Another Aspect Of Status Quo’s Blindness

At the very same time that the administrations and faculties of high schools, colleges and universities all over the US are trying so hard to protect our virginal youth from predation, or at least to reduce competition to the normal predatory group of faculty members, our MSM and entire Status Quo, including those very same administrators and faculty members, are ignoring the open evidence for rings of members of the world’s elites using children of non-elites for sex.

There have been several of these scandals, some predating Bill Clinton in the White House.

So look at the details of the Epstein case.  Also this. And this with juicy details of the plane’s passengers. Epstein operates Lolita Express, his private plane, and also Orgy Island, his mansion in St Thomas. From the various testimonies, quite a lot of very prominent people had been there, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Allan Dershowitz. Epstein also had society women as procurers of girls, many many girls, Epstein was using one new one a day at some times.  The procurers were upscale, and lured them into visits to the Palm Beach mansion where they were sexually used and paid off.  Some were given the opportunity to continue with more or less voluntary prostitution, where Epstein used them as party favors and paid them for ‘massage’.  Epstein debriefed the girls, people owed him favors, e.g. Epstein said that was the reason that Bill Clinton was visiting.*

So, what kind of services might Bill Clinton have been providing?  Helping set up someone for blackmail? Clinton doing the introduction, asking to be met there, etc?

In any case, the story that is outlined is that Epstein is another NYC social-political climber Likhudnik mafia infesting the world.  Mafia rules are “whatever you can get away with, so long as the boss gets a cut”, so they are all entrepreneurs.  Epstein ‘manages money’, think ‘insider trading’ and I speculate that the blackmail is his source of info and further investment funds. But that is just the obvious possibility, insiders would see many more.

Epstein had the power to coerce a state judge to OK a sweetheart deal.  The judge testified he was followed, menaced, investigated during the time that he handled the case.  The judge could be using that as an excuse for a huge bribe he accepted. By coincidence, Jeb Bush was Florida’s governor at the time, Jeb was a friend of Epsteins, Jeb was part of the cocaine traffic through Florida.

From one point of view, all this sex-driven corruption is to be expected, fundamental drives are rooted in biology, those drive commerce.  Every society has rings of procurers and intensities of sexual servitude for every suppressed sexual deviance and proclivity.  As the pressure has come off of selling sexual services in the US, the risk has been reduced and now Backpage and other online sites handle advertising for individuals and brothels disguised as massage parlors.  A wide range of sexual services are available in cities across the US, and even large towns.

But not for pedophiles.  Those are still hidden, but we know they must be widespread, because that is just another market, and we see so much activity at lower levels of policing and trade in pornography.  And we see people going overseas for sex of all kinds, and know children and very young teenagers are part of that, it is a standard topic for law enforcement.  Dennis Hastert’s case showed that the FBI and CIA do this kind of blackmail also, and so does the NSA, but that hasn’t been exposed yet, so far as I know.

So surely there are, world-wide, many high-level and very public investigations of all this corruption and its source, right?


Why do you suppose that is?

Is the campaign against even the possibility of sexual innuendo we see in colleges and universities intended to protect their children as they make their moves into the internships and summer jobs among the corridors of power?  Minions protecting their own against their rulers best they can, so sorry about the rest of you.

Do you suppose their Gruberian attitudes make it OK to ignore all of that evidence of pedophile rings, so long as their own children are safe?  Do you suppose other laws could be equally applied unevenly?

Why are you not reading this in the NYTimes?  Why do we have to support Boiling Frog Post?

Way past time.


**Given Lewinsky’s example of outstanding foresight, a prudent blackmailer would have DNA samples, don’t you think?  A sperm sample mixed with the girls’s epithelium would be very persuasive to a jury, seems to me.  Photos can be faked, sperm samples not so much.


It always puzzled me that Dershowitz was so extreme in his pro-Israel opinions.  This entire story would explain that.

Added later:  A stray thought in my criminal mind : Easy to generate exactly that sperm sample, given a used condom and cooperative woman, or girl.  Wonder if the cleaners have a number to call for certain rooms? I think it is not easy to fake photographic evidence, but the fake plus mixed genetics in the same sample, nobody could stand up to that.

You should, of course, suspect me of setting up some excuse for myself in the future.

Wasn’t that elegant bit of propaganda there?  If I were really shameless, I would go on to tell you that my wife doesn’t allow me to indulge such base passions, dammit, brag about how huge is the necessity of my ethical restraint, give the strength of such base passions, and shyly admit that I don’t lie to my wife because I am not good enough to get away with that.  The only reason I have hope for world domination is you can’t see my shifty eyes.

You are ignoring my warnings, I keep tell you about the danger of warnings and they way we propagandists use them against you.


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