Muslims in The West, 2015 Are The Jews In Germany, 1928

Understand that 911 was America’s Reichstag Fire.  Watch some interviews in MSM with Jesse Ventura, e.g.

Explain to me how this is a ‘news’ event, an honest change of factual understanding :

“You haven’t studied it”.  Exactly.  Nobody who has studied the evidence and the people presenting that evidence has any doubt about who did 911.

Reorganize your thinking.  Understand that the West has the most amazing propaganda machine ever.  Understand that all Muslims taken together, by honest measures, are  less danger to you than the Methodist down the street when he gets into his car.

Our NSA, CIA, Military, DHS, FBI, ATF, DEA,  and local police are the danger to our country, not Moslems, not anyone outside of the United States of America.

At the end of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles that Churchill forced Germany to sign by continuing the blockade of food to starving Germans after the war ended, killing 100,000 people, forced huge reparations and seized large parts of Germany’s industrial base.  Those added to the Great Depression, which began in 1929.

Social distress always makes for extreme politics : The communists, socialists, monarchists and every other group were very active.  Many had corps of bully boys, like the Nazi’s Brown Shirts.  Hitler was the better politician, the National Socialist Party was not part of past failures as were the older parties, was more nationalist than the socailists or the Communists.

And exploited the wide-spread Western prejudice against the Jews better than the others.

What year do you think it is here in the USofA?

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