Get Out Of The Status Quo

I went to a political meeting a few weeks ago, sat down with strangers, good conversation ensued.  One was a city councilman from a near-by town, the other a pilot for an airline.  We talked for an hour over lunch.

Once again, I was struck by the difference between my understanding of the world and very nearly everyone else.  Two examples in that discussion stand out.

First was the economy.  The councilman was mildly concerned that all of his wealth was in numbers on paper, market accounts and government pension funds.  The pilot said it was the same for most pilots, they owned a home and the rest was trust in financial institutions.

Both were taken back by my opinion that this was a bad time in history to trust any financial or governmental institution, that both were houses of very flimsy cards and hurricanes were coming.  Read the headlines on for a week, I said.  I have been reading those articles and many more for years, in detail.  Those sources predicted the 2000 crash, the housing bubble crash, have said the economy was not improving, that Europe was following the Japanese into decline from debt and an aging population.

I have the same sort of discussion with my parents.  Their wealth is in the stock market, and the stock market is going up.  “Value Investing“, buying good stocks and holding them over business cycles, is their understanding.  Works great, except in 1929s.  Then many companies went completely bust and the market as a whole didn’t return to pre-crash values for 15 years.  I believe the NASDAQ just recovered its high of 15 years ago.  The leverage of banks, the indebtedness public and private, the links between those and nations’ mainstreet economies, are all far higher than in 1929.

The Greater World Wide Depression we are entering will likely be far worse than 1929, and the scale of government intervention will make it far longer.

There are plausible arguments that, as moving goods requires moving money, financial disruption will quickly lead to disruption of supply chains.  Think amplification and hysteresis effects : how long does the smallest un-supplied item going into a semiconductor manufacturing plant have to be out of stock before the first company in the plant’s suppliers go out of business as a result of no orders from that plant?  How long will it take to rebuild the chain when 10% of the companies are bankrupt?  You haven’t seen contagion yet.

A good measure of how close the disaster is, Greenspan is trying to save his reputation.

Near the end of the conversation, I brought up 9-11.  In my understanding, that 9-11 was a false flag operation involving the US government is established fact, established by solid people doing engineering and scientific failure analysis as it should be done.  I know that because I studied the issue, watched all the serious videos, read a lot of the documents and went through some of the people’s backgrounds.  There is far too much evidence supporting the FF position, provided by far too many solid people with skin in the game, and far too many holes in the official story to have any doubt.  Solid people agree on all points of the story, architects, engineers, scientists, military, pilots and government insiders, 1000s of them.  People high in the intelligence community, and from many nations.  Anyone who studies the evidence and judges the people will come to the same conclusion : 9-11 was a false flag operation designed to push the US into invading Iraq, and succeeded magnificently.

The councilman said “I don’t believe it”, “The video I watched was not convincing”, “I am not an engineer” and “It is a waste of my time to look further”.  The pilot obviously had more doubts, but wasn’t willing to commit in public.

I have corresponded with a number of prominent bloggers urging them to support those brave people standing up for Truth, receive no reply or variations on ‘not enough evidence’.  (Just noticed this week that one of the people on Lew Rockwell linked to the Architects and Engineers 9-11 group.   About time.)

9-11 is the red-hot, radioactive, 400KV third rail of American politics.  The only major figure willing to take it on is Jesse Ventura, and look what the media have done to him — he is invisible.  Ron Paul with political experience and presence, 7 NYTimes best sellers, was made invisible.

So the major historical incident in the last 15 years, the one that has directed the US into further wars, centralization of political power and abandonment of the Constitution, cannot be discussed without labeling yourself a crazy, an extremist, a conspiracy theorist.  Propaganda works.

It is easy to cite other such examples :

  • The large-scale thefts by the banksters via Fed and regulations and Wall Street’s trading operations.
  • The very many crony-capitalist frauds on the public by government agencies and corporations.
  • Risky investments by retirement funds due to under-funding and low yields.
  • All transferring $Ts from us, the public, into the pockets of the ultra-wealthy.
  • Unemployed and retired people are already suffering, not enough $ for medicines, …

Nobody gets excited.  There are not millions marching in the street.  There are a lot of explanations, but the effectiveness of the Status Quo’s propaganda cannot be doubted.

As there is no possibility of knowing a detailed future, there is no certain way anyone can protect themselves completely, but separating yourself from the failing Status Quo ASAP seems like good social hygiene to me.  Take your kids out of school to preserve their minds and spirit. Convert all numbers in financial institutions accounts into real property to preserve your capital.  Real property that can sustain you come what may is a good investment, otherwise get good advice from far outside the mainstream, they don’t have a clue.

The World Wide Greater Depression will present problems in direct proportion to your connections to and dependence upon that failing Status Quo.  If you depend upon a pension or public health care or welfare or food stamps, you are going to have problems because the system will not be able to maintain those streams of value : The System is broke and broken and is incapable of dealing with those facts in a rational way.

There is no predicting any details of the process of failure.  But every day you delay is a day in which your entire savings can be lost, a pension buyout opportunity is lost, in which more general stores of value become much more expensive than they are now.

Oppose the Status Quo in every way : Start building a community.  Patronize local businesses, local farmers, …  Help tutor kids, lead community activities, start music and reading groups, connect people.

Keep voting, but understand that the only votes that matter are votes against government. Tax revolt is a message they will hear.  Kicking parties and individuals out of their positions has no effect, ignore those races.

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