The Danes Is Us

There are many ways of coming to this same understanding, I find a new take on the old standard one every few days.

A common expression is ‘there is no free lunch’, and the ‘civilization is going upward’ phase of things believes that.  At some point, the society stops believing that and things immediately get strange. Tax write-offs and under the table.  Massive flows of money through government programs inevitably changes the character and goals of everyone in government over the years.  And everyone dealing with government, especially anyone paying for it.

Any dispassionate observer must agree that there has been a burgeoning of government throughout the world, and also a fractioning of power because of international treaties, tribunals, … customs.  Any dispassionate observer will have noticed a trend to the dishonest, the devious, the use of naked power, right out in the open.  We readers of history warn those are failure to execute civilization competently, and the trends will also be toward lower levels of wealth that always accompany the loss of civilization.

Nobody can believe the result is optimal, in very many ways it is quite bad, every major political interest makes good points, not many are discussed in the mainstream.  That stream of information is a trickle of what it once was.

Another thing I believe any dispassionate observer must agree is so is that the current system is strongly in the interests of the militarists, and wow, are they predominating.

Has no one noticed ?  The citizens of the US of A are paying about $1T per year DaneGeld. 39 4 star officers on active duty.  I bet a lot retired.  Those cash flows move mountains, and who can guide those has enormous political power.

Sufficient power that it can create enemies out of thin air, as our military-foreign policy establishment recently did with Vladimir Putin.  We could maybe argue about which came first, the Ukrainian coup organized via our state department, very likely with the assistance of CIA elements and contacts, or the plan to make an enemy of Russia. Our military has not had a reasonable enemy for some time, mere Cyber enemies and attackers just aren’t getting the rating points they used to, have to have a new enemy.

Chango-Presto, a man who had been seen as an able ally leading a country that was integrating with Europe was transformed to a cloven-hoof incarnate, personally identified with devilish Machiavellian KGB approaches to everything.  A run-of-the-mill ex-security (so many of them are, locations of buried bodies are powerful cards in the game of power) kleptocrat in a battle with his country’s oligarchs and their military wings, suddenly takes on a sinister image.  Lots of help from our media, the front-pages on the news magazines were the epitome of modern propaganda.

Do you suppose the fact that Putin saddled the oligarchs with State power rather than the reverse had anything to do with the situation?  Certainly our oligarchs wanted Ukraine, that takeover started pretty quickly.

Our MSM doesn’t seem to have noticed the minor side-effects, such as Europe being faced with destroying its own economies by supporting the US’s sanctions against Russia.  Hey, they put up with the spying, what are a few million jobs?

In any case, it is interesting that there is so little analysis of the process by which Russia became arch-enemy.  MSM accepts it as a fact, may or may not approve, but the transition is solid in the frame of everything henceforth.

DaneGeld always has big effects on the payee’s future prospects.  Countries are so often taken over by their professional militaries, out front or behind the scenes.  When it is behind the scenes, you only see the shadows of the arrangements, and magic like Putin becoming devil.

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