Our Evolving World Culture

I keep finding new things in music, our world’s mixing of culture is an awesome thing. This is more concentrated cherry picked evidence, don’t be surprised when it proves what I decided it would.

If I had been a musician, I would have wanted to be most like Yo Yo Ma, because he has done great music with everyone. Ma is music’s Erdos or movies’ Kevin Bacon.

I skipped many of Ma’s recordings with other people because I didn’t like the music, but Youtube lists 2.17M links. More than enough for an evening or two of interesting listening.

Clearly, mixing cultures has been proceeding for a long time. I am so surprised to learn it is a disaster for any civilization. All the Israeli-Neocons who hate Muslims say so.

They don’t have much evidence, it seems to me, and all the evidence I see tells me civilization becomes wealthier and more interesting the more we mix our cultures and peoples. The only countries in modern times who have cratered have been ones like Germany, the USSR, China under Mao or N Korea, all of whom tried to make their cultures monolithic, completely unified and free of foreign influences and thoughts.

Our government also, except in the areas they can’t stop us, e.g. making art and dance and videos and the amazing varieties of public goods the internet has allowed people to cooperate in producing.

Notice that? All of the areas that are standardized by central organizations, e.g. justice, policing, education, health care, forestry, industrial farming, environment, water supplies, banking, insurance, accounting, economy, … have big problems. We do not have big problems in areas people control, only areas where centralization has pushed us out of control.

The reason for that is that systems where change comes from everywhere are evolving systems, whereas system controlled from top down have had that vital distributed exploration and feedback function eliminated. Music with Yo Yo Ma is a living thing, changing as he and other musicians find ways to combine their backgrounds and talents in new ways.

Central direction converts an evolving, living system to a static system. The only static things in life are dead.

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