Personal Secession

Civilizations are built bottom-up from our every-day actions and cultural values.  We should each of us work to become the kind of citizen who lives in the society we believe is ideal.  We should raise our children to be that kind of citizen.

We are in a transition during which we reform ourselves, raise our children, adopt culture and tradition which move us to be that society.

So, what can we do ?

  • Take your kids out of school.  That builds the kind of adults we want in our ideal society, removes some of the State’s control over our lives, and is an opportunity to build community.  Help teach other people’s kids things you know about, your work, hobbies, …
  • Work to defund public schools.  Public schools are indoctrination and teach obedience to authority.
  • Assume responsibility for your self-defense and the defense of people near you.
  • Build community.  Join groups of all kinds.  Start the neighborhood watch and protection group, get to know everyone and their capabilities.
  • Get on juries, and as a fully-informed juror, vote Justice, not law.  Interpret doubt against money and power.
  • Vote against.  There are not enough Freedom voters to elect candidates who care about our issues, but there are often enough of us to defeat other propositions.  Vote against all taxes and bond issues.  Who cares who is on the school board if you have taken your kids out of school and crippled the public school system by refusing taxes?
  • Start or join a community service to handle disputes : judges, juries, someone to help with domestic disputes and crazies that need to go to the hospital, etc.  A crisis hotline with people to come and help.  “We won’t kill your crazy son” could be on the business card.
  • March.  We need community for the new, but mass opposition to the old.  Being an activist to oppose is intelligent.  Do not support anything except repeals of laws, any reform is a variation on how we got into this mess.  Top down cannot work, has never worked.



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