First Corps Psyops #2

Called a friend and discussed strategic plans and psyops. He told me I was a lagging indicator again, that everyone in the patriot movement has been doing some version of that. His had been first to vote for Trump in the primaries, along with his intent to vote for Hillary in the general election, assuming she would push gun control and thus start the revolution on terms most favorable to patriots. In his view, a vote for Hillary and the far-left anti-gun block she represents is a vote to “Burn it down”.

After I told him my proposal, he said he will now call Hillary’s campaign to be sure they understand his expectations and goals and the reasons for his support is to over-ride the 2nd Amendment and is enthusiastically behind that even if it means war with gun-owners. Hard to know what that effect will be, but further polarization in their ranks is good at this point. That Sandy Hoaxen project of theirs is in support of exactly that end, and the dynamics of this kind of political situation are a fast shift to seriously authoritarian, no dissent allowed.

He also told me about a psyop that 2nd amendment people have done in areas where the pro-controllers have made gun licenses public. People put up signs saying their neighbors’ homes are gun-free zones, whereas they are armed and willing to use their arms.

I have been thinking about the ethics of psyops. Most of us value our reputations, telling lies in public, shouting them from the rooftops, will not increase their lustre. Worse, we owe ourselves to employ OK-BOB levels of honesty in anything important.  OK-BOB is one of the crucial ingredients in positive-sum play, also known as ‘civilization’.

Exactly, and thus precisely why we owe the people who receive any lies we wish to tell less than nothing, they defined that to be a negative-sum relationship when they began to lie to us.  Our responsibility to the positive-sum people in our life is to prevent them from being mislead, which we do by talking up the idea of psyops.  For our rulers, all that has the happy effect of increasing their distrust of data, and thereby ‘going with their gut’. For anyone in the elite, that is nearly certain to be the worst thing they can do, these people are dissociated from reality, a process we should assist as possible.

Warn everyone, no one should believe polls or politicians, so sad politicians seem to believe they have to believe polls.  A great weakness, exploitable by free people bearing phones and computers.

That is the background for the next campaign, “Accidental Patriot Actions”, our planning and practice for the sabotage campaign against the oligarch’s interest.  Someone not associated with anyone should also set up some sites or a Youtube channel to share psyop exploits.  Someone could make some really funny such, either real people on the other end or a friend pretending to be, little psyops that might make you some $ from youtube ads and are good practice for you and instruction for others : profit from your work for the revolution wherever possible, an organic approach to system change. Topics for a next blog.

Generalissimo Grand Strategy, Intelligence Analysis and Psyops, First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp.  Cleverly Gently Martial In Spirit

000 A paucity of warnings, no propaganda for you today.

But if someone will sincerely appreciate my wonderful Psyops Corp motto, I may relent.

Literally, I closed this out and went back to my other browser and the first of several dozen tabs with pages I had selected to read was this, on Donald Trump’s psyops.  This kind of thing was common in big companies I worked in.  I recall a situation where one of the hotshot VPs was being moved off to the side to run an R&D center.  He left behind the entirely-false rumor that the guy who took his place was due to be elevated to Sr VP right under the CEO in another year.  Not ethical, imho.

Trump’s use of ‘stamina’ is more sophisticated than a simple story.  This is the kind of thing that George Lakoff would be talking about.  Choose the words you use to frame a topic, and you guide thought of any mind reading or studying it.  Hammer the frame often enough, and their mind won’t be able to see that topic from any other point of view.

In Donald Trump’s case, he is not playing against Hillary, he is playing against us.  Our wish is full and complete and open information from all so as to make careful and accurate evaluations.  Trump is not worried about why we vote for him, so long as we do.  He puts a cute idea in our mind that will work to bias our judgement for him.

Fine, I feel no guilt playing the other side of that, so long as I tell all of you.

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