Another Obvious, But Not Predictable, Thing

Email addresses for trees are a very good example of something, we will know what next year, maybe.

  • The flurry of emails to individual trees may merge with the resurgence of Druids and neoDruids to create a new Green religion?
  • Prayer-wheel apps for cell phones to generate reverent and spiritual emails to trees?
  • An AI should be developed to answer for the trees?  One that can empathize with trees and their individual worlds, discuss the annoyance of being so near the taxi drivers honking all the time, missing the quiet of the forest and flit of birds from branch to branch.
  • Post-Druid theology will be interesting, discussing the possibility of AI gods.  Will that be seen as the cultural weak spot that allowed us to begin worshiping the strong AIs that may well dominate our worlds of the future?

Probably this will fade from consciousness of nearly everyone, and affect us in the future only when we read about some Emily Dickinson who has spent 30 years writing poems to trees, she just died and look at the wonder she left!

Or something equally unlikely, but these things never entirely leave the system.  Echos in the culture forever, each permanently increases the complexity of our world. Other cities will give trees IPv6 addresses, with other possibilities for cultural evolution. Science Fiction will not run out of new themes, I think.

Also, if you have ever watched any of James Burke’s “Connections” or the follow-ons, you realize the strange threads through history of bits of the technical and cultural innovations that make up our world.  That cannot have stopped.

Stasis is not possible in open, evolving, complex systems.  It cannot be a goal, political, economic or personal.

The only static things in life are dead.

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