On The Utility Of Sabotage

The citizens of America are clearly gearing up to take their government back from the oligarchs and deep state.

Excellent, it is about time.  But we need to think about how best to accomplish this.  I strongly urge avoiding the use of violence against people. So long as we do that, the authorities cannot justify violence against us and we will win the propaganda war.

Instead, let us set the simple goal of demonstrating to the world that no modern industrial and information-based society can exist if the government annoys its citizens by violating human rights or running a kleptocracy.

And we must agree that a proper compromise for all of us is the government operating entirely and carefully under the Constitution as it was originally intended, implemented by honest citizens openly and transparently for all.  That worked better than any prior organization of government in producing a good life for ordinary people, and we can make it work so much better today, given our connected world.

With that goal and understanding, we have maximal cooperation and minimal resistance.  Without it, we are divided, and TPTB get to continue their divide and rule, identity politics.

Given those goals, we can easily take down the government via sabotage, using the wider power of the less-criminal oligarchs and their minions, along with any remaining pockets of honesty inside governement against the Israeli-Neocons, deep-state MIC and Brzezinski-Kissinger ideologues in the State department.  They will not be allowed to continue in power if we begin to destroy the worth of oligarch’s investments, showing them how easy it is to do so, how incapable any government is to resist.

‘Take down’ as in ‘Demand the resignation of Congress and all members of the executive above GS12 or 13 and Colonel and stand down of all military forces, which are restricted to base.’  And then we throw out the political parties and K-street, reconstitute our society based on the conservative values like OK-BOB honesty , needed to run a modern complex civilization.  We will need to bar anyone from any public office who has served in any official capacity, and roll the laws back to some rational 1800 version without slavery and upgraded so people own their own information.

Most importantly, we will need a Truth commission to track back responsibilities for the False Flags and corruption, to ferret out the Deep State and the oligarchs in league with them.  Amnesty is part of that effort.

Then wait a while for our system to reconstitute itself, and wait a while longer to see what needs fixed.  It may well be we will want to change the system further, but this change will be informed by much more experience and engineering-of-systems knowledge than our Founders had available, we will be in a position to greatly improve the basis of our world.

Backing our government down need not be risky for any participant. The force needed to oust the government is only what is needed to shut down critical infrastructure. Those attack the wealth of the oligarchy and minions, the government will be forced to cave.  Airports, fiber optic links, power distribution and control of water.  Airports are especially easy, e.g. thisthis, this or this which includes a general way of handling these problems without deaths. There is absolutely no way to protect those, they are all very soft targets. Attacks are widely discussed on the internet, government runs drills to practice for a fraction of them, obsolete threats like bombs or snipers.***

There is no way a government can stand in the modern world when those very soft targets are attacked by citizens because the economic consequences will be so immediate and so large.****

Our rulers can fight a propaganda battle for a while.  Given control of MSM, that currently work against anyone they can depict as ‘crazy extremists with guns’, but so long as our insurgency’s message is “government out, citizens in” with simple demands of returning to citizens in Constitutional government and no deaths, their propaganda won’t have traction and we will prevail.

So, the day citizens declare our legitimate war on this government and begin implementing it is the day the government should resign, because its loss is certain on that day.  The oligarchy will surrender for them all, they can see the poverty in their future.

That path cannot be rational for the government, yet what they are doing must seem rational to them and to the oligarchy.  9/11 and the many shooting hoaxes and false flags show that our national government is clearly pursuing a path to a totalitarian control. This trend has not deviated since 9/11, e.g NSA’s progress to total surveillance of every human on earth, beginning with Americans, has not been slowed by any political action anywhere in the world.  The wars continue to expand, and few governments in the world can trust their intelligence services.

Obviously, many citizens are concerned about aspects of this, it is responsible for Trump and Saunders, people who were not plausible candidates in previous elections.  As both have obvious flaws as a President, this is the best opportunity for a 3rd party, and I believe that a 9/11 Truth and Sandy Hook Truth platform could carry the election.  The worst outcome for elites is a 3rd party candidate with a strong anti-deep state platform based on 9/11 and Sandy Hook.  That and other things will force their hand: Remember, the deep state cannot lose, as so many will hang.  There is no jurisdiction in the world that will keep them safe, not even Israel.

The various elites are busy consolidating power, this election will or will not allow them to continue to do so behind the scenes. Whenever they are forced to come into the open, or just before they believe they will be, dynamics will be fast conversion to frank authoritarian government, very likely using the standard false flag operation.

The infrastructure is unguardable by authoritarians also.

It would be good to avoid that.  One approach is amnesty, which needs to be accepted by major organizations, the very ones who have not yet chosen to believe 9/11 FF or Sandy Hook Hoax. Start thinking of other approaches to moving these treasonous criminals out of control of our government and society, this is a perilous time in history.

When only the CIA and the Dulles reign of anti-communism was threatened, an inner group coordinated poor security that allowed Kennedy to be murdered using (depending on who you believe) foreign assassins procured via Mafia contacts or career assassins long employed in such activities around the world. Now, the entire edifice of power by MIC, the deep state and minions, many reputations and careers in many bureaucracies and corporations, the structure of the world’s news flow and the control that represents, and the necks of the people who did 9/11 and the $T in spending they depend on to keep them are in balance.

We can expect over-reactions and deaths, spun in MSM, to get us in the opposition to over-react. And more false flags, it has been their most reliable tool in controlling political opinion.  But ultimately, those are not reality, and reality wins in evolutionary systems.

Don’t expect this to be quick and easy, we only get to choose the kind of pain and loss.  Avoiding war should be the goal for all, if we are thinking carefully.  Nobody wins wars, civil wars are worse, and guerrilla wars worse than that.  Sabotage will, I predict, produce results far better and faster than bullets with far fewer side-effects in our society

Citizens, patriots, it is past time to end this tyrannical power in our society.  The Israeli-Neocons and MIC-deep state and the Brzezinskis and Kissingers, all concentrations of power using US armed forces to accomplish their financial, political and foreign policy goals, now threatens a world war that will engulf us all.

*We must require that no one in the new government can have ever been associated with government or MIC, or … That is a neutral requirement everyone can understand, as we need a restart with ordinary people, no political organization can include anyone from this rulership, school board, priesthood, … they have failed us.  The replacements can decide to lighten this, of course, based on a Truth and Reconciliation investigation, described in ‘Amnesty’ above.

**That message for a restart based on our original Constitution and initial set of laws is a nice neutral one, and obviously will end our Establishments.  But their alternative is extreme poverty, because we can continue to attack infrastructure until they resign.  Yes, extreme poverty for us also, but better poverty with freedom than the inevitable extreme poverty in servitude with the devastation we see in Alleppo, much less Fallujah, the fate of every government that has tried totalitarian rule, win or lose.

***Only illiterates, liberal arts majors, and Ivy League university grads could be so primitive as to use bombs, and nobody experienced enough to shoot straight would be dumb enough to shoot from a high window.  Those are not the threats.  Bunny Bangers are the threats.  Add a bit of facial recognition, a gun could lie in wait for years.  Military robots are not useful against such threats, politicians will have to be accountable, and oligarchs mild and friendly and helpful, humble.

****The counter would have to be other formations of citizens to guard critical infrastructure, where they have little control of ‘other’ in a population increasingly filled with dissidents, and formations of citizens are the last things an elite wants under those circumstances.  As well as the fact that those targets are unguardable, stretching over 10s of 1000s of miles.  Surveillance is still for people, not yet infrastructure, and would need to be automated.  Closer every year, but not nearly enough.


In a rational world, everyone would see these points and the ones yesterday and adjust to avoid the worst of it.  Group-think

Added later, my ideas always lag the reality.  Note the bit about ‘commercially available’.  It is automation.  Automation always falls in price, and that image doesn’t need to be anywhere near the gun, nor the trigger being pulled until the sight goes green.

Elites of my world, consider how much trust it will take to get the shooting to stop, and how few of us might be left to trust.

Added later: drones and the satellites may make it much harder for saboteurs on infrastructure, but that is a long way from being automated and ultimately, they have to have enough people on the ground. Any version of any war will be expensive, but pulling a trigger is not the biggest weapon most individuals can wield, and they don’t have enough eyes to watch everything.

14 thoughts on “On The Utility Of Sabotage

  1. WOW, thank you for the view into the great beyond. I get so sad with the dot Gov crap, Grew up in the early cold war, heard from experts then about the soviet life, well guess what were here now. Police state 2.O and were not free as we were 50 yrs ago. I want the (kids) to make it right, because we did a crappy job in maintaining the NORMAL, I really hope the KID down the street has control of what needs to be done GO KID GO FAST clean up and I will help dispose of the trash.
    I like the idea of sleeper electronics, (record and report ) . How about a start date of 4-15-16…….Thanks again .


    1. Do some reading. The info is widely available. Many, many places to start. The Kennedy(s) assassination(s), 9/11, Sandy Hook, USS Liberty. Be critical, think it through. The conclusions are pretty obvious. Your worldview will change radically, like it or not.

      Can’t say I like the idea of “amnesty”, “truth and reconciliation” much. Revenge via the hangman’s noose is richly deserved by 10’s of thousands, likely more. I take your point about the lives that could be saved by going down that road. But it rankles. I want to see those bastards swing.


    2. Sorry, was not paying attention.


      The Israeli component is basically Likhud, which is now children of the early criminals who ran the terrorist gangs, Stern, etc.

      Military-Industrial-Complex is all of the people depending on the $1T in military and intelligence and police spending.

      Deep State is the mafia part of that, probably centered on the CIA, but certainly the military’s drug running is part of it. They are the people who run the killings, JFK through Michael Hastings.


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