Constitutional Convention — Way Too Dangerous

“Not recognizing the significance of the freezing fog, the recent crash and the ships’ stopping, the icy water flooding the lower levels, or the the last lifeboat leaving, the Titanic’s workers went on with urgent tasks such as correcting the typos in the captain’s orders to re-arrange the deck chairs, necessary because of the alarming list of the ship.”

Allowing a Constitutional Convention when NSA’s blackmail database exists, when Congress no longer represents constituents, is way too dangerous.

Unless we can keep all existing politicians out.  Existing politicians produced the situation which has made correction necessary, are completely unqualified to fix it.

Existing politicians in a Constitutional Convention is as dumb as expecting the Fed to fix the problems in the economy.  If they could do that and knew how to do that, why are we in the mess we are in?

In any case, the government does not obey existing Constitutional and legal restrictions, more won’t change anything without fixing the system they are part of.  Removing all existing politicians and judges and most high level bureaucrats is very likely the minimum effective correction.  Massive reorganization, layoff, rollback of laws, meta-level amendments guiding interpretation of the Constitution for future judges, … are a few additional tasks that might allow limping along for a few more years.

I would have more confidence in people who recently regained Freedom, understand the costs of the restoration, and have thought hard about how to prevent this disaster from happening again, how to keep the government inside the Constitutional box.  At least long enough for us to move to the next organization of our civilization, something a lot more modern than a unitary state with the power of coercion.

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