Modern Demosthenes

From wikipedia :

Demosthenes (/dɪˈmɒs.θənz/; Greek: Δημοσθένης Dēmosthénēs [dɛːmostʰénɛːs]; 384–322 BC) was a prominent Greekstatesman and orator of ancient Athens. His orations constitute a significant expression of contemporary Athenian intellectual prowess and provide an insight into the politics and culture of ancient Greece during the 4th century BC. Demosthenes learnedrhetoric by studying the speeches of previous great orators. He delivered his first judicial speeches at the age of 20, in which he argued effectively to gain from his guardians what was left of his inheritance. For a time, Demosthenes made his living as a professional speech-writer (logographer) and a lawyer, writing speeches for use in private legal suits.

In historical retrospective narrative, Demosthenes was a great man who advanced the thought and practice of civilization. Likely, he was a self-important, driven, … like any other person striving for success in life, and additionally felt himself cheated by ‘the system’, always a goad to excellence or crime.

Our technology has changed, and many more people have opinions and express them in public forums.  My kid sends me some links, relatives others, and I waste too much time on Youtube exploring the world it displays.

I am not advocating anything here, I am trying to understand where this might lead, how to ride the waves.  Each of these is one I selected from a few of such, so the evidence could be biased, but I didn’t intend to do more than select the most interesting.  I could not watch some of them, too slow or to stupid, I sampled.

Check these out, you will be amazed at the people of the world.  I cannot rule any of them out as the next Demosthenes, guarantee that one of their contemporaries practicing in front of the camera and communicating via Youtube will be ours.  The number of their videos and number of views guarantee it.  Many bloggers would be proud of that many people reading their stuff.

And, exactly the same thing said would be “Youtube is the best place to discover unknown unknowns’, my kid’s phrase just now.  Told you he was smart.

One more time, some of this stuff is ‘wtf?’, but they are voices affecting your culture.  When someone’s Youtube video has been viewed half a million times, the likelihood of someone you know having been influenced by similar views is pretty high, don’t you think?

So my sort-of-random path through Youtube on a random Saturday by me.  Do you see how generalizeable that is?  Not very, not a guide to your life.  If you want any grasp of unknown unknowns facing you, you have to go do it yourself.  I guarantee you will be amazed by your lack of imagination relative to that window to the world.

Every conservative should love this, entrepreneurship at its best and people made free to express themselves in ways that expand their culture.  Progress in fact, who knows?, that is what we are testing. But the process of doing that is how we built civilization.  Read the comments, those are the voices of the citizens of the world we have built.  We can be proud of almost all of it, there aren’t that many people threatening others with death, most such attract many negative comments, real wisdom rises to the top of the comments, civilization progresses.  The downsides of progress are also obvious.

The permaculture community increases its presence all the time, it seems to me, part of the gradual encroachment of local production into standard USDA farming.  There are ‘back to the land, reverse the deserts’ movements everywhere, or at least governments supporting those programs and videographers making Youtube videos about the program.  But some of a search for ‘permaculture’ is real people bragging about their own real successes.  The supply of labor is high relative to jobs, so more brains go into lower-end jobs and into extracting more cash flow out of less expensive resources.  Youtube spreads the message, evolution rate of culture-economy-society increases some more.

Sorry about this one, but it is an example of how easily the mind is captured, infinite interests in every direction.  Worth your time-attention, our most valuable resource in life.

And everyone should know that people like Gabe Brown are winning via fast evolution out there on the edge of our society and economy.  They do it by ignoring conventional wisdom, that is the only way to make major progress, most of those conventional approaches have hit their declining ROI.  Changing the way they see things.

Solving problems vs treating symptoms.  What if people start applying such thinking to political systems? Changing the way they see the political system?  What causes what?  And how to judge the world from their own personal life?

I love this man, his critique is just like mine, wisdom justifies anything.  Wisdom destroying the very idea of wisdom.

However, he mistakes his models of reality and people and etc for reality.  People who trash wisdom as the highest wisdom should not thereafter dispense ordinary wisdom.*

This is to remind you that the ‘cannabis culture’ set of youtube videos is one of the fastest growing class.  People smoking weed talk a lot, are happy to converse with a camera.  Cannabis drives a lot of culture around the world these days.  Go look at some of the bong rigs, they are more complicated than anything I saw in any chemistry class.

Look at the brilliant marketing, the growth of brands in the cannabis industry will be the base of marketing studies in B-schools world-wide.

Please note that the cannabis culture only exists because Anslinger and the prohibitionists created a mindset in the public that all drugs were bad, so Richard Nixon thought it would be popular to attack those used by ‘antiwar hippies’, and started the drug wars, and so we now have an enormous number of people who don’t much like or respect any part of our government. Just as predicted by the Dissident Discordians**, imposing order increases disorder.  It was not conservative to oppose the satisfaction of fundamental human needs like sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

This is context.  You probably all know this guy’s name and think him at least an expression of popular views if not a major driver of culture, but some of those people above have more average views.  Publishing on Youtube doesn’t need ink by the barrel, the internet is a democratizing medium, average voices are a bigger part of the culture.  Not the hugest part yet, unless you consider Facebook.

If, for example, you thought that was more popular than the following, you are sadly out of touch with the evolution of your culture.

But even if you knew all of that, you are sadly out of touch in dozens of equivalent cultural threads happening in the world from which we see faint reflections in Youtube.

Again, I remind you this was a guided tour through an amazing landscape, for unknown unknowns you need to do it yourself.  Great way to spend a Saturday.  I watched all of those at one time or another.  Continue on your own.  Pick the ‘different’ item in Youtube’s suggestions, you can wander far from home in a few minutes.

Amazingly, everything supported my opinions.  Must be doing something wrong.

*Reminder to self, do not dispense ordinary wisdom.  As if.

**Yes, a new name.  Our Contrarian Discordian segment of the 4th Synod schismed again last week.  Great name for a band, if only one of us could play an instrument.

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