My Acknowledgement Of Their Declaration Of War

This is my acknowledgement of my country’s declaration of War against we, the People Within The United States, most of us citizens.*

The forces taking over the United States government by infiltration must have started long ago. We don’t know much about the criminality in those early years, the first views were after WWII, Israel had a lot of inside help in weapons procurement and nuclear technology.

The history of the merger of the deep state forces associated with Dulles and those of American Neoconservative political parties has not been written, but rapidly led to 9/11, an attack by forces within the US government, in cooperation with the criminals in the Likhud Party and Israeli government, upon the American political system.  It was an act of terrorism, and it worked very well, in large part because of the Israeli-Neocon + deepstate + oligarchic control of Mainstream Media.  Those forces are losing control, and the rate increases constantly.  If normal politics resumes, many of them will hang. Those dynamics make an attempt to seize power inevitable.

It is far past time that we citizens and other inhabitants took control of our country back from the usurpers.  The first step is all of us acknowledging their declaration of war.

This is mine, and also the beginning of my citizen’s opposition against our illegitimate government.

*So, the standard set of disclaimers. See what I did there.  In the first sentence, without any intent on my part, I framed this piece in your mind.  And I did it in a way that lets me lead the whole thing in a particular direction. Journalism 101, basic propaganda technology, and now I pound it in by repetition.

Folks, your minds are only yours if you keep the ramparts up.  Otherwise barbarians will infest them, you will carry mental parasites that debilitate thinking.

And warnings like this don’t help, all they do is make your confident you can resist. Proven fact, and that proof underminds your mind, right?  Lovely turns upon itself pun, that. And now this comes back to mind for you all day.


This thought arose because someone on zh speculated that I could be an informant, agent provacateur, my site a honey trap for patriots.  Took me some time to think why, must have been the earlier projects for patriots, proposals for KickStarters.

Easy to see why that should not be true, if everything about this site is what I claim.  Not ‘could not be true’, we are talking humans and loyalties, not engineering.

By my analysis, and you should be extremely aware of how I am leading your thinking here, for me to be an informant, or even a passive cooperator providing email addresses and IP addresses, given the total stuff I put up on this site and given that I actually believe all of it, they would have to have some heavy leverage.  No sign of anyone using levers yet, dammit. We live middle class scrambling to put enough aside for retirement in the face of a world-wide greater depression, nobody has tried money. My wife, the kind of a person who would have married the someone who produces all that awesomeness, still loves me, proves it in the very best ways often, and I have no levers on her or our son, so I can’t be too evil. My relatives expect the worst out of me, reputation with them can’t be hurt much.

Also, I don’t correspond with people in the Patriot movement.  I exchange notes once in a while with wrsa because he publishes my posts, tho rarely.  I comment on his site.  So as an informant for anyone, I am in a terrible position to provide any info.

As for beliefs : There has been intelligence in the writing, that can’t be faked, but it can be produced by writers other than me.  Consistency of beliefs and knowledge would be much harder and also much harder to evaluate.

You can’t know for sure, there is no way I can convince you.  Remember all of the lovely children killed in all of the Sandy Hoaxen shooting massacres? The ones who never existed, but there is enough government-produced evidence for their existence to convince MSM?  That is not a high standard, anyone could do better.

And all just the kind of thing a suspected informant would say.  Online on the web, personnas are very malleable things.  I could challenge everyone to a programming contest, but you out there can’t know from one word to the next that some operative somewhere hasn’t taken over my keyboard.  Also, no reason for programmers to be immune to coercion or persuasion, many engineers work for secret services.

Word analysis can probably provide insight into whether it is all mine, I have speculated about that for detecting hasbara, whose patterns I think I see.

The Feds don’t need someone like me, NSA sees all of the traffic, filtering mine is just another entry in a database that directs their deep packet inspections.  My site’s existence does what they want to the exact extent I am successful, and that is true for every patriot or any other site NSA might be interested in.  Informants are for meat space, here in the net, NSA can see every byte that I see or generate.  My influence and my contacts, to the extent that I have any, is netspace, not meatspace.

But I can do something, this is the beginning.  I can create noise.  I personally can create significant noise in the world, and a lot of independent people can do far more with completely independent efforts.  I have a lot of ideas to about how to do this.

Anyway, one of the cute little ironies of history, suspicion producing the effect.  If you got it, flaunt it. I decided to be the kind of honey trap that the Feds can’t avoid. A place everyone reads, interesting thoughts, maybe, among the entertaining idiocies, and activists of any stripe don’t stand out by reading and linking.  All I have to do is become famous for something useful or entertaining to the patriot community, which is what I was trying to do anyway. And I was working on a new approach, time to trot that out.

Generalissimo Strategic Planning, Information Analysis and Psyops is born.

First Law of Quality Assurance :


6 thoughts on “My Acknowledgement Of Their Declaration Of War

  1. Think Patriot,

    Yours are very dangerous and very necessary comments. I am curious what the risks are to me by TPTB if/when I post supporting or contributory comments as an ‘anonymous’ reader on yours and similar Internet outlets? I wonder this quite often.

    I will weigh these risks with what I see as necessary and brave actions in the coming months (as we all should). But I need to know them.


    1. Simple security, you never, ever agree to anything dishonest or illegal, meatspace or webspace. Theoretically, normal citizens are OK, and mostly are.

      Read John Ross’s “Unintended Consequences”

      I am not conspiring and do not recommend that anyone conspire with anyone. That creates vulnerabilities that authorities are very good at exploiting. It may be worth it, but both parties should think carefully. For the most part, this can all be done without risk I believe. I think that ultimately, when folks figure out what needs done and how to do it, paperwork errors sink them. Small assists to entropy is all that is necessary.

      Don’t break the law and don’t hurt people, and if we are very careful with these ROEs, we are invincible because we will hold the highest peaks in peoples respect spaces. Disagree with us, sure there will always be people who disagree, and for reasons we don’t grasp, but are very meaningful for them. But so long as we have their respect and they are assured we do not intend them harm, we have a lot of leeway. Which we re going to need, because cities going without electricity for reasons blamed on patriots will try people’s patience.

      And that will happen, because the authorities need a lot of false flags, and now that I have brought the idea alive of sabotage. But our ops won’t hurt people, and we have simple and rational goals and a return to a golden age, for real.

      As for danger in all this. God knows. Pretty clear if you are someone who digs, like Hastings and ?guy who started Pilots for 9/11 Truth?, and find something, you are in danger. There have been a lot of people with peripheral bits of info who have died in unexplained street crime. And Bolyn says the Israels are brutal with families, but I have no independent evidence of that.

      So I assume someone like me who sits and thinks is in an even lesser class than Webster Tarpley, who says people doing what he does are safe, they are canaries in coal mines, authorities make sure they are alive last. There have been a lot of deaths of individual activists around the world, but I don’t know of bloggers kicking off yet.

      I don’t let out a lot of personal info, tho I think typing me is pretty easy from what I write and attitudes. Authorities easily know who I am and everything about me, so I am chary with personal info for reasons of family privacy. NSA has the web addresses of every critical site. They run periodic searches (I am definite, because it is what computer people do, not because I have knowledge : also Google may provide all this data from what I read last few days) and thus my threat score is upgraded, at some point a friendly FBI man comes to call, and asks questions about the child porn on my computer. Not my thing, and nobody writing what I write would ever run that risk.

      I do not know what the future holds, I do not think I am unduly alarmist, but the people taking over our country are specialists at taking over countries. It is not paranoia that makes us all see False Flags everywhere, they are everywhere. It is not paranoia that makes me see the trend to authoritarian government, the clamping down on everything, the continuous centralization of power.

      It is not paranoia to see how Donald Trump’s authoritarian political market position is so resonating with a newly-hatched group of authoritarians, fed propaganda about evil Muslims and immigrants. My god, how could you replicate Hitler’s rise more precisely, and why have the left-progressives and right-progressives all not admitted their independent strains of thought that produced that phenomena? Maybe cause they depend upon the same psychology and propaganda?

      My poor civilization.

      Stay safe and practice your opposition, don’t break laws. Psyops will be fun. Videos of psyops will make $.


  2. While not an American I am a member of the anglosphere. This site is very informative and I hope it grows.
    I believe that modern tech has returned us to the level of dominance elites had in early city states. Back then they watched and had informers. Now they have the NSA.
    What we do will determin e the outcome. We decide.

    sic tyrannus….


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