might of their associated oligarchy.  The looming war is a clash of mafias, not a clash of cultures. Which you know because the Israeli people have nothing to gain from a Greater Israel policy and very much to lose, and the American people ditto.  Yet the wars continue, and the leading Republican political candidate has sons and relatives of NY mafias as his major advisors, has been very cooperative with mafia interests in business affairs.

I do not understand how anyone can look at the outcomes of Iraq and Afghanistan, the deaths and devastated lives and futures and think it a win.  It only accomplished keeping some politicians in power and some banksters and MIC wealthy, careers fostered, but that was enough because those forces control MSM in the developed world.  Yes, we now understand that was how it worked, and I am sure your Israeli-Neocon compatriots reassure you in the elite that we we were supposed to lose those conflicts so badly, continuing their conquest required continuing militarization.  How explicit was the underlying threat made? “You cooperated, if we lose, we will all hang” is probably too blunt.

And they must reassure you also on your next obvious question “Can we handle insurgents here at home?”.  That is where they are wrong, and the next thing you need to understand.

You need to under stand it, because it means that if you continue your current path to a police state, you are going to lose your asses, and best case possible for you will be to merely be pursued to the ends of the earth, an earth where there will be no place to hide.

Please understand, I am not in the business of doing any of these things, I make no threats, I merely project what the technological trends, combined with political and social trends, make inevitable, the existing, obvious technologies that will inevitably and soon make the life of anyone annoying any significant number of people fearful, restricted, confined and probably short.  This will happen independent of conspiracies, every single step of technology will be available to hobbyists around the world, and you can’t stop it without shutting down civilization.

Even that wouldn’t much matter, putting people under pressure beings out all sorts of unexpected creativity, e.g. :

You can find very many examples of people responding to events with new syntheses of knowledge, Gabe Brown was another.  The strategic position you are in is that of a small population mixed with a much larger population who are coming to view you as ‘different’, a psychological distancing.  Now an evolutionary arms race begins, the ingenuity of the masses against the interests of their rulers.  Flu and black death are examples of such contests : no particular problem if you can predict the epidemics.

Your choice, the choice of our civilization, is stark indeed : either convert quickly to a very peaceful society of more-equals in a genuine meritocracy, one fostering openness and honesty, or descend to the wealth of Alleppo after this next phase of the Israeli-Neocon game of world domination or opposition to the citizens regaining power over the government.

So the world is about to get very peaceful, because the technology won’t allow you to do anything else. Real meritocracy dooms you, go the Amnesty road asap.

Lest you doubt my prognosis, let me explain some of that technology.  First, Bunny Bangers***.  Second, facial recognition, there is no reason for a person to pull a trigger, anyone can automate any weapon, it can wait for just the right elephant.

Third, there are going to be many telescopes trained on public places looking for people, and that will be used for looking for everything from celebrity spotting to surveillance. As facial recognition improves, there will be internet services that will notify you if a person you are interested in is seen in public, and exactly where, GPS coordinates and time. Active target seeking ammunition is going to be common, from the simple quadcopter with camera and pistol to guided mortar or rocket

If you hope for gun control to save you, more bad news.  Search the internet for all of the instructions on building guns and reloading ammunition, including how to make the mercury fulminate and gunpowder, realize every country that rounds up guns goes on doing so forever, even if people generally cooperate.  There are many youtube videos on how to make mortars : “Potato cannons” they call them. The AI community discusses guiding things via vision in many places.

These technologies cannot be controlled, nor their uses.

Inevitably, given self-executing contracts, overlay networks and anonymous digital money*, KickEnder accounts will arise to express the collective judgment of people wrt any person.  As with KickStarter accounts, a minimum amount will be established for issuing a contract, additional amounts attract more resources.  That contract will have the form of the personal information of the person targeted, and the digital signatures of people or organizations trusted to judge that the terms of the contract have been fulfilled so payment can be made and proportion of those signing ‘contract executed’ to trigger payment.  The automated contract will deliver the bitcoins to the account of the entity that “claimed the contract”**.

Very likely KickEnder accounts will come to be seen as the global mechanism to enforce the judgments of Open Justice trials.  Clearly, criminal justice systems around the world have been taken over by criminals, and people need a replacement for them to put things back into balance.  Open Justice will redress that balance.  I expect 9/11 will be the first case, if you elites don’t get it together soon.

When that happens, the ecosystem will arise which manufacturers and emplaces various kinds of enforcement mechanisms, each of which continuously scans the net for new contracts they might fulfill.

My strongest advice is to prevent the need for that line of technical development and the development of a vengeance culture by fixing the government and changing the direction of this system.

So, Elites of the World, you who purport to rule, either make this world good for average people again via open and honest behaviors in all of your affairs, or you will live your live in a very constrained environment and be fearful to the end of your days.

*bitcoin can be made sufficiently anonymous via payment through a pool on an overlay network service.

**Jim Bell, the genius who created the concept I called a KickEnder account, made it ‘predicted the time of death’.  To claim the contract is to timestamp a photo of the contract being executed, along with your timestamped immediately prior claim of the contract.  Obviously multiple people can do that in near-same instants of time. The common dispute will be ‘whose bullet hit first?’, a job for the arbiters, and a new use for the High-Speed Traders’ low-latency networks. They won’t be needing them, as they are being put out of business by the Bankster’s darkpools.  Why have a public market when you can skim so much easier when nobody can know?

***Told you. This came along about 6 months later, but cops already had them several years ago, and security cameras made it easy

Lots of screwing with videos, wordpress is impossible, and all I needed to do is edit the HTML. Duh. 2 months away and I am a beginner again.

And, as usual, as soon as I think something, I find support everywhere.

That from inside the elite, has another way of shutting down airports, my favorite subject, and look at his whistling past the graveyard at the end, trying to avoid the obvious implications.

More backup, Gary North is excellent here .

And I just ran across this on automated contracts.  I admit that I had no specific knowledge when I wrote the above, just new that there were a couple of startups working in that area, and that the languages were being develop.


10 thoughts on “Elites of the World, Listen Up!

  1. A lot of chip development goes on in Israel. And of course re: medical technology –> Raphael Mechoulam. The lives saved by that man alone will count into the billions. Russia is on the verge of signing a free trade pact with Israel.

    Greater Israel may be a threat. Greater Islam certainly is. Not a word from you (in this piece) on that. The Middle East would be greatly improved by a Greater Israel. It will be destroyed by Greater Islam.

    BTW to understand the Jews read the Book Of Esther. And then study the theology around it. You might find it interesting. Jews celebrate the hate directed against them. It keeps them unified. Israel 1948 is the direct result of German hate for Jews.


    1. I was not paying attention, sorry for the delay in replying.

      No, you are very wrong about Islam. It is just another religion based on just another holy book, lots that is different, but no more extreme/stupid than any other holy book and religious tradition.

      Greater Israel is not the threat, just another idea/goal, the world has tons of them. The threat is the criminals using the Greater Israel/Zionist ideology and propaganda warping the Jewish holy books and religious traditions.

      The wreck of our political system that AIPAC has honchoed and the wars are consequences. The political situation we are faced with, with those criminal bastards still in power, that is the threat.


      1. He is wrong. This is the disinfo they spread day and night like chemtrails. Eventually they will choke onto their own hate. But we must act wisely and educate.

        Great entry, greetings from Europe; always outnumbered, never outgunned.


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