The Meaning of 9-11

When 9-11 happened, I was like everyone else, just amazed at the cascade of failures. I thought it was the kind of Black Swan that happens in complex systems, a perfect storm produced by our activist foreign policy, lousy security systems and problems with building standards.

I no longer believe that because every time I tried to explain Building 7 to myself, nothing made sense.

I studied the evidence, and the improving analyses of the evidence.  I state plainly : Nobody of sound mind and balanced judgment can study the evidence or the people working with that evidence and believe the government’s story.

I KNOW that 9-11 was a false-flag operation. This means that the government is not the one specified in the Constitution.

We KNOW that 9-11 was a false flag because of :

  • No alternative explanation consistent with physics
  • The type of people supporting “it could not have happened the way the government claims”
  • The many flaws in the 9-11 investigation screaming “Coverup!”
  • More insiders add their doubts every year.

Note that the serious people do not point the finger at any group. They just make it clear the buildings were blown down and that it took a sophisticated operation to coordinate the apparent hijackers, planes flying into buildings and those dreadfully convincing images of collapsing buildings. Who, how and why are not their areas of expertise.

They also make it clear that authorities must have known of the operation, if only because of the Federal Security agencies in Building 7 and the obvious coverup.

For all those reasons and more, the number of prominent people in the US calling for a new investigation is growing and more and more people doubt the government story.

In 2015, with benefit of more information, we can see a bigger picture than in 2001*. 9-11 tells us about the power centers in the US government, economy and society :

  • It tells us the power of MSM to control public opinion.
  • It tells us that the dangers to our Constitutional government are our deep government, elements of the CIA and military, allied with the oligarchs.
  •  It illuminates the power of the propaganda machine : 9-11 was a triumph of control of the media. Enough concealed information has come out to completely invalidate their story, but it doesn’t matter because it is not causing a short-term political problem. The percentage of the American people who doubt the 9-11 story keeps climbing, is now 36%. That happened without a political ripple. The calls for a new 9-11 Commission don’t make it into public consciousness, MSM completely ignores it, while distracting us with fake or non-important problems, at best, cotton-candy fluff at worst, as ‘news’.
  • The government can keep secrets long enough. The number of whistleblowers among the many 100s who must personally know of anomalies is quite low. Also quite invisible, as the propaganda machine ignores them.
  • A good range of senior military people say ‘false flag’ in some form, directly or by implication.  They must be representative of military opinion, people don’t become Lt. Colonels without lots of contacts and talking things over.  They are senior officers from a lot of different areas of the military, so not just one point of view.  These are the kind of people who would tell us if their colleagues disagreed, that doubts exist, but there are no such caveats.  So there is widespread understanding in our officer corps of ‘False Flag’, yet nothing changes, the trends don’t deviate.  Either the very many officers who know have no influence or they are not siding with the Constitution or ??.
  • Something has gone wrong in the Military, 9-11 happened and the military hasn’t seemed to notice.  Is politics that intense in the officer corps?  Too many generals, nobody can risk a pension?
  • Where are our Patriot Intelligence analysts on all this?  Would not knowing this tell us what kind of war it is and who might be allies?  Brief us, G2 guys.

The 9-11 False Flag should condition all of our thinking about the economy, power, and government in the US of A.  The entire Status Quo, oligarchy, CIA, military. Never give any of those any benefit of any doubt..

Government legitimacy is waning at exactly the time it is building the infrastructure for an authoritarian state. Public understanding and outrage are in a race with the anti-Constitutional police state’s power.

Rogue governments are dangerous to their citizens, especially any that oppose them in any way, so think ‘gulag’.  Do we have to fear all of the various secret arms of the government and their hired guns, informers and trouble-makers and also police and military?

From the evidence in the “Military officers for 9-11 Truth” link below, I think a lot of people in the police and military are as concerned about trends as we are.  Which is not entirely good, failures of civilian government can lead to a range of military-dominated futures.

Time to start gathering the allies.  Join the community, make you and your fellow patriots a well-liked part of that community.  Learn to explain Freedom and love politics.  The men with the guns are a necessary support, but it takes political presence, numbers and stature in your local community.  Connect with your police and military people, retired as well as active.  Some sacrificial lambs** among us are to be dedicated to local, state and national politics to gather the allies necessary to win this.

Reforming the government that did 9-11 is not a trivial task.

This is the way all political groups achieve political power, focus on the goal and get involved.

Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth

Pilots For 911 Truth

Military officers for 9-11 Truth

911 Truth

Follow the Money

*Not a bit of conspiracy thinking : all this is simple logic –> the obvious.  We have to start somewhere.  Also, it must be obvious, I am not military, tho enough contact to have small clues.

**An honestly honest member of the Honest Party, I can’t think of a way to tell everyone “absolutely not me, ever, not qualified, not interested, not for anything, you would hate me” without making myself look too important.

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