Can’t Protect It? Don’t Collect It!

Ron Wyden is leading the debate on the new Cyber Security Bill, with our insecurity-agencies on the opposite of reality, as usual.  Wyden identified the flaw, the fact that our security agencies can’t keep anything secure, but want to go on collecting secrets that they can’t prevent being stolen.

Our anti-intelligence agencies want to us to forget that they have no capability to both protect data and make it available for use on a network connected to the Internet, that all databases will be compromised because cyber attack only needs one mistake to win, one bug or a configuration problem, once, while defense requires perfection always.

Remember, Snowden told us he stole NSA’s data.  How many didn’t?  What is the probability Snowden was the first?

As a result of the OPM breach, our government’s security is completely compromised.  We can no longer trust its decisions, and our government can no longer trust in its own power.

Interesting times, ends of eras.

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