Daily Reading #111

This is not ‘reading tea leaves’, this is evidence of the reality behind the headlines. The agreements with the Russians wrt dealing with ISIS is back on! Why don’t I read that in US or European legacy media? Do you suppose that NK is a convenient target for a bellicose stance and distracting headlines?

I still have hope that Trump is as smart as his electoral success has suggested, and note that we aren’t in WWIII, yet. :



Every conspiracy theory is coming true. Theirry Meyssan is a serious journalist of the investigative sort, and says Trump was right, we can’t conquer ISIS without ending the Muslim Brotherhood. But, a bit of a problem, a spot of bother, the Muslim Brother is a creation and wholly-owned subsidiary of MI6 :


Another interpretation of events, this guy is ex-intelligence analyst of some kind, but one who is careful to have no opinions about 9-11, false flag :


So hard to know how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Is the focus on the ‘lone wolf with a gun’ just the latest hype justifying larger budgets for counter-terrorism, or a selling job?  Guns isn’t the way to go, it is the version of 5GW that does the least harm to the Stasis Quo. Random deaths don’t upset that, but the same lone wolves doing sabotage of oligarch’s operations, that would :




For pacifists, the Generalissimo discusses why his approach is the only terrorism Gandhi could approve of.

The attacks on Assange are the latest attempts by our Deep State, oligarchs and Israeli-Neocons to control their fates. It isn’t working, the more they come out in the open and are associated with their obvious lies, the more discredited they become. Krieger has it right, it seems to me.

Remember, this is the propaganda level, many other things are happening behind the scenes, below the surface. What George Webb has been looking into, for example. Brownstone operations collecting blackmail material. NSA’s domestic and international spying for more blackmail material. Ratlines smuggling people, drugs, arms, and organs, and doing experiments on unsuspecting people. Private armies and companies who provide them around the world, often paid for by tax payers. These people are guilty of every crime imaginable. They have to keep doubling down because if they lose, they hang.

9-11 is extremely well documented because there was so much to cover up and so much cover up. People signed off on criminal actions, we know who did what.  There is going to be some explaining to do. The system is in stasis in order to protect those people, and the coup continues as it can, the criminals continue in power.

Every time I start thinking from ‘9-11 was a false flag operation done by the US CIA and the Israeli Mossad, to the extent that those are different organizations any more, I come to those same conclusions : the facts of 9-11, the obvious coverup, the continuing wars, the pedophilia connections, are all constraints on the explanations for that reality. All trails of evidence lead back to the CIA and military services and their equivalents in allied governments around the world.

I am sure not every individual, maybe not even many of them.  But no compartmented highly secret organization with a big budget could avoid such subgroups forming. In a black world, the blackest rise to the top, fast. The rest take orders and have bureaucracies to handle logistics, secretly.

As usual, I think not many people agree with me, most think the system is corrupt, but ‘9-11 False Flag” is not believable.  OK, explain the “15 Years Later: On the Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses”, a paper in a peer-reviewed journal of physics, discussed here. The physical evidence of the building’s collapse cannot be explained without explosives, and explosive residues are in large abundance in the dust of the explosively deconstructed towers, with un-exploded grains of a type produced by Israeli and US military suppliers.  That was replicated in 4 studies, at least 2 in peer-reviewed journals.

How do you square the bastards in our government’s Deep State sacrificing 3K Americans in the Twin Towers with them being anything less than capital-crime criminals? People, people in bureaucracies, don’t just decide to do serious criminal acts, it takes a long time to build an organization that is a government-power international crime syndicate.

These guys were grabbing for the gold ring.  The enormity of crime at that level, the absolutely insane hubris it represents, and the difficulty of putting it into words that don’t sound crazy, are the haze that prevents the outrage. Alsothe fact that it has all crept up on Americans slowly, and so formerly extreme actions on their part are accepted by citizens, e.g. having all of our communications tapped, our comings and goings followed and recorded, or killing people in so many different countries simultaneously, via drone.

20 years ago, those would have seemed the stuff of science fiction. “The Unbelievable and Unbelieving Era”, future historians will call it, the quiet time while the society decides what to do, what can be done :


They are responsible for the ME wars and all of the associated terrorists, the world’s epidemic of pedophilia, innumerable false flags and innumerable assassinations around the world. Every country has suffered from these bastard’s actions, and all would be happy to hang them, so there is no exile they can flee to.

This has to end in shooting, they can’t surrender.  Unless amnesty commissions are established before the shooting starts, and society allows them to live, but to lose their wealth :


In case you have not realized the US is a kleptocracy yet :


Even allowing for the hype added by university PR, phys.org always has many new inventions and technologies, any one of which could increase computing power in a chassis 10X. Cumulatively, they do, about every 5 – 7 years. Optical connections will allow lower-power and longer-distance connections, both major problems for current chips, both of which limit the number of processors, types of processors, and complexity of caches and links between them.  For example, a specialized processor could be an Field Programmable Gate Array, which can implement a computation directly in logic, or a few dozen of the parallel processors that exist in a graphics processor.

The next important development is optical links chip-to-chip that are as reliable as electrical, with density at least as high as they can manage with electrical.  That would do for the board what optical can do on-chip. Moore’s law is a long way from dead, even tho clock rates aren’t increasing as fast as previously :


Google is definitely part of the Deep State’s information collection apparatus :


Erdogan stole the election, of course, tho his methods were much cruder than are available in computer-counting US.  Thus our elections are more corrupt, but more accepted :




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