Musings on 5th Generation Warfare, #5

Continued from here.

At about this point, Donald Trump came into all of our lives in the 2016 Presidential race. That produced a short digression in my life (not invented yet) as well as the one, the sort-of one, that follows.

My researches into genetics, evolution, anthropology, genomics, and ancient genomes had convinced me that aspects of human nature appropriate to 100K years ago was the problem.  In the days when populations often declined because of natural disaster, having grandchildren could not be guaranteed.  Combinations of social solidarity had to give men access to women to bear their children, nothing else would survive jostling between bands and cultures of small bands sparsely settling a big continent. So, sexual selection for mates, people being cooperative in mating. But there were and are versions of that, including men killing men for their women. All of the clan raids for brides are not faked, even in modern times.

The versions that predominate in farming societies with enough wealth to  be stolen to enforce a status-power hierarchy are kings with enormous harems fathering many children, through local lords with a lot of female servants in the castle, available to him and his favorites. That is a reliable historical phenomena, Fidel Castro apparently had a house of girls all to himself, as did Mao. Most of modern scandal is still sex scandal, tho the media are still prone to ignoring its evidence among their favorites. So the evidence is that all of us would be a Genghis Khan, if we could be. Our flexible ethics, e.g. the Stanford Prison experiment phenomena, our anxiousness to go along to get along, is more evidence.  That is built into human nature, even if you think it takes someone special in genetics to be a Genghis Khan in number of descendants, you have to admit we have a lot of it in our ancestry.

And, you have to admit, we haven’t exactly faced up to that in our ancestry and what it means for our own natures.  Nor to the actual evidence of a difference, on average and with wide variation, between men and women’s general attitudes to life. Nor of an entire range of sexual proclivities, and interesting differences of the resulting natures. Past civilizations had extolled all of these differences, or at least a different set than in modern times, had built religions on women’s nurturing natures or men’s martial nature, had cultures that used entirely different categories of sexual natures in their workings.

Primitive, we call them, but we are the ones with the epidemic of paedophiles, sex crimes, drug usage, an out of control bureaucracy with a deep state running major parts of our society!  You couldn’t get by with shit like that in those primitive times, someone eventually murdered even Caesar. Rome wasn’t even a particularly vengeful culture, others valued vengeance nearly as much as their own life.  I expected our own culture to begin using those old virtues in the near future.

I suggested at the time, “Perhaps we should take a look at some of the past social forms?” Like Donald Trump, for example, who is a pale imitation of a Roman emperor-in-the-making in terms of his opinions and lusts.  Probably.  Tho the hints were strong, in 2016 we couldn’t be sure because so much was hidden from us in those benighted times.

Nevertheless, the man exemplified those ancient virtues of a man to lead in defense of our women and seizure of theirs, and we knew it because he was one of those guys who screwed every woman, at least, in sight, prostitutes included. The rationalizations for less-than-sterling character of men wrt sex were endless and the bad examples in entertainment worse, tho some evidence said less rarely exercised. So many fictional Conan the Barbarain-character rapes, vs the actual case of the virgin in the Amazonian rain forest with the young cannibal man. And the fact that Iroquois Nation in the old days apparently treated women well, Shawnees did not rape Indian nor white. I couldn’t sort it out, rather suspected people are widely variable, depending on the situation.  Smart cultures engineered themselves to avoid conflict, most didn’t grasp why that was a good idea, why power relationships could not be optimal. Such a mix of fact, fear and propaganda, my knowledge, even amplified by friends and search engines, so small. But how could social symptoms like paedophile rings at high levels be ignored? Not a good culture.

The mix of insanities that allowed all of this produced a preference for a Donald Trump. Too much complexity shuts down minds, and Donald Trump was a natural big man whose image and presentation had been cultivated over many years.  It was his only talent, but it took advantage of those minds’ simplifications.

I thought that such a refutation of all civilization had learned about leaders, including the pre-Trump crowd of sycophants to oligarchs, was unwise in the extreme, but who listens to their prophets rather than their profits?  We had so screwed up our own psyches with civilizations strictures that our biological side could no longer produce intelligent== humane social decisions.  The endless wars, the needless deaths, the new beings not born, all a waste of our genome’s variability, a loss to our genetic, economic and civilizational futures, yet another aspect of the cascade of failure that was world civilization in 2016.

And so, the citizens of the US, wisdom largely determined from New York and Hollywood, decided to consign our nation’s future to barbarian horde mentality and call it liberation from the Status Quo.  All the while, the smart money was betting on exactly that outcome, makes you wonder.  In early 2016, the rest of us were apparently unable to do anything to stop them, tho I did think that one of my early accolytes had the right idea.

Back to the story of my planning and the unfolding of the social reformation.


In psyops, the message is the op.

*Generalissimo Grand Strategy, Intelligence Analysis and Psyops, First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp.  Cleverly Gently Martial In Spirit

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