If You Aren’t Talking to the Plumber’s Wife, Dial Again

I recently needed a plumber to unclog the kitchen drain.

I did the obvious thing and searched the net (I don’t use Google, but the alternatives produce the same result).

It took me a while to understand, but the top results were all companies that took orders and scheduled plumbers.  Intermediaries, not plumbers.  Those intermediaries take a cut, the plumber has to charge more. This is not a problem isolated to plumbers.

I finally talked to a plumber’s wife, scheduled the appt, things worked fine.  I like dealing with real people.

Search engines put paid links and most linked-to links at the top of the list.  Real plumbers can’t pay for the search optimizations, so a layer of our economy is now overhead entirely based on search algorithms.

The same has happened for many other local services, auto glass, …

That isn’t good for any of us.  If you want community, you have to do a bit of work to support it.  Check with friends who is good.  Your wife’s hair dresser will know someone. You will probably get a better deal, also.

Local opinion, local references to local businesses, Conservative since plumbing began.

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